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Heyyy, what’s up? Have you A, B, or C? Maybe D, E, or F? Did you G, H, and I? Or perhaps J, K, and L? Ahh, the last one? I thought so. L it is! Well, my Triaxial Toyboxers, for this weekly mega-cast, we’ll lick and lisp along liquid lines of logic, we’ll limp and lag atop layers of digital celluloid, and we’ll flail and falter upon luscious flows of flesh and lust, lol. Will you last long against the luminous lashes of lightning? Or will you languish and linger into elliptical listlessness? Behold! Lift yourself from your lazy slumber and behold! Another mega-cast shall be unleashed!

Part 1 of 5 > Death Note 3 – The Last Film

Ah, “Death Note”! Where should I begin? Well, it all began when I first watched the 37-episode anime “Death Note” (2006) back in August 2007. I was blown away! Afterwards, I must’ve seen the live-action films “Death Note” (2006) and “Death Note 2 – The Last Name” (2006) between then and this past January. So, most likely, somewhere in 2008. Yeah, sounds about right. Well, I finally found the time to watch the spin-off sequel “L – Change the World” (Death Note 3, 2008) over the weekend! Sadly, this latest chapter of the “Death Note” saga earns a pathetically sub-standard 2 of 5 stars. Speed-review over. Oh well. Sorry, L.

Nevertheless, here are a few cool “L – Change the World” posters and promo images to lick your lack. Why does Korea always seem to have the best posters? Hehe, this is my favorite one.

Here’s another cool Korean poster.

Of course, there’s always the slightly-moronic over-cluttered and over-hyped version.

Ah, elegantly understated. Feel free to enlarge it!

The Good Guys? Eh, the poster isn’t bad. But L isn’t in any of his classic poses!

The Bad Guys? Hmm, does “spoiling” a film count if the film is a lame mediocrity?

The textless version of the poster above.

Another simple textless image of the man in white.

Let the fake captions begin! “Doctor, I’m telling you! L took our Death Porn!”

L: “Death Porn? I have no need for Death Porn.”

L: “Why steal Death Porn when I have my own Death Loli?”

L: “Ahh, Death Tea works quite well with a Death Loli.”

Doctor: “L, are you sure she’s a Death Loli? I’ve never seen one up-close before!”

L: “Remember this. You can’t change the world without a Death Loli.”

Haha, enough about “L – Change the World” or “Death Note 3”. It’s time to roll back the clock to “Death Note 2”. Wait a second. Doesn’t that sound a bit like shifting our “Defense Readiness Condition” from DEFCON 3 to DEFCON 2?


Part 2 of 5 > Death Note 2 – The Last Name

The Last Name! Obviously, before there was the live-action “Death Note 3” (2008) above, there was a live-action “Death Note 2 – The Last Name” (2006). And like I mentioned, I probably watched it in 2008. Since I didn’t necessarily give ratings to live-action shows back then, I don’t remember if I rated it at all. But if I had to give one now, I’d probably give 3-of-5 or 4-of-5 stars. Not bad at all! To celebrate, here are even more posters and promo images!

Here we go again, lol. Why does Korea always seem to have the best posters?

Really? Here seems to be a Japanese wallpaper, lol.

Ahh, a cool version with “L” alone.

Yet another cool version.

A blue-tinged “Light” version with other members of the cast.

A gold-tinged “L” version with members of the cast.

Lastly, an elegant shot of the “Death Note”. Indeed, the pen is mightier than the apple?

Let the fake captions continue! Light: “Misa-chan, will you be my Death Loli?”

Misa-chan: “Definitely! Here’s my Death Porn!”

Light: “I now have all of the Death Porn. Do you Death Gods object?”

Misa-chan: “Sorry L, but I’m Light’s Death Loli, not yours.”

Misa-chan: “Dammit L, I said I’m Light’s Death Loli! Not yours!”

Light: “L, are you sure we can’t share a Death Loli?”

L: “I’m positive, Light. Why bother with Death Porn when I can have my own Death Loli?”

