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Traps! Treks! Seks! Oops, I meant sex. But you get the idea, lol. Welcome, my Trapped Toyboxers, to a strange new mega-cast of unleashed-and-untamed lady bloggers, deviously lady-like high-school boys, perfectly-convincing adult-rated lady-boys, fantastically-futuristic interstellar trekkers, and frighteningly-fantastic warp-speed starships! Will I answer last week’s “Question of the Week”? Maybe. Maybe not, lol. In any case, let’s push gender prejudices aside, launch another pride-less ride, and slide to Warp Factor Nine. Engage!

Part 1 of 5 > Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sexy. Who’s sexy? Well, apparently, I am, lol. What? Wait-wait-wait, really? But first, before we dive deeper into this theory, let’s rewind back a few months to May-June 2009. Specifically, let’s revisit “One N Only” Jem-chan’s post “Forgotten Hauls #3 and #4 [Part 2]” (22 May 2009). Feel free to enlarge the screen capture.

Now, if we scroll down to the bottom of the May post, we’ll see some fascinating June comments and replies.

Here’s the text reprinted below.

xJAYMANx @ Jem-chan: Awww. This is only a guess based on my limited experience. But my guess is that your brand of crude vocalization, stubborn intimidation and paranoid cynicism is flashier and more fiery than most. Like a hypnotizing display of blinding fireworks at night, oooh, aaah. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to couple such display with physically appealing features in the eyes of men (see Dogs) either, haha… In those cases, my strategy would be to not get blinded by her light or burned by her fire. To keep a cool head. To keep a sharp ear. But also to challenge her in return. Ah, the play of the Devil’s Advocate. Because when executed cleverly, a challenge can be quite fun. ^o^

Jem @ Jay: Sexy is all I have to say.

Yup, “sexy”. If I interpret this accurately, I’d say that Jem-chan called my strategy “sexy”, lol. In fact, I think this was the first example in recent memory, to catch a lady blogger referring to me or my methods as “sexy”! But it gets better, lol.

Next, let’s fast-forward to August 2009, and visit Angry Mimi-chan’s post “Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student” (05 Aug 2009). Feel free to enlarge the screen capture.

Again, if we scroll down the post, we’ll find a most-revealing comment!

Here’s the text reprinted below.

Lovely Duckie @ Angry Mimi: I don’t think it’s a big deal to post pics of yourself on your blog…hell look at Jayman! I think his face has been burned into my memory forever! Although if I were as sexy as Jay…there would be no stopping me from averaging 3 pictures of myself per post either. I would know that it was my DUTY to share such a visage!

Basically females just can’t win when it comes to pictures of themselves on their blog. Your dammned if you do, and damned if you don’t. If a girl doesn’t post any pics SOME people try to suggest it’s cause she is butt ugly. If she does, she is just trying to get attention and shallow compliments. I don’t bother defending myself to either type because those people are hopelessly idiotic.

When I used to play World of Warcraft (WoW) certain members of the guild would constantly ask for pics to have a face to go with my voice but I always declined those requests. WoW was not a friendly world for females at the end game stage of things. I wouldn’t hide that I was female but I didn’t over emphasize it either because losers liked to assume I was the “token female” and didn’t deserve to raid and get the gear I got. Even though I don’t care what they think it’s hard to deal with their scathing remarks that can land at any time during the 5-6 hours a day thath I’d do instances with them.

xJAYMANx @ Duckie-chan: Awww, wow, Duckie-chan. I’m speechless! But I think I just found something new for my next mega-cast, lol.

Yup, that’s right! This time, Duckie-chan described me as “sexy”. Haha, I’m almost speechless. Almost. Oddly, this might actually support my next point. Which point is that? Well, it might indirectly explain the “longevity” of my blog.

Consequently, let’s visit Angry Mimi-chan’s post “Misunderstood?” (06 Aug 2009). Feel free to enlarge the screen capture.

Once more, if we scroll down the post, we’ll find my answer to Mimi-chan’s question.

Here’s the text reprinted below.

Angry Mimi @ xJAYMANx: How did you do it Jayyyyyyy your blog living for so long i mean ^^

xJAYMANx @ Mimi-chan: Awww, lol, I won’t bore you with my epic “Blog 200”, so I’ll repost something I told Otaku Dan back in April:

Ultimately, I think I came to the decision to go on, not only for myself, the love of writing or the love of anime, but also for others in the community who love anime too. Maybe not a million or even 100 others, but for those few who’ve become familiar names or faces. Like u or Blowfish or Panther or Mimi-chan. Those who make me think or laugh or yell “WTF?”, lol. Not only on my blog, but on theirs as well… I think that’s the best form of self-promotion of all.

P.S. But especially for the lady bloggers. That’s no secret, lol. They represent about 50% of the comments I get!

Yup, like I said, “for the lady bloggers”! To be clear, as I write this mega-cast, if we total up the number of comments from “Blog 200” through “Blog 213”, the Toybox has collected 507 comments. Subtracting my own 180 comments, this leaves 327. Of these 327 comments, 170 were written by lady bloggers. Which yields a stunning 170/327 or 52% of the comments represented by the ladies. Stunning!

Switching gears, if we scroll up the same post, we’ll find one of the ladies, Duckie-chan again, poking at me, lol.

