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Ah, yes, my Testy Toyboxers! Alas, another weekly mega-cast to keep the otaku-sensei aghast! Aghast, you ask? Why yes! This week is gonna be a monstrous roller-coaster ride of wicked M-shaped mayhem! M-shaped? Hahaha, you heard me. Get ready to lose your mental marbles as we dive into blonde-haired Melon-transforming babes, swim through mind-curdling Mimi-flavored rants-to-raves, dodge under eye-popping Mimi-doubling pornographic models, squirt over sado-masochistic Jem-enforced spider-webs and Jay-enhanced house-harems, and swirl down a cyber-corrupted cocktail of ninja blades, foosball ninjas, fem-fashioned kickboxers, and Lisa-strung stockings! Whew, let me catch my breath. One, two, three. Okay, enough of the maniacal mumbling. Drop what you’re messing, flip off the mediocrity, and switch on your inner madness! Because it’s time to start the show…

Part 1 of 5 > Melons, Metals & Miniskirts

Are you looking for more Japanese socio-political news? More of the otaku-tinged Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso? Or yet another article on the recession-stained Japanese xenophobia? Hehe, no? Well, excellent, you’re in luck! This time, for Part 1, let’s skip over those muddy waters and splash into more-sparkling streams, lol. Including 2 more anime titles-or-seasons I’ve managed to complete in the last couple weeks: “Samurai X – Trust & Betrayal – Director’s Cut” [15] and “Akikan” [16]. Yup, a total of 16 completed anime titles in just under 4 months so far!

Samurai X – Trust & Betrayal – Director’s Cut [15]. On 17-18 April, I completed my 15th anime title-or-season of the year. While it isn’t the original 4-part OVA series (1999), this title compiles the series into a 2-hour feature-length film (2003). Nevertheless, I must say that this darker more-intense interpretation of “Rurouni Kenshin” is still wrenching in its blood-stained layers of tragedy. Wow, a fearless 4 of 5 stars! Since I already posted a ton of “Kenshin” wallpapers a couple of weeks ago, I’ll just add the link here, lol.

Akikan [16]. On 18 April, I completed my 16th anime title-or-season of the year. Original series (2009) with 12 episodes. Wow, mindlessly and unexpectedly entertaining! From the transforming metal-can gals to the fleshy high-school fan service to the crude homo-and-hetero ecchi jokes, it still squirts a maximum 4 of 5 stars for a half-season! Hahaha, and although it was unintentional, thanx Aprilius20 (or A20) for the negative recommendation! Yup, negative! Here’s our comment exchange several posts ago.

Aprilius20@Jay: Would you ever give an anime zero out of 5? Call me cruel, but that’s what I gave Akikan. My experience of watching ep1- watch, skip, watch, skip skip skip watch delete. That bad. Why don’t you try your hand at a review and see if you get your 2nd 1/5, or even a 0 like I gave it?… and if you have the patience to watch the entire series… all hail ^^;;

xJAYMANx@A20: Hmm, zero? Most likely not… But you know what? I’ll give it a try simply for the “challenge”. I’ll let u know when I finish the series.

Aprilius20@Jay: lol, maybe I was too harsh on it, with another show specializing in fan-service on hand that actually had a glimmer of hope in terms of story and (but eventually failed- Kanokon). Since you’re going to take up the ‘challenge’ I’ll just keep quiet so as not to unduly influence your opinion of it, just to be safe ^-^

xJAYMANx@A20: Hahaha, well, I just watched the first episode tonight. Maybe it’s because I came back from a party, but “Akikan” was freaking hilarious! Over the top and outlandish, yeah, but its cute carbonated mix of hetero-ecchi, homo-ecchi and love-hate-spats made me laugh out louder than “K-On!” so far! Reminds me of faves like “Midori Days” and “He Is My Master”, lol. Thanx, dude! So far, so good! ^o^;

Aprilius20@Jay: So my plot to expand my dislike of the show to other anime viewers backfired, eh?

LOL, yup, epic backfire. Sorry, dude. I guess it was meant to be! So to celebrate “Akikan”, here are 7 melon-juicy high-resolution wallpapers and images for your tasty viewing pleasure, lol. Enjoy!

First, let’s say “Hi!” to the blonde and green-eyed juice-can-transforming Melon-chan!

Here’s an awesome wallpaper of the entire high-school gang!

Haha, the inevitable pool-or-beach water scene!

A bit of baseball, lol.

A bit of cooking, lol.

This looks like the cover of the “Akikan” manga.

While this looks like some ecchi fan art, haha. Took a while to notice the banana gun!

Nice, huh? Hehe, now tell the truth. Don’t you wanna watch this mindlessly heart-warming and over-the-top (or topless) teen comedy? Tell the truth!


Part 2 of 5 > Mimi, Mio, Mugi & Miyuki

Haha, speaking of “mindlessly heart-warming”, ready for some more M-shaped observations? Of course you are! Well, if you’ve been following my sidebar comments on the latest anime smash “K-On!” (2009) by KyoAni, you already have an idea of my paradoxical impressed-yet-unimpressed assessment over the last 3 weeks, hehe. Here’s a quick summary to refresh your anime-numbed minds, lol.

Here’s an excerpt from three weeks ago.

Hahaha, wow! In the last few days, the brand-new high-school comedy anime K-On!, produced by Kyoto Animation (KyoAni), has stormed and flooded the otaku scene! Not only on Danny Choo’s website, but also on Sankaku Complex (NSFW)! While the premiere episode pinched all of the cute, clever and captivating points of a memorable “pop anime” series (not unlike KyoAni’s “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “Lucky Star”), is “K-On!” really anything new or different from what we’ve all seen before? Hehe, probably not. But who really cares, right? As long as it’s cute, clever and captivating, lol.

Here’s one from two weeks ago.

Hehe, tired of the endless posts and episodic reviews of “K-On!” yet? Ahh, the continuing power of market-powered pop-anime trends! I mean, it’s only the second week of “K-On!”. Does it make sense to review the first ten minutes of a two-hour film? Then the next ten minutes too? Then the next? Does a preview-review make sense when *everyone* is watching it anyway? Haha, just teasing!

Finally, here’s one from last week.

@Mimi-chan: Yeah, I’ve mentioned on my blog that there seems to be nothing new. Each of them seems like clones of characters we’ve all seen before. But there’s nothing wrong with that! Nothing wrong with cute and cuddly! I’m just surprised at all the hype that this is something earth-shatteringly different. Simply because it comes from KyoAni? ^_^;

P.S. Due to a challenge, I just started “Akikan”. Haha, in just one episode, the over-the-top concept has already made me laugh out loud more than “K-On”!