Hehe, enough about “Death Note 2”. Next, let’s roll back the clock to “Death Note 1”. Uh-oh, can you feel it? Can you feel ourselves getting a little bit closer from DEFCON 2 to DEFCON 1?


Part 3 of 5 > Death Note 1 – The First Film

The First Film! More obviously, before there was the live-action “Death Note 2” (2006) above, there was a live-action “Death Note 1” (2006). And like I already mentioned, I probably watched it in 2008. Again, I don’t remember if I rated this film, but if I had to now, I’d probably give 3-of-5 or 4-of-5 stars. Again, not bad at all! Once more, here are even more posters and promo images!

Hahaha, once more, Korea seems to have the best posters! Dammit, lol. Why can’t I find these cool Korean posters in Japanese?

Here’s an awesome blue-tinged “L” version! Feel free to enlarge it!

Ahh, nice wallpaper version! Doesn’t “Light” (Tatsuya Fujiwara) look like “Frodo” (Elijah Wood)? Somehow, I don’t think a master tactician should look like a Hobbit, lol.

More fake captions! Light the Hobbit: “Whoa, I never thought Death Porn was like this!”

Light the Hobbit: “Ryuk, don’t worry! I can handle this Death Porn. No problem!”

Ryuk: “Are you sure? Death Pornography can be quite… fatal.”

Light the Hobbit: “Wait! What?!? Death Porn will accelerate my age?!?”

L via Internet: “As you can see, only 50 minutes of Death Porn has aged my patient 50 years!”

L: “Yes, my name is L. Short for Little Loli Lover.”

L: “Yes, men. We must find the Death Porn to find the Death Loli. At all costs.”

That’s it, my Trembling Toyboxers! Time to target “Death Note 0”. Time to fall from DEFCON 1 to DEFCON 0! To an infinite “Defense Readiness Condition”! Yeah, right, whatever, lol.


Part 4 of 5 > Death Note 0 – The Manga & Anime

Ah yes, the manga-based anime! Like I mentioned at the top in “Part 1”, it all began when I first watched the 37-episode anime “Death Note” (2006) back in August 2007. I was totally blown away! In fact, here’s my speed-review from “Blog 103 > From Melancholy Until Death” (13 August 2007).

Death Note (1-37) – Started 08/01/07. Finished 08/12/07. Double-wow! Mesmerizing crime games and aspiring death gods! Mind-blowing and heart-stopping 5 of 5 stars!

To celebrate, here are 38 of the best “Death Note” wallpapers I’ve collected both recently and over the years. Let’s start with “Kira” (Killer).

Followed by the iconic “L”.

Ah, “L” in manga-anime form. Can you detect the faintest hint of the background “L”?

“L” and “Light” against the musical “notes”!

Another cool white wallpaper!

Another shot of the “Death Note” and the apple.

“L” against the blackness.

Another black-and-white wallpaper.

Black-and-white with a sprinkle of blood!

“Light” in white, caught in the “death” tape.

The bright “Light” versus the dark “L”.

The black “L” faces the white “Light”.

Ahh, a nice manga-based piece of art.

Another version of the above.

Misa-chan, Light, and the Gods behind them!

On the last hour of the last day, the Death God said, “Let there be Light!”

Another background interpretation with the same pose.

As the “Light” shone before them, the Death Gods smiled in amusement.

Light: “Give me your Death Porn and you shall be free!”

L: “If I give you my Death Porn, will you give me your Death Loli?”

Another bright “L” beside another “Light” of darkness.

The green-tinged “Light” of greed.

The red-tinged “Light” of blood.

Light: “Thank you for the Death Porn. You shall now be set free!”

Light: “Ha, you shall now be set free of porn!”

Light: “Hahaha, you shall now be set free of horny doves too!”

Light: “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who’s the horniest bastard of them all?”

Misa-chan: “Umm, am I the horniest bastard?”

Misa-chan: “Butterflies on stones aren’t as lovely as pornography on bones.”

Misa-chan: “Don’t you love Death Porn on dead bones?”

