Blog 206 > Anime Adrift


When anime arcs drift towards earth
Like spiraling sakura petals
Do you sift for the prettiest dance?
Or do you embrace the orchestral trance?

When anime flames ignite into dust
Like twinkling firework sparks
Do you blink at the fiercest light?
Or do you bathe in the fountains of flight?

When the anime waves finally wane
Whispering in the sunset mist
Will you sink beneath the soulless shores?
Or will you soar beyond the moonlit stars?


Blog 189.1 > Gotta Wanna Sin


Can you see? Can you tell?
I gotta soul I wanna sell
Maybe shallow, maybe true
You gotta show me what to do

Close your eyes, hear my mind
Like a song you gotta find
Fall upon me, and you’ll feel
It’s your lie I wanna steal

If you swallow, if you sway
All your walls will melt away
If you gotta, shred my skin
If you wanna, let me sin

Gotta wanna sin
Don’t you wanna sin?
Gotta wanna sin
God’ll let us sin


Blog 187 > Cops, Candy & Digital Sushi

Holy crap! I’m back with another huge-ass mega-post! Cops? Candy? And sushi? This week, I’ll plummet through a five-part rainbow-textured ocean of time-traveling Gothic Lolitas, fist-flying Hong Kong choreography, mouth-watering American fast food, thigh-baring Galactic enforcers, and self-reflective Australian beauties. Don’t ask me how I’ll tie them all together, lol. But I’ll manage somehow. Plus I hope I don’t forget the new “Question of the Week”, haha. Question. Question. Gotta remember that. So here we go! Readjust your seat, stretch your scroll finger, take a deep breath, and let the show begin…

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remix 071 ~ there alone

images by “therealone_” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

there alone

a clear moonlit night
a cool breeze and a rustle
up the sharp jagged path
he climbed and wrestled

escaping a ragged past
in a torn t-shirt and jeans
to breathe and reflect
on dreams without meaning

as he leapt his way up
to his favorite childhood spot
he thought he saw movement
in the shadows and fog

quietly he rose
beneath the moon and the stars
along the trees and the lake
his heart beating so hard

kicking rock after rock
breaking branch after branch
he peered at the shadows
as they continued their dance

suddenly he froze
at the edge of the clearing
his eyes open wide
his mind spinning without reason

she caught him with a stare
from his favorite childhood spot
along the trees and the lake
her wings unfurled in the fog

nervously he grinned
without making a sound
without anything to say
his heart pounding so loud

finally she stood
her smile as soft as a feather
then sprung up and soared
into the infinite heavens

and left him reflecting
on dreams within miracles
and breathing and yearning
for clear moonlit angels

a cool breeze and a rustle
waiting there alone

remix 070 ~ little by little

images by “french__kissed” :: no original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

little by little

in solitude she wanders
trapped by the silence

caged by the trees
in her forest of sapphire

she glows like the sun
from silver to gold

yet chooses the darkness
to blanket her shoulders

she hugs the pain within
and the emptiness throughout

like her longtime friends
the rain and the clouds

in moments of weakness
she cries to be free

to let go of the guilt
and the regret and the fear

but all she can do
is break off pieces of her soul

and little by little
let them carry her hopes

to fly high and laugh
like leaves in the sunshine

to drift far and rejoice
like butterflies in the moonlight

remix 069 ~ just as lost

images by “angelgaby” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

just as lost

as he scrambled
across the pebbled shore
and scratched his stubbled chin
her aquamarine eyes
sparkled and shifted
as she witnessed the amusing scene

he hadn’t noticed
until they found their spot
along the softly flowing edge
he’d lost his keys
between here and the top
of the misty majestic ridge

so then he scoured
across the scraggly shore
like a sideways scurrying crab
while her oceanic eyes
darted and drifted
like sunlit windswept clouds

having more fun
than uma or angelina
killing bill or raiding tombs
even more cruel
than miss piggy or gonzo
kicking kermit or chopping frogs