So while the series has been adorably amusing and memorably moe thus far, I still don’t sense the “earth-shattering” newness or understand the “mind-blowing” hysteria within the otaku community. Well, not yet, lol. If anything, the otaku-powered pop-anime mentality seems to be a forceful factor in fueling the fervor! So much so that one unexpected turn-of-events has been Mimi-chan‘s mind-lashing shift from rants to raves! Check out her assessment of the 4th and latest episode, lol.

In fact, under this light, “Akikan” isn’t earth-shattering either, lol. It may be outlandishly nonsensical and skin-baringly hysterical, but one could categorize it as another “high-school magical-girl fish-out-of-water comedy” manufactured from the ever-addictive pop-anime assembly-line! Hehe, right? But that’s okay. Whether it’s new or old, memorable or forgettable, entertainment is entertainment!

Now let’s switch gears for a moment. Maybe someone has already mentioned or blogged about it, but while I watched the 4th and latest episode (the “beach” episode), the girls of “K-On!” did indeed feel like clones of a previous KyoAni anime, namely “Lucky Star” (2007). Yup, “Lucky Star” clones, lol.

First, here are Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi & Yui from “K-On!” (2009).

Now, here are Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki & Konata from “Lucky Star” (2007).

While the animation styles are distinctly different, their slice-of-life personalities are remarkably similar! Here’s the name-by-name comparison, lol.

“K-On” versus “Lucky Star”.

  • Mio (K-On) = Kagami (Lucky Star). The “tsundere” girls of the group. Forceful and commanding during one moment, then shy and submission the next moment. Both are coincidentally (or intentionally) left-handed. The most popular girls in the otaku community, lol.
  • Yui (K-On) = Tsukasa (Lucky Star). The “slow” girls of the group. Absent-minded and adorable. Yet lazy. They typically need a “push” to accomplish something, lol.
  • Ritsu (K-On) = Konata (Lucky Star). The “clown” or “loud mouthed” girls of the group. Rather tomboyish. Yet lazy too. But when it comes to non-study activities, they are endlessly energetic or athletic, lol.
  • Tsumugi (K-On) = Miyuki (Lucky Star). The “rich” or “refined” girls of the group. Quiet and collected. More intellectual or knowledgeable. Almost motherly. They typically act as the “soothing glue” which bonds the other girls together.

Cool, eh? While the name-by-name counterparts aren’t quite 100% identical, there is clearly a substantial 80-90% match with each of the 4 girls. Enough to call them “clones”? Perhaps. Which definitely supports the notion that “K-On” isn’t anything earth-shatteringly new. Apart from its music-band concept, which could be construed as borrowing from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” (yet another KyoAni title), “K-On” is hardly new at all. So far. But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining, lol.


Part 3 of 5 > Mimi, More Mimi & Maniacs

Speaking of the Devil (and the unofficial idol of the “Danny Choo” otaku community, lol), do you remember Mimi-chan’s splendid April Fools “modeling contract” prank? You don’t? Well, here’s her announcement of the fake story, lol.

Hehe, quite clever, eh? But let’s take a closer look at what I highlighted: I thought it was a good plan at first (my original plan was to star in a porno upon my 18th b-day but that was too far-fetched)…”. Let’s replay that: “…to star in a porno…” What’s hilarious is that last year, back in July 2008, I accidentally stumbled upon a Japanese adult video (AV) actress who went by the pseudonym “Mimi”, hahaha. I just didn’t remember or realize the coincidence until recently! Yup, there’s already a Japanese porn actress named “Mimi”! And quite hot, I may add, lol.

Also known as Miku Hagiwara, Mimi-chan will turn 23 in a few months. And according to random sources across the cybersphere, she was briefly a fashion model. But here’s a cooler fact that caught my mathematical eye: “Special skill: Mental arithmetic.” Whoa, not bad, eh?

Here’s her full bio from (NSFW). Feel free to enlarge (no pun intended), lol.

Here’s Mimi-chan in “Sky Angel #58”. “Her desire is stopped by nobody,” hehe.

Here’s Mimi-chan in “Spermania #17”. Damn, I would’ve never guessed she was a porn starlet.

That’s it! Despite her slightly-crooked teeth, she’s still one of my newest faves, lol. Haha, and the coincidence is still pretty funny. But if Mimi-chan the “Angry Loli” ever decides to follow this pornographic path, I guess she’ll have to choose another name. Because one starlet is already wearing it (or not wearing it) well, lol.


Part 4 of 5 > Mia, Masochists & Blog Mates

Are we having fun yet? From mindlessly heart-warming anime like “Akikan” and “K-On”, to pornographic videos like “Sky Angel” and “Spermania”, are we having any sado-masochistic fun yet? Haha, not yet? Well, you must be doubly lucky this week, because here comes some pain-whipping webs and roommates!

First of all, do you remember Blowfish’s (or FlyingBlow’s) Shocking Truth post featuring correlation diagrams from Haha, according to those diagrams, Jem-chan and myself were “former lovers”. Hmm, intriguing! Well, afterwards, Jem-chan and I decided to create our own diagrams, hehe.

Secondly, let’s introduce the incomparable “one and only” Jem-chan! Hmm, the unofficial idol of the “Trembling Toyboxer” community?

Thirdly, let’s take another look at FlyingBlow’s original network diagram. Not bad, lol.

Now, let’s take a peek at *my* network, combining the most-painful results of several diagrams, haha.

As you can see above, some pretty enlightening relationships!

xJAYMANx’s Correlation Network

  • Me and Jem-chan are once again “former lovers”, lol. Like before, I guess the furious fire died out just as fast as it started.
  • Me and Kris-chan are mutual “sadists”, haha. Now how does that work? Taking turns?
  • Me and Coco-chan are simple “sex friends”. Yup, sex without all the annoying relationship crap, haha.
  • Me and Mimi-chan are simply “friends”. That’s cool. No pain, no stain, lol.
  • Jem-chan and Kris-chan are “partners”. Ahh, intriguing! Wow, egos, ids and powerplays, lol.
  • Jem-chan boasts “evil” while Coco-chan boasts “justice”. Do you smell gun powder?
  • Jem-chan is in “serious love” while Mimi-chan is in “frivolous love”. Awww, lol.
  • Last but not least, Kris-chan acts “forcible” while Coco-chan reacts with “subordination”. Got S&M?