Here’s the text reprinted below.

xJAYMANx @ Mimi-chan: {Raised eyebrow} Hmmm, I have a sneaking suspicion that Duckie-chan found you through my last few mega-casts, lol. Right, Duckie-chan? >_<;

Lovely Duckie @ xJAYMANx: Jay…butt OUT we’re having girl talk! J/K ya I found her through your blog, you mentioned Mimi so often and other females into the same stuff as I am intrigue me so I had to pop by (pokes Mimi like someone observing a rare specimen).

Heyyy, one moment, Duckie-chan theorizes I’m “sexy”, then the next moment, she kiddingly commands me to “butt out”? Haha, I’m just teasing you, Duckie-chan. It’s still flattering to see one cute girl talking to another cute girl about me behind my back. Especially if it’s positive, lol. Doesn’t happen every day!

Switching gears yet again, here’s a Gmail conversation (spanning 06-07 Aug 2009) with yet another lady blogger, Kris-chan, discussing the possible titles for her new weekly otaku column! Pretty cool!

Kris @ xJAYMANx: Hey! I’m going to be writing a weekly otaku oriented (meaning manga, anime, video games, news, industry, whatever) column for a website, and I’m trying to come up with a snazzy title. All I’ve got so far is “Otaku Corner,” which is kind of cheesy and cliche, I think. I’m looking for something nerdy and obscure. I was wondering if you had any ideas? I think I am going to dig into my anime, looking at episode titles, and try and find something there (and I just did inventory today; with about 35 different series that I own, not including what I d/led and burned onto DVD, surely I can find something) . I thought about Toys in the Attic, which is a Cowboy Bebop reference (which itself I think might have been a reference to an Aerosmith album), but I decided that would be better for something centered on figures (it was also the name of a local, short-lived anime store). But that’s the sort of thing I’m looking for.

Please send me any ideas you might have! The more choices I have, the better.

xJAYMANx @ Kris-chan: Hey congrats! Hmmm, Otaku Corner already exists plenty on the net… So why not go Japanese?

> The Bento Bako (The Lunch Box) or combine the Jap+Eng = The Bento Box, etc.
> The Himitsu Bako (The Secret Puzzle Box)
> Or other combinations, etc…
> I think Gangu Bako would be “Toy Box”, haha.

You get the idea, lol… Hey, besides these ideas, I could also ask the question in my next mega-cast (Mon-Tues). When did you need your title?

Kris @ xJAYMANx: Um, I think I have two weeks. What about…. Sakigake! Otaku! (As in, Sakigake! Cromartie High School) Which I think is, Charge! Otaku! I kind of like the word/phrase “Sakigake.” But maybe I’m not using it correctly? I really have noooo idea, lol. But you’re right that something like “Otaku Corner” is overused, so I don’t want to use that. But I did like your idea of putting Japanese into it, I just don’t know much Japanese. How would you translate: Weekly Engagement, Your Weekly Recommendation…. Weekly Lunch Box might work. [weekly] Bento Bako. I kind of like that, but how would “weekly” translate? Or should I just leave it in English?

If you don’t mind putting it into your post, I certainly don’t mind you doing so! I didn’t realize this would be so complicated. : )

xJAYMANx @ Kris-chan: Hey, Kris-chan! Interesting… “Sakigake!” is kinda cool too. Let’s see, looks like “Isshukan” means one week, this week, the week… So “Bento Bako no Isshukan” might read “Weekly lunch box”, “Lunch box of the week” or “A week of the lunch box”, lol. Or maybe remove “bento” or “bako”? Either way, gets the idea across I think. I mean, is this supposed to be grammatically perfect? Then again, the sounds of “k” in “Bento Bako Weekly” might work too.

Of course, “Sakigake! Bento Bako Otaku!” has an insane ring to it.

Kris @ xJAYMANx: Bento Bako Weekly sounds good! Or would it be Weekly Bento Bako? Does the placement matter? As for it’s grammatical accuracy…enough that I don’t look silly for using it. : ) It’s why I was a little hesitant to use Japanese terms, because I know people will tear you apart if you get it wrong. I think Sakigake! Bento Bako Otaku! might be a bit of a mouthful, lol. But if I called it “Weekly Lunch Box,” then I could start off posts with something like “It’s time for you weekly lunch box!” Or “Let’s open the bento bako!” Of course, these bento boxes would contain anime and manga, not rice and omelets.

I kind of like that. What do you think? Er, well, it was YOUR idea, lol, so I assume you liked it enough to suggest it.

xJAYMANx @ Kris-chan: Let’s go with Bento Bako Weekly, simply because TONS of boring titles start with “Weekly”. Instead, starting with “Bento Bako” seems more eye-grabbing. Doesn’t it? Exactly! A lunch box of anime and manga to satisfy your otaku palate!

You sure you don’t want “Otaku Corner” back? Hahaha.

Kris @ xJAYMANx: Bento Bako Weekly it is, then! Thank you so much for you help! I think that’s going to be perfect. I’ll make sure to credit you for the idea when things get going. Now to ask some graphic designer friends to create a banner for me. : ) It’s nice to know creative people when one is not a creative person in the slightest.