Misa-chan: “Death Porn, Death Porn. Don’t you love pornography on bones?”

The main characters: “All for one. And one for porn!”

Light: “Black Paint, Black Paint, on the wall. Who’s the sexiest bastard of them all?”

Light: “I’m too sexy. I’m too sexy for your crappy manga characters.”

L: “Ahh, like I said, Death Tea works quite well with a Death Loli.”

L: “Especially, a Death Loli in red.”

Light: “Fear me! Fear me and my very long Death Scythe!”

Death Note: “Fucking morons! Why do they keep calling me Death Porn?”

Hahaha, Death Porn, Death Porn, on the shelf! Who’s even hornier than thyself? LOL! You know, it’s so funny reading all of your “Light-versus-L” comments on my recent Blog 208 mega-cast! I’m starting to think that the guys (like A20-man and even myself) tend to cheer “Light”, while the gals (like Kris-chan and Jenn-chan) tend to cheer “L”. Yup, a gender thing? Why is that? Is it the simple difference between those who “coldly” pursue absolute power (like Lelouch in “Code Geass”) and those who “warmly” save the world from them? Hmm, I wonder.


Part 5 of 5 > Death Girls in Sepia – Revisited

Death Note! Death Porn! Death Loli! Speaking of Death Lolis, I couldn’t help being reminded of my ancient anime photoshoot back in November 2007. Yup, my old Blog 119 post, more than 90 posts ago! Here’s what I wrote back then.

Blog 119 > Sepia Death Girls!
November 28th, 2007

Finally! Full photoshoot is finally ready! As I teased in my previous Blog 118 > The Joy of Sepia, this month we welcome my latest “Death Girls” — 1/6-scale “Morte from Noir et Blanc” (Toranoana, June-July 2007) obtained in August 2007, and 1/6-scale “Misa from Death Note” (Jun Planning, June 2007) obtained in September 2007.

For this Canon photoshoot, I ended up with 65 shots, taken with the backdrop of a Japanese cemetery. And for the first time, I experimented with sepia! May not sound like much, but as my brother observed, anime and sepia aren’t usually associated with each other, right? In any case, I really like the Gothic atmosphere created with a simple change in color and contrast. I hope you do too. Enjoy the rest!

Warning > I recommend Firefox or Safari since IE 6/7 tends to break under the photo pressure, argh.

Click for Full Photoshoot (65) >>

So yeah, why not bring back a 10-shot sample of the 65-shot photoshoot? Aww, Misa-chan.

A close-up of the bright-eyed blond-tailed Misa-chan and her Death Porn, lol.

Ahhh, the lovely Morte-chan and her trusty Death Scythe, lol. Feel free to enlarge her!

Umm, another revealing angle of Morte-chan.

An almost-mystical form of lip-pointing, lol.

Whoa, Misa-chan, nice lacy stockings!

Umm, Morte-chan, are you trying to tell me something?

Whoa, Misa-chan, let’s not forget those nice lacy forearm gloves, lol.

“All hope abandon ye who enter here!”

Hmm, the winged darkness has never seemed so bright.

Ahh, hope you enjoyed that 10-shot sample! The full 65-shot photoshoot can be found here. With a simple anime login, of course. But it’s such a coincidence how the sepia randomly reappears immediately after my last mega-cast, lol. Nope, I didn’t plan it this way!


Damn! That was fast! All three “Death Note” live-action films, the “Death Note” anime, as well as a “Death Note” anime figure! Plus an extra “Death Girl”, lol. Gone by in a flash! So, my Tentacled Toyboxers, did our mighty mega-cast flash by like the speed of lucid lightning? Did we lick and lisp along liquid lines of logic? Did we limp and lag atop layers of digital celluloid? Did we flail and falter upon luscious flows of flesh and lust? Haha, okay, maybe not-so-much of that last bit. Thankfully, if you survived this far, you managed to lift yourself from your lazy slumber and last long enough to behold the luminous lashes of unleashed lightning! Thank you. Moreover, let’s thank the glimmering guest-starring gals who graced our mega-cast! Thank you, Misa-chan, Morte-chan and any other Death Lolis I might’ve missed along the way, lol. Who’s the horniest Death Loli of them all?