Hahaha! Now enough of those tangled spider-webs. Let’s tackle some tantalizing floor plans. Here’s Jem-chan’s 1st floorplan, cleverly colorized with my feeble Photoshop flair. The funniest thing here is that in order to get to my (blue) bedroom (with the infamous Billy Herrington, nooo), I need to pass through Jem-chan’s (pink) bedroom! I mean, if it looks a closet, and smells like a closet, then it’s gotta be a closet, right?

Here’s Jem-chan’s 2nd floorplan, populated with a plethora of pornographic personalities, haha. From Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson to Tera Patrick and the mesmerizingly-Asian Mia Smiles. Ahhh, sharing a (blue) bedroom with Mia Smiles! Not bad at all.

Now it’s *my* turn. Let’s get to *my* frantically-random floorplans, hehe. Wow, sharing a (blue) bedroom with the notoriously-angry Mimi-chan? Hahaha, oops, wait-wait. I won’t tell you how to “use your imagination”, but maybe I’ll think about moving into the closet *after* she turns legal next month. And less *angry*. Much less, lol. I mean, take a look at those adjacent walls. Right next to Kris-chan’s and Coco-chan’s bedrooms. Who knows how paper-thin those walls are? Especially with all of our socio-political arguing? And especially since Coco-chan is the householder?

Next, here’s my 2nd floorplan, adding Chun-chan, Lene-chan and Jenn-chan. Wow, again? Sharing a (blue) bedroom with Mimi-chan again? With no shared bedroom walls? Hmm, the rest of the house looks quite innocent. Lene-chan and Coco-chan share a bedroom. While Chun-chan and Jenn-chan share another bedroom. That’s about it. Although I’m kinda curious why Jem-chan’s bedroom opens into Mimi-chan’s security room, lol. Why? Is Jem-chan a householder and prisoner in her own home? Hahaha.

Finally, here’s my 3rd floorplan, adding the Filipina cosplayer Alodia and the left-handed bassist Mio-chan from “K-On”, haha. Hmm, sharing a (blue) bedroom with Mio-chan? A school-girl anime character? And also the householder? Ehh, I shouldn’t complain. Many otaku would kill for that, lol. If I set up a room-dividing shoji screen, maybe I won’t have to pay rent either!

Whew. So are we having fun now? Good! Because if you aren’t, you’re probably not strong or stable enough to endure the massive mayhem. So here’s a suggestion. Get a glass of water, take a couple of aspirin, and come back when your seeping stamina is restored. Sounds good? Meanwhile, the rest of us will be having some more fun, lol.


Part 5 of 5 > Mighty Ninjas, Blades & More Mates

Heyyy, you’ve made it to Part 5! From “Akikan” and “K-On” and animated school-girls, to “Sky Angel” and “Spermania” and sado-masochistic roommates, it’s time to dive head-first into a mystifying mix of mighty magic, martial arts and mini-clothed muscles, hehe.

For example, yesterday on Saturday, 25 April, I finally watched the Japanese film “Shinobi – Heart Under Blade” (2005), depicting the ill-fated clash between two ninja clans. Not bad! While it didn’t feel as epic as it could’ve been, there were still some tearful moments. A solid 4 of 5 stars! While I’ve just started the anime interpretation “Basilisk” (2005) this week, it already feels more epic and exhilarating with a larger ninja cast.

Here’s a revealing “Shinobi” image. Could either be a movie poster or DVD cover.

Here’s a more-romantic wallpaper. It’s hard not to love Nakama Yukie-san. Haha, I love her performances in the high-school comedy series Gokusen 1, 2, and 3.

Next, let’s slide like a slick shadow from ancient ninjas to foosball ninjas! Well, just *one* foosball ninja. Me, haha. Here’s a snapshot of the gang on 31 March.

To tell the truth, it’s amazing how far these guys have improved since we acquired the foosball table in January 2009. Back then, let’s assume I performed at 90% while everyone else ranged from 10-30%. After playing for the last few months, the Development guys now range from 50-60% (with a few higher exceptions) while the Solutions guys now range from 70-80% (with a few lower exceptions). Meanwhile, I can’t get much higher than 90%, haha.

Here I am below, monitoring the pitiful situation, lol. Actually, starting just this past week after the company-wide meeting, I’ve been crazy enough to challenge guys in a 1-on-2 match! It typically starts with all three of us laughing, like I have no chance at all. Which gradually turns into a really competitive game. And ultimately, ends with a victory. For myself, lol. And sometimes, I’ve won the re-match as well!

Haha, yup, 1-on-2 matches are incredibly fun! I mean, 1-on-1 matches are rarely challenging. And while 2-on-2 matches are challenging and amusing, they aren’t terribly risky either. But in a 1-on-2 match, since I don’t have the “safety net” luxury of a teammate, it’s like tight-rope walking without a net! It’s terrifying. But terrifyingly fun too! Especially when I’m victorious!

As of this mega-post, my current 1-on-2 record is 7 wins and 4 losses, haha. But all of those losses are accompanied by wins against the same two-man team. Plus all of these guys range from 50-80% skill! If there’s any way to raise my game from 90% to 95% or higher, this is it! And it’s awesome. I’m just waiting for the first guy (besides me) to attempt it, lol.

Oh yeah, also yesterday on Saturday, 25 April, I finally remembered to buy some replacement foosballs. After months of heavy play, those 3 red foosballs are all scratched up and worn down, lol. Time to speed up the game again!

Now, let’s slide once more from foosball ninjas to kickboxing babes! Remember the ALIAS flyer I designed a couple weeks ago? Well, Christine and Melanie finally printed the 3-by-4 inch glossy flyers!

Here they are! Printed on both front and back. I threw in a couple of dice to give a better sense of scale.

Hey, feel free to enlarge these shots. I think they turned out great! Amazing!

Haha, yup, that’s my anime-styled “Christine the Blade” vector artwork too.

Yep, one more time, another shadowy slide, another slippery ride. From kickboxing babes to scantily-clad roommates! Well, just *one* roommate. Just Lisa, lol.

According to Lisa herself, this photoshoot was taken by Viva Van Story on Saturday, 11 April. The same day as Melanie’s son’s birthday party.

