Blog 145 > Vegas in July

Sorry folks, no anime or figures this time, lol. But like I mentioned in Mimi’s blog, my ex-wife’s little sister Lisa has been successfully living (and thankfully paying rent) at my house for the last 6-7 months. More recently, her Boston Terrier named Guiness was moved from her ex’s place and joined us last month, lol… So I thought, since it’s about that semi-annual time of year to post some self-portrait shots, why not? Here’s a big batch of photos taken on July 4th and today July 31st… Enjoy! I’m pretty sure, Miko-chan will, lol. ^_^;
















8 thoughts on “Blog 145 > Vegas in July

  1. @Koshiko: LOL, thanx, I *like* those glass-reflecting shots! Very dramatic and anime-style, eh?… Actually, ever since I had a intense viral infection in my left eye, about 7 years ago, I’ve had a fascination with having a supernatural (or bio-engineered) left eye, haha.

    For example, here’s a 2004 drawing of Captain Jayman from the Firefly-Class Rose, a fanfic character based on myself, with a green bio-engineered left eye, lol. Then coincidentally in 2007, Lulu from Code Geass comes along~ no wonder he’s one of my favorite male anime characters, haha. ^_^;

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