she’s just as lost
in her thoughts and whims
and can’t get him out of her head
her mischievous eyes
gleamed and glimmered
like the keys hidden in her hand

remix 068 ~ the stillness

images by “picturian” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

in her slick vented helmet
and sleek spandex style
another bicyclist and his camera
caught her quick amber squint

with nothing else better
she pedalled in pursuit
through honking asphalt lanes
and bustling concrete walks

he swerved and she swerved
a safe distance behind
he stopped and she stopped
eyes wide with curious light

he held it to his face and
focussed a few moments
before he captured the stillness
of loud colors and wild chaos

another ride another pause
he aimed high at the structure
she followed his gaze and
softly smiled at the new mural

after another few stops
the stranger reached his last
and locked up his wheels
against a cumbersome railing

a bit sad that it ended
on one of her sunnier days
but as she rolled into a turn
she caught his grin and a wave

remix 067 ~ i suppose i could

inspired by “ladymorgaine81” :: original post
google image search by “xjaymanx
remixed image by “xjaymanx
remixed words by “ladymorgaine81” & “xjaymanx

i suppose i could

i’m annoyed

after tearing my room apart
putting it back together
doing all the laundry
and rearranging the other room
i still can’t find my damn pants

but i find it really annoying
because i had them just the other day
i found the shirt but no pants
i can’t even blame it on anyone stealing them

i’m annoyed

but i’ve decided
i’ll delay my nap
head up to the mall
and get some more

because as we all know
the best way to find something
is to buy a brand new one
but so much for the mall stores
actually being open

i suppose i could wear a skirt

remix 066 ~ graceful agony

images by “goldfish_” :: original post
remixed image by “xjaymanx
part *1* words by “goldfish_
part *2* words by “xjaymanx

graceful agony


i am miserably lonely.
some people have the ability
to be lonely in a careless,
or maybe even graceful way,
but i rarely manage.

my roads are winding. dark. misleading.
i’ve been waiting for a very long time now,
a very very long time longer than ever,
but every little adding moment
i managed to convince myself
that it was worth it
as there was no other way.


like those

fleeting moments

when the

glittering shards

of a

shattered mirror


towards the

sleeping earth


are the






remix 064 ~ marmalade dream

images by “benderrrrr” :: original post 1 2
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

marmalade dream

and there! there she was
down abbey’s winding road,
a-hopping and a-skipping,
a-lugging a hard-day’s load

“you’re such a strange girl!”
i chuck-chuckled from my tree,
and hanging upside down,
i joked “help! i need somebody!”

revolving on her toe
like a rolling club-band’s drum,
she waved with bandaged fingers
like a lefty’s guitar strum

“you know what you are?”
she blinked her blackbird eyes,
“you’re a dork and a dweeb,”
and flashed her skirted thighs

“thank you very much,
you freaky pink-lipped reptile,”
and from my rocking perch,
i flung my rainbow smile

in warhol’s fifteen minutes,
she joined my little tree house,
and tickled my lonely heart
like a cat with yesterday’s mouse

“what do you want to be?”
i asked of lucy’s future,
she sighed to the nowhere sky,
“a famous paperback writer!”

as summer’s sunset dove
like an orange submarine
she left me with a kiss goodbye
and a final marmalade dream

remix 063 ~ against the bright blue

images by “night_huntress” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

against the bright blue

an awkward sigh
and a stuttered reply
were their final steps
before his kiss goodbye

an empty shudder
and an unspoken sting
were her last remnants
of their hollow fling

his flight took off
as she walked away
past the bustling crowds
into the sunlight of day

a futile breath
with each new stride
not caring for love
she was always denied

but a shadow above
caught her staring eye
a distant sparrow
hovering in the sky

before she knew it
and beheld the view
two dancing sparrows
against the bright blue

surprising herself
she dared to imagine
transporting her soul
beyond the horizon

a renewed wonder
and an inspired gaze
rekindled her hope
in life’s mysterious ways