post 371 ~ final centerpiece in place!

newest desk configuration

DELL Inspiron 6000 + 2007WFP

HP Pavilion vf17 + 2007WFP

closeup of 2007WFP

overlit closeup of 2007WFP

inverted closeup of 2007WFP
post 371 ~ final centerpiece in place!

  • setup ~ on wed, july 26th (yesterday), picked up my new 2007WFP and set it at the corner of my desk configuration… hooked it up to my Inspiron laptop as a desktop extension… and voila, all done! that’s it!… no drivers to install (since both components were DELL), and no adjustments to the display!… didn’t notice ANY banding issues that have been hyped on the web…
  • clarity ~ as you can see, superb clarity!… the best part is that i can move my viewing position, side to side, up and down, with no degradation in the brightness of the display!… unlike some laptops and flat panels, where the screen dims if you don’t look directly straight-on… awesome!
  • resolution ~ the best surprise was that since both components were DELL, my laptop recognized the widescreen immediately… and not at the laptop’s 1280×800, but at the full widescreen’s 1680×1050!!!… and since i thought the monitor couldn’t exceed the laptop’s resolution, this was totally unexpected! ;)
  • swivel ~ if i needed to, i could also swivel the screen so it’s oriented vertically, instead of horizontally… but i don’t think i’ll ever need to do that ;)
  • rating ~ final rating, i give 5 of 5 stars!… and after credits, it’s only a net cost of $60, haha… plus the letterboxed “ergo proxy” looks amazing on it… aren’t ya jealous? ;)))

post 369 ~ new hardware!

“nao” from the “mabinogi” game

another view of “nao”

another view of “nao”
post 369 ~ new hardware!

  • Philips DVP642 ~ on monday the 17th, got my shipment of this awesome dvd player… why awesome?… well, i already have one in the living room (this is my 2nd for the exercise room!) and it plays 80-90% of my AVI files beautifully… especially my anime AVIs, of course!… now it’s only 80-90%, not b/c of the player, but b/c of the damn files which don’t have the correct codecs… oh well, still amazing!
  • Linksys WRT54GL ~ also on that monday, got my new router!… now, it’s been several years since i got high-speed DSL, and my first router (microsoft) did pretty well for a couple years until it died in april… so my next one was a Netgear; it did okay, some dropouts which i assumed was the DSL, but when i bypassed the router, the DSL was fine!… so after a few months of this intermittent bullshit, i did my research and ordered the Linksys… apparently this GL version maintains the stable Linux firmware, while later versions have buggier windows-based firmware… and already after 5 days, it’s freakin’ AWESOME!… no dropouts or delays whatsoever!… “the holy grail of routers!” ;)…
  • DELL 2007WFP ~ yup!… on thursday the 20th, i ordered the 20-inch widescreen monitor from DELL… shipped yesterday! should get it within the week, haha!… during my research, i’ve read about the “color banding” problem, but with a net cost of only about $60, i figure it’s worth the risk… and if it’s bad, i can always return/exchange it, right?
  • Nao from Mabinogi ~ also on that thursday (i think), got my 9th and newest figure!… she’s “Nao” from the korean game “Mabinogi”… not terribly expensive, but i was taken by the translucency/transparency of her clothing, especially the skirt… damn, that’s fine sculpting work!
  • Anime-Watching Updates ~ the newest anime gem i’ve seen is “kasimasi: girl meets girl”; wonderfully sensitive, gentle, at times even heart-breaking… finished “NANA” episode 14; finished “NANA” manga 3… tons more to go! ;)
  • Goofy Dentistry ~ on wednesday the 19th, jen’s and my visit to our goofy but lovable dentist tiffani, her husband/receptionist dallas, and her hygienist jana… we told tiffani and jana about our divorce since there was no need to hide it from them… they were sad, but we reassured them, that it was the best thing to do… LOL, but now tiffani and jana want to find and hook up someone with me, haha! ;)
  • Madarame Ramen ~ and lastly, after taking a closer look at my expenses versus income, i guess i’ll be having more RAMEN for a while… with the huge increase in my new mortgage payments, i should be able to shave my FOOD expenses from about $400/month down to $200-250/month, which would be a great help… hahaha, reminds me of the “extreme otaku geek” madarame from the hilarious anime “genshiken”, who sacrifices food in order to buy pornographic anime and manga! ;)))

post 368 ~ which monitor?



post 368 ~ which monitor?… since the mortgage pay-off also overpaid my DELL account by $300, i now have some money to get a DELL product… i’m leaning towards one of the following monitors… but which?