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Doctor: “L, are you sure she’s a Death Loli? I’ve never seen one up-close before!”


38 thoughts on “Blog 210 > Death Lolis & Changed Worlds

  1. @Densha-Dan: Haha, yeah, I know what you mean. But I was under the impression that the anime faithfully followed the original manga, didn’t it? In that “light”, the anime was what the story was meant to be. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the live-action films 1 and 2 took a new alternative route, lol. Some might hate it, some might love it. But I thought it was pretty intriguing. ^_^

  2. Hmm, lessee… I loved the manga, and though I didn’t like the ending, I managed to live with it. The anime ending was more or less the same, but slightly different- fine with that. The first two movies changed a lot, fine with that too, but not with Light getting knocked out by L. Third movie was just to cater to L fans- so-so entertainment wise, but there wasn’t much use of L’s intellect, which wasn’t good at all:)

    As for girls going for L/Suzaku and the guys leaning towards Light/Lelouch, I think it’s probably because the power-seeking change the world type doesn’t seem like boyfriend/husband material- unless you don’t mind playing being second (Or lower) to his grand plan:3
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > DaiCon ‘09: Not so ‘Dai’(大) after all =-.

  3. He doesn’t have to be in classic L poses for the posters. He’s super sexy. :)
    Was it really not that good of a movie? I haven’t gotten to watching it yet. Could it just be because you’re a Light fan? ^_^

    What’s with the wallpaper that’s got Light (and Ryuk) standing between Mellow and…I’m not sure who the other guy is supposed to be. You’d think it would be Near….

    I liked the Death Note anime quite a bit, but I’d never give it 5 of 5. First of all, only the first 25 episodes are worth watching. It’s rather mediocre after that. Second of all, it’s only really amazing the first time you watch it, and maybe the second, but after that, there’s no reason to bother. What makes the show is its tension and plot twists, which don’t matter anymore if you’ve already seen it. It’s definitely worth watching, but I wouldn’t buy it.

    Anyway, I’m not sure why I like L over Light. I certainly don’t have a problem swooning over evil guys (I hesitate to call Light a “bad guy,” because in the context of the story, he’s the protagonist). But I do find L totally adorable.

  4. @A20-man & @Kris-chan: Yup, A20-man, seems like I pretty much agree with your take of the 3 films plus anime. Though I don’t remember the “knocked out” part, lol. As for “power-seeking change-the-world” types, yeah, that could be a slight disadvantage in the “boyfriend-husband” department, haha. In fact, why not ask “bride-to-be” Kris-chan? What do you think? You seem to see L as the “super-sexy adorable” type. Is it the wild hair? The eye-liner? The hunchback? The sweet-tooth? All of it? Because I admit, appearance and mannerisms make the most sense!… Look at it this way. If the characters were redesigned in flipped format, so that if “L” was the normal-looking smart-eyed straight-backed super-detective “good guy”, and “Light” was the wild-haired eye-lined sweet-toothed hunchbacked yet adorably-eccentric “bad guy” who found the Death Note and wanted to adorably shape the world into “a better place”, wouldn’t you still like the adorably-hunchbacked “Light”? I mean, in this light, I might like the eye-lined sweet-toothed “Light” too!

    P.S. Hey Kris-chan, I believe the character in the wallpaper was one of the new heads of the “good guy” organization with M and N, right? I agree, the first 25 episodes represent the gleaming gems of the series, from which the final dozen can’t diminish. But in terms of tension and twists, your logic would pretty much destroy all mystery or thriller shows, lol. I mean, the number of viewings shouldn’t diminish my rating over time. If it did, “Blade Runner”, “The Matrix”, even the Hong Kong “Hard Boiled” and “Internal Affairs” would devolve to a measly 2 stars!

