Blog 136 > Logos for Christine Toledo

Another unusual story… So on Tuesday, 03 June 2008, my friend Melánie asked me out-of-the-blue to design a couple of logos for her friend Christine Toledo, the #1-ranked Muay Thai fighter in the USA and #3-ranked in the world. So for a free Thai-food lunch and a free T-shirt, why not? LOL ^_^; And so…

(1) The first one is a “Team Kaibigan” logo (kaibigan is the Filipino word for “friend”) to represent Christine’s fans and supporters. One in color, one in black-on-white, and one in white-on-black, depending on the T-shirt.

(2) The second one is a generic-but-stylish white-on-black “triple star and sun” design based on the Filipino flag. Whattaya think? Not bad for 2 last-minute logos thrown together in 2 hours?

(3) Two weeks later, here’s me in the office, bending the company dress code and modeling my free Christine Toledo “The Blade” T-shirt. Check out the Filipino Star Logo printed on the hip side! Cell-photo taken by Melánie, lol. ^_^

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