But once again, ever since my Anime Rocks and Wild Anime posts, Lisa still manages to impress by looking totally different from her ordinary “frumpy” style, lol. Damn, does that look like her waist should hurt?

Ehh, I’m not too fond of the overly gold-and-red color scheme.

I mean, the red seems to blend too much into the gold. Where’s the contrast?

But Lisa seems to like it. Although I still think a higher-contrasting black outfit would look better in this pose.

Finally, her best pose in the bunch. Which should’ve been taken in a black outfit. Black, I say!

Hey, did I mention that her giardia, her 4-month intestinal parasite, finally disappeared? Yesterday, she told me her test was finally negative! Congrats! On that positive note, feel free to check out her page at Evie Van Covet @ MySpace. As well as my Anime Rocks and Wild Anime posts. Let us know what you think!

So, my Transcendental Toyboxers, that’s the end of our show! Another maniacal mega-cast has come and gone. And yes-yes, another mega-cast to keep the otaku-sensei aghast! How did we do? Did you survive the monstrous roller-coaster ride of wicked M-shaped mayhem! Did you lose your mental marbles? Did you miss the blonde-haired Melon-transforming babes? The mind-curdling Mimi-flavored rants-to-raves? The eye-popping Mimi-doubling pornographic models? Did you miss the sado-masochistic Jem-enforced spider-webs? Or the Jay-enhanced house-harems? Did you catch the cyber-corrupted cocktail of ninja blades, foosball ninjas, fem-fashioned kickboxers, and Lisa-strung stockings? Because if you missed anything, you missed a lot, lol. Let’s not forget to thank Melon-chan, the girls of “K-On”, the girls of “Lucky Star”, Mimi-chan, the other Mimi-chan, Jem-chan, Kris-chan, Coco-chan, Jenn-chan, Yukie-san, the girls of ALIAS Fight Wear, Viva Van Story, Lisa, and lastly, your inner madness! Didn’t I say this week would be maniacal? {Pause to breathe.} Okay, time to catch my breath. One. Two. Three.

Stay tuned for my bicentennial “Blog 200”! Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Here’s Mimi-chan in “Sky Angel #58”. “Her desire is stopped by nobody,” hehe.


49 thoughts on “Blog 199 > Melons, Mimis & Masochists

  1. for me Akikan was a little annoying because the season before it was released I saw the anime, sekirei and both of these anime were exactly the same in every way. Maybe my opinion would be different if Akikan was released at least 1 season apart. By the way, you have a hot roommate, you are so lucky.

    Otaku Dan´s last blog post > HLJ Super Figure Sale

  2. @Dan-man: Ahh, maybe I should go check “Sekirei” out too, lol. But usually, the similarity of two different anime in the same time period doesn’t bother me. Usually. I guess we’ll see, huh?… LOL, thanx, I’ll tell her! Just so u know, she doesn’t always walk around with hair extensions and stockings around the house, haha. If she did, her boyfriend would probably hang around here more! ^_^

    P.S. Hey, sorry I missed your chat. When I’m in the midst of composing a mega-post, I tend to zone and focus and avoid any extraneous distractions, lol. Especially with a mega-busy work week coming up. Less time for foosball too!

  3. oh man …. -_ -”
    typical Jay post lol^^

    and to answer ur question, no i dont wanna watch it


    I prefered watching crows zero 2 at the cinema last tuesday hehehe

  4. Ah, well. At least you had fun with the show^^; Although I’d have to say that if I ever decide to pick it up, I’d go for the manga- the art looks a lot better.

    LOL, Blow and I are embarassed of each other? Uhh wait. Jenn is my child? And you are my junior? Wha.. 0.o Well, one ‘miracle’ is still good, whatever that means^^;

    And ooh, is that a Sephiroth clone I see? Although I’m guessing that he’s probably the villain.. the indsutry is biased against people with long white hair. Bah=,=

  5. You know…. K-On may be popular just because it’s KyoAni. Studios are quite the force to be reckoned with. It’s like that everywhere. I’d say they’re possibly the equivalent of video game producer Atlus. Lots of niche titles, but even they get a bad one or mediocre one every know and then, but people are rabid for these things. Square-Enix works the same way.

    And I’m a forceful sadist? That’s an…interesting combination, and possibly dangerous. Where did you get/make those things?

    Shinobi…I think is on my Netflix, but probably pretty far down. I enjoyed Basilisk mostly, if you remember. I nearly bought it during Best Buy’s big sale, but opted for Spirited Away and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence instead. It’s still running on FUNimation’s channel right now.

    I really enjoy the more modern Asian films. I don’t like the old “kung fu” films. But toss Jet Li or Li Gong into a film and it will certainly grab my attention. I love stuff like House of Flying Dagger, Fearless, Curse of the Golden Flower, etc. Those really gorgeous, sweeping epics, with the crazy awesome cinematography, amazing usage of colors, detailed costumes, etc. I’m a really visual person and I love watching those kinds of films.

    The occasional incredibly hot Asian guy helps, too.

    Kris´s last blog post > More Diversions

  6. @Miko-chan: Aww, sorry, lol… But thanx for reminding me! Maybe “Crows Zero 2” will be available for download soon, haha. ^_^

    @A20: Haha, while artwork is always important, the performances were vividly hilarious! In many cases, the rhythm or roar of the vocals or music can outshine the animation, right? Pretty tough to hear the vocals or music in a manga!… Yup, Blow is embarrassed and Jenn-chan is your kid, lol. But don’t look at me. That’s Blow’s diagram!… As for the Sephiroth clone, nope, there’s no villian, lol. Kinda like assuming that either Romeo’s family or Juliet’s family is the “evil” house, lol. Just an assumption. But I know what u mean about the long white hair. ^_^

    @Kris-chan: Yup, KyoAni is definitely a factor! That’s exactly what I’ve been observing in my “pop anime” and “cloned character” comments for the past several weeks, right? So I think we’re on the same page, lol… Haha, “forceful sadist”, definitely dangerous! But I really wouldn’t know. I’m just a “normal sadist”, haha. Ah, I included the “Genzu” link above… But yeah, didn’t u write a “Basilisk” review? I already knew the name, but I think your review re-triggered my interest and might’ve bumped it up higher and faster in my Netflix queue! And Netflix is still a primary source for my Hong Kong or Korean or other Asian films like “House of Flying Dagger” or “Hero”. Although I must admit downloading “Forbidden Kingdom”, “Fearless”, “Red Cliff” and “Shinobi”, even the high-school gang-epic “Crows Zero” from the web, hehe… A-ha, I see! Hot Asian guys! That’s why I try to post as *few* pics of myself as possible. Just every KNOW and THAN, lol. ^_^

  7. I really enjoyed Akikan and it has to be probably the Anime that i had the most fun with the last season.It wasnt excepetionally good but all that manservice,pervy lead and of course the Akikans made this a humourus show.
    God id like to rename myself to Amaji Golo and take up the Nickname Gigolo-kun. Poor fella lol

    I wonder what kinda unfinished business i share with you and Jem…whatever it is….Ill call Hotel Moscow and hope that itll solve by “itself”

    Holy Moley! Lisa looks drastically different! Those are some nice Pictures!

