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Ah, what a year it’s been! For my last mega-post of 2008, I tackle another mixed bag of “Rock Band” sessions, a year’s truckload of anime speed-reviews and faves, and a sparkly sprinkle of otaku thanks and wishes. So happy holidays and all the rest. Now on with the show…

Last Saturday. First, Saturday, Dec 20th. After grocery shopping, a whirlwind of Lisa’s afternoon antics, lol. I was gratefully invited to the 8pm “Rock Band” party in honor of Rebecca’s farewell, awww. In fact, I was the one who ended up driving the cake and a veggie tray over to Coley’s apartment, lol. Damn, tons of food. About a dozen partiers. Plus Guiness and Ricky. And tons of “Rock Band” rocking. Six hours! Yup, six hours from 8pm to 2am! Even tried the drums for the first time for a half-dozen tunes or more. Kate thought I was amazing for a first-time drummer, lol. Not only that, I sang for the first time. To the awesome tune Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Hit 93% on Medium, haha. Not bad! Yup, tons of rocking out. After the drive, internet and shower, finally hit the sack at 4am. No treadmill, lol… Feel free to enjoy this 11-minute slice of the party, hehe. Awesome.

Christmas Eve. Then, Wednesday, Dec 24th. Another work day. While casually washing the post-breakfast dishes, the fucking glass I was rinsing, snapped and sliced a half-inch gash into my right pinky! Fuck! After fifteen minutes, I finally stopped the gushing gash with the glory of Krazy Glue! Incredible bonding power, lol.

Don’t worry. It looked much worse than it felt. With the Krazy Glue sealing the slice, it felt perfectly fine… So then I drove to work. Luckily, they granted us only a half-day till noon. Pretty nice. Afterwards, decided to conduct some more selfish shopping, lol. Bought a new silver Sony Cybershot W120 (quite similar to Meimi132’s Sony Cybershot W170) at the crazy-packed Best Buy with the help of my ex-in-laws’ gift card. Found a bathroom-sink drain lever-bar at Lowe’s. And deposited the rest of Lisa’s rent at the bank.

Played a bit with the Cybershot. Took a few random shots. But spent all night editing the “Rock Bank Party” video (above) for Facebook. Wow, the iMac’s iMovie application is amazingly slick and smooth! Unfortunately, my left eye decided to act up too. Thus no treadmill, again.

Christmas Day. Thursday. Merry Christmas! Damn, so freakin’ windy and cloudy! Yup, the 11-minute “Rock Bank Party” video (above) was finally uploaded to Facebook, lol. Then from 2pm-8pm, Lisa’s family dinner and Rock Band again, lol. Actually received a few compliments on my “Angsty Momo” T-shirt. From Lisa, her boyfriend Coley, and her brother Nick, lol. Not only that, I managed to play the drums, guitar, bass, and sing 4 songs: Alice in Chains’ “Man in the Box”, Pearl Jam’s “Alive”, Nirvana’s “In Bloom”, and Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing”. Hahaha, notice a pattern? I guess I’m a Seattle Grunge band specialist, lol.

Ah, finally back home. Ran the treadmill. Then an inspirational idea smacked me. So I spent the next few hours composing and editing a 3-minute “Angry Mimi – A Year in the Life” video (bottom of post) for YouTube, lol. And that’s it. Spent the following day (today) constructing and composing this huge-ass blog post, lol.

My Favorite Anime of 2008. Ah, anime, more anime, and even more anime, lol. In the tradition of My 58 anime in 2006 and My 49 anime in 2007 posts, I present “My 56 Anime in 2008”. From cyberpunk ghosts and striking witches to desperate teachers and impossible children, it’s definitely been a colorfully animated year. And now, my faves of the year…









My Anime Rating

  • +++++ DOUBLE WOW! 5 of 5 stars! Maximum for full seasons or films!
  • ++++ WOW! 4 of 5 stars! Maximum for half seasons!

My Top-3 Films and OVAs > 5 of 5 stars!

My Top-12 Full Seasons > 5 of 5 stars!

My Top-8 Half Seasons > 4 of 5 stars!