  • DELL 2007WFP 20.1-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor ~ $367… max 1680 x 1050, adjustable to 1280 x 800.
  • DELL 2007FP 20.1-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor ~ $416… max 1600 x 1200, adjustable to 1280 x 1024.

note that either one will be the secondary monitor (extended desktop) to my primary DELL 15-inch laptop (1280 x 800)… all other features are pretty much identical… i’m leaning towards the WIDE version, but in terms of desktop space, i’d be losing about 2 inches height, most noticeably in full 1280 x 1024 wallpapers… so while DVD, AVI, and other movies would look great, i’d lose work area for apps like photoshop or ms word… any recommendations?

post 367 ~ anime screening!

post 367 ~ the whitney library in vegas… so yesterday/saturday, july 15th, despite some technical problems, the anime screening was pretty cool!… the library has a pretty big theatre (or concert hall), so we watched a bunch of anime and japanese live-action on the BIG SCREEN!… and there were maybe about 20-30 people (mostly college geek guys and girls) in the entire theatre… hmmm, so we watched:

  • 4 episodes of “elfen lied” (anime with extreme violence and some nudity)
  • (there was a lunch break/intermission, some j-pop playing)
  • 1 episode of “kamen rider” (live-action/non-anime kinda like “power rangers”)
  • 1 episode of “honey & clover” (anime about funny college life)
  • 1 episode of “densha otoko (train man)” (live-action/non-anime about an anime geek who gets together with a beautiful rich girl, after protecting her on a city train)
  • and lastly, “zatoichi” (live-action/non-anime film about an old blind samurai wanderer)

so, a total of about 6 hours!… except for “elfen lied”, i got to see stuff i hadn’t seen before, and it’s been a while since i went to any kind of theatre ;)… looks like i’ll be there next month, august 19th ;)))

post 366 ~ taking things less seriously

writing a “less serious” letter!
post 366 ~ taking things less seriously… wednesday, july 12th…

  • new projects! ~ well, got a new work project to review/update/edit 3 tech manuals ASAP (but sometime before august)… hmmm, ASAP? no real deadline?… yup! so basically, doing as much as i can in 40 hours per week… no reason to kill myself if no deadline is set, right? ;)
  • work stress! ~ meanwhile, one of my good friends “nessa” is pretty stressed… after going thru a recent divorce with a son, and being the ONLY admin assistant for a growing company (the last job i resigned from), PLUS dealing with school, programming class no less… so it’s difficult to offer any of my own thoughts… except perhaps to “take work less seriously”; work isn’t everything, especially since she’s decided to focus on school… and if management is over-tasking you, or under-estimating the tasks they’re giving, there’s no reason to kill yourself 10 or 20 hours beyond a solid 40 hours per week, especially for the same pay…
  • people stress! ~ similarly, another good friend “morgaine” has finally decided to stop taking bullshit from everyone… a bold if not bitter path, but one i think she must follow and see where it leads… and yet again, my own perspective is not to “take people so seriously”… sure, “little people with little minds” can be frustrating as hell, but why worry about them?… oh yeah, lol, reminds me; for example, years ago, if some driver cut me off, i used to get annoyed… but nowadays, if it’s a “skillful” cut i might’ve done myself, i’ll actually say “WOW! COOL MOVE!”… hahaha, better to smile/laugh over spilled milk, eh?
  • sign please! ~ hmmm, i wonder if this “less serious” approach has actually helped me deal with my own issues and situations… including the most peaceful “break up” in history (LOL) between jen and me!… note, the official notarized signing of the divorce papers has been pushed to friday morning due to a sisterly obligation, driving her sister to the airport (to get married in europe)…
  • please twins! ~ after watching the 4th episode of the teen-comedy anime “please twins” (sequel to “please teacher”), i finally recognized the voice of crispin freeman (a.k.a. “alucard” of hellsing!)… but this time, i just barely recognized him through the proudly-gay pretty-boy high-school character he played, hahaha!… definitely different from his super-vampire “alucard”! no wonder it took a while!!!
  • anime countdown! ~ just 3 more days till saturday’s 6-hour anime screening at whitney library, las vegas!… should bring a lunch, huh… meanwhile, here are my latest anime-watching updates for a dozen simultaneous anime series!… ah, the obsession! ;))