    I wonder what were embarrased about lol

    Blowfish´s last blog post > 1/5 Movic Yoko – Boobielicious!

  8. @FlyingBlow: Hahaha, poor Gigolo-kun. So you’re just like him? Disappearing into the background? Turning invisible even with bunny ears? Haha, well, u better figure out that “unfinished business” quick or I’m gonna hire Revy first!… Wait-wait, what’s so *different* about Lisa? She hasn’t changed at all. That’s how she buys her groceries. Ha, just kidding. But I’ll let her know, lol.

  9. LOL. What’s with those diagrams! We all have such complex relationships. I sure hope Mimi is my bestest buddy and will help me out against Jem and Kris. Er, “sex friend”? Watch out Jay, I think the FBI may be on to you.

    The K-on! personalities overlap with just about every show about the lives of four cute girls. You have someone childlike and ditzy, a loud crazy girl, a refined or mothering type, and one more tsundere/tomboy/serious girl/etc.

    Love the glossy-glossy flyers! And Lisa is looking pretty hot in those pics :3

  10. @Jay: True, true. Likewise, I read volume one of Nodame, and it just felt slightly handicapped compared to the anime.

    @Blow: Probably embarassed about knowing someone who’d like to be renamed Gigolo-kun, hehe. Poor guy, getting a name like that, and then disappearing into the background… He’s a lot better off than Usui Kagerou from Zetsubou Sensei, though^^;

    @Coco: Sex friend is still better than sex fiend, though, haha:3

  11. @RyoBase-man: Hahaha, I didn’t know either! Ehhh, there’s no Cloud in “Shinobi”. And I think that’s a *good* thing, lol.

    @Coco-chan: Heyyy, blame FlyingBlowfish for these diagrams! I’m just following the mob mentality like a typical otaku. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that, lol. Actually, they’re pretty funny. Complex is good! Complexity is the spice of life! Or wait, is that “variety”? Same thing, lol. As for helping u out, depends on how u define “help”, haha… Ahh, gomen-gomen! The diagrams were random, lol. But funny u should mention the FBI. Today, I started attending a 3-day software training course to refresh myself with our company’s application. So the trainees included representatives from the Denver public school system, the US Department of Energy, and one from guess who? The FBI! LOL!… Yeah, I agree, “K-On” seems to be the latest 4-girl mania with the same 4 personalities types. At least, “Minami-ke” took a risk with 3 girls, lol. I just started the 3rd season, and “Minami-ke – Okaeri” still rocks!… Awww, thanx. I’ll tell Christine and Melanie about the flyers, and tell Lisa about her pics!… P.S. Oh yeah, btw, I added your banner to my “About” page and random rotation. Thanx again! Might be temporary but still cute. Kinda like “K-On”, haha. >_<; @A20: Ahhh, yes, "Nodame". Especially with such a musically-oriented anime. Definitely need that piano... Haha, Gigolo-kun. I forgot about Kagerou-kun! Easy to forget him too, even with his indescribable hair, lol... As for "sex friend", would "sex fiend" be better than "sex fried"? LOL!

  12. On musical anime/manga:

    I think the anime will always be a touch better because you can HEAR the music. When a core of the story centers on the performing of music, the anime will always have the one-up over the manga.

    I imagine that, along with Nodame, it’s similar for Beck Mongolian Chop Squad and La Corda D’Oro. Actually hearing the music (and seeing it “performed”) would seem to be loads better than reading sound text and looking at static images.

    Just bumped Shinobi up to the top as something is wrong with the Scrapped Princess DVDs (they’re lost or someone is sitting on them instead of returning them, so it just says “Very long wait” next to them).
    As for hot guys…well…. Don’t sell yourself short! You’re pleasant to look at! That shiny chrome of yours fits you very well, I think.

    Your roommate, by the way, is giving off some sort of Bettie Page meets the Suicide Girls vibe.

    Kris´s last blog post > More Diversions

  13. @Miko-chan: Yeah, I just checked my usual download site. It’s not there yet, lol. Just the first “Crows Zero”. I’ll try again in another few weeks, hehe.

    @A20: Hmm, I wouldn’t want to imagine it either. Just asking!

    @Kris-chan: Yeah, exactly. “Nodame” and “Beck” are perfect examples. As well as “Nana” and the latest “K-On”. Very difficult to replace music, unless you’re a musical genius who can imagine the notes in perfect silence… Ah, moved “Shinobi” to the top? Hehe, didn’t have to, since it’s only 4 stars. But “Scrapped Princess”, that’s a little harder to remember the ending. Besides the initial premise, it kinda felt the same as “Chrono Crusade”, lol… Awww, thanx for the kind words. Yeah, I think the skinhead look actually works. Never would’ve tried it in college. But nowadays, pretty slick and crisp… As for Lisa, that’s exactly the type of look she’s been cultivating for over a year, maybe two. Does it work? Haha, I think it depends on the pose! ^_^;

  14. Oh man I’ve always been amazed at the detail you put into each and every post but you’ve really outdone yourself this time with all those diagrams! Your post has me re-thinking Akikan, I probably judged it too quickly. I saw a bunch of individuals watched and reviewed the first episode of the season and gave it luke warm reviews so I didn’t bother (with so much anime out there you need to judge as best you can which series are worth your while ahead of time). Although I was REALLY attracted to that figure of Melon until I realized the figure itself had that little sign just below the knee. Also K-On is a series I realize that I simply must experience, once I get some time for anime it will be one of the series I hit for sure!