My 56 Titles-Seasons in 2008

  • [56] +++ Zero no Tsukaima – S3 (1-12) – Finished 12/28. Not bad, 3 of 5 stars. (05 Jan 2010 Edit – Sorry, forgot about this one! Actually 56 titles!)
  • [55] ++++ Minami-ke Okawari (1-13) – Finished 12/26. Aww, despite the change in animation, still a touching offbeat comedy, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [54] +++ Shining Tears x Wind (1-13) – Finished 12/18. Ehh, not the greatest series, but still a watchably amusing, 3 of 5 stars. Couldn’t escape that climactic yaoi moment, lol. Plus yet another title or character (the 6th I’ve seen in the past couple years) named Zero! This name is getting tiresome, lol.
  • [53] ++++ Naruto – S3 (53-78) – Finished 12/18. Hey, despite the filler flashbacks, Season 3 still kicks out some decent drama and action into 4 of 5 stars.
  • [52] +++ Blue Drop (1-13) – Finished 12/07. Not bad. An enigmatic and elegant, but perhaps too elusive, 3 of 5 stars.
  • [51] ++++ Naruto – S2 (27-52) – Finished 11/29. You may not believe me, but two years ago, I was so unexpectedly impressed with “Naruto – S1”, that I gave it 5 of 5 stars! However, while the second season of 26 episodes seemed comparatively lacking in emotion or focus, it’s still remains a kick-ass anime to watch during high-energy treadmill runs, lol. Yup, a respectable 4 of 5 stars!
  • [50] +++++ Nodame Cantabile (1-23) – Finished 11/28. Oh wow! Now this series is an extraordinary tapesty in the romantic-comedic styles of the classic “Kare Kano” and the rock-and-roll “Nana”, but colored and interwoven through searingly sublime piano, violin and orchestral music. Probably one of the most original, breathtaking, and utterly unforgettable series in a long time. Easily 5 of 5 stars!
  • [49] +++++ Genshiken 2 (1-12) – Finished 11/17. Wow! The hilarious yet touching continuation of the first season and OVAs. It’s amazing how faithful the anime is to the manga, sometimes even funnier! While I only give short seasons a max of 4 stars, this second season, combined with the first season and OVAs, finally deserves 5 of 5 stars!
  • [48] +++ Mars Daybreak (1-26) – Finished 11/14. Not bad. An entertaining action-packed dive through the underwater depths, for a sea-soaked total 3 of 5 stars.
  • [47] ++++ Strike Witches (1-12) – Finished 11/09. Aww, mixing scantily-clad gals and world-war military magic, a brief but satisfying and inspiring ride, 4 of 5 stars max.
  • [46] ++++ Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (1-26) – Finished 11/06. Whoa, super-wild and ultra-wacky sci-fi-fantasy roller-coaster ride reminiscent of “Hayate no Gotoku”, 4 of 5 stars! Prepare to lose all sense of logic, lol.
  • [45] ++++ Persona – Trinity Soul (1-26) – Finished 11/03. Hey, not bad, a refreshing portrayal of psychological mecha, a mysterious and melancholy odyssey yielding 4 of 5 stars.
  • [44] ++++ Rosario + Vampire (1-13) – Finished 10/28. Wow, powerful Vampire transformations and mesmerizing Monster battles amidst such a short-but-cute romantic comedy, max 4 of 5 stars!
  • [43] +++++ Zero no Tsukaima – S2 (1-12) – Finished 10/26. Wow, a more tear-inducing emotional ride, 5 of 5 stars! Yup, while I can only give 4 stars max to a short season, combining this short season with the first one qualifies it for a full season 5 stars!
  • [42] ++++ Zero no Tsukaima – S1 (1-13) – Finished 10/21. Awww, addictive little Harry-Potter-esque magical-school romantic-comedy series, 4 of 5 stars max for short season, lol.
  • [41] +++++ Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (1-26) – Finished 10/14. Wow, rockin’ music, inspiring yet saddening yet back to hopeful final episodes, 5 of 5 stars. Told in a subtle-yet-effective irregular-yet-real style, this story follows the day-to-day life of a normal teenager who matures from an insecure student to an aspiring rock musician. Intriguing bilingual use of both Japanese and English. Incredible music.
  • [40] ++++ School Rumble – S3 (2 OVAs: 25-26) – Finished 10/13. Awww, brief but wonderful and satisfying conclusion to the saga, 4 of 5 stars. After two full seasons of ridiculously funny and unexpectedly emotional high-school antics, this 2-episode “season” pretty much ties up the final loose threads of requited and unrequited love. LOL, or does it? So many eye-popping, gut-busting, heart-stopping and breath-taking memories, it’s sad to see them go.
  • [39] ++++ Strait Jacket (OVAs 1-3) – Finished 10/12. Whoa, ultra-violent supernatural steampunk, 4 of 5 stars An alternate end-of-the-19th-century reality where magic has polluted the world like any other natural (or supernatural) resource, this 3-episode OVA twists Akira-level violence, Vampire-Hunter-D-type moods, and Claymore-style psychologies into a familiar yet impressively different odyssey. Prepare to “exist”!
  • [38] ++++ Lucky Star – OVA (OVA) – Finished 10/11. Pretty funny 4 of 5 stars! Especially one WTF scene in the style of “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”, lol.
