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Awww, Danni, thanx! How have you been? Oops, wait. Oh no, a new fabricated message! Damn, lol. Ah well, although Cherokee-Hawaiian adult-film actress Danni Cole never actually sent me this sunshiny and spectacled cheer, the beach-house fantasy sounds like a perfect summertime anime episode, doesn’t it? Hahaha… Well, my Tumbling Toyboxers, it’s that time of the week again. Another weekly mega-cast to keep the otaku-sensei aghast! So, to celebrate this 200th Blog of the Toybox, we’re gonna take a dive at not only revealing why we blog to express and connect, but also why we choose to Twitter or Toybox. Why? Not only that, we’re gonna take a splash at unraveling why anime can never really be stupid. Why not? On top of those, we’ll trickle under our friendly neighborhood Uzumaki and Minami, trample past a few real-world and random-worded antics, and tumble upon the bottomless fall and bubbling rise of this humble Toybox! Sounds edible? Cool. So let’s turn on the oven and get ready to heat your inner mayhem. It’s time to cook this tasty show…

Part 1 of 5 > Why Blog? Why Tiny Twitter? Why Titanic Toybox?

Before we dive into our first blog topic, let’s welcome Danni Cole (caution: link NSFW) to the Toybox! Hehe, not only did her exotic resemblance to Dutch-Chinese actress Kristin Kreuk stun and strike me, but also her fearlessness in wearing glasses! Brava! And also her birthday on 22 March, just 3 days after mine. Go Pisces! If we can believe the internet too, lol.

Okay-okay, enough about Danni. Do you remember two weeks ago when I featured Otaku Dan’s introspective “Why Do We Blog?” (16 April 2009) post? Coincidentally, Angry Mimi-chan also proposed the same question in her “Why Why Why Do You Blog?” (22 April 2009) post, lol.

To refresh your tumbling memories, here’s my condensed reply to Otaku Dan.

xJAYMANx@Dan-man: Ultimately, I think I came to the decision to go on, not only for myself, the love of writing or the love of anime, but also for others in the community who love anime too. Maybe not a million or even 100 others, but for those few who’ve become familiar names or faces. Like u or Blowfish or Panther or Mimi-chan. Those who make me think or laugh or yell “WTF?”, lol. Not only on my blog, but on theirs as well.

I think that’s the best form of self-promotion of all.

Now, keeping this in mind, do you also remember Angry Mimi-chan’s hilarious “Truth About Twitter” (23 March 2009) post? Haha, you can also check out the original YouTube “Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!” (16 March 2009) video. When I saw that video for the first time, I literally laughed out loud!

Likewise, to refresh your trembling memories, here’s my brief reply to Angry Mimi-chan.

xJAYMANx@Mimi-chan: Nahhh, no need for Twitter, lol. Facebook already has the same “status” thingie. But even then, I hardly update on FB much. Blogging seems more worthy of our precious time. >_<;

Hey, so did you see it? Did you catch that? I wrote: “Blogging seems more worthy of our precious time.” While bloggers and surfers may do both, doesn’t this suggest that we may only have time for one or the other? To Twitter or not to Twitter? And if not to Twitter, to blog instead? In fact, in Jenn Kei’s recent “Star Trek Za Movie” (01 May 2009) post, our comments below seem to suggest exactly that, lol.

xJAYMANx@Jenn-chan: Heyyy, you’re back!

Jennkei@Jay-san: Haha, I’ve never been away — I’m still sporadically posting on my Twitter! (Yes, I’ve gone over to the dark side…I’m sowwy..XD)

xJAYMANx@Jenn-chan: Awww, no problem, lol. Actually, I’m gonna be talking about tiny twitters versus mega-posts soon, so that’ll be interesting…

So I began to think about that. About Twittering. About blogging. If time-and-trouble determine whether we blurb on Twitter or Facebook or MySpace, or blog on LiveJournal or Blogger or WordPress, then for bloggers, wouldn’t time-and-trouble also determine *how* we blog? Daily versus weekly? Short versus long? For example, on one end of the otaku spectrum, Otaku Dan has maintained his short daily posts for ages (I don’t even know how long). On the other end of that spectrum, I’ve maintained my weekly posts since Blog 168, but these didn’t evolve into *mega-posts* until the Blog 170s-180s. Then of course, there are otaku bloggers with random posts sprinkled every few days or weeks. Clearly, every blogger has his or her own unique schedule and style.

But here’s the insane thing. Why *mega-posts* or *mega-casts*? Why do I have this insane need to cook up and construct gigantic and titanic and thematic five-part posts on a weekly basis? Why worry about an interconnectable theme among the parts? Why not split them up into five smaller posts on a near-daily basis? Ahh, haha, great questions.

My probable answer: “For the art, my friends. For the insane pursuit of art.” Most probably, lol.