  5. Um, that’s hard to answer. It’s his personality yeah, and his mannerisms. Um, I wouldn’t say he’s marriage material, though. He’s too eccentric. But it would be fun to just sort of take care of him, I think. And he’s better looking than Light, too. I think it’s just that, girls like guys who aren’t ordinary. Aside from his high intelligence, Light is pretty average when you take away his Death Note. Also, L is a character (type) that you don’t see that often. He’s just…more interesting to me.

    Light…is difficult. Because you don’t know if he was evil to begin with, and the Death Note just gave him an outlet for it, or if it was the Death Note’s influence that made him crazy. I think it can be interpreted both ways.

    If their appearance and mannerisms were switched…. Then L would be kind of boring, and Light would be…too bizarre to bother with. It doesn’t fit with what he does in the story, and the whole thing would be a big joke.

    As for the other guy in the picture…I thought it might be one of the other Kira at first. Which still wouldn’t make sense. Having it be one of Mellow’s goons would…sort of…but it doesn’t look like one.

    Also…. What makes Death Note good is the tension and plot twists. That’s it. That’s all that distinguishes it from anything else really. And it’s actually kind of campy, to be honest. A really good movie can be seen any number of times. But if all that makes it “good” is some twist or trick, I don’t see any reason to watch it more than twice. Doesn’t make it any less great the first time though, because it was a really good show. But it loses all its impact after that.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Captive Hearts =-.

  6. @Kris-chan: I agree. L’s character is definitely quirkier, more unpredictable, and thus more amusing than Light’s. In fact, since their tactical intelligence is almost identical, it’s their personalities which differentiate them. Hence, my theoretical question. But the fact that you said “big joke” is intriguing! I agree, the “straight-backed L” would look like any other detective. But as I wrote my “hunchbacked Light” comment above, I immediately thought of Heath Ledger’s “Joker” once more, lol. To be more interesting, I guess a “normal looking L” would need some kind of darker “Batman-esque” alter ego, wouldn’t he?

    P.S. Hmm, let me search further… Ah, maybe he’s SPK member Stephen Gevanni?

  7. @ Jayman: When I first started Death Note, I didn’t expect it to be that good! The drawing put me off a little, but I soon got over it. As far as psychological thrillers go, this is it! As I finish one chapter, I can’t hesitate for the next; which prompted me to finish the whole manga series in one day!

    Then, my otaku mate passed me the anime version, and I thoroughly loved it. Although the plot after *Lahem* died changed a little, it still didn’t deter me to finish it.

    The live-action was the first manga-anime-turned-live-action to be shown in Malaysia, so I’d figure it should be that good for it to be screened here. Loved the first movie, and was a tad disappointed with the second. Maybe because they changed the ending which made me go “What?”. In the end, when I think about it, it’s an appropriate ending to an otherwise good movie. Everything was covered up pretty well, so there’s no need for *Nahem* to appear on screen. Didn’t watch the third as I read the plot and just didn’t like it.

    Speaking of endings, this series has one of the most astonishing twist to it than any other before (okay, Code Geass took me by surprise). It felt complete and just utterly brilliant!

    L’s character really stood out as one of the most memorable in an anime/manga series. His intellectual genius plus the fact that he would dare to take risks really made him a firm opponent for Light. Truly an epic battle of wits and cunning!

    Which brings back the question: Heath Ledger (a.k.a. The Joker) as L? Probable! ^^
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > An Addiction To Twitter =-.

  8. Quote: “What’s with the wallpaper that’s got Light (and Ryuk) standing between Mellow and…I’m not sure who the other guy is supposed to be. You’d think it would be Near….” It’s Mikami, Light’s fanatic worshipper boy. May he rot for all eternity in Kiraland…

    Quote: “and “Light” was the wild-haired eye-lined sweet-toothed hunchbacked yet adorably-eccentric “bad guy” who found the Death Note and wanted to adorably shape the world into “a better place”… somehow I feel myself getting an irresistible urge to slap him silly and tell him to ‘get serious’^^;
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > DaiCon ‘09: Not so ‘Dai’(大) after all =-.