Now I need to finish writing next week’s blog post. Live action movies, ahoy! Triple feature!

xJAYMANx @ Kris-chan: Haha, you’re welcome! I hardly did anything, but feel free to exaggerate my role, lol. Looks like I might have something bento-related for my next mega-cast!

Good luck with the banner! Heyyy, live-action FTW!

Congratulations once again, Kris-chan! Good luck with your “Bento Bako Weekly”! I know it won’t be easy, because I used to write less-than-weekly articles for a “Las Vegas Otaku” webzine a few years back. Tougher than it sounds! So good luck! Gambatte!

So, my Tumbling Toyboxers, what have we learned? Well, this is only a theory, but looking back at the various comments and conversations above, if a few fun-loving lady bloggers somehow find you physically or intellectually or socially attractive or even “sexy”, and you reciprocate with an equal measure of intelligence, confidence, humor and a bit of respectful flirting, then it can’t hurt your blog’s appeal, lol. In fact, it might help it. Of course, this is only a theory. Two cents, please?


Part 2 of 5 > Strange New Traps

What? You don’t have two cents to spare? Ahh, I understand, gotta save up for anime figures, right? Especially, in this penny-pinching global economy. Hehe, in any case, let’s leap over some tall building from fun-loving lady bloggers to some cruel-minded gender-confusing traps!

Maria+Holic (2009) [31]. Well, a couple of weeks ago, on 26 July, I completed my 31st anime title-or-season of the year. Original short season with 12 episodes. Yup, I finally finished it! And I gotta admit, it’s hilarious! While not as mind-alteringly or mind-frakkingly uproarious as the heavily-referenced “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” (lol), it definitely holds its own weight in blood, lol. Also, while it didn’t tug my emotional strings too tightly, it finally tugged my psychological cocktail with its introduction of the over-analytical despair-torn priest! LOL, classic! Now if we could toss that Father Toichiro and Zetsubou-sensei into the same series, that’d be gut-wrenching, hahaha. So, in the end, not quite the maximum 4 stars for a short-season. Instead, a blood-spewingly short-but-solid 3 of 5 stars!

To celebrate, ranging from 1440px-to-5400px resolution, here are 11 scans, vectors, wallpapers and other images to tickle your “Maria+Holic” gender confusion. More of our inevitably fake captions, please?

Mariya-chan {in blue, in thought}: “Damn, these outfits really pinch my p@#%$.”

Mariya-chan {in white}: “Hey sis, ever seen my p@#%$ up close?”

Mariya-chan {in red}: “Hehehe, what? Blue? Wench, I never ordered you to wear blue today, did I?”

Mariya-chan {in red}: “Wench, this blue doesn’t even match that cheap bra!”

Mariya-chan: “What the f@#%? Wench, this cheap bra doesn’t even match your dumbass face!”

Matsurika-chan: “Mariya-sama, never ever, ever, ever, do that again. Understood?”

Mariya-chan: “A-ha, let’s go. It’s time to confuse Father Toichiro again!”

Mariya-chan: “Tee-hee, Father Toichiro, can you help me find my lost panties?”

Mariya-chan: “A-ha, Father Toichiro, why are you blushing?”

Mariya-chan: “Oh no, Father Toichiro, do you think these panties fit me okay?”

Mariya-chan {in thought}: “F@#% you, Father Toichiro, you perverted bastard! Suck my p@#%$!”

Well-well, my Tickled Toyboxers, whattaya think? Since Kris-chan doesn’t think it’s a real spoiler since we all pretty much know the premise of the series, we should all know that Mariya-chan is *simply* a transvestite. Now, I say *simply* because he clearly retains the body of a boy, without any physical breast enhancements or hormonal treatments. He’s simply wearing female clothing and female hairstyles, nothing more that we know of.

The reason I’m clarifying this is because according to Wikipedia, a gender “trap” is the following.

Trap is a slang term for a male to female pre-op transsexual, specifically one with female secondary sex characteristics but retaining a penis.

Which is clearly beyond a simple transvestite. Therefore, according to this definition, Mariya-chan is not a “trap”. Perhaps the definition of “trap” is inaccurate? Shouldn’t it include non-transsexual transvestites as well? Meanwhile, beyond transvestites, there are also the terms “newhalf” (female-bodied transsexuals with only male genitals) and “futanari” (actual hermaphrodites) as follows. Haha, thanx, Jenn-chan for bringing the “futa” slang to my attention (in Blog 212), lol.

Futanari, along with “newhalf”, are more polite terms having come into recent use, with futanari tending to refer specifically to actual hermaphrodites and “newhalf” tending to refer specifically to characters with female bodies but only male genitals.

Once again, isn’t the definition of “trap” too restrictive? Not only should it include non-transsexual transvestites, but shouldn’t it also include hermaphrodites? So to summarize, (1) a male “transvestite” simply wears the clothes and hairstyles of women, (2) a “newhalf” refers to male-to-female pre-op transsexuals with female bodies but retaining a penis, while (3) a “futanari” refers to hermaphrodites. In effect, *all* three cases may look like stunningly feminine “traps”. If we expand the definition of “trap”, that is.

My recommendation: Since Mariya-chan is already stunning as a girl, he-she should aim higher, towards “newhalf” and beyond, lol.