Here’s the best metaphor I can find. Food. Yup, food. While many otaku-blog posts taste like messy burgers and salty fries, others taste like crumbly cookies and cheesy crackers, while still others taste like spicy chips and sweet candy, lol. Mmm, definitely tasty! But why settle for fast foods, snacks and desserts? Over time, I think I began to develop a palate for larger more-artful combinations, lol. Lunches. Turned into dinners. Turned into full five-course meals! Interconnectable combinations of sweet and spicy and meaty and juicy. Food. Haha, in real life, unless it’s a pot of instant ramen or oven of fish sticks, I can’t cook anything without a microwave or toaster. But in terms of my Toybox *mega-posts*, one *might* compare these works of art to those of a master chef. Maybe. Maybe not. Nonetheless, one can’t deny the ingredients. Or the combinations. But above all, the patience. Sigh. The utmost patience. Although sometimes, my patience can come close to collapse. Utter collapse, haha.

In a nutshell: “Where’s the art in Twittering?” ^_^


Part 2 of 5 > Can Any Anime Really Be Stupid?

Finally! After four weeks of being fuzzily amused by the cute-and-cuddly high-school-girl comedy “K-On!”, the fifth week finally lifted the series to “Lucky Star” wonderment! And do you know what did it? Do you? The teacher! The hilariously passive-yet-powerful Jekyll-yet-Hyde character of Yamanaka Sawako-sensei! Sawako-sensei was the missing ingredient! Reminiscent of the powerful-yet-pitiful anime shop manager, Anizawa Meito-san in “Lucky Star”, haha. Yes, indeed. Episode 5 of “K-On!” finally redeemed the series, lol… But to be clear, the series was *never* stupid.

Then again, can any anime really be stupid?

Wait, hold on! Before you answer too quickly, listen to my nose-congested arguments below, lol.

Here are the summarized contents to guide you.

xJAYMANx_broadcast 002
“From Drunk to Punk Trooper”
Saturday, 1:15am, 25 Oct 2008
MP3 Length 16:27 Minutes

  • OP – “Virgin’s High” by MELL from the anime “Sky Girls” [2007].
  • Second broadcast, hope not as crackly and staticky
  • Jackie Chan‘s and Woo Ping’s 1978 Hong Kong film Drunken Master
  • Got 89th figure Queen’s Gate Alice; Potter-esque “Zero no Tsukaima
  • Anime in philosophical light: No art is stupid? Anime is art? So no anime is stupid?
  • Hated Metropolis, disliked Amazing Nurse Nanako
  • Sent in my absentee ballot, voted for NONE of the above candidates, liberating
  • Japanese street fashion, funny stuff, lol
  • “Punk Trooper”, Stormtrooper or Jedi drop-out, bounty hunter, jack of all trades
  • Katana bokken, test for Halloween costume, damn helmet so hot to breathe
  • Punk Trooper!
  • ED – “Last Regrets” by Ayana from the anime “Kanon” [2006].

So, there you have it! Can any anime really be stupid?

Haha, actually, the reason why I brought up this profoundly philosophical question is due to the “One and Only” Jem-chan, lol. One of us mentioned Skype and this was how our discussion unfolded.

xJAYMANx@Jem-chan: Actually, I do have some goofy audio on Blog 171 (if u haven’t peeked already). I think my nose is stuffed up from allergies or something, haha. You were warned!

Jem@Jay: You definitely sound like you have a cold. I am listening to your podcast. Lol, you sound “white” which is a good thing because you don’t sound fobbish or have a fobbish accent. Maybe some people were frightened away with your voice. I dunno… LOL, is anime stupid then?

[Then a few days later in our blog comments.]

Jem@Jay: I am quite appeased by your remark in regards to the tag and category. Pleased I am, hmmmmm!!! HAHAHA. I remember your podcast when you were talking about art and made reference to Zero no Tsukaima. Mind you, I have never known how to correctly pronounce it. Is art stupid? No. Is anime like art? Yes. If that’s true then, no anime can really be stupid. I really like your if and conjecture. I thought about it and it was a refreshing perspective to keep in mind. When I was listening to you talk, I verbally answered “yes” to the anime being stupid question, lol.

xJAYMANx@Jem-chan: Hahaha, so you’re “pleased and appeased”, are ya? Then my life-long quest is complete! LOL, I don’t think I ever heard it pronounced until I actually said it myself! But that can’t be true. I mean, I must’ve heard someone pronounce it during the anime credits, right? I must have. Then I forgot it. Then when it came time to actually say it, my brain told my mouth to say it like that. The subconscious can be a *good* thing once in a while, lol… Haha, I just heard my broadcast again. “Can anime be stupid?” That’s still a simple yet philosophically profound question. Can’t believe I actually came up with it, hehe.

In another nutshell: “Is art stupid? No. Is anime like art? Yes. If that’s true then, no anime can really be stupid.”


Part 3 of 5 > Uzumaki & Minami Revisited

Yup, two more! Stupid anime or not, I’ve managed to complete 2 more anime titles-or-seasons in the last 2 weeks: “Naruto – Season 4” [17] and “Minami-ke – Okaeri – Season 3” [18]. Yes-yes, a total of 18 completed anime titles in just over 4 months so far! Definitely on my typical pace to hit 50 anime by the end of the year, lol.


