Blog 187.1 > Pride to Hide


“You never smile,” I lied.
“I know,” she replied.
“No courage? No ego?” I tried.
“Probably. No sense of pride.”
“I see.” I looked outside.

“You laugh too loud,” she lied.
“No, I don’t,” I denied.
“You probably have something to hide.”
“You probably stole the key,” I sighed.
She smiled. Too wide.


19 thoughts on “Blog 187.1 > Pride to Hide

  1. @J85: Ahh, thanx-thanx dude. Nothing specific, lol. Unless u count the ingredients of life, art and fiction, mixed and blended by my perception, and poured thru the filter of Digital Sushi’s self-portrait, lol.

    @Mimi-chan: Thanx! Heyyy, you’re back! Missed u here, lol. But same answer I gave to J85. Actually, this little poetic story emerged from a humble quote I’ve been randomly and recently constructing in my head:

    “Those who never smile, may lack a sense of pride.
    While those who smile too much, often have something to hide.”

    But this seemed too dry and lifeless. Hence the more playful poem, hehe. Glad u both liked it! ^_^

  2. Wow, utterly true, Jayman. That wryly smile that most people give often has something behind it…some motive, in my opinion. Too bad that I’m always the one smiling with nothing behind my back! ^o^

    “Those who never smile, may lack a sense of pride.”

    True as well, but also lack some self-confidence and happiness. Have this friend who never smiles and takes things a little too seriously all the time. >.<

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  3. @J85: Haha, thanx for the supporting evidence! But like all famous, infamous or unfamous quotes, it can’t be 100% true for 100% everyone. (Hence, using “may” and “often”, lol.) Instead, it works best from certain points of view. Which u seem to share… Yeah, my youngest brother seems to smile the same exact way in every single photo I see. What’s he hiding, dammit?!? >_<

  4. @xJaymanx: That is EXACTLY the music I wanted to use! But I don’t have it! And I was feeling lazy, so the only place I found it was a youtube vid, but cos windows movie maker doesn’t like FLV files, I couldn’t extract the music…. So I just posted the video as is lol.

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  5. @Blowfish: LOL, I know! Wouldn’t it? But not familiar with Helmet. ^_^;

    @M-chan: Hahaha, great minds think alike! But then again, there really is no other tune that would fit such a wacky stop-motion dance, lol. Except for Benny Hill! So if u still feel the need to add that tune, I just finished downloading it. Emailing shortly… ^_^

    P.S. Heyyy, started “Battle Royale” two nights ago! Wow, freakin’ intense! But not finished yet. Due to limited time (or limited intensity lol), I can only watch a half hour per night. Can’t wait to finish it up! More later…

    P.P.S. Btw, that “Mirai Suenaga” anime was an April Fool’s joke from two Aprils ago, lol. DC just copied the text from two years ago to his recent Dolfie post. >_<

  6. @xJaymanx: lol yeah. Mucho thankies for the mp3!
    Wickedo on the BR front. Sucks that you don’t have much time for movies though. That would bum me out… I love movies…. tv is better for short bursts lol, 25 mins or 43 mins, not as long as epicly long movies…like Transformers…. (5th time round watching, I’m really bored by it now….)

    And regarding the Mirai anime, I knew it was an april fools from a couple of years back. But its not april, and its not fools. So is it for real now or if he just being uber-meeeaaan? I remember the Mirai eroge april fools too lol.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Stop Frame Wall-E

  7. @M-chan: No problema! can’t wait to see the real *final* video, lol.

    Well, I do have more time on the weekend, but I *need* that time to compose my mega-posts! So instead, I watch my anime, sci-fi and movies in machine-gun bursts over the weekdays (breakfast, dinner and treadmill)… Haha, since “BR” is two hours long, it’ll be like a 4-part OVA, half hour each, lol. Bahhh, no-no-no, it’s never a good idea to watch fave movies so often that it gets boring!

    P.S. No-no-no, lol. All DC said was: “The below is copy n pasted from the Mirai anime announcement – that was when Haruka was still known as Kako.” So that entire section came from the original two-year-old post. He was just giving Mirai’s background… Makes sense? Actually, the eroge might be more real… not sure about that. ^_^;

    @O-Dan: Hahaha, thanx. Actually, I do have one “Digital Sushi” photo like that… But not her best lighting or composition, lol. I think AV idol Maria Ozawa (my Blog 186) might be more your style!

  8. @Jem-chan: Hahaha, arigato! I wanted to toss in some lying and hiding until u were so twisted, u didn’t know who to trust. Yet playfully so, lol. Sounds like u know what I’m talking about! ^_^;

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