Part 3 of 5 > Strange New Halves

Speaking of the term “newhalf”, do you remember my “Question of the Week” last week? The question was: What type of Asian porn girl do you like? Did you like: “Starlet A”, the quiet-yet-sharp sophisticated type? “Starlet B”, the wilder-and-crazier ganguro-bleached type? Or “Starlet C”, the cute-and-bubbly girl-next-door type?

For one last time, here’s an example of the “Starlet A” type.

Next, here’s an example of the “Starlet B” type.

Finally, here’s an example of the “Starlet C” type.

Well, according to the hesitant replies, including my own comments, it looks like “Starlet C” is the winner! The cute-and-bubbly girl-next-door type!

If you also remember, I hinted at a “hidden test within the test”. I also added: “So if you know what it is, don’t reveal it. Or you shall be banned! Okay, maybe not banned, but we’ll see.” Sorry, I guess Blur-man shall be banned! Okay-okay, maybe not. But he was the closest one to reveal the hidden test.

So what exactly was the hidden test? Basically, to see if you could tell that *all* three porn starlets are actually male-to-female pre-op transsexuals. Yup, “shemales“. Or more politely, “new halves”. That’s right! Hard to believe? I mean, if you’re perversely curious, here are a few hardcore XXX links, haha. Danger! Danger! NSFW!

Starlet A – Megan, also known as Moo.

Starlet B – Marin, 19-year-old from Osaka, Japan.

Starlet C – Hime Tsukino, 24-year-old from Osaka, Japan. Born March 25, 1985 (another Piscean!) and one of the biggest newhalf superstars in the adult-video industry in Tokyo.

To celebrate our “Starlet C” winner, the cute-and-bubbly girl-next-door-type Hime Tsukino, here’s a set of 14 “safe” photos from Shemale Japan, lol. Feel free to enlarge the shots!














Damn. Double damn. Triple damn. I don’t know about you, but if Mariya-chan from “Maria+Holic” can be defined as a gender “trap” in the anime world, then Hime-chan definitely qualifies as a “trap” in the real world. With boldly flying colors, lol. I mean, doesn’t she? Seriously, whether you’re a hetero guy or girl, would you mind falling into her trap? Not even for a split-second? Hahaha.


Part 4 of 5 > Strange New Worlds

Wow, that was wild! Now, leaping from strange new halves, let’s warp towards strange new worlds! About three weeks ago (yeah, it’s been a while), on 21 July 2009, I finally watched the re-imagined “Star Trek” (2009) film. And as a fan who’s already watched every “Star Trek” television episode, with the exception of the last “Enterprise” series, and almost all of the “Star Trek” films, I gotta say, this 2009 film is amazing! The most perfect “Star Trek” film to match the current 21st-century movie-making styles. Simply put, my speed-review is 5 of 5 stars!

To celebrate the interstellar achievement, here are 37 of the nicest 1900px-resolution “Star Trek” wallpapers I could find! No fake captions necessary, lol.





































Damn, that was fast! If you haven’t seen the film yet, watch it now, lol. Sadly, my copy of the file was a bootlegged recording. Impressive but still bootlegged. So whenever I finally grab a high-definition version, in DVD, Blu-ray or video-file format, I get the distinct feeling that I’ll be totally blown away!


Part 5 of 5 > Strange New Ships

Finally, while we’re trekking towards strange new worlds, let’s gaze at some strange new ships! Okay, well, maybe not so strange. But definitely some of the most breath-taking fan-made computer-generated masterpieces by German CG-Artist Tobias Richter. Before the recent “Star Trek” (2009) film was even released! For more on Tobias, check out these links.

Tobias Richter – German CG-Artist.

To celebrate these computer-generated masterpieces, here are 19 of the slickest 1900px-resolution “starship” wallpapers I could collect! Once again, no fake captions necessary, lol.



















Wow. Double wow. Triple wow. Simply. Breathtaking. Almost makes you forget about transvestites and transsexuals, doesn’t it? Okay, almost, lol.


Traps! Treks! Strange new sexes! Did you get the idea? Get the point? I hope not, lol. Nevertheless, did our strange new mega-cast reveal a strange new world of unleashed-and-untamed lady bloggers? Deviously lady-like high-school boys? Perfectly-convincing adult-rated lady-boys? Fantastically-futuristic interstellar trekkers? And frighteningly-fantastic warp-speed starships? I hope so! Plus, I think I answered last week’s “Question of the Week”, didn’t I? If not, I’m sure we pushed gender prejudices aside, launched another pride-less ride, and slid to Warp Factor Nine! Thank you, my Transparent Toyboxers. Let’s not forget to thank the glittering guest-starring gals who graced our mega-cast. Thank you, Jem-chan, Mimi-chan, Duckie-chan, Kris-chan, Jenn-chan, Mariya-chan, Matsurika-chan, Megan-chan, Marin-chan, and Hime-chan!

So what exactly was the hidden test?

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Mariya-chan {in thought}: “F@#% you, Father Toichiro, you perverted bastard! Suck my p@#%$!”


28 thoughts on “Blog 214 > Traps & Treks to New Worlds

  1. I will say that I’ve seen very few people sport a shiny head like yours and have it actually look good. It fits you, and it certainly gives you a unique look!

    Anyway, I just like to argue (if that wasn’t obvious). That’s why I’m here. :) I was on the debate team for a couple years in high school, by the way.

