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“Jump complete!” Well, after a Saturday of exporting XML data from my old WordPress 2.0 “Toybox”, installing the latest WordPress 2.6 “Toybox”, duplicating the template, importing the XML into the new template, then a Sunday of (category, link and post) cleanup, I’ve finally upgraded to the newest version of! So hopefully, this blog will feel a little less glitchy and a little bit quicker. ^_^;

For the most part, the Dashboard controls haven’t changed much, which is a relief, and demonstrates how well the design has stood up for the last 12-13 months I’ve used it. Below is a screencap of the old WordPress 2.0 Dashboard design.

Next is a screencap of the new WordPress 2.6 Dashboard design. Not much difference. But the navigation and functionality do feel more intuitive and smooth. No problems yet!

Well, that’s about it! Welcome to the upgrade jump! And to those with your own blogs, don’t forget to update my feeds (with an extra “X”), lol. See you here soon. ^_~

15 thoughts on “Blog 148 > Lelouch Commands You

  1. Updated your blog feed Jayman. Welcome to 2.6. I at least started on it so I have no complaints about the UI, though I heard people far preferred 2.5, there was a lot of hassle from 2.5 to 2.6.

  2. @Panther: Thanx, man! Can’t believe I didn’t add your feed yet; I’ll fix that. But you’re right, I’ve read some troubles from 2.5 to 2.6, don’t really know why. But after a year with 2.0, I thought it was about time. ^_^

  3. oh man… I still haven’t updated your blog-link and RSS feed!

    *under Lelouch’s command*
    Jumpity jump jump!

    Congrats on 2.6 upgrade!

    oh yeah, cool with the extra ‘x’! but, na-ze? ^^

  4. @J85: Thanx man! Why? True, I could’ve copied the content and renamed the old directories. But at the time, it felt safer; I can always refer to the original, in case anything goes wrong. As the saying goes: “Don’t burn your bridges”, right? ^_^

  5. @P-Chun: Hmmm, might be cuz it’s new to your browser cache?

    Yesterday, it was noticeably faster, but today, after doing some back-and-forth between the two blogs, I see what u mean. In any case, I had to escape the old connection glitches. But maybe you’re right, you *could* be weird, hehe. ^_^;

  6. Niiice. It’ll be years before mine will look as professional as yours! p.s. liked the anti-spam word ^^

  7. @Mimi: Awww, thanx again! But you’re right, it took years, hehe. I edited the anti-spam words over the weekend, lol. So which one was it? ^_^;

  8. Yeah man. It’s good to have a backup for somethings! I felt this was a little faster than your previous one though… maybe a WordPress upgrade did the trick? ~_~

  9. @J85: Hehe, maybe… But in addition to WordPress 2.6, I *also* upgraded the hosting configuration (including PHP5 support) for my entire domain. Don’t know exactly if or how it helps, but one thing’s for sure: I haven’t seen any more database-connection errors! ^_^

  10. Love your look man. And dude I am glad to hear you had a hassle free upgrade. When I upgraded from 2.5 to 2.6. Mad bugs and glitches arised. Took me hours and I do mean hours to fix it out. And I am still betting there are 2 or 3 bugs lying dormant waiting to strike.

  11. @BZou: Ouch, sorry about the glitches. But despite the slow-loads, I do notice some similarities between our designs, haha.

    Thanx man! Way back in March-April 2007 (Blog 046 thru Blog 049), when Danny inspired me to (1) convert my site from HTML to PHP, my additional goals were to (2) not just integrate a matching blog into my existing website, but also (3) create a layout design that I could be (technically and artistically) proud of for as long as possible, for years or more. In other words, my personal *ultimate* design, hehe. And thanx to Mimi’s, yours, and others’ comments, so far so good! ^_^

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