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > My Kitties – Ami and Rini

  15. @Duckie-chan: Awww, thanx… But I think we should thank FlyingBlow (I mean, Blowfish, lol) for the diagram idea! Then Jem-chan and I just added some steroids to them, haha… Ah, I didn’t intend to change people’s minds about “Akikan”! But I usually give an anime a *few* episodes anyway. Plus my tastes are broader than most, it seems. And I tend to finish what I start too, lol. So no pressure!… Wait, sign just below Melon’s knee? Which sign is that? Never noticed a sign!… As for “K-On”, no need to hurry. Just another 4-girl high-school comedy, right? Depends on whether or not u like to ride the “trend” wave like many otaku do, haha. ^_^

  16. My tastes are pretty broad and I (almost) always finish what I start. I think the only series to date that I’ve left permanently unfinished is Dragonball Z. So when I start something I’m usually pretty committed even if it doesn’t entirely tickle me the right way. I don’t care about riding the “trend” I actually like to wait until these series are done and sit down and watch them marathon style. It was awesome watching Lucky Star that way. Watching series I love week to week absolutely kills me, especially with shonen.

    Here is a link to the prototype pictures of Melon
    See the sign thing?

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > My Kitties – Ami and Rini

  17. @Duckie-chan: Hehe, exactly! That describes my typical watching behavior too. Both in commitment and marathons. But watching week-to-week like “Code Geass” and “K-On” can be fun too. Just harder to remember, lol… Ahh, yeah, I see it! And according to bigger pics on sites like this one, seems like the sign supports one knee, while a pole supports the other knee. Unique, but perhaps not for everyone. ^_^;

    @Kris-chan: Hehe, unfortunately, doesn’t look like it. Check out the link I gave to Duckie-chan.

  18. Oh man, LOL!!!! I’m a bit taken aback with this post. You can certainly say that I wasn’t nearly half expecting what type of post you would be making this week. Pssst!!!! You should add me as a tag to your posts ~.^ I know that people are usually turned off by the sort of anime that Akikan, K-On! or Queen’s Blade are. As I mentioned earlier, I’m the type of fish that swims against extreme upstream currents. I wouldn’t just go by on what people write and review about and automatically dismiss it, thus effectively being controlled by the trend aka general populace. If it’s one episode, then it’s not really enough to be able to judge whether or not something should be entirely dismissed. If it’s something I learned when I used to write reviews, you need to take a really objective point of view and know when to blend in a subjective element that doesn’t create a convoluted critique. I, too, will admittedly tell you that I like many things that are, otherwise, considered shitty to a lot of other people, but it doesn’t deter me in any way nor does it take away from my happiness. I thought the premise for Akikan was amusing enough that I’d give it a try and I’ve watched all of season 1 for Rosario Vampire, so it can’t be worse than that for me, hahaha. I, also, like the figure and preordered it because she is such a cutie and Megahouse rocks my world!

    Jem´s last blog post > Lei Fang at the beach

  19. @Jem-chan: Hahaha! Jem-chan was “taken aback”? Wow, am I hearing the apocalyptic rumble of the Four Horsemen in the distance too? LOL… While I hardly use tags as much as categories, I just inserted a new “Jem-chan” tag and a new “One and Only Jem” category, lol. Satisfied? Yup {nods}, like I told Duckie-chan, my tastes are pretty wide-sweeping and unswayable as well. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be “controlled” or “influenced” by feline curiosity once in a while. Well, not to the point of mindless or selfless abandon, that is. Haha, “Akikan”, it’s still funny how a “negative review” triggered this “positive rave”… Ah, but that’s the thing. I don’t go into a series with the piercing eye of a critic or reviewer. First and foremost, I go into it with the passive eye of a willing observer entering and living the world of the characters. “When in Rome”, right? Only after I’ve lived their world for a season can I give an honest and personal perspective that’s true to their story… Hahaha, exactly, whether it’s “Rosario + Vampire” (great comparison) or “Zero no Tsukaima”!… Awww, true. While the “Melon” figure may be kinda odd (looks like the sign supports one knee, while a pole supports the other knee), she’s still pretty unique. But perhaps not for everyone. Just for upstream fish. >_<;

  20. I am quite appeased by your remark in regards to the tag and category. Pleased I am, hmmmmm!!! HAHAHA. I remember your podcast when you were talking about art and made reference to Zero no Tsukaima. Mind you, I have never known how to correctly pronounce it. Is art stupid? No. Is anime like art? Yes. If that’s true then, no anime can really be stupid. I really like your if and conjecture. I thought about it and it was a refreshing perspective to keep in mind. When I was listening to you talk, I verbally answered “yes” to the anime being stupid question, lol. Oh, my feline curiosity gets the best of me, too. I am pretty open going into these media and try to remove any bias inasmuch as possible. When it gets to the review, I have to take a more objective role and then finally give my subjective view at the end. This has been the format, thus far for the video game reviews from ye olde past. I am really digging the figure. She really seems vibrant to me and puts a smile on my face. The sign doesn’t seem bothersome to me. It seems to be authentic to the art that it is based off of and from a distance. I mean there are other figures that have really obvious metal rods supporting the weight or pose such as ALTER’s Nadie, but I don’t think she is any less beautiful despite the unsightly rods holding her up. At least Melon has a sign cleverly disguised to help out with her weight and pose, hehe. I am also partial to the color green. I love that wallpaper with her in that bathing suit. Looking good.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Lisa looks sexy. I like the facial expression in the third picture. Congrats on not having to deal with Giardia. If I tested negative for intestinal parasites after months of agony, I’d celebrate a la boudoir style, too ;]

    Jem´s last blog post > Am I an android? [ALTER Aegis review]

  21. @Jem-chan: Hahaha, so you’re “pleased and appeased”, are ya? Then my life-long quest is complete! LOL, I don’t think I ever heard it pronounced until I actually said it myself! But that can’t be true. I mean, I must’ve heard someone pronounce it during the anime credits, right? I must have. Then I forgot it. Then when it came time to actually say it, my brain told my mouth to say it like that. The subconscious can be a *good* thing once in a while, lol… Haha, I just heard my broadcast again. “Can anime be stupid?” That’s still a simple yet philosophically profound question. Can’t believe I actually came up with it, hehe… Ah, I see, the video-game reviews. I might’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t think I could ever write reviews like that. Those screen-by-screen or scene-by-scene type reviews. Basically, I tend to write a brief one-or-few-sentence speed-opinion without any synopsis or summary. And that’s it! Since the reader or viewer will pick what they pick, or think what they think, or research what they research, there’s little point giving the whole story, or going into any detailed shot-by-shot breakdown of why this sucks or why this rocks, lol. Just “here’s my rating” and move on, haha. Is that objective? Not quite. Is that subjective? Probably. But it gets the job done, right?… Yeah, that’s the first time I’ve seen that “Melon” figure, and you’re right, she’s portrayed pretty well! I also understand your view. But I can also understand not wanting titles or words distracting from the figure herself. Yup, personal preferences, hehe. So go ahead, feel free to steal any of the “Akikan” images I stole. That’s why they’re there! Yeah, definitely “looking good”… Awww, I’ll let Lisa know! In fact, I think she mentioned that she felt a bit sick during that photoshoot too. I can’t tell at all. I guess modeling indeed involves a bit of acting after all. True, if her follow-up tests prove negative as well, then I’ll definitely feel better too. Especially if her restored income means I can finally restore her rent payments to me, haha… Still haven’t acquired a new HDTV yet. Maybe I don’t need one. T_T;

