Blog 106 > My Eye on Mirai, Day 30

Hey, Danny, inspiration! Because I’m flying from Vegas to New York soon (I’ll be away for a week for my brother’s wedding on September 1st), I’ve summoned fantastic progress in the last 10 days for this surprise! But I still estimate just 60% completed.

Now hitting 30 random days in the last 90 days (since May 28th), here’s the latest 750×500 teaser of the full-size 1800×1200 scene so far. At last, for the first time, I reveal my interpretation of the elusive Shiro Otoko (Man in White). Hmmm, is it a coincidence he resembles my blonde-curled Kako? Hahaha, my personal plot theories! In any case, things are looking awesome; I think I’m finally past the halfway mark. But as always, still lots of further cleaning, shading and lighting to do when I return!

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Blog 105 > Vader Versus Haruhi!

Double damn, it’s been 7 busy weeks since my Ghost in the Shell photoshoot. Busy with work, friends, and my Mirai project, lol. But finally, this month, we welcome my 1/7-scale “Darth Vader” (Kotobukiya, July 2005) and 1/6-scale “Bunny Girl Haruhi” (Atelier Sai, December 2006) figures!

For this Canon photoshoot, I saved 38 shots, then narrowed it down to these 28 shots. I must admit, with the huge 13-inch ultra-black figure, the lighting and lack of screen background made the raw shots horrible. Hence the delay in salvaging the shots via Photoshop. Luckily, the final results aren’t half bad. Enjoy!

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Blog 104 > My Eye on Mirai, Day 25

Actual progress! Since my last Mirai update over a month ago — My Eye on Mirai, Day 16 — found only 9 more random days to push forward my Mirai Suenaga battle piece, for a mere total of 25 random days since May 28th. Yet again, here’s a 750×500 draft of the full 1800×1200 battle scene so far. This time, added some preliminary coloring to the draft. Looking much better! But still tons of cleaning up, shading and lighting to do, as well as other cool elements to add. For the sake of numbers, let’s estimate 33% (about 1/3rd) completed.

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Blog 103 > From Melancholy Until Death

+++++ Death Note (1-37) – Started 08/01/07. Finished 08/12/07. D-WOW! Mesmerizing crime games and aspiring death gods! Mind-blowing and heart-stopping! 5 stars!

++++ Air (1-13) – Started 08/08/07. Finished 08/11/07. WOW. Amazingly gentle and windblown summer beauty. Tearfully unforgettable. Another masterpiece from Director Tatsuya Ishihara prior to “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “Kanon“. 4 stars (max for half-season)!

+++++ Kaleido Star – S1 (1-26) – Started 04/06/07. Finished 07/22/07. D-WOW! Fantastically funny and chilling, yet realistically inspiring and heartbreaking! 5 stars!

[Second Viewing; Chronological] ++++ Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (1-14) – Started 07/15/07. Finished 07/20/07. WOW! Still uniquely, unconventionally and fearlessly entertaining! Even better in chronological order, lol. 4 stars (max for half-season)!

[First Viewing; Broadcast Sequence] ++++ Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (1-14) – Finished 10/26/06. WOW! Uniquely unconventional!

Blog 102 > Black Angel of Death!

Whew, a frackin’ made it! Back in my Blog 030 > Half-Naked Death (January 2007), I remember seeing “Morte” when she was a 1/7-scale “Morte the Death Bringer” resin figure (; purple image below). Yeah, she was definitely a Gothic Lolita with a cute-yet-corrupt edge of Sex and Death! And still is! So while I procrastinated past both the pre-order and order periods for the larger-but-cheaper 1/6-scale “Morte” PVC figure (; red image above), I finally found her at, smashed away the financial guilt, and snatched her before I could lose her again, forever! Whew!

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