    Bento Bako Weekly will have a home soon. The guy running the site just secured the domain and is attempting to set something up. WordPress w/ CSS, though I know he’s no web design expert, so it may take some time. Unfortunately I’m no help there.

    Oh yeah, I actually don’t know anything about Maria+Holic, so I wasn’t aware of that. :) It’s probably not something I’ll ever get around to watching, though.

    Also, how are those girls, who have rather large brests, PRE-op?

    As far as the new Star Trek film goes…. It’s hard for me to believe that a group of kids, who look like they’re freakin’ 15 years old, fresh out of training, were given one of the most powerful ships in the fleet to command. Sorry, but that’s totally unbelievable. I haven’t seen the movie, so maybe they came up with some out-of-the-ass reasoning to explain that. I’m not real big into science-fiction (or remakes) so I may never get around to it anyway.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Bikes, Cakes and Promises =-.

  2. @Kris-chan: Awww, thanx. I think you said that before. I just never expected this kind of reaction when I decided to “update my look” a few years ago… Yeah-yeah, I know you like to argue, lol. But don’t you think your arguments tend to have a more cynical view of the world? Or of anime?… Hey, great news about BBW! Can’t wait to see the first stages… As for “Maria+Holic”, the wacky premise is (as you’d like to say) “stuff that you’d find on the DVD cover” or just the first episode, lol. But why not get around to it? It’s wacky in the same vein as “Zetsubou Sensei”. Lots of cynicism in it too!

    Ohh, these girls are “pre-op” because they haven’t performed the actual genital surgery from penis to vaginal reconstruction. I don’t think breast enhancement surgery really counts, lol… Awww, don’t knock the film before you’ve seen it. I was one of those “Trek” fans who’s watching everything, so I was ultimately skeptical. And I was just as ultimately impressed! All the little unexplicable bits really fit together well! But I understand your view too. Very typically cynical, hehe. ^_^

  3. @Densha-Dan: Haha, I knew it! I knew a guy (like you or A20-man) would ask that question! I don’t exactly remember the circumstances, but it might’ve been related to watching “Maria+Holic” (I agree, definitely hilarious!), maybe a boring search for Asian porn which randomly and suddenly yielded a stunning girl who was, to my shock, an actual shemale! Or maybe it was an unconsciousness mixture of the two. Remember our “Clubber Dan” chat (Blog 212)? It might’ve happened around that time too.

    In any case, my “what the f*ck?” curiosity (and bravery) told hold and led me down the unknown path! Ugh, there are definitely some “shemales” who are intensely fugly, lol. But then there are “new half” stunners like Hime-chan who left me saying, “Holy f*ck. No way. That’s impossible. She can’t possibly be!” And since I was watching (or recently finished) “Maria+Holic” at the time, I thought, “F*ck it, why not?” Why not toss the hidden idea into my next mega-cast (Blog 213)? Hence, my blogging research into the prettiest “shemales” and “new halves” who can “trap” any hetero soul. After all, why should I be afraid of beautiful women? If I’m secure enough about myself, there’s no reason to fear anything. As long as they look like beautiful women, right? However, biological girls who look like men, that’s a totally different thought I don’t even wanna think about, lol.

  4. I don’t care about that Mariya guy. He must be some sort of freak or gay or freak or something. But I do like her twin sister. I felt kinda sorry (and laugh) at her. She reminds me of a J-drama which I forgot its name.

    And oh yeah! Moar belly-button girls. I like that. It’d be the best if the censor isn’t there.

    For the final flash back, She(or he in this case) probably thought “Uuu, my bra is pretty tight but…I kinda like it. Yeah…”.
    .-= RyoBase´s last blog > Lesbian Vampire Killers, something like this does exist. =-.

  5. @jay:
    shemales are getting a little too pretty over the years due to plastic surgery. I had a friend who had the Crying Game indecent happen to him a few years back. Before it was easy to figure out the difference between a shemale and a real woman because of the forearms. But nowadays, even that method is not working.
    .-= Otaku Dan´s last blog > "Small" Order 3 =-.

  6. @RyoBase-man: Hahaha, but that’s the point! When they’re walking around campus, Mariya-chan and his-her are absolutely identical! So you can’t possibly tell which one to like or hate, until they tell you, lol… Wait, now you’re confusing me. So you *do* have a problem with pretty transvestites (like Mariya-chan), but you *don’t* have a problem with pretty transsexuals (like Hime-chan)? Is that right? Hahaha, either way, the final flashback caption would be fake.

    @Densha-Dan: Too pretty? Hey, I say, “the prettier, the better” whether it’s surgery, hormones, or both! Yeah, not just the forearms, but I think the *voice* is the biggest giveaway. Although like you said, even the voice might be more and more feminine too. In that case, even if her *voice* was totally convincing, I probably wouldn’t care that she was a newhalf, haha.

    I mean, if she intended to complete the full-genital operation, it wouldn’t matter, right? For example, here’s a porn site (Danger: Link NSFW) for *post-op* shemales *after* they’ve completed vaginal reconstruction. So now, for all intents and purposes, they’re entirely women, right?

