post 371 ~ final centerpiece in place!

newest desk configuration

DELL Inspiron 6000 + 2007WFP

HP Pavilion vf17 + 2007WFP

closeup of 2007WFP

overlit closeup of 2007WFP

inverted closeup of 2007WFP
post 371 ~ final centerpiece in place!

  • setup ~ on wed, july 26th (yesterday), picked up my new 2007WFP and set it at the corner of my desk configuration… hooked it up to my Inspiron laptop as a desktop extension… and voila, all done! that’s it!… no drivers to install (since both components were DELL), and no adjustments to the display!… didn’t notice ANY banding issues that have been hyped on the web…
  • clarity ~ as you can see, superb clarity!… the best part is that i can move my viewing position, side to side, up and down, with no degradation in the brightness of the display!… unlike some laptops and flat panels, where the screen dims if you don’t look directly straight-on… awesome!
  • resolution ~ the best surprise was that since both components were DELL, my laptop recognized the widescreen immediately… and not at the laptop’s 1280×800, but at the full widescreen’s 1680×1050!!!… and since i thought the monitor couldn’t exceed the laptop’s resolution, this was totally unexpected! ;)
  • swivel ~ if i needed to, i could also swivel the screen so it’s oriented vertically, instead of horizontally… but i don’t think i’ll ever need to do that ;)
  • rating ~ final rating, i give 5 of 5 stars!… and after credits, it’s only a net cost of $60, haha… plus the letterboxed “ergo proxy” looks amazing on it… aren’t ya jealous? ;)))