post 364 ~ french & canadian

post 364 ~ weird, today seems to be the day for french and canadian items to appear in the anime/manga news, lol ;)

  • French Girls Flee to Japan, Get Stuck in Poland [06 Jul 2006|03:25am]
    Two girls from Paris were caught Sunday in Poland after running away from home to “visit the land of manga.” Source: Manga News

  • IG, Geneon to Make French Music Video [06 Jul 2006|03:49am]
    Production I.G and Geneon Entertainment USA will produce an animated music video for French “music diva” Mylene Farmer.

  • Samurai 7, Basilisk, Trinity Blood on Canada TV [06 Jul 2006|01:55pm]
    Starting today at 5 p.m. Eastern, Canadian digital station Razer will broadcast Samurai 7, Basilisk, and Trinity Blood. They will repeat Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the same times. Thanks, Jesse Betteridge.

post 362 ~ weekend of change!

sat, july 1st, BEFORE change

sun, july 2nd, AFTER change

new desk configuration

new figure display

close-up on “aya” (in skirt) and “maya” (in jeans) of “tenjho tenge”

another close-up on “aya” and “maya”
post 362 ~ weekend of change!

  • FINALLY figured a way to remove the cabinets (after weeks, suddenly got the idea to move them to the kitchen!), so i could reconfigure my desk and floor-bed, and expand some room for my anime-figure collection!… and as u can see, pretty nice results! ;)
  • in addition, helped jen reorganize her bedroom (damn, that four-post bed is heavy!), to expand more room too… ultimately, pretty nice change in both cases!
  • meanwhile, during my workouts, i’ve been watching my “star trek fan collective: BORG” dvds… and the voyager episodes from a decade ago are still pretty damn good, especially with the introduction of the incomparable “seven of nine”… resistance is futile! ;)

post 361 ~ anime antics! (aug 09, 2006 ~ moved post)

  • (LVO)

    Starting this July, LVO with help from AnimeVegas, we’re starting a series of screenings at the Whitney Library aimed at late teens and young adults. We’re going to be showing a variety of programming that is aimed at more mature viewers including more mature anime series, live action dramas, movies and more!

    Here’s the catch for the show: Due to the content we are showing, you have to be at least 16 yrs old (w/ID) to come to the screenings. Okay, in an effort to squeak in as much content as possible, the new showtimes are officially 11am-5pm, every 3rd Saturday each month. That means showdates are: July 15, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16.

    The DARN NEAR FINAL schedule for the first show is: Paradise Kiss, Elfen Lied, Densha Otoko (live action), Sexy Commando, Kamen Rider (live action), Honey & Clover, Monster, Momoiro Sisters and we finish up with a movie each month. This month’s movie is the Cutey Honey Live Action Movie.

    We have a break built into the time, so people can get some lunch, or go have a smoke or whatever they need to do, in which we will use the time to schedule the LVO show, which could range from performances to cosplay exhibitions, trivia contests or just some totally random programming. It should be a very good first showing, so I hope you guys encourage friends and family to come out and join us as well! See you guys at the Whitney library in July!

    Kewl! I’m there! Hope I can endure 6 hours, LOL ;)))