  7. I arE not BanneD! Lol..

    Sorry there. It didn’t occur to me that the hidden test was really about the she-male jig-a-ma-bob. I thought it was referring to a something like personality test or something instead.. :p

    Just being blur… :p
    .-= blur´s last blog > Snowing in August =-.

  8. I arE not BannEd! Lol..

    Sorry bout that. Lol! I thought the hidden test was something along the lines of a personality quiz or something. Didn’t occur to me that it was about the she-male jig-a-ma-bob.

    Just being blur I guess… :p
    .-= blur´s last blog > Snowing in August =-.

  9. @Blur-man: Ahh, no worries, no banning necessary. That’s the problem with “hidden”, lol. You didn’t know. Still surprising that you thought one could be a transvestite. For me, virtually impossible to think that *any* of them were transsexuals!

    @RyoBase-man: LOL, who said transsexuals typically rape? You must be living in an unusual neighborhood!

  10. :For some reason my comment won’t appear on Blog 214- I’d hate for it to go to waste after typing out, so if you’d be so nice as to assist in posting it for me…

    Acht, just imagine my shock at finding my possible utterances- does the word exist, I wonder? Bah, whatever, my keyboard, my rules- predicted. Oh the horror *cringe*

    I don’t think I’ve ever called a guy sexy before- in case you’re wondering, nope, I didn’t think of either A/B/C as sexy- it went something like this- “erm, pick one? But I don’t like any of them… Oh ok, C looks fine…” But wait- I suppose I’d be better of classifying them as girls… ah confound it all. Did they get implants? Or just breathe chamomile 24/7? I remember reading somewhere that some kid (Teen boy) mysteriously developed a pair of breasts, and some fragral essence was blamed. Reduced usage of such products as a result=,=

    Haha, you must be one happy man right now, what with two girls slotting you into the ‘sexy’ shelf! For the record, you’re one of the few (To steal a famous phrase from ‘Bleach’) “pachinko heads” that look good, in my opinion- the other one being Lex Luthor from Smallville. And no I’m not going to call you sexy:3

    Ahh, the naming dilemma. Tough, isn’t it, when you don’t have something concrete in mind? Reminds me of a recent experience with mine. “Frightful Pangs” was just something that popped out of nowhere, and for want of anything better I just went along with it, and that was that- until I ran it through Google Translate and it came out as ‘monosugoi kurushimi’, which means ‘intense pain’. I might as well have been hit with a taser- that wasn’t the kind of ‘pang’ I had in mind. Anyway the ‘migration’ looks set to come soon- not sure if I should rename it.

    …for some inexplicable reason I get the feeling that Spock would be most suitable for a Speedo commercial…
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

  11. @A20-man: No problem, just remove the smiley brackets (the “greater than” and “less than” signs), and should be a piece of cake… Yeah, the brackets are typically used in HTML coding, hence the comment obliteration, lol.

    Back to the issue. Hmm, I never required anyone to regard Starlets A, B, or C as “sexy”. Just curious if anyone “liked” any of their types. But similar to the question that Kris-chan asked above, my answer is that their “pre-op” status refers to their pre-vaginal reconstruction, should they choose to proceed. And has little to do with their breast or hormonal enhancements. However, to your specific question, my answer is: Yes, breast enlargement surgery.

    Ahh, haha, true! I quite agree that Lex looks masterful in “Smallville”. His baldness actually fits and plays well. But yeah, while the compliments are still a bit surprising, considering my previous style (or lack thereof) as a fashion-less geek-boy not too many years ago, “sexy” would definitely explain the not-too-frequent yet occasional glances or blushes I see nowadays. From older professional ladies to grocery check-out girls, lol. Oh well, can’t ex-plain. But can’t com-plain either!

    Well, “Pangful Frights” might have a better chance of killing the Google Translator, wouldn’t it? If that’s your intent. Yeah, somehow I managed to hit the right notes with Kris-chan’s search. So that’s cool. Though I have no clue what Speedos have to do with Spock…

  12. Oh my effin’ gosh!?!?!? Jay, you are a f*ckin’ trip, you know that. Jay, if I must remind you, you were calling me “smexy” and there’s no denying that I caught you red handed, haha ~.^ Jay, if you wanted to know if I found you sexy, all you have to do was purse your lips and ask me. I’m just kidding. To answer you directly and to straighten out the record:

    “In those cases, my strategy would be to not get blinded by her light or burned by her fire. To keep a cool head. To keep a sharp ear. But also to challenge her in return. Ah, the play of the Devil’s Advocate. Because when executed cleverly, a challenge can be quite fun.”

    This was so cleverly executed that “sexy” is all that’s needed as a response. Maybe add in some steaming effect, but typing that out as text would be rather silly, wouldn’t it? It shows to me that you’re willing to play with fire without allowing yourself to get burned. To be able to keep close enough of a distance to feel the heat of the embers whilst constantly weaving fluidly as to not get enveloped by the flames is definitely sexy. It’s hot (no pun intended). This is one reason why I am such a big fan of text^^

    I think being an overall package definitely makes you more accessible to the varied individuals in your demographic. I’ve known several individuals who would have easily dismissed me due to my age and appearance had I not rivaled them in both intellect and speech. I am, of course, referring to older gentleman when I was in my early twenties (yes, you’ll probably say that I’m still in my early twenties) that wouldn’t have batted an eyelash towards someone that was at least 15 years their minor let alone take part in the fawning. Being someone’s cup of tea from a physical vantage point is just a bonus, in my opinion. Sharing a general appreciation for similar hobbies is certainly advantageous for appeal factor. Then, if you’ve got a balanced combination of those things and so forth, you’ve got yourself a lean, mean sexy machine.