Naruto – Season 4 [17]. On 01 May, I completed my 17th anime title-or-season of the year. Season 4 (2004) with 26 episodes. Haha, despite all of the adoring love and acidic hate for this title, Season 4 still packs a mindless-yet-riveting ninja-powered punch to your chakra. Especially while dashing on the treadmill, lol. A solid 4 of 5 stars! So here are 3 wallpapers to brighten your day in blinding blonde and orange, haha.



Hey, if you’re interested, here are my speed-reviews for the previous 3 “Naruto” seasons.

Damn, where’s my instant ramen? >_<;


Minami-ke – Okaeri – Season 3 [18]. On 02 May, I completed my 18th anime title-or-season of the year. Season 3 (2009) with 13 episodes. Hehe, despite the change in animation style in the past, Season 3 still offers a smilingly offbeat yet gently heart-warming slice of life. Awww, another maximum 4 of 5 stars for a half-season, lol. So here are 7 high-resolution (1920px) wallpapers to celebrate the three sisters, their classmates and their friends. Gotta adore Haruka, Kana and Chiaki!







Awww. Still kinda sad that “Minami-ke” had to end. At least, we have “K-On!”now, lol.


Part 4 of 5 > Hornsby, Foosball, Wordle & Random Ramblings

Let’s say it one more time: Awww.

But now, from tiny twitters and titanic toyboxes, to anime as an artistic-not-stupid form of expression, to ninja-enhanced and schoolgirl-powered anime stories, let’s rumble and ramble into the randomness of the real world, lol. For example, remember the company party back in February? Well, last week, I finally remembered to pick up a couple of cases of Hornsby’s Hard Cider, both “Amber Draft” and “Crisp Apple” flavors. Yummm. Especially with a roast-beef sandwich and a pile of mayo-drenched baby carrots!

A closer view.

And a closer view of the bottle, lol.

Then remember the set of six foosballs I bought last week? Well, forget those, lol. Because when I compared them to the foosballs at the office, these were the wrong size! Upon closer inspection, the 32mm-diameters were too small. What we really needed were the 35mm-diameters. So here are the new foosballs! Thank you, Amazon, lol.

A closer view. I just thought I’d add to the black-and-white motif with my chain-wallet and pair of dice.

Yeah, man, Linkin Park.

Leaping fluidly from Linkin Park word masters to linkable Wordle messes, ever created a “Wordle” cloud before? Man, I don’t even remember my first visit. Maybe last year? Two years ago? It’s been ages. But for whatever reason, the correlation networks and floorplans from last week reminded me of these curious clouds, lol.

LOL, Mimi-chan seems detached. And Minami-ke is about to break off!

Click the “Re-Layout” button. Another great big puddle.

Speaking of puddles, remember that Vietnamese noodle-soup place “Jenni Pho”? About five weeks ago? Well, Melanie (meh-LAH-nee) treated me to lunch there again last Thursday. And she asked me a curious question.

She asked me if I’d consider a single mother as a possible girlfriend (not her, she’s married, lol). Check out the “LOL” below!

So I wondered about her question. Actually, I wouldn’t rule it out.

But it definitely depends on the age of the child. I think.

A younger child is probably easier to grow up with than an older one. Notice how I’m saying “child” not “children”.

But Melanie agreed. Raising two kids is a gigantic difference from one kid. Gigantic.

Funny thing! After this question, she asked me, “You’re not married, right?” LOL, shouldn’t you ask this *before* the other question?

LOL, divorced since mid-2006… So did you enjoy the “Wordle” clouds? Quite amusing to see where the “LOL” landed. Okay, maybe not. You had to be there, hehe.


Part 5 of 5 > The Fall & Rise of the Toybox

A-ha! From twitters to toyboxes to anime to reality, let’s backflip into a reverse dive to refresh and reflect on how we reached this milestone 200th Blog of the Toybox. Yeah, why not? Like I mentioned in Part 1 above, “I’ve maintained my weekly posts since Blog 168, but these didn’t evolve into *mega-posts* until the Blog 170s-180s… Over time, I think I began to develop a palate for larger more-artful combinations, lol.” So let’s splash through 15 of the more memorable posts, between August 2008 and February 2009, marking the bumbling and bubbling rise of the Toybox, lol. Feel free to click an image to jump to its respective post.

First, here’s “Blog 148 > Lelouch Commands You” (August 2008). When I announced my blog upgrade and path change, this was the first real eye-opener at how many readers actually read my humble blog! Shocking!

A couple of weeks later, I posted “Blog 155 > Holy Crap, I Got Carded!” (August 2008). Not only was the story hilarious, but the photoshoot with Guiness the Menace was a blast, haha!

