Blog 116 > Saber Trooper!

Triple damn!!! More than 2 1/2 months since my Vader Versus Haruhi photoshoot in mid-August! Tied up with work, anime, my brother’s wedding in September, and the completion of my latest Mirai masterpiece in October. But finally, we welcome my 1/6-scale “Saber in White Swimsuit” (Clayz, June 2006) obtained in August 2007, 1/6-scale “Bunny Girl Yuki Nagato” (Atelier Sai, April 2007) obtained in May 2007, and 1/7-scale “Storm Trooper” (Kotobukiya, November 2003) obtained in July 2007.

For this Canon photoshoot, I ended up with 59 shots, taken with various backgrounds. And for the first time, I experimented with the “Auto Levels” function in Photoshop. Wow, it automatically adjusted the color and contrast pretty well!… But what’s the funniest of all is that this looks like a trooper-armored Danny Choo kidnapping Saber and Nagato! Just like he “kidnapped” the easy-on-the-eyes Aya Hirano, hahaha! Enjoy!

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Blog 115 > Who Watches the Watchmen?

Wow. A couple months ago, on August 26th, 2007, an email subscription sent me an eye-popping article on the “Watchmen” movie coming in 2009! For those of you who know the title, you know what I mean! About 20 years ago, when I first read the award-winning “Watchmen” comic back around ’87-’89, I was immediately drawn in and amazed by the violence, psychology and complexity of a world where superheroes grew middle-aged and cynical. Not only that, but the symbolism — especially of the watch — within the comic and how frames seemed to meld from one to the next definitely made an impression on me. I think this was the first time I was exposed to such darkness in comics, manga or anime. And coming in 2009, I new “Watchmen” CG film will hope to live up to the highest expectations!… Below, here are 6 photos of the old “Watchmen” comic I’ve kept since high-school…

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Blog 113 > Shadows of Time, Final Day

WOW, I’m finally finished! After 38 random days over the last 5 months — maybe about 77 total hours — I finally completed my “Shadows of Time” art piece featuring my interpretation of the shadowy Shiro Otoko (Man in White) and Mirai Suenaga in her Meisai Gear battle suit!… Haha, I let Megan take a peek before my post, and she thought it was “absolutely gorgeous”. She’s a graphic designer, but she still can’t believe I did it all in Photoshop (Version 7.0). Yup, just PS7, my laptop, and my thumb-side trackball mouse. But most of all, thanx to Danny for the inspiration, and especially your infinite patience, lol. And now, here was my progress during these last 5 months…

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Blog 112 > Rebuild of Gothloli Asuka!

Sugoi! Asuka finally came! Haha, no, not what you’re thinking, but close enough, haha!… During my routine anime figure sweeps, I found the matching 1/6-scale “Gothloli Asuka” (Dec 2007) figure for my 1/6-scale “Gothloli Rei” (Dec 2006) figure, both preassembled in polystone, sculpted by Suzu (Atomic-bom) and manufactured by Amie-Grand. Yes! So I ordered her immediately! Unfortunately, Asuka is likewise in the $120 USD range, which means more ramen for dinner, lol. Both who cares? The figure looks fantastic! Plus, by the time she’s released in mid-December, she’ll easily be sold out in the midst of the new “Rebuild of Evangelion” movies. I won’t regret missing this chance… By the way, did I mention Asuka’s detachable skirt? =)

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