  9. @J85-man: I don’t plan to read the manga, but which anime ending do you mean? I ask “which” because there’s the “ending” of one adversary (some fans like Kris-chan and myself agree that the anime went downhill from there), and then there’s the final “ending” of another adversary. Do you mean the final-final ending? But yeah, definitely some memorable characters… Haha, though I think we kinda beat the “Heath Ledger as L” question like a dead horse.

    @A20-man: Ahh, yeah, Mikami! I think the green shirt and yellow tie befuddled me, lol. But I guess there was bound to be some nutball to screw-up the grand master plan!… As for the “adorable L”, I’m pretty sure you’d slap him silly whether he was “good” or “evil”. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you called him a perceptive “monkey in make-up”. Not at all. ^_^

  10. The one thing I really liked about the ending of the movie was how Ryuk reacted. He’d had enough of being used, and it was basically like “Yeah, screw you, let’s go.”

    Oh, Mikami! Yeah, he was the other Kira, wasn’t he? But, again, it doesn’t make sense, lol. Or, well, I guess Mikami did kill Mellow, didn’t he? So, alright, maybe it does make sense after all.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Captive Hearts =-.

  11. @ Jayman: If you put it that way, then I would have to say the 1st “ending” caused it to be downhill. I just felt that everything was nicely paced and good, but once that “ending” occurred, then I can feel the director rushing to finish it all off. So, it’s like I have a sense of displeasure, you know what I mean?
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > Maintenance #1 =-.

  12. I noticed that L looks somewhat like an emo, seriously. Anyway, Ryuk is cool. I want to hug him, but I guess I can’t because he is too big for me.
    .-= RyoBase´s last blog > I’ll be BACK =-.

  13. @Kris-chan: Ahh, true, lol. But didn’t Ryuk have the same reaction in the anime? Of course, if either you or I were Ryuk, we’d probably think the same way.

    @J85-man: Yeah, I know what you mean. Unless the manga followed the same path. Then you can’t really blame the director. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to read the manga.

    @RyoBase-man: Well, “L” has always looked emo, from manga to anime to live-action. You just noticed now? LOL, but I’m not sure if Ryuk is physically solid. Let’s ask…

    Umm, A20-man, J85-man or Kris-chan, if Ryuk can physically eat apples, do you still think he can be physically hugged too? ^_^

  14. @Jay: Perceptive monkey in make-up. Hehe, I just might. To be honest I didn’t hate L- I did find him quite entertaining. Plus, he was much better than Mello or Near, although, if you compare their stats, L, M, and N all drop short of Light’s ‘godly digits’ (I have the guidebook).

    @Kris: I don’t know about the anime, but in the manga, it was Takada Kiyomi that killed Mello, with a bit of the Death Note hidden in her bra. Mikami wrote Mello’s name in the DN after that, and as such had no effect.

    It really should be Near in that wallpaper- I’m guessing that whoever made it just didn’t like Near=,=

    @Huggable Ryuk question: Misa hugged Ryuk once, but he got embarassed and um, semi-vaporized himself, making Misa fall to the ground.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > DaiCon ‘09: Not so ‘Dai’(大) after all =-.

  15. @A20-man: “Godly digits”? Hmm, do you mean “kills”? I mean, since it’s you, who really knows what you mean, right?… Haha, it’s been so long, I don’t even remember that Ryuk hug! Or was it in the manga version? Still, that’s pretty funny.

    @Miko-chan: …

    @Envoy-man: Haha, yeah, in the act of writing the impromptu fake captions, “Death Loli” suddenly appeared. The rest is history! Even changed the mega-cast title to include it, lol… Hmm, why does Mimi-chan suddenly fit that image?

  16. @jay well, if we touch the so-called “death note” we should be able to physically hug him. So Light should be smarter using Ryuk and fly him to somewhere else, where L won’t be able to find him like Atlantis.

    @aprilius20 Misa hugged Ryuk? Hold on, let me check my brain ‘cuz I don’t remember that….Aghh, no use. Whatever, forget it. You’re probably right.
    .-= RyoBase´s last blog > I’ll be BACK =-.