The following month, I posted “Blog 162 > Fumie From Edelweiss” (September 2008). Ahh, one of my finest figure photoshoots ever. Even created a YouTube music-slideshow video from it! And it’s also one of my final but most memorable “Danny Choo Member News” posts. Awww.

Shortly afterwards, I posted “Blog 164 > Mimi Says” (September 2008). Haha, pretty funny “Despair” de-motivational poster featuring a quote by the Angry Mimi-chan and the Tokyo Dance Trooper, Danny Choo himself! Let’s not forget his partner Tokyo Dance Lord, Hector Garcia, lol.

The following month, I posted “Blog 168 > Crows Zero & Clannad Two” (October 2008). A nice little mix of a Japanese live-action film and an anime series. This post marked the first time I held onto a weekly-weekend blog pattern. Why? Who knows? Too busy during the weekdays?

Yet another month later, I posted “Blog 174 > Wild Anime & Final Figures” (November 2008). Heyyy, this was around the time when my *mega-post* mentality began to take shape. And also around the time when the original “Mimi’s Rage” made its first appearance! Haha. “May Her Rage Consume You. Always.”

A few weeks after that, I posted “Blog 177 > Mimi’s Zazzle & iMac’s Dazzle” (November 2008). Haha, “Mimi’s Rage” continued to ripple outward. Meanwhile, I introduced my Website Outlook blog-value estimates for the first time!

The following month again, I posted “Blog 181 > Snowy Vegas & Shining Anime” (December 2008). Ah yes, the ridiculous Las Vegas blizzard! This was probably one of my first true *mega-posts* ever. Spanning across anime reviews, anime figures and real life.

Then the following week, I posted “Blog 182 > Year of Anime, Rock & Otaku” (December 2008). Not simply a full year-long list of anime, but also a Rock Band video, an Angry Mimi-chan video, and an Angry Mimi-chan sign! Can’t get any better than this, right? I think this was also the first time I uttered the term *mega-post* for my weekly masterpieces, lol.

For the new year, I posted “Blog 184 > Rewind in Anime, Myself & I” (January 2009). Yup, by this time, I was beginning to hit my stride in terms of posting weekly *mega-post*s. Including a YouTube video of my “Edelweiss Fumie” photoshoot!

The following week, I posted “Blog 185 > Wikis & Evangelion Gothlolis” (January 2009). Wow, another blog upgrade, more Danny Choo, and a massive 4-figure photoshoot of my “Evangelion Gothlolis” Rei and Asuka. Including my 92nd and final figure! Yup, incredible.

The following week again, I posted “Blog 186 > Sevens, Heavens & Harems” (January 2009). Haha, another Website Outlook assessment. I introduced Maria Ozawa for the first time with her fabricated message of congratulations. And I also introduced my “harem” gender-ratio structure, hehe.

Yet another week later, I posted “Blog 187 > Cops, Candy & Digital Sushi” (February 2009). Another full-course meal of Jackie Chan, Dairy Queen, Papa John, “Kiddy Grade”, and Digital Sushi! Yup, the lovely Digital Sushi, lol. As well as my experimental “Kamikaze Frozen” poem with self-portraits. This was also the first time my *mega-post* clearly featured 5 of 5 parts!

The following week again, I posted “Blog 188 > Kanons, Pirates & Bloodbaths” (February 2009). Hehe, another full-course meal of “Battle Royale”, “Pirates XXX”, and another massive 4-figure photoshoot. Yup, the “Kanon” girls! Oops, only 4 of 4 parts! But by featuring “Pirates XXX”, I also introduced a pornographic film for the first time, lol.

Yet another week later, I posted “Blog 189 > Hearts, Ninjas & Toyboxers” (February 2009). Hehe, yet another Website Outlook assessment, more Maria Ozawa, the new “Foosball Ninja”, and an unlocked “To Heart” photoshoot. Yup, definitely some crazy Toybox action!

Definitely, a wild and crazy ride! LOL, don’t you remember?


Well-well, my Tasty Toyboxers, that’s the end of Blog 200! The end of this week’s mega-cast! Did you enjoy delicious Danni’s fabricated-fantasy message? Did our mega-cast keep the otaku-sensei aghast? Hahaha. Yup, this week we took an artful dive at why we choose to Twitter or Toybox. Why? Not only that, we also took an artful splash at unraveling why anime can never really be stupid. Why not? How were the friendly neighborhood Uzumaki and Minami? The real-world and random-worded antics? The bottomless fall and bubbling rise of this humble Toybox? How were they? Were they edible? Cool. But before we forget, let’s thank Danni-chan, Mimi-chan, Jenn-chan, Jem-chan, the Minami sisters, Melanie-chan, Fumie-chan, Maria-chan, and Digital Sushi, lol. And anyone else I’m too burnt-out to mention! Did you properly cook your inner mayhem? Let’s hope so.

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

From “Kamikaze Frozen“: “The crash of a thousand waves can be calmed in a single frame.”