    I didn’t find any of those girls particularly pretty or even acceptable. If I was forced to choose, I’d be inclined to choose girl “C” who is featured in this post. hahaha, shemale, huh? I visited that website and who would have thunk that it was a Thailand website with convincingly feminine individuals. /sarcasm Thailand is the king of transgender operations. I remember reading an article a long time ago about Thai beauties and was shocked to find “AND they’re men” in bold, large text as I turned to the next page. While it’s definitely interesting to see former males as beautiful women, it is equally interesting in the opposite regard with biological women who look like men, if not prepubescent boys. I wonder how many enhancements Hime underwent to achieve that level of feminism. Would you find it funny if I told you that I noticed the heart-shaped heel for her polka dot shoes for one of the links your provided?

    I was reading some of the descriptions for those websites and it’s a bit hilarious what some of them say. “Guess what they wanted to do with their new *bleep*” or “they are the best in the world because they are so smooth while you are —-…” I wonder what you would do Jay if you found out that “she” was really a “he”. Would I fall into their “trap”? As convincing as some of them are, I still don’t see any appeal and am invulnerable to their artificial charms.

    A lot of people recommended Star Trek to me, but I just haven’t watched movies for quite some time now. It certainly looks interesting.

    Ah, doesn’t this overly long comment trigger warm, fuzzy feelings inside XD

    P.S. I have my own domain now, but am not technically savvy so I’ll need some help on how to do things to the site. kthanxbai
    .-= Jem´s last blog > Hi, I’m limited. Do you want me? =-.

  13. @Jay: Haha, so, is this your ‘moteki’? If you take anime/manga seriously, it’s said to happen only twice in your life- is this the first or second? Make good use of it:)

    Pre-vaginal reconstruction? Soo… first they’re castrated, and then they get a vagina ‘made’ for them? I wonder how that happens. I think I remember reading something about a vaginal transplant- but I’m not too sure if it was for real.

    Haha, of course ‘pangful frights’ would kill the translator- especially since there’s no such word as ‘pangful’ (:
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

  14. @Jem-chan: Hahaha, the O-N-O Jeminator returns! Wow, saying my name 3 times in the first paragraph? I’m rather honored and fuzzy at the same time, lol. Hmm, I called you “smexy”? Ahh, I sense a vague familiarity, like the fluttering leaves of a fading dream. Perhaps you’re right. Well, if I want to find out, I’ll be sure to “purse my lips” during our next Google chat. Especially since I just recently installed the Google video-chat. Hmm.

    But let’s toss our attention to the issues-at-hand… Hehe, “the play of the Devil’s Advocate”, thanx! True, sometimes I can really surprise myself with my own words. Just takes the perfect environment for them to flourish. So to you, I shall tip my hat. But I might contend one point: If not burned, I may still allow myself to get singed on occasion. You know, to test the constantly undulating boundaries, lol. Ah, you mean phone text? Niiiiice.

    Agreed. Male or female, forging an “overall package” is definitely attractive. But I can’t say that mine was entirely intentional or even foreseeable! “Picking up the pieces” by redefining my post-marital “persona” was definitely the first, biggest and bravest step. New eyeglass frames, new physique, new wardrobe, new car, newfound status as an office foosball “god”, while all external, have undoubtedly transformed my once-shaky internal esteem. Which have apparently reflected back to my female peers in shades of confidence, humor and “smex appeal”, lol. Not to mention, all of the recent kind words by just-as-cute or “smexy” lady bloggers. LOL, I mean, how often does this happen to an otaku? So I must be doing something right.

    Yup, convincing. Since I’m a bit familiar with your higher standards, I’m not surprised that these girls don’t appeal to you. But I still can’t ignore the shock that they’re convincing to my own eyes! True, many of them do seem to have been born as feminine boys. Particularly Hime-chan. But I also wouldn’t be surprised by hormonal treatments to supplement breast enhancements. Hahaha, her polka-dot shoes? Heart-shaped heels? I never noticed! Maybe not outright funny, but definitely amusing, lol… Well, like I mentioned in an earlier comment to Otaku Dan above: “I think the *voice* is the biggest giveaway. Although like you said, even the voice might be more and more feminine too. In that case, even if her *voice* was totally convincing, I probably wouldn’t care that she was a newhalf, haha.” Yup, that’s what I said. But simply talking about “traps” and actually falling into one could be totally different!

    Ah, yeah, maybe not “overly long”, but “just long enough”, hahaha. I think your comments trigger an entirely new category of “warm and fuzzy” with sprinkles of “tingly” and “steamy” too… Hey congrats on your new domain! If you need any help, you know where to catch me. I’ll be sure to stop by!… Hahaha, heyyy, you weren’t the *only* random blog. But you did remind me of something. So I added the “One and Only Jem” category to the mega-cast. Satisfied? Yet? Or perhaps more teasing?