  17. @aprilius:
    Oh, that’s right! Mellow kidnaps her, she kills him, and then Light kills her, right?

    I think he meant Misa hugs him in the manga? Because I don’t remember seeing that in the anime either.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Captive Hearts =-.

  18. @Jay: Godly digits, yeah, haha. I didn’t mean it to sound confusing, but that’s how it turned out. I hope you didn’t think I was talking about Light’s fingers? I was referring to his excellent stats:)

    @Kris: Yup, that’s how it went- unless the anime changed that as well…

    @Ryo: It’s in the manga, just before L died. Misa was sent to retrieve the buried Death Note, and met Ryuk there. As before, I don’t know if this happened in the anime.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > DaiCon ‘09: Not so ‘Dai’(大) after all =-.

  19. @Ryo-man: Hahaha, Ryuk fly Light to Atlantis? Now that’s freaking crazy! Hey, A20-man and J85-man, I need some help here!

    @Kris-chan: LOL, with all this “huggable Ryuk” talk, I’m suddenly reminded of the “L”, “Light” and “Ryuk” plushies! But here’s a more twisted thought… “Ryuk” huggable pillow covers???

    @J85-man: I guess it’s now confirmed, lol. Misa hugged Ryuk. But please help me out above, I think Ryo-man is going insane again.

    @A20-man: Oops! Do I see a major spoiler? No worries, lol. But maybe you can explain to me Ryo-man’s insane theory above that Ryuk could physically fly Light to Atlantis?

    @Envoy-man: Ahh, gotcha. I can’t remember anything she’s worn that comes close. In your case, I suppose her Mio-chan cosplay will have to do, lol. ^_^

  20. @ Jayman: The thing about Ryo is that he often talks that way! Lol you should see his Twitter or his blog. Not to say that it’s bad, but kinda amusing in a way… ^^
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog > CANAAN EP 01 =-.

  21. @Jay: Hmm… I guess he means that Light could ride piggyback on Ryuk? He does have wings, after all. But since Atlantis is underwater, he’d have to submerge instead… and yeah, they’ll have to pack lots of apples (I suppose they act as fuel) or Light would end up skydiving… without a parachute=,=
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > DaiCon ‘09: Not so ‘Dai’(大) after all =-.

  22. @J85-man: Hahaha, yeah, I figured he was strange enough to talk that way. Luckily, I’m not desperate or lazy enough to use Twitter yet, lol. ^_^

    @A20-man: Ahh, true. Sadly, we don’t know if Ryuk’s wing-power is sufficient just for himself, or for himself plus a human plus a load of apples. But if it is, how would disappearing to Atlantis be amusing to Light, let alone Ryuk? Keeping the Death Note, yet not using it? Seems kinda pointless, doesn’t it?

  23. Ah, but what if he plans to use it as his secret base from which to conquer the world? Something along the lines of Superman’s Ice Fortress or Ozymandias’s own version from Watchmen. L wouldn’t be able to reach him, either. But yeah, it wouldn’t be fun if Light wasn’t in danger the whole while. So I guess they could use it as a holiday villa, for an OVA or something?

  24. @A20-man: Secret base? Why so secret? If the world is at his fingertips, why hide from it? In fact, with enough arrogance, he should be able to walk in the streets without any fear, right? Then again, where’s the fun in a chess match if you know you’re going to win each time?

    P.S. Hmm, not sure about a villa. Well, unless you include some bikini-clad beach babes…

  25. I don’t think he ever planned on revealing his identity, though. It seemed more like he planned on making KIRA into a symbol, so that he could train a successor to ascend to the throne upon his death, someone to inherit the note. Hey hey, ‘bikini-clad beach babes’? Only if I’m invited as well… Let’s conceive a spectacular Atlantian gate-crashing plan, shall we?
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  26. @A20-man: Ahh, I see. Well, since he knows multiple Death Notes are possible, revealing his true name would probably be a bad move. But it shouldn’t stop him from freely walking the streets… Hey, sure, why not bikini-clad Death Lolis? Death Babes? I’m sure we could conjure some gate-crashing scheme. But there’s a couple of big question marks. (1) Where the heck is Atlantis? And (2) does it have any beaches?… If all else fails, I suppose the gambling beach-side Atlantic City (New Jersey, USA) might be the closest-named location for our needs, lol.