25 thoughts on “Blog 200 > Tasty Tales from the Toybox

  1. Hey, congrats on reaching the big 200! Your little milestone just made me realize that I’d bypassed 100 a short while back, hehe. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never get around to writing anything like your ‘5 course meals’- much too lazy for that:)

    Got the flu again, so I’ll keep this short- Twitter is of course different from blogging, and I’ll respect the views of its supporters, but to me it’s just for lazy people… seems like I’m not that lazy after all, eh? LOL

    Better stop before I sneeze onto my screen(>,<)

  2. I hate twittering and constant status updates. It’s so annoying. I don’t really care about the minutia of life for regular, random people. If something actually important happens, well that’s fine. But if you just want to say “Going to bed now,” here’s a tip: DON’T. Because I don’t flippin’ care. Neither does anyone else, I promise.

    I blog because….. Well, for one thing writing anime and game reviews helps me remember them! I devour so much content, that it starts to blur together after a while. So if I write up a review, it helps me to keep everything straight, and then I can go back and refresh my memory if I need to. So it’s helpful to me. Also, I like making recommendations to people; I like introducing people to things they may enjoy. It makes me happy when someone discovers something new to them that they end up really loving, or feel like it’s impacted them somehow.

    I don’t listen to podcasts…. But anime can be stupid, I think. As you likely well know that I think (that way). :) There is some truly horrid anime out there that I’d never consider “art” in any fashion.

    And…mayo and baby carrots? That sounds disgusting. Ranch dressing for me.

    Oh, I watched the Shinobi film over the weekend. It was nice, but it really had some problems. The ending dragged a little too long, though I think the film in general was a little too short. There wasn’t enough time for the characters (except Oboro, Gennousuke, Tenzen and Kagero) to develop in any real way. I was also a little bothered by Oboro and Gennosuke’s eyes. In the anime (and the manga, I assume) Oboro’s eyes have no offensive capabilities. All they do is strip a ninja of their powers; she can’t actually hurt anyone with them. Gennosuke’s eyes allow him to turn an enemy’s attack back on itself (this happens in the film, but it also somehow allows him to slow time or something). Also, it’s understandable that they would combine the personalities and powers of the ninja (because there are 10 on each side originally; the movie cuts it down to 5), but they actually mix up the characters across clan lines, which is bothersome. But it was enjoyable, and it had some really cute guys, and well, that’s what’s important after all.

    Kris´s last blog post > Any Dream Will Not Do

  3. @A20: Ahh, thanx-thanx! Sorry about getting the flu, hopefully the standard flu. Get well soon, eh?… True, Twittering and blogging are different. But I see them as opposite ends of a common spectrum, of one-directional expression. (While two-directional would be real-time chatting, etc.)… Not sure if “lazy” is the best term. Maybe not “physical” or “typing” laziness, but perhaps “artistic” or “creative” laziness, haha.

    @Kris-chan: LOL, why am I *not* surprised that u *hate* Twitter? Hehe, but I tend to agree. Just not to the point where it’s worth my anger, lol… Ah, interesting! But yeah, I suppose my speed-reviews and yearly lists helps me to remember what I watched and enjoyed too. I’m sure I’ve enjoyed quite a few titles you’ve mentioned, hehe… Ah, right! If anime isn’t necessarily art, then yeah, anime can be stupid. Then how do u define art? Or let’s put it this way, if some anime isn’t “art”, then what would it be? If it’s not creative expression, then I guess you’d say it’s a “consumer product”? In that light, if it doesn’t fulfill any consumer need, then it can be “stupid”, lol… To be precise, it’s Miracle Whip. Ahh, ranch dressing is great too! But dressing doesn’t tend to stick or stay thick, it just tends to run and thin out, haha… Yeah, “Shinobi” wasn’t anything epic at all. Too short. Too simplistic. Which is why the anime (even up to episode eight) is already better… Cute guys? Let me guess. The hair-string guy? ^_^;

  4. At first, I was like xJaymanx has a lot of hotties for readers! Then I read. Sometimes you have to make your own goodness, right, and it’s eye candy for me. Never saw this Danni Cole person, but definitely approve of the selection there.

    super rats´s last blog post > Turning Kuniko in Akihabara

  5. Anime equals Art and therefore isnt stupid?
    I admit i didnt listen to your podcast but yet i cant agree on that.
    Look at all the things that are considered Art and tell me straight to the face that you dont think theres some stupid stuff among them.

    The famous Artist Joseph Beuys said that everything we do is considered an act of creating and therefore Art.He even considered peeling vegetables as an act of Art.
    This would mean that there isnt one single stupid thing in this world.
    Ahh…Im drifting away and wont get my point across anyway ^^

    Down to the point:
    Anime can be stupid like pretty much anything in this world but it can be a wonderful piece of Art when carefully planned and executed.

    Wordle?LOL Havent been there in Ages and one of the bigger words in my cloud is Tentacle O.o.I only mentioned Tentacles in one of my posts!

    As for Twitter:
    I dont care….wont register there and i dont care what other people do

    Blowfish´s last blog post > 1/5 Movic Yoko – Boobielicious!