    @A20-man: Umm, I’m clueless, what’s “moteki”? Ahh, actually, it may not be a true castration. If I remember correctly, they would “reshape” or “reconstruct” the existing tissue, especially to retain the crucial sensory nerves. For example, the penile structure would be analogous to the clitoral structure, while the scrotal folds would be analogous to the labial folds. And so on… Regarding “pangful”, words don’t exist until they do. If it didn’t exist before, I just created it a couple days ago, didn’t I? Haha!

  15. Um, I think what happens is they turn your penis inside out (or, well, they push it inside), and use that to create one. But I think I learned that on South Park so…it may not be accurate, lol.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Bikes, Cakes and Promises =-.

  16. @Kris-chan: LOL, “South Park”? But at least they seem to agree; the existing tissue is being “refashioned” rather than being removed and replaced. ^_^

  17. @Jay: Moteki is a portmanteau of the words ‘moteru’ [to be popular] and ‘ki’ [time, period]. Hence, one’s popular period, when someone who isn’t normally considered attractive by the opposite sex becomes a hot item with them.

    Hmm, creating a word, are you? I don’t normally accept other people’s self-made words, but I think I’ll let it slide this time, hehe.

    P.s Regarding shiny heads, how could I have forgotten? Yasu from NANA is another brilliant example:)

    @Kris and Jay: That sounds rather like an extreme version of a ‘low-blow’… ouch 0.0
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

  18. @A20-man: Ahh, understood. In that case, I’d probably guess it’s my 2nd “moteki” overall; calling it my 3rd might be a stretch. But definitely my 1st “moteki” where I wasn’t too-shy or too-clueless to do anything about it! Plus it’s also the 1st where I have actual textual or verbal evidence, lol. Nonetheless, it’s still a pleasant surprise. ^_^ So “pangful” shall now exist? I’m sure it’s parents “frightful” and “pangs” will be very pleased to hear that!… Well, of course, Yasu (Blog 157). That goes without saying… Meanwhile, I’d only add that it’s an “intentional” and “wishful” low-blow.

  19. Ah! You weren’t joking about posting that comment huh? Guess I learned my lesson about making fun of you on other blogs! Just kidding you LOVE IT! Jay = A Loveable Attention Whore :) hehehe

    Thanks for doing a Maria+Holic post, someone’s sig had the blonde pulling off the other girl’s top and I was trying to figure out what the heck anime they were from because they looked so familiar. That series does have me a bit curious actually, I may try it out sometime. At least see if it pulls me in during the first few episodes. I haven’t watched enough seinen lately.
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last blog > Goong Manhwa Review =-.

  20. @Duckie-chan: Whoops, thought I already replied! Haha, yeah, didn’t you know? That lesson is one of the intro lessons of my “Best Friend in Training” (BEFIT) course. Sadly, I haven’t designed a “Blog Friend in Training” (BLFIT) course yet, lol… What? Lovable Attention Whore (LAW)? Who me? Bahhh, you caught me, even though I was just following the “law”. Ahh, “Maria+Holic”. You’re welcome! But if you’re familiar with the “Sayonara Sensei” style, then you’ll have no problem being sucked in! ^o^

  21. That’s nice. Enjoy it for all it’s worth, haha. I haven’t experienced one so far, but like you, I might have been clueless enough not to notice being caught up in one- although clueless as I was a few years ago, I wasn’t clueless enough to not notice that I was being stalked. Sheesh, I’d rather not have noticed that, come to think of it=,=

    The birth of ‘pangful’, eh. I’ll acknowledge it but not use it. Would that make ‘pangful’ an illegitimate child, I wonder? Or one born out of wedlock, at least;)
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

  22. @A20-man: Hey, thanx, man, I intend to! In fact, on the heels of my latest Blog 215, I just had another lunch today with two cute co-workers Michelle and NaTasha (who’ve both appeared in past mega-casts), regarding my recent “gossipy” developments with Autumn-chan among other things, lol. Gals are always so observant and complex and teasing! While guys usually, not always but usually, tend to be mundane and predictable, lol. Naturally, since I already know how a guy thinks. Duhhh.

    P.S. Ah, pangfully illegitimate indeed. Times two. ^_^

  23. You’re welcome:)
    Same here- conversation with the majority of the male populace tends to be focus-driven. Hardly any bridging off, side-tracking, etc. Nothing else gets in the way until the topic at hand is wrung dry and lifeless, haha.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

  24. I find it interesting that females make up half the commenters at the Toybox while remaining a minority everywhere else in the otaku blogging world. Sexiness, that must be the key.

    Ooh man, I’m terrible. I showed one of those pics of “Starlet C” to a friend of mine and was met with the response “Hey that’s kinda hot-WTF” Yeah, I’m probably going to pay for that later.

  25. @Coco-chan: Ahhh, not quite! I said “52% of the comments”, not commenters. So while half of the comments may be female, that doesn’t necessarily mean half of my Toybox readers are female. I’d guess, probably only about 25% to 33%… Hehe, sexiness? What? You think so too? But man, I still don’t quite see it, lol.

    Haha, wait, how are you terrible? Did you intentionally try to trick and trap your friend too? Nahhh, not terrible, not really. After all, like I said in my post and comments, if she’s as stunning as Hime-chan, I wouldn’t mind falling into her trap either, lol. ^o^;

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