  22. Hmm… seems like this post has won over quite a few viewers to the pro-Akikan camp, eh? Hehe. Speaking of trends and reviews, I’m probably one of the worst followers out there. I watched Lucky Star despite all my buds saying it was crap, and came to love it. Friend of mine told me to watch Geass, but I ignored her (and the rest of the world) until that episode where Konata asked Kagami to get her a copy. Which actually shows that I’m indirectly influenced by trends, eh? Reverse marketing is my thing, I suppose:3

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Heart(less) Station

  23. @A20: Well, haha, I certainly didn’t intend to win viewers over to the *dark side* since I didn’t know some of them already tried it. But yeah, quite a pleasant surprise… Really? They thought “Lucky Star” was crap? I don’t remember how I first heard about it (maybe via “Haruhi” fans), but when I caught the first episode 6 or 12 months later, I loved it as much as “Akikan”, lol. And yeah, me too, I first heard of “Code Geass” via the fake “Geass” manga on “Lucky Star”, haha. But likewise, I procrastinated with the first “Geass” till 6 or 12 months later… I don’t know about “reverse” marketing, but it might be related to “not wanting to be told what to like”. Especially for “loners” like us, lol. As it should be. ^_^

  24. @Jay: What did I say? They’re onto you! :O

    I haven’t watched Minami-ke past the first few episodes of season two. But I’m considering picking it up again just for Hosaka and his epic curry song.

  25. @Coco-chan: {Looks both ways} Umm, I’ll step way over here in the opposite corner of the room, lol… But wait, doesn’t his epic curry song only appear in the third season of “Minami-ke”? How did u know if u haven’t reached it yet? Haha. {Confused.}

  26. @Jay: Maybe ‘indirect’ would be a better word than ‘reverse’, hehe. Was thinking of reverse psychology at the time^^;
    Loners, or rebels? Never could stand others telling me what to do. Maybe a mix of both, haha:p

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Heart(less) Station

  27. @A20: Ahh, “indirect” works, with a hint of procrastination, and a touch of reluctance, lol… Yeah, you’re right, maybe a mix. If I had to clarify, I’d say, “A true rebel tends to be a loner. While a true loner tends to, well, disappear.” So I’d probably fall into the “not-so-true rebel” shade of the spectrum. ^_^

  28. Spot on with that one! However, this rebel will have to disappear- the last blog post nearly killed him. Way past his bedtime, will now have to wake up around noon- probably miss the revolution. And with all this rebel/loner talk just before bed I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up dreaming of being another Che Guevara, only smexier=,=;

  29. @A20: Haha, thanx. “Nearly killed”? Ahh, haven’t read it all yet, but from what I’ve skimmed, your last post approaches the magnitude of a Toybox “mega-post”! So *now* u should have a tip-of-the-iceberg idea of what I undertake on a weekly basis, lol. Nice, huh?… Nah, no dreams of Guevara for me. Unless it’s Jessica Alba’s character “Max Guevara” from the sci-fi TV series “Dark Angel”. Much better. ^_^

  30. Nope, no dreams of Che or Max^^; Instead I ended up in an unexpected romance in Spain, hehe.
    As for the tip of the iceberg, I actually passed it moons ago with my ‘Italy/Spain’ post- although that’s to be expected, after spending some 15 days there. Took me forever to type out, bit by bit a few times a week. That one really took the life outa’ me>,<
    Impressive that you have the energy to compose these long babies every week;)

    aprilius20´s last blog post > CNY ‘09: Langkawi – How to deal with children. Or how not to.

  31. @A20: Ahh, lol, well, “unexpected romances” are a bit better than “expected tragedies”, aren’t they?… Yeah, “took me forever”, I hear ya. That’s why it takes two afternoon-to-nights over the weekend to assemble these *mega-posts*! You say “impressive”? I think “insane” is a more appropriate term, lol.

    @Mimi-chan: Heyyy, wow, what a rare Danny-esque surprise! Thanx! And no worries, I still gotta assemble my new post, lol. Good luck! >_<;

  32. Bahh i’m so sorry ..forgot about not using that emoticon that deletes stuff lol.

    Anyway, ahaha interesting floor plans! I’d totally do one if I had the time. Who came up with the concept? O.o
    I don’t really remember much about Akikan, but the bikini picture was luring…
    Glad you didn’t fall into the endless K-On! void. O.o
    Foozball is freakin’ awesome haha ..can get a bit violent depending on who you’re playing with. xD Bet it was lots of fun!
    Lisa looks great!! ^^
    Porn star Mimi looks good too, but that one pic with her legs spread wide open is kinda trashy. -__-
    Have a great weekend Jay!!! Thanks for everything! ^^

    Mimi´s last blog post > Yui’s Horrible Mess-up in Night of K-On! / Castanets / Mimi’s Torture

  33. @Mimi-chan: Aww, no problema, senorita. You probably mean the “less than” sign. The browser seems to interpret HTML after that point, lol… But hey, thanx! Yeah, those floorplans are pretty funny, almost dangerously illegal! No clue who created them though… Haha, no “K-On!” void yet. Although Sawako-sensei is beginning to pull me into her gravitational vortex! LOL, foosball is even better when you’re the best in the company! Yup, the “Ninja”, hehe. All the regulars have probably played 100s of games since January too. But my current record in 1-on-2 matches is 20 wins, 9 losses. Not bad for a one-man team! But no foosball-flying bruises yet, lol… Aww, thanx, I’ll tell Lisa! But I dunno if I can tell AV-Mimi to keep her legs closed… Aww, you too. You’re most welcome… Although the weekend is already over. T_T;