  6. @HappyRats: LOL, too true, dude. Goodness doesn’t necessarily come to those who *wait*, lol. But yeah, as long as I *know* I’m fooling myself, it’s all in good fun. ^_^

    @FlyingBlow: Ah, it clearly depends on one’s definition of “art”. I agree. But in my podcast, I think I define “art” as a form of personal expression. Taking my reply to Kris-chan, I’ll probably expand it to a form of personal *creative* expression. Creating something new. Not simply peeling fruits… But if u asked a Buddhist monk or Jedi Master Yoda, would there be a single *stupid* thing in this world? Maybe evil or misguided, but not stupid, right?… I think I can agree that *many* things can be stupid. But not *every* thing is art either! And I’m defining art as personal creative expression.

    For example, is language stupid as a form of expression? It may be poorly or artfully used. Vulgarities. Profanities. Absurdities. But the creative expression of language isn’t stupid. Likewise, even the most poorly planned and executed anime, with no taste or standard or sense or logic, if it’s a form of creative expression, can’t be stupid, can it? In fact, it may be the most artistic anime in the world, couldn’t it?

    LOL, that’s okay, I like drifting away. Is Wordle stupid? Not really, haha. But is Twitter stupid? Well, does it pass the test of “creative expression”? Or is it simply “thinking out loud”? Now that’s a different topic altogether. ^_^

  7. I hate many things, lol. One of my friends is always bugging me about how I don’t ever like anything. Which isn’t true at all! He just always ends up talking about the things I don’t like, which isn’t my fault! :)

    How do I define art? I couldn’t think of an answer to this, so it’s taken me all day to respond. I still can’t think of an answer. To me…I guess it needs to have a purpose, it needs to mean something. You can’t just tell me “it has the purpose to entertain,” because that’s not really enough for me. That’s all I can really think of for now.

    YES! Bingo! You know me oddly well. The guy who fights with the hair strings was hot. So was the one he fought against in the beginning (who is actually an Iga, not a Kouga like he is in the film). Also Gennosuke was pretty adorable. So I was pretty content for the most part.

    Kris´s last blog post > Any Dream Will Not Do

  8. @Kris-chan: Haha, as Yoda once said: “Hate leads to suffering.” But maybe it isn’t hate as much as it is simply having high standards. Which can be both uplifting and constricting at the same time, lol.

    Yeah, I think I know what u mean by separating “art” from “entertainment”. So is admiring a museum statue entertaining? Can’t u be amused by a Picasso or Dali painting in the same way u can be amused by a “Kenshin” or “Naruto” anime? If not, what’s the difference? Its current age? Its artistic intent? In 100 years, will “Star Wars” and “Naruto” be studied as closely as the “Mona Lisa”?

    Haha, “Shinobi”, I knew it! Well, then again, that hair-string ninja is the only guy that looked “cool” in the modern sense, right? And the female ninjas weren’t too bad either, lol. Like I said, gotta love Nakama Yukie-chan! ^_^

  9. Congrats on the 200 posts! Though I’ve been reading your blog only…uh..not for very long (XD), I’ve thoroughly-enjoyed every single one of them. (I’m not sure why you thanked me, I should thank you instead! Hehe. ;))This one is no different, so here’s my reply: (hehe sorry ’bout verbosity!)

    “Where’s the art in Twittering?” — Ah, you should see some of the tweets I’ve seen. Positively poetic; and because you’re restricted to 140 characters, sometimes even more so. (Not for me, but some people are witty that way — it’s like how people give great small soundbites.) On the food metaphor, perhaps your mega posts are like a buffet, while some Tweets are like tapas? XD Not as good as a degustation, but small nonetheless.

    I personally dislike tapas cos it’s rather expensive. -wry- But tweets are easier to compose — it’s also easier to communicate on twitter, though far easier on facebook. But the reason I don’t use fb is cos my fb has truly become too unwieldy…too many ‘friends’. Since I lock the updates on my personal twitter, I can watch who views them — kinda like Livejournal. :) Twitter is kinda like an extended web chat session, I guess.

    Whereas with my anime account I use it more to communicate with other otaku, comment on what they tweet, and sporadically note anime/manga impressions. A tweet definitely takes less time to write than an actual post. -wry-

    Listening to your podcast at the moment…you don’t quite sound as what I’d expected! Then again, I don’t know I expected anything. -squints- Yay Linkin Park! I have a chain on my wallet too. XD But that’s cos I’m worried I’ll lose mine. ._. I’m the type who actually will drop my wallet…and not notice. Now, where did I put my house keys..

    Personally, I don’t like calling anything stupid, but that’s me..-wry-

    jenn´s last blog post > Star Trek – Za Movie

  10. @Miko-chan: I’m good. How are u? ^_^

    @Jenn-chan: Wow, impressively long comment! Awww, thanx, I’m glad u enjoy my posts. Oops, when did I thank u? LOL, I’m sure I did somewhere, but which one are u speaking of?

