Blog 054 > Colorfully Cute!

Damn! Almost a full month since my last photoshoot! But I’m back with the green-haired 1/8-scale “Solty Revant” and golden-haired 1/8-scale “Rose Anderson” from the colorful retro-sci-fi anime series Solty Rei (5 of 5 stars!). Both sculpted by Kouichi Katsushima (Mine) and manufactured by Organic, Solty kneels to a modest 5-inch height, while Rose smiles at a playful 7-inch height. As an added bonus, Solty’s red top is removable to reveal her black skin-tight undershirt, while both Rose’s pistol and skirt are removable to fully reveal her white cotton panties.

As of this post, Rose is still readily available, while Solty is a bit more difficult to find outside of eBay. In this Canon photoshoot, I saved 31 shots, then narrowed it down to these 25 shots. On April 22nd, decided to take 5 more, narrowed it down to 3 more shots.

Otakurl it!

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