Blog 127 > Vinyl-Inspired Wackiness

Vinyl bowls?… Yup, once more, just one day (Feb 10th) after her gun photoshoot in Blog 126 (Feb 9th), Lisa appears in yet another impromptu photoshoot! This time, she’s in my kitchen, heating old vinyl records in the oven to mold them into funky-looking bowls for gifts… Not only that, thanx to Lena and her amazing night-club photos, I was inspired to attempt my own HDR (high-dynamic range) photo-editing experiments… What do you think? Enjoy the rest of the vinyl-inspired wackiness, lol.

P.S. Yeah, I know, it’s been ages since my last anime-oriented entry. Unfortunately, more life-important work-editing, friend-helping and house-hunting activities have shifted my priorities around into a routine 5 hours of sleep per night… But hopefully, I can cram a figure photoshoot sooner than later. ^_^;

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Blog 126 > Skirts, Boots & Guns!

Hahaha, Lisa returns in another impromptu photoshoot! Killer skirts, boots and guns, lol… Wrapped in her vintage dress from the 1950s, donning her favorite bright-red cowboy boots, and gripping my favorite Tomb Raider air-gun, Lisa finds some time to breathe before her Saturday night date (again), lol. Totally unscripted, flawlessly unplanned and unexpectedly cool!… Enjoy the rest of the shoot!

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