  • [37] +++++ Clannad – Film (Anime Film, 2007) – Finished 10/05. Based on the Japanese visual novel, the 2007 anime film Clannad is breath-taking! Directed by Osamu Dezaki, Clannad reveals the same stylistic elements of blinding sunlight, dramatic silhouettes, split screens, and continuous motion ~ birds, trains, bicycles ~ which permeates “Air”, another equally breath-taking film he directed. Wow, a swirling tear-inducing odyssey through nightmares and dreams towards a sparkling promise of hope, 5 of 5 stars!
  • [36] ++++ Bleach – S3 (52-74) – Finished 10/04. Still rockin’ 4 of 5 stars.
  • [35] +++++ Strawberry Panic (1-26) – Finished 10/02. Wow, subtle, enigmatic yet colorfully woven 5 of 5 stars.
  • [34] +++++ Code Geass – R2 (1-25) – Finished 09/28. Breath-taking 5 of 5 stars. Whatever anyone else says, it’s still undeniably “ambitious and wide-sweeping. Still one of the most-intellectually engaging 5-star series I’ve ever seen, ranking alongside other epic animes like “Death Note” and “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”.
  • [33] +++ Paranoia Agent (1-13) – Finished 09/27. Strong and thought-provoking 3 of 5 stars.
  • [32] +++ Vampire Knight – S1 (1-13) – Finished 09/25. Not bad 3 of 5 stars.
  • [31] ++++ Bleach – S2 (26-51) – Finished 09/20. Rockin’ 4 of 5 stars.
  • [Again] “Kiddy Grade” (1-24) – Finished again 09/13.
  • [30] ++++ Bleach – S1 (1-25) – Finished 09/12. Rockin’ 4 of 5 stars.
  • [29] ++++ Phantom – The Animation (OVAs 1-3) – Finished 09/01. Wow, unexpectedly breath-taking 4 of 5 stars.
  • [28] +++++ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (1-27) – Finished 08/31. Double-wow, heart-pumping yet heart-breaking final-7 episodes, finally worthy of 5 of 5 stars!
  • [27] +++++ NANA (26-47) – Finally finished 08/28. Wow, still a bittersweet and melancholy 5 of 5 stars!
  • [Again] “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” (1-26) – Finished again 08/25.
  • [26] ++++ Appleseed – Ex Machina (Film) – Finished 08/24. Not bad, slick and slammin’ 4 of 5 stars.
  • [25] ++++ Afro Samurai (1-5) – Finished 08/18. Whoa, stylishly violent and almost-romantically post-apocalyptic, this 5-episode gem paints quite a refreshingly retro-futuristic view of hell-on-earth, life-long revenge, and inexplicable survival. Haha, Samuel L. Jackson voices the titular lead as well as his babbling sidekick, and why not? A bad-ass playing a bad-ass. Nuff sed, lol. Despite the brevity of the miniseries, the revealing flashbacks cast a shadowy depth to a seemingly simplistic quest. Quite impressive. Four of five stars. Can’t wait for the second season!
  • [24] +++ Mai Otome – Zwei (1-4) – Finished 07/25. Resumed from 20 Jan. Not bad, 3 of 5 stars.
  • [23] +++ Batman: Gotham Knight (Film) – Finished 07/20. Not bad, 3 of 5 stars.
  • [22] +++ Bus Gamer (1-3) – Finished 07/09. Not bad, 3 of 5 stars.
  • [21] ++++ Minami-ke (1-13) – Finished 07/07. Hilarious and heart-warming 4 of 5 stars, max for half-season.
  • [Again] “Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society” (Film) – Finished again 07/04. But English audio, 5 of 5 stars!
  • [20] +++++ Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society (Film) – Finished 07/01. Wow, 5 of 5 stars!
  • [Again] “Midori Days” (1-13) – Finished again 06/21.
  • [19] ++++ Tokyo Underground (1-26) – Finished 06/20. Wow, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [Again] “Gokusen” (1-13) – Finished again 06/09.
  • [18] +++++ Hayate no Gotoku! (1-52) – Finished 05/30. Comedic 5 of 5 stars!
  • [17] ++++ Ghost Hound (1-22) – Finished 05/29. Whoa, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [16] +++ Da Capo – II (1-13) – Finished 05/17. Satisfying 3 of 5 stars! Coincidental and heart-warming graduation conclusion!
  • [15] ++++ Shakugan no Shana – Season 2 (1-24) – Finished 05/09. Wow, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [14] ++ Amazing Nurse Nanako (1-6) – Finished 05/01. Still pretty bad, 2 of 5 stars, lol.
  • [13] ++++ Clannad (1-23) – Finished 04/30. Satisfying 4 of 5 stars!
  • [Again] “He Is My Master” (1-12) – Finished again 04/25.
  • [12] ++++ Fafner (1-25) – Finished 04/23. Wow, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [11] ++++ Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (1-12) – Finished 04/12. Max 4 of 5 stars for half-season!
  • [10] ++++ Otogi Zoshi (1-26) – Continued from 08 Feb. Finished 03/29. Wow, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [09] ++++ Rebuild of Evangelion – 1.0 (Film) – Started and finished 01/27. Wow, 4 of 5 stars!
  • [08] ++++ Kaze no Stigma (1-24) – Finished 01/27. Fiery 4 of 5 stars!
  • [07] +++++ Sky Girls (1-26) – Finished 01/22. Soaring and spectacular 5 of 5 stars! Sad to see it end.
  • [06] ++++ Air – In Summer (1-2) – Started and finished 01/20. Beautiful 4 of 5 stars.
  • [05] +++++ Code Geass – S1 (1-25) – Finished 01/17. Staggering mind-shattering 5 of 5 stars max!
  • [04] ++++ Kodomo no Jikan (1-12) – Finished 01/13. Surprisingly dramatic 4 of 5 stars max!
  • [03] ++++ Sola (1-13) – Finished 01/11. Wow, 4 of 5 stars max!
  • [02] +++++ Air – Film (Anime Film) – Finished 01/08. Summer-blown 5 of 5 stars!
  • [01] +++++ Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (1-24) – Finished 01/03. Warm-splashing 5 of 5 stars!

