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I guess I finally “caved”, lol… In the course of about 6 months, three different people have mentioned the classic Sailor Moon anime. But I hadn’t really seen much of it, just a few episodes years and years ago, probably before moving to Vegas in ’98! But thanx to “cov3rgirl” (Annie) first, “neue_welle” next, and finally “night_huntress” (Emily), I finally decided to download the first Sailor Moon series (46 episodes!)… In fact, I did some Wikipedia research, and there are a freakin’ 200 total episodes in all, from Sailor Moon to Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS, and then Sailor Moon Sailor Stars!!! Damn, impossible to watch all of that, hahaha!… It’ll take a full couple weeks to download just the original season, but at least I’ll watch that one. Haha, I can’t really turn down a chance to watch some classic anime… And I can’t really turn down three pretty girls, can I?

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5 thoughts on “Blog 035 > Sailor Eclipse!

  1. wow…I’m a guy, and i’m not into this whole manga business, but i used to LOVE sailor moon when i was little kid!!! it just brings back memories…

  2. Insomniac: Didn’t actually mention manga (printed format, like comic books), but if u mean anime (tv, film, etc.), then I know what u mean… Battle of the Planets, G-Force, Starblazers, Robotech were my first memories. ^_^;

  3. Oh Sailor Moon, I love it so much. It was my first anime ever, even though I had no idea it was anime at the time (or even what anime was for that matter). I was a dumb 5th grader that didn’t notice the subtle cultural differences that still showed even through the dubbing and heavy editing. But in my defense…Serena (Usagi) was blonde with blue eyes for heavens sake! She sure looked American to me.

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  4. @Luckie: LOL, I agree, *very* American! Yeah, I was exposed to it ages ago, back in the good old 90’s. But only bits and pieces… Then one day in January 2007, I finally sat down, made up my mind, and decided to get it outta the way~ um, I mean, *watch* it, lol. With the encouragement of a few female voices, of course. I don’t think guy-encouragement would’ve helped, lol.

    After downloading the original season, finally started it in February then finished it in March 2007. Still a shocking ending!… Haven’t decided to try “R” or “S” yet. Worth it?

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