Blog 058 > Anime Voices Carry!

This past week, I’ve been watching the post-apocalyptic anime Innocent Venus. And after 4 of 12 episodes, it rocks! (So far, 4 of 5 stars!) But one thing that caught my ear, was the voice for the blonde-but-deadly “Lenny”. In fact, her dark throaty voice reminded me of the just-as-beautiful-but-deadly twin-gunned “Revy” from the amazingly brutal anime Black Lagoon (5 of 5 stars for both seasons together!). So I checked, and guess what? I was right, the same voice actress: Megumi Toyoguchi! But that’s not all…

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Blog 057 > Frames Per Second!

Well, here are the new DK frames! Following up on Blogs 055, 053, and 050, I got the call Friday afternoon and after work, I picked up my Donna Karan clears and Ray-Ban sunglasses. However, after driving home with the RB and wearing both frames that night and the following morning, I still had a few issues. For example, the RB sunglasses felt a little too big and didn’t fit my face as well as the DK frames. Luckily, it’s still well within my 30-day try-out window. So I went back to Lenscrafters about noon or so, to give them my new instructions as follows…

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Blog 056 > In-N-Out!

Yesterday, Thursday, while Vanessa’s car was in the shop for some major axial and AC repairs, this time she actually decided on a specific lunch destination! So I picked her up from her office, and we headed north on Dean Martin Drive till we hit Tropicana. “In-N-Out Burger”! It’s been a while since I’ve had their tasty burger and fries, and it was a change to sit at an outdoor table under the Vegas sun.

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Blog 054 > Colorfully Cute!

Damn! Almost a full month since my last photoshoot! But I’m back with the green-haired 1/8-scale “Solty Revant” and golden-haired 1/8-scale “Rose Anderson” from the colorful retro-sci-fi anime series Solty Rei (5 of 5 stars!). Both sculpted by Kouichi Katsushima (Mine) and manufactured by Organic, Solty kneels to a modest 5-inch height, while Rose smiles at a playful 7-inch height. As an added bonus, Solty’s red top is removable to reveal her black skin-tight undershirt, while both Rose’s pistol and skirt are removable to fully reveal her white cotton panties.

As of this post, Rose is still readily available, while Solty is a bit more difficult to find outside of eBay. In this Canon photoshoot, I saved 31 shots, then narrowed it down to these 25 shots. On April 22nd, decided to take 5 more, narrowed it down to 3 more shots.

Otakurl it!

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Blog 053 > Getting Framed!

Ringo from Air Gear
Ringo from Air Gear | Image from Google Search >

Well, as a follow-up of my eyeglass frames post, I went to my eye appointment yesterday (Tuesday) morning. To make a long story short, got there 9:30am and left about 11:30pm without much waiting at all! The visit could be broken down into three parts as follows.

(1) Took my visual field (or optical coherence tomography “OCT”) test. Basically, I stuck my head in front of a white semi-spherical projector contraption, and while I focused my eye on the central point of yellow light, I’d click the clicker for each time I detected another dim point of light anywhere else in that semi-sphere. Then after 5 minutes, the other eye.

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Blog 052 > Holy Frak!

My speed review: “DOUBLE-WOW! Unparalleled sci-fi drama, depth and power!” 5 of 5 stars!

Holy frak! Last night, after finishing the 20th and final episode of Battlestar Galactica Season 3 in three weeks (almost once per day), I was totally blown away! At the end of Season 2, the series radically fast-forwarded the story one full year later, and Season 3 continued from there, a wild and turbulent roller-coaster ride colliding with intense flashbacks to fill in bits and pieces of the past year. Ground wars, clashing loyalties, boxing matches, ancient temples, surviving babies, radioactive tragedies, supernatural visions, crumbling marriages, legal spectacles, and scattered destinies! Then in the season finale, not one but TWO mind-fraking twists involving a missing comrade and revealed identities!!! But damn, Season 4 won’t arrive till 2008! Frak!

Blog 051 > Spirit of the Matrix!

Pretty uneventful day, except for one thing: The Matrix. Some 3-4 years since the height of the Matrix hype, a fellow fan of and member of the Hardline message-board community popped out of the blue on my LJ: Trialia. She wondered whether I’d ever complete Construct 2.0, the half-finished resurrection of the defunct from 3 years ago. Well, I only lost interest because everyone else seemed to, but if she and others are interested, why not?

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Blog 050 > Eye of the Beholder

To those who don’t yet know, I’ll be going to my regular eye checkup in about 10 days. Even if my eyes haven’t changed, I’d like to get a prescription for some new lenses. Yup, the perfect opportunity to update my frames! So today, I visited the website, and browsed through the men’s selections. Pretty decent! So here are the 7 styles that caught my eye, for both clear and sunglass lenses. Which one should I get? Opinions?

Blog 049 > End of the Blox

Well, folks, after only a month, I’ve decided to end my “xJAYMANx_weblox” blog (at My experiments over the past week helped me decide to stick with just two blogs: (1) my heavily-customized (and soon website-integrated) “xJAYMANx_toybox” for public posts on anime, web design, other hobby-related activities, as well as life in general, and (2) my long-time “xJAYMANx” LJ for duplicated “toybox” posts, plus more friends-only posts. That’s about it! Blogger lived out its experimental purpose. Maybe something else will come along, but for now, these two primary blogs should serve me well.

Blog 048 > Toybox 2.0

Guess what? Remember my last post? Well, I did it, I applied the new table-less template design to my “Toybox” anime/remix blog. It was a b*tch to use optical illusions to “fix” the columns and backgrounds, but looks pretty sweet. Here’s the new “Toybox” look. (Like before, looks best in Firefox or IE7.)

Next steps: (1) Add blog name/image to (randomizing?) header. Fix fonts. (2) Finish up “xJAYMANx” website. Convert HTML to PHP. (3) Figure out how I want to organize my old content. Transfer the content.

Blog 047 > Faster & More Flexible

Faster & More Flexible [Wednesday, April 4, 2007] Cool! You know how I was going to PHP-reconstruct my website with the SAME design? Well, maybe NOT the same, lol. Last night, I started tinkering with a new template: 1000px wide, triple column, WITHOUT tables! Yup, no rigid table tags, but faster more-flexible CSS (stylesheet) “div” tags instead. Here’s the new test page. (Looks best in Firefox or IE7.)

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