Angry Mimi Video. Oh yeah, almost forgot! Whether you adore or despise her, if you can’t make a comment without injecting an irritated or malicious tone, then keep it to yourself. Please. You know who you are… So now, as an end-of-the-year thanks for helping to make the otaku blogosphere a more vivid and dynamic community, and for your sweet “Merry Xmas” sign, here’s my 3-minute “Angry Mimi – A Year in the Life” video, lol. And like I said, the iMac’s iMovie application is amazing! ^o^


30 thoughts on “Blog 182 > Year of Anime, Rock & Otaku

  1. Nice Rockband you have with your friends. Ouch, the glass gotta hurt. If I have a cut like that, I don’t know if I would super glue my finger with that. lol. oh yeah, nice mentions for anime of the year.

  2. Rockband is a very fun game to play, especially the drums.Is that a 360?
    And man, that cut looks painful! :S

    I have the game “Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex” but the anime never caught my attention.
    Hey, and don’t you have Final Cut studio on your imac? a lot of people say it’s a very good editing software. You should try it ;)

    Shagh´s last blog post > Shaman King

  3. @Panther: Actually, you’d be surprised. I use Krazy Glue regularly for the annoying little winter cracks in the fingertips. Even now, the glue seal is still totally painless!… Oddly, it’s the secondary nicks (similar to paper cuts) that stung, haha. So no, didn’t hurt at all. Much-much-much less pain or infection than using a bandaid that would always loosen or wiggle or ooze, ughhh.

    @Sousuke: Hey thanx! Yeah, glass hurt, but glue painless. It wasn’t either this or driving to the local emergency room to stitch up the unstoppable leak. Too inconvenient! And I had to go to work that morning. Like I told Panther above, I’m used to using it for random little cuts and stings. And from normal handwashing, the glue breaks down over the next week or so anyway, lol.

  4. @Shagh: Yeah, pretty addictive to play! Yeah, I think so, XBOX 360. And yeah, like I told Sousuke above, glass hurt, but glue painless, lol… Oh man, the entire “Ghost in the Shell” saga (series better than the films) is top-notch cyberpunk science-fiction!… Nahhh, no Final Cut, but for what I’ve edited so far, iMovie works great. Is FC freeware?

