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So what do u do when the summer is so hot that your female roommate starts walking around the house in her panties? Answer: Nothing, since u can’t change her mind anyway. Then again, it’s no big deal for me to sit at my laptop in my boxers. Hence, it’s no big deal for Lisa either, lol. >_<

In fact, today, it suddenly hit me that Kallen from “Code Geass” reminds me of Lisa. Not only in their similar swings of melancholy, confidence, lovesickness and cheerfulness, but also in their variety of outfits, even their reddish hair. I mean, if she really wanted to, Lisa could definitely cosplay as Kallen! But I doubt she even knows what cosplay is. Too bad, lol. For more on the history of Lisa, check out my Blog 123 > Frumpy Orange Photoshoot and Blog 145 > Vegas in July.

As for myself, who do *I* resemble? See answer below, lol. >_<





As for myself, who do *I* resemble? Answer: I’ve been told a few times that I resemble the cool-and-collected intellectual drummer Yasu from the sublime rock-and-roll anime “NANA”. Not bad. Definitely cool. After all, it could be worse, lol. Lastly, if u have even more time to kill, check out Gordon’s post Which Anime Character Best Resembles You.



9 thoughts on “Blog 157 > My Anime Roommate?

  1. Whoa that is so awesome you do look and remind me of him! You’re lucky you have a pretty roommate. ^^ And Guinness is so cute!

  2. @Mimi: Awww, thanx, thanx and thanx, lol. U made my day. But I’m starting to think you’re losing your sarcastic streak! >_< P.S. "Part 3" awaits!

  3. Yasu~ I liked him in the manga, haven’t watched the anime for comparison.

    You got it easy, I have no idea who I’d resemble… I’d probably have to ask my brother (or a [semi-]serious anime fan hehe~). That’s a good question though!

  4. @Koshiko: If u liked him in the manga, u’d love him in the anime. I only read Volume 3 (with Sachiko), but he’s practically identical in both formats. I can’t play the drums, but does multi-finger tapping on my steering wheel count? ^_^

  5. This is as good a place to say this as anywhere else- your mugshot, the one you use for your avatar, actually reminds me of Kumeta Kouji, the creator of Zetsubou Sensei. Leave out the fact that most (male) viewers feel like punching him when he shows up in the anime though:)

    OK, back to 214. Hey, in a limited sense, I just time-traveled… 2:43am and I’m feeling rather dead, hence the lame temporal theory:3
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

  6. @A20-man: Hahaha, nooooo, not KK! But yeah, I understand the resemblance. I don’t *see* it, but I understand it, lol… Well, duh, hasn’t the consumption of all literature, whether fiction or non-fiction, always been a form of time-travel? Same thing with looking at photographs too? Viewing and reviewing past thoughts, ideas and images?

  7. Haha, something against KK? Still shocked and stunned after seeing him floating around the screen, covering all the coveted bits?
    Consumption of media as a form of time-travel, eh. I have heard of it before, and dabbled with the theory- it just never stuck in my mind. Wonder why, when it’s such an old one… ah well.

    p.s. Understand it, but can’t *see* it? You can now -evil grin-
    Hmm. He’s quite the chubby one, while you’re.. what’s the word, bah, it’s slipped away again=,=
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Eden of the East =-.

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