  27. I thoroughly enjoyed the live action for Death Note. Usually, live action is generally not my thing, but the intense battle of wits really appealed to me in addition to the ever changing balance of justice and evil. I just don’t like that some people take the over hyped stance towards iconic anime series such as Death Note.

    I’m a big fan of lacy stockings, too. I’m not a fan of that Misa figure, but I would definitely buy her stockings if I saw them at a store. That Toranoana Morte figure is just so gorgeous. I was so tempted to order it, but I had no confirmation as to whether or not it would come with a pamphlet and decided against it in the end. She’s so beautiful.
    .-= Jem´s last blog > [Really] Post E3 Haul =-.

  28. @Jem-chan: Ahh, I agree on all points. Quite enjoyable. Secondly, I don’t exclusively prefer anime over live-action or vice-versa. Each version is a valid interpretation of the original manga. Thirdly, while the Misa figure isn’t the highest style or quality, her laciness is quite irresistible. And lastly, Morte is exquisitely gorgeous. Sadly, I lost the original pre-sepia color photos back during a computer crash in October 2007. Maybe I’ll do a reshoot sometime, lol. Oh yeah! My order did indeed come with that mini-manga pamphlet “Welcome to Himorogi”. Nice little touch! As if the extraordinary cylindrical box wasn’t enough! Again, I may need to do a reshoot eventually, hehe. ^_~

  29. Where is Atlantis? Probably at the bottom of the ocean, if it even existed. Anyhow, Light can easily gather the funds to buy an island or two and rename it ‘Light’s playhouse’, if he wanted to. Atlantic City, eh? I’ve heard of it before… something about it being a seedy backwater town until the Olympics came to town, or something like that. Hmm, a bit far for me, but I guess I could get Rem to fly me there, haha. Beach paradise, eh? I’m not on very good terms with sunlight, so I’ll be needing a bunch of handmaidens with parasols, lol.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  30. @A20-man: Ahh, while myths and legends like King Arthur and unicorns tend to tease the imagination, there always seems to be a nagging seed of truth to them. Atlantis included. Some of the more credible theories point to an Atlantis along the edges of the Antarctic Circle, a few Ice-Age eras ago, when the polar ice caps were receded in a more globally-warmed era. Consequently, today, it could be buried beneath miles of globally-cooled polar ice. Personally, I don’t think it’d reveal any advanced cyber-technology, but perhaps a Romanesque copper- or iron-age, reminiscent of our own Ancient Roman period millenia later. Followed by their own massive Mt. Vesuvian-scaled destruction, via inevitable polar cooling… Hmm, intriguing. Could be the seed of a new “Code Geass” prequel set against a pre-Ice Age Atlantis. “Code Atlantis” has a nice ring to it!

  31. I remember seeing an old documentary once about this theory that Atlantis was actually an ancient city somewhere in the Mediterranean region. Haha, your ‘Code Atlantis’ sounds a lot like some sort of environmental-conservation story. So after wrecking the planet, and the planet blowing up as punishment, the third season is about making things nice again? Sounds fun:)
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: How Harry Lost his Lobster =-.

  32. @A20-man: Hmm, not really environmental-conservation. Just another impending natural disaster several Ice Ages ago, lol. But I wouldn’t be surprised if “Atlantis” comprised of two founding cities, one in the Mediterrean and another in the Antarctic. A sort of “Atlantis Solar” and an “Atlantis Lunar”. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the discovery of the “Original Code” sparked an ancient civil war which triggered the acceleration of the “Global Winter”. Then a few-dozen millenia later, “Code Geass” comes along, lol.

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