Blog 216 > Time to Embrace, Rock or Die

Time. Space. Grace. Rock. Death. Life. Love. Welcome, my Tragic Toyboxers to yet another timeless mega-cast! Time for another revealing look at our otaku outlook, another animated moment to read or die, another intricate instant to travel through a temporal labyrinth, another warmth embrace in the arms of an autumn night, and another screaming rush of the rock-band spotlight! Fair enough? Foul enough? Well, then, ready or not, worthy or not, crazy or not, it’s time to kick-off the show!

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Blog 209 > Keion, Krypton & Destruction

Are you? Are you ready, my Tyrannical Toyboxers? Ready to get wet with a brand-new blast of mega-splashes and mega-smashes? A brand-new weekly tidal-wave of keionic lolitas, kryptonite rivals and nomadic roommates? With another drenching downpour of 100-plus pics? Haha, well, I guess you don’t have many choices, do you? Time to weather the rainbow-colored lightning, feel the ground-pounding thunder, or get out of the rain! But whatever you do, it’s time for another mega-cast attack to begin!

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Blog 191 > Otaku Antics & Sankaku Kicks

What? Wait, is it time already? How’s your day, my Trusty Toyboxers? That bad? LOL, well, as I start to frantically assemble this text, my 57 images are all set up, but I have no clue how to tie these random strings all together! Not yet, lol. Yeah, it’s been a freakishly busy week. A hectic week of head-scratchingly random albums, low-strung departmental coworker parties, scantily-clad figure-photoshoot possibilities, mouth-droppingly shocking otaku-blog battles, and mind-raging otaku-fan clubs! Hehe, yeah, 57 images, a pretty small mega-post, haha. But we’ll manage, won’t we? So enough of the eye-irritating introduction! Let’s grab some well-buttered popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this week’s spellbinding five-act show…

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Blog 190 > Tigers, Kitties, Catfights & I

Welcome Katsuni! Welcome back, my trusty Toyboxers! Your maniacal master of the mega-post broadcast has returned with yet another five-part foray into the feline realm, lol. But why Katsuni? Hehe, why not? Actually, whether by demon or by design, it’s quite amusing how French-Asian adult-video actresses seem to slink their way onto my posts! Last week, French-Japanese idol Maria Ozawa. Then this week, French-Vietnamese star Katsuni. Yup, this week, our feline odyssey explores terrifying tiger tactics, shuffling little kitties, and of course, internationally captivating catfights! All accompanied by over 90 images! So beware, if you’re still cave-dwelling with Internet Explorer, ditch the buggy IE, and let the browsing fox fire up your soul, haha. On your mark! Get set! Go! Hope you enjoy the show…

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Blog 181 > Snowy Vegas & Shining Anime

So is my blog snowing too much? Well, at least Shagh thinks it’s fine, lol. And I’m pretty sure Koshiko, Meimi132 and Blowfish don’t mind, lol. Yup, digital snowflakes, snowy Vegas and shining anime. What could be better? Hmm, maybe more than 40 photos? Including sultry Elwing? Or sexy Xecty? Why not?

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Blog 169 > MP3 Audio Broadcast 001

Saturday, 9:15pm, 11 Oct 2008
MP3 Length 13:33 Minutes

  • OP – “Into the Battlefield” from Crows Zero [2007].
  • Stuffy nose, cold weather, Miko sick, hope u feel better
  • Rearranging house, plasma TV soon, remove old wood shelves, TV stand, sit on floor
  • Behind on blogs, website to design
  • Mimi‘s comment on high-school classroom, feng shui?
  • Lisa is home, Guiness the dog is there
  • Danny’s blog, Mimi’s comment on hikikomori vs. otaku
  • Behind on TV shows and anime, Harry Potter 5
  • Lucky Star OVA, Sayonara Mr. Despair (Zetsubou Sensei), WTF LOL, 4 of 5 stars
  • Star Wars (Clone Wars) TV, Roughnecks (Starship Troopers), good formula for kids, Yoda!
  • Crows Zero, 8 Mile, Eminem, Lose Yourself, D12
  • Treadmill, hours editing a blog post, pain in the butt, life of a blogger, too lazy to write up
  • ED – “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile [2002] by Eminem.