    @Coco-chan: Hehe, I guess YouTube is useful for some things after all! ^_^

  34. Nooo, Jay-san! I can’t believe you went down the Akikan route. T_T I watched two eps but after that it was just painful…bad art, wince-worthy (to me) dialogue. But if you like it. XD

    Whoa, (AV) Miku is pretty hawt! Somehow she seems to have bigger lips in Spermania #17 though, but yeah, she looks classy…then again, the Asian in Pirates doesn’t look like a porn starlet (or does she?!) either..:P

    Those blog correlations are mind-boggling. ._. And man, you’re a foosball pro! -boggles- For a moment I thought those new foosballs were dango. XD

    Woot! Hawt lingerie shoot…though I’m not too fond of the red either. -wry- I’d like to have a photo shoot like that some time, except the only guy I’d let (or he’d let!) behind the lens is niisama, and he doesn’t have very steady hands…-wry- Sigh.

    AND YES! I shall subscribe to your comment feed. Though with the frequency I check feeds…(i.e. not very frequent at all XD) ._. We’ll see, heh.

    jenn´s last blog post > Star Trek – Za Movie

  35. @Jenn-chan: Hahaha, yup, I was surprised by the “Akikan” detour myself! But to me, the art isn’t everything. The performances and relationships are the biggest factor! I mean, I’ve seen unconventional animation like “Dennou Coil” and especially “Noein”, and I grew to enjoy those unique styles!

    Haha, I agree about Miku and Katsuni. The lips, right? Hehe, they don’t seem like porn starlets, but I think the *outfit* definitely defines how classy (or trashy) they present themselves… Just like Lisa’s lingerie photoshoot. Some might consider that trashy, but others might consider it classy or classic in the old “Vaudeville” sense… Awww, sorry about Niisama’s unsteady hands, hehe… Speaking of hands, yup, definitely a foosball “Ninja”, haha. But wait, u already knew that in my Blog 192, right? Haha, but if those were foosballs were dango (o_o), they’d explode! Explode into a puff of whatever they’re made of!

    Aww, thanx. You don’t have to subscribe. But I’ll be glad if u do, hehe… And I’ll get to your comment on Blog 200 shortly! Damn work. ^_^

  36. Hmm Dennou Coil had unconventional animation? I don’t know, I guess depends on what you define as watchable. :) Akikan’s animation just didn’t cut it for me zuuu! And from what I heard…they didn’t seem to treat the seiyuu very well either. -wry- Who knows~

    Dango are made of glutinous rice flour~ It wouldn’t be nice if they exploded, it’d be sticky everywhere! And yeah, that’s true. I think those pics were very sexy and, yes, vaudeville. When it comes to porn covers, though, I wonder whether it’s their choice, or whether the company decides what goes on it..-wry- Maybe they have reasons for wanting a more discreet cover? (Though, of course, it’s not all that discreet when you turn it over..XD)

    Don’t worry about replying if you’re busy~ :) It’s hard enough to catch up to comments when I have like 1/100 of the comments you get, I can only imagine how it must be for you! XD

    jenn´s last blog post > Kino sale! And Mother’s Day~

  37. Pingback: (my OCs are a wacky bunch) « the coco cafe

  38. @Jenn-chan: Well, unconventionally *low-keyed* in their character design. If u take a closer look at the faces, especially eyes, of the “Dennou Coil” characters, definitely *not* the typical huge-eyed fancy-haired *moe* designs you’d find in (let’s say) KyoAni’s titles, right? Or in the rough-lined “Akikan”, haha… LOL, exploding glutinous dango! Sounds like something that could fit on an “exploding” porn cover! But I seriously doubt that the starlets get to choose the covers, even if they were given such power, but especially if there are 100s of shots to choose from! Besides, a discreet front cover is easier to display on the shelf. But it shouldn’t be *so* discreet that it doesn’t wanna make u turn it over, hehe. Funny that u already know that feeling!… Nahhh, lol. It’s not so much the number of comments, but rather the workload at the office. And the numbers aren’t as crazy as u think. Since I like to comment and interact, I’m usually 1/2 or 1/3 of the comments! So that’s 1-2 dozen per weekly post. Not so bad, hehe. ^_~

    @Coco-chan: Hehe, thanx for the link!

  39. @Jay-san: I know, I wrote ‘exploding’ and ‘sticky’ and thought to myself, ‘Hmm, that sounds dodgy..XD’ Not so dodgy in reality, though. But really, dango are awesome. ^^ I can’t figure out how to make proper dango, but I love the Chinese soup version — tang yuan. ^^ Used to make it with hot water, but recently realised it works as well if not better with cold water… ^_^”

    I do remember Dennou Coil had a pretty-interesting storyline. Did Akikan even finish? Last I heard of it was ep 7… ._.

    Yeah, discreet but classy/sexy. Though looking at it again, the cover of Spermania #17 strikes me as rather (singing) album-cover… aww, the anti-spam word is puppy! I love puppies. ^^

    jenn´s last blog post > Kino sale! And Mother’s Day~

  40. @Jenn-chan: Hahaha, nahhh, “exploding stickiness” never sounds dodgy! But as far as I remember, I’ve never tried them, Chinese version or otherwise. The closest thing that comes to mind are those Dunkin Donuts “munchkins”, lol. Similar? Totally un-similar?… Haha, yeah, I wrote that “Akikan” had 12 episodes. Besides, I never give a speed-review until I finish a series anyway. I mean, why review half a film, right? Same thing with a series… Haha, “Spermania” the music album! Can’t wait for the Broadway version, lol.

    P.S. Aww, don’t puppies taste best in barbecue sauce? >o<;

  41. @Jay-san: Wow, you haven’t? If munchkins are ‘the hole out of the donut’, and if they’re made of the same material donuts are, then not at all! Do you guys have glutinous rice flour in supermarkets/Asian supermarkets..?

    Haha I missed that since I saw Akikan and jumped ahead. XD

    Puppies in bbq sauce?! You twisted man! (Of course you gotta use mayo~!)

    jenn´s last blog post > Kino sale! And Mother’s Day~

  42. @Jenn-chan: I’m sure we have glutinous rice flour somewhere, lol. I just never visit them… Ewww, puppies in mayo?!? Ugh, talk about sick! Or maybe puppies wrapped in glutinous rice flour? Yum!… Not, lol. ^o^

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