  5. No man, is not freeware XD but, you can get everything for free on the internet Haha you just have to search… ^_^

    P.S: Wow, $1,299.00 for FCS 2! That’s a lot of money just for a software.

    Shagh´s last blog post > Shaman King

  6. WHAT?SuperGlue to fix your wound?I think you misunderstood something about the use of superglue.

    Im really interested in tryin out the drums in RockBand/GH but noone i know wants to shell out that much cash!

    Wow you were really happy with the SR OVAs?I thought that this is a pretty cheap way to end the series.It looked to me like the Mangaka didnt have the guts to really finish the series and keeps a door open for future releases.
    Paranoia Agent was pretty good but it reminded me alot of Paprika especially the conclusion.I dont know wich was directed by Kon before tough.

    My Brother introduced me to Nana earlier this year and the show was pretty good didnt expect anything of it.

    Thats all i wanted to say.Atleast i think so.I always forget half of it while reading your posts ^^;;

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Operation Successful!

  7. @Blowfish: Hahah, why doesn’t anyone *believe* me? Okay, just 4 days later, after the ragged old glue seal peeled off and I applied a lighter glue seal, here’s proof. Incredible improvement. Just 4 days later. The reason the first seal looks jagged is because the gushing blood seeped into the glue as it dried. But underneath, the cut itself is smooth as you can see. Do you believe Krazy Glue now? ^_^

    Haha, yeah, Rock Band plus all the equipment equals *mucho expensivo*, lol. As for the anime, I love the School Rumble characters, so those couple OVAs was a chance to see them one last time. Haha, Satoshi Kon directed both, so I guess it’s natural for Paprika to look like Paranoia Agent, lol.

    At least I got *half* your attention. Thanx, I think, lol.

  8. Not the first time I have heard of someone using SuperGlue to close a cut. I would be afraid of the chemicals. I guess nothing is going to get in when blood is coming out.

    For what it cost, it is amazing what can be done in iMovie. Did you think about using the same piece of music performed by Vannesa-Mae? Might fit Mimi personality… Anyway, I enjoyed very much.

    Edward´s last blog post > A Moment

  9. Krazy Glue does wonders! I hope your finger’s doing okay post-glass breakage. When I was little, I’d slice my hand a lot when playing around my mom’s expensive (and sharp) decorative objects. There was this one particular flower piece that she had that was super sharp and I had sliced my hand on it ;____; it hurt so much. However, nothing’s worse than accidentally chiseling into your hand during carving T___T;;

    And I am absolutely in awe of the amount of anime you’ve watched @___@ s-so massive! Which reminds me, I’ve only watched one episode of Clannad. Should I continue with the series or watch the film? O:

    Lene´s last blog post > Merry Christmas

  10. @Edward: Right, plus the glue dries too fast while blood comes out… Actually, iMovie came with the iMac for free. But even if u take the entire iLife package at $70 USD, iMovie is still pretty cheap and much more powerful than the Windows Movie Maker I used before. Worlds apart!… As for Vivaldi, nah, I just used the MP3 I already had on my machine. Quicker. But maybe I’ll download some Vanessa-Mae, lol. Thanx! Glad u enjoyed it! ^_^

    @Lene: Yeah, no arguments here! If u read my reply to Blowfish above, u’ll see the *visual proof* of Krazy Glue’s glory, hehe. Oh wow, sounds like u’ve had more finger-slicing experience than I have! Ouch, lol… Haha, it might sound like a lot. But here’s what I do. I typically average about 3 episodes of any anime per day (e.g. breakfast, dinner, and treadmill). So assuming 365 days per year, that’s over 1000 episodes. Divide that by an average 20 episodes per season (from 12 to 26), u get at least 50 series-or-seasons per year. Which is where I am, lol.

    As for Clannad, I’d recommend the order they were originally broadcast. Season 1. Then the film, which is an alternative retelling by another director. (Yeah, the film should really wait after the first season.) Then Season 2… Definitely worth continuing. Good luck!

  11. Holy crap, the proof totally did it for me. Note to self: Krazy Glue fixes EVERYTHING. lol.

    And wow…1000+ episodes of anime. I wonder if I can cross off a bunch of series I put on hiatus and put them on the completed list for good. I’ll definitely get some viewing done before school starts up again!