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Blog 161 > Lisa’s Operation Dustball

Argh, the dustballs!… So what do u do when your roommate hears somewhere that dust is mostly comprised of dead human-skin cells, and is so disgusted that she wants to dust off the entire house? Answer: Nothing, since u can’t change her mind anyway. Haha, believe me, I tried. Which explains why a couple nights ago, on Thursday, September 11, 2008, Lisa wanted me to bring out the ladder, so she could dust off the “pot shelves” along the highest parts of my house! Fortunately, it was amusing enough to pull out my Canon DSLR, lol. Plus a photogenic girl doesn’t hurt either, lol. ^_^

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Blog 149 > Britannia Versus Galactica

Ah, finally caught up! Yup, over the last 5 days, caught up with the last 18 weeks of “Code Geass R2” (scheduled for about 26 episodes). Still such an ambitious and wide-sweeping storytelling scope! And just like the supernatural chess-match strategies in “Death Note”, still one of the most-intellectually engaging 5-star series in recent years. But if there’s any downside to such a broad tapestry of characters, it’s the relative lack of any resonating emotional depth among specific characters… so far. Thankfully, now that I’m caught up, the threat of spoilers has been drastically reduced, hehe. ^_^

However, while “Code Geass R2” and Lelouch have been magnificent, a half-hour anime can’t compete with the best one-hour live-action sci-fi dramas on television.

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Blog 146 > Human Pets & Masters

Hey, ever heard of Human Pets?… If you haven’t, it’s a community which was born within the Facebook network, where humans buy, sell, feed and pet other “human” pets (or themselves), and have a fun time being animals, lol. But because this is gonna be a weird multi-topic post, I’ll leave the “Human Pets” for last, haha.

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Blog 145 > Vegas in July

Sorry folks, no anime or figures this time, lol. But like I mentioned in Mimi’s blog, my ex-wife’s little sister Lisa has been successfully living (and thankfully paying rent) at my house for the last 6-7 months. More recently, her Boston Terrier named Guiness was moved from her ex’s place and joined us last month, lol… So I thought, since it’s about that semi-annual time of year to post some self-portrait shots, why not? Here’s a big batch of photos taken on July 4th and today July 31st… Enjoy! I’m pretty sure, Miko-chan will, lol. ^_^;

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Blog 144 > Operation Woodstock

Hey all, pretty big news!… After 6 long uncertain months (since Feb 2008), 2 different agents (Toni then Angie), and over $100K drop in value (from $360K down to $249K), I finally emailed Angie the Realtor my decision to *NOT* sell the house after all. And guess what? When she called, she was laughing because *THAT* was what she wanted to hear! She couldn’t or didn’t want to tell me that, because she wanted it to come from me, my own decision. Can you believe that? Although she lost a client, she hasn’t lost a friend… or a possible blind date for one of her girl friends, haha. ^_^;

Here’s the email I sent her on Friday (July 25th).

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Blog 132 > Triple Monitor Goodness

Yeah, why not? A photo of my *anime*-style workspace at home. Very little attempt to clean up. Just 48 of my 79-figure collection, plus lots of goodies (and bills, argh).

My setup: (1) Left. 15-inch laptop. About 2.5 years old. My main machine, hooked up to center monitor. Working on Akiko. (2) Center. 20-inch monitor. To watch anime, movies, and check Photoshop graphics. Akiko on top of Purple Mirai. (3) Right. 17-inch desktop. About 4.5 years old. For BitTorrent and Pandora to free up laptop resources. Shiro Otoko & Mirai.

P.S. Planning to buy a 24-inch iMac and 50-inch plasma after I sell my house. ^_^;

P.P.S. Wow, lots of international comments too, hahaha. ^_^;

Blog 123 > Frumpy Orange Photoshoot

Frumpy! Yep, that’s what Lisa called herself, haha… Hey, remember my Blog 120 > Orange Christmas photo-post? Well, back in early December, due to various circumstances, my ex’s sister Lisa asked to move in with me as a housemate. Actually, I’ve known Lisa since she was a 12-year-old brat in 1994, so she’s not totally unfamiliar. But after a full 5 weeks of moving and assembling her stuff from 2 or 3 other places, and fulfilling her first-month’s rent to me, last night (Wednesday the 16th) was her first night staying over. Which somehow included an impromptu photoshoot in her new orange bedroom and “frumpy” stay-at-home outfit!… Consequently, here are 13 of the better shots. For more of Lisa, she can also be found at MySpace > EvieVanCovet. Enjoy the odd and orange frumpiness!

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Blog 047 > Faster & More Flexible

Faster & More Flexible [Wednesday, April 4, 2007] Cool! You know how I was going to PHP-reconstruct my website with the SAME design? Well, maybe NOT the same, lol. Last night, I started tinkering with a new template: 1000px wide, triple column, WITHOUT tables! Yup, no rigid table tags, but faster more-flexible CSS (stylesheet) “div” tags instead. Here’s the new test page. (Looks best in Firefox or IE7.)

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