    Haha, you’re right. There’ve been some poetic soundbitten tweets out there. So those would be like little slices of yummy cheesecake or cute rolls of tasty sushi! But yeah, I guess I like to serve buffets, don’t I? As for tapas, I don’t think I’ve ever tried them before. Should I? Hehe, I agree, tweets seem quicker and easier to compose. But sadly, “quicker and easier” usually leads to “lazier”. Not always, but usually. And you’re right again, Facebook has been getting dusty on my end lately too, lol. Although I’ve been hopping onto my Gmail chats occasionally, so it’s not like I need a twitterized chat substitute either, hehe… In the end, if u added up all the time it takes to write tweets throughout the day, wouldn’t that equal the time it takes to compose a blog post? Haha. If so, u could definitely create a more artistic dish with several large plates and bowls, than with one little cup, right?

    Ahh, cool! Seems like only girls wanna hear my podcast, hehe. Which is good! So what did u think? Not too goofy? But I’m still kinda proud of it. Sorry about the stuffy nose though, lol. Yeah, exactly, a wallet-chain to keep the wallet-snatching goblins away! I know that too well. Which is why I also use a stretchy coil to connect my keys to the same “Linkin Park” loop, haha!… Like art, stupidity is in the eye of the beholder, right?

  11. @Miko-chan: Ah, that’s true. I guess I’m worried that chatting will *distract* me too much. Especially if I’m at work, lol… Well, I picked that particular poster because that was the best image I could find at the time. All the Japanese posters were too small or too blurry. So the Korean version happened to be the best one!… But I thought u liked Koreans? >_<; @Dan-man: Hey thanx-thanx! Ahhh, nope, this is the first time anyone's told me that... But now I'm afraid what kind of TV show I'd possibly be hosting! Some absurd Japanese game show with electric eels and bikinis? ^o^

  12. @Jay-san: -laughs- You’ve forgotten already! At the end of this entry. :) (I try not to cross-comment, it gets confusing for everyone, I’d expect.)

    You might have tried it if you’ve been in a super-expensive Western fine dining restaurant and they serve you minuscule portions for extravagant prices. My advice, since I’m stingy and a poor student, is it’s not worth it. -wry- And lazier is true! It depends on whether you even write tweets throughout the day, though. My anime and manga activity has dwindled, so I don’t post very frequently, if often at all.. It’s all a matter of style and preference, in the end. :) For me, twittering isn’t a substitute for blogging, it’s kinda a (yes, lazy) stopgap, like ‘I’ve watched this and will write a post for it in future if I like it enough; but for the moment this’s what I think of it’. :)

    Haha! Isn’t that a good thing? (And don’t you have more than a few girls posting comments? :P) I thought a guy would be happy about that! It’s pretty long so I have to admit I wasn’t really listening (I effectively went into lecture mode -wry-), but what I did pay attention to was good. And you have a nice voice. :) no need to apologise for the nose since I honestly can’t tell. XD

    Lol, you connect your keys to your wallet? Good on you. XD I used to do that, then I realised it was hard for me to open my door/locker/whatever with my keys connected to my wallet connected to my bag…-wry-

    jenn´s last blog post > Kino sale! And Mother’s Day~

  13. @Miko-chan: LOL, but I see American movies with foreign posters all the time! Why not Japanese films with non-Japanese posters too?… Bahhh, I need a vacation. >_<; @Jenn-chan: Ahhh, gomen-gomen, I forgot my last paragraph! I'm just thanking everyone who must've stuck in my mind long enough for me to mention them! Wow, I just googled for "tapas", and now I'm hungry again (2:25am in the morning), lol. Yeah, it's possible I might've tried some. But maybe not! Stingy and poor too T_T... Hmmm, Twitter, a stopgap, a temporary note. So basically, it's like an electronic "sticky PostIt note" to yourself, lol. Yeah, why not? That works. I mean, I email notes to myself all the time in Gmail. But the difference is that nobody else sees the crap I remind myself with, lol. Oh, lol, I never said a female readership was a "bad thing". In fact, I encourage it! Haha, I mean, with a few male exceptions, girls are typically more colorfully complicated conversationalists, aren't they? Multi-colored. Multi-layered. Cuter than guys too, lol. Aww, thanx for the kind words. I occasionally think about recording a new audio broadcast, but somehow just hasn't happened. No time? No energy? Luckily, I don't have to connect any bag to my keys or wallet or pants, haha... Speaking of outfits, whatever happened to your cosplay dresses?

  14. Congrats on your 200th blog…YAY!!!!! You’ve accumulated so many blog posts that took a genuine amount of effort. By effort, it wasn’t a simple post a question and leave it at that. I really love that Elwing shot especially with the background. Do you own plants or were the plants outside of your home and you positioned Xecty in front of the window? The porn star you featured has a very wholesome, sweet look to her. I can see that working that sweet, wholesome look can be advantageous in the porn industry.