    Lene´s last blog post > Merry Christmas

  12. @Lene: LOL, yup, everything!… Plus, just counted. Only 874 episodes. But if I count films, not as 1, but as 3 each (adds 12), and include titles I watched again (adds 91), the grand total comes to 977. Bahhh, close enough. >o< Let me know how the viewing battle goes, lol.

  13. That’s still a lot of anime regardless ;___; Go Jay!

    I’ll do my best to track my viewing battle. Speaking of which, my anime list thingy is outdated. Must update in a bit *_* osu!

    Lene´s last blog post > Christmas & DVD haul

  14. Ahh superglue?!?! Sorry I’m way behind on the story lol but wow that’s a lot of anime!! ^___^

    Ahh gomenasai I can’t bring myself to watch the video! >.>;;;
    Is it okay if i post it on my blog sometime? It really does mean a lot to me, i’m just too shy >.<;;
    btw nice anti-spam word ^^

    Mimi´s last blog post > Asian Ramen

  15. @Mimi-chan: LOL, yup, Super Glue. Well, *Krazy* Glue. If u read my comments to Blowfish and Lene, you’ll see the *visual proof* of the *crazy* healing in just 4 days. Looks even better now a week later. Unreal!… Sure, grab the video whenever u want (or don’t want). I understand. Unless u want me to guest-post it for u, lol… Which anti-spam word was it? Since I defined a random set of 23 so far. ^_^

  16. Thanks, i’ll be sure to post it sometime.. changes to my blog brought a lot of scary readers so I gotta tune it down a bit before posting an angry mimi video xD

    Did you use any disinfectants? O.o It looked way swollen at first but i’m glad it’s getting better :3

    Mimi´s last blog post > Asian Ramen

  17. @Mimi-chan: Nahhh, just soap and water, a few quick brushes of glue before the blood seeped out too much, another few brushes to cover any cracks, then drove off to work. Nothing special really, lol. Thanx.

  18. I heard that that superglue would seal up wounds but I never knew it was true. o.o

    I’ve only played Rock Band once, but I’m not surprised you guys were able to play six hours straight. That game is addictive.

  19. @Coco: Haha, yup, it’s true. Actually, I’ve been gluing for a while now, especially with those annoying winter-dry fingertip cuts. So I’m used to it, lol… And yeah, very addictive! Especially when u have a chance to play all of the instruments AND sing too. ^o^

  20. Happy New Year Jayman~~! Yes a little late, sorry~ u_u~

    Ouch that cut looks painful, I’m glad you had some sort of solution for it xD;; How’s it looking now? Have you tried any other type of glue? Lol~

    I’ve only watched Nodame and Code Geass out of your fave series, and one of the only reasons I really liked CG was because of the articles on a few blogs xD;; Lulu, Suzaku and CC were my fav characters in the series :3 Nodame on the other hand = much <3~~. Also watched Lucky Star OVA, wish there was more though u_u~.

    Congrats on the new camera~ I need to update my point-&-shoot one too, but that can wait, only bought my dslr recently xD;

    Cute video~ how long did it take you to make? xD
    Mimi’s so cute, she deserves more videos~

  21. @Koshiko: Ahh, thanx! In my earlier comments above, I linked a finger-slice update 4 days later from 4 days ago. But here’s my latest *visual update* from today, lol. Nahhh, just Krazy Glue so far. Why replace what isn’t broken?… Yeah, those are two of the titles which really stood out from the rest. Same for me, word of mouth… And thanx, exactly! Can’t really whip out a Rebel XT anywhere at anytime, lol. Which DSLR? Did I miss or forget your post?… And thanx a third time, lol. Well, if u want more, I kinda used up all of her photos already. >_<

  22. @JK: Haha, I guess most people are afraid of Krazy Glue, lol. But yeah, if you’ve seen my follow-up pics, definitely works for me…

    Hey thanx, I think most of these anime were titles I’ve seen pop up more than others, or titles by my favorite subbers (like Eclipse or Shinsen) who usually sub the better stuff. And yeah, with “Kodomo”, if you’re not shedding tears by the final episode, then you’re not human, lol. Looking forward to “Kodomo 2” too? ^_^

  23. Found the right one! May look more thoroughly later, though I didn notice that I may have recommended some of those titles up there. :)
    Also, Yay Nodame!

  24. @GG-Kris: You’re exactly right, lol. I’d seen that “Nodame” title pop up a couple times over the year, but your recommendation finally pushed me to actually watch it. And I’m so glad I did! Muchas gracias! ^o^

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