    Oh, you didn’t put miracle whip on your baby carrots? I can’t say that I’ve put a dollop of mayonnaise as dip on my vegetables, but I do enjoy drizzling condiments on whatever food is on my plate. I wonder what new and exciting things you will bring forth and share with us toyboxers.

    Jem´s last blog post > Am I an android? [ALTER Aegis review]

  15. “Nein, jetzt gibt es kein Zurück,
    Durchbrich die Schranken.”~~

    @Jay-san: Heh, another night owl, eh. :) Yeah…though if I really wanted to remind myself I’d write it on a notepad. -wry- But I probably really won’t be blogging properly until holidays now, since have to work hard and study. ( :( ) You have a job, right? Then you aren’t poor! :P Lol drafts folder is up to 175 at the moment, I never clear it up. XD Have started using the notepad on netvibes for notes, heh.

    I was reminded of your female readership thing when I read your harem post. -coughs- :P It does depend…maybe it’s the things I do (IRC, mudding), but it sometimes seems like there’re more guys online. And I’m sure guys are cute in their own way too. ^^ Tho niisama is always the cutest for me~ :)

    Sigh, the one mom bought was ugh. The brown one I wore to a friend’s birthday…I had to wrap rope around my waist to cinch it, which wasn’t too bad, except I don’t like being constricted (ha, wonder how I’d wear a corset -wry-) so that wasn’t too nice.

    jenn´s last blog post > Kino sale! And Mother’s Day~

  16. @Miko-chan: Awww. ^.^;

    @Jem-chan: Awww, thanx! Although, they didn’t really become *mega-posts* until the Blog 170s-180s, lol… Pssst {looks both ways}. Lemme tell ya something. If u click on the “Elwing” shot to jump to the full photoshoot, you’ll realize that those aren’t real plants or flowers. That’s my 24-inch iMac monitor, hahaha! Awww, yeah, Danni indeed has that wholesome look. And when they do those little video intro interviews, she’s even cuter! You’d never know she’d been with about 250+ guys (from teens to sixties) by the time she hit 18. By her own estimates, lol. Whoa… Wait, I didn’t add Miracle Whip? I thought I did! Am I missing something?… Haha, awww. I’ve trying to crank out Blog 201, but last night (Monday night) when my laptop got your comment, I was still on the set (fastfood place) of an indie-film shoot. Yup, I was an extra, lol. Either eating salad in the background or my legs walking across the shot, lol. Not to mention my Friday-afternoon non-speaking role as the “stoic Asian businessman”! Too funny! Something for Blog 202? ^_^

    @Jenn-chan: {Eyebrows furrowed} Ehhh? Can’t read! Too lazy to use a translation site! But yeah, night owls, lol. More like midnight owls! Aww, too bad your blogging has to suffer. But I really shouldn’t talk. Just read my reply to Jem-chan above, lol… Yeah, a job. But that doesn’t mean I have any extra cash left after the bills are paid! Haha, 175 drafts? Sounds like perfect material for a blog post… Yeah, true, I don’t doubt there are more guys online. Most likely as lurkers. But I think u better get that *cough* checked out. Perchance a *glutinous* cough? Allergic to Toybox *cuteness*?… Hmm, corsets. I suppose there are *good* times as well as *bad* times to wear those. Just don’t ask me when those are, lol. ^_^

  17. Wooot! 200 blog posts!

    I love your blog posts/food metaphor. That ‘s a unique way of looking at it. What would be the equivalent of a twitter post then? Extra toppings? (For those who use their twitter accounts for small updates in a addition to main blogging) A plain chip by a not-so-great brand? Pretty “eh” but itself unless you’re in the mood, but after a while it just gets kinda nasty.

  18. @Coco-chan: Awww, thanx, Coco-chan! I appreciate it! Haha, yeah, u mean, like Twitter snacks? Little plain chips or pretzels between the real blogging meals? Twitter crackers? Twackers? LOL, yeah, that sounds about right! Especially the “ehhh” taste. ^_^

  19. I’m so glad K-On! is that good, I had a feeling it would be. I haven’t started it yet though. I need to start Minami-ke officially too, a forum member posted the first 2 minutes of the first episode and it sold me on the series but I haven’t watched yet. As for Naruto, I actually do enjoy that series but I think it’s only entertaining if you watch it marathon style. Watching it week to week is a pain in the butt because you realize they get almost nowhere in a single episode.

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > Cynical Orange Review (Manhwa)

  20. @Duckie-chan: Haha, yeah, took me a while, but “K-On!” finally revealed its best colors and characters. At least for me, lol. Yeah, “Minami-ke” has the same kinds of flavors and tastes. So I don’t think you’ll be disappointed even if u wait… Yeah, I agree about “Naruto” too. In my case, I watched it on a nightly basis while making my mindless treadmill-runs less mindless, lol. Even if only slightly! Which only means I gotta balance it out with something more thoughtful. Like “Ef – A Tale of Memories”. Wow, unforgettable. ^_^

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