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Wow, too much time has blown like the wind!… First, even though this is my 23rd anime-figure photoshoot, it’s my first indoor photoshoot in TEN MONTHS since November 2007! Second, my 85th figure has taken FOURTEEN MONTHS to finally arrive since my July 2007 pre-order! But all the delays and waiting has finally paid off. After falling in love with “her long raven-black hair, white windblown dress, and old-style pistol and shotgun” in July 2007 (Blog 099), my latest photoshoot of 1/7-scale “Fumie” from the Edelweiss eroge (Japanese erotic videogame) is now one of my most-favorite photoshoots ever, lol. Moreso than I felt back then, “There’s just something gothic yet classical, stoic yet carefree, angelic and demonic, about her!”

For this Canon DSLR photoshoot, I used my (a) ceiling light, (b) two halogen desk lamps, plus (c) my camera flash, to collect about 200 shots in about 120 minutes. Which are typical numbers for me. Finally, I narrowed the near-200 shots down to 90 shots. The best part is, except for resizing and watermarking, absolutely NO Photoshop enhancements were applied to the photos at all. Nice, that’s how it should be. I hope you enjoy the shoot!

Warning > I recommend Firefox 2/3 since IE 6/7 tends to break under the photo pressure, argh.

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25 thoughts on “Blog 162 > Fumie From Edelweiss

  1. OMG You lucky sonofa…. I want her sooo much…. I dont even know what Edleweiss is… I just know I must have her… where did you get her? HLJ? Hobbystock?

  2. Also, these photos would make awesome wallpapers(*hint hint*)- Photo 3393, Photo 3422, Photo 3438, Photo 3446, Photo 3461(especially this one), Photo 3515(And this one!).

    Pretty please!!! If I had to pick out of those chosen…. the last two, 3461 and 3515. Awesome shots… so pretty…

  3. Love the way you do your backgrounds. My faves of the set are 3453 and 3456. Sorry to criticise, but the front on shots don’t seem to connect with the eyes (her real eyes that is ^^) and so feels like something’s missing. A lower angle might have done the trick, though I realise it’s not always possible.

    She’s a great figure though, nice lighting on the hair and background, and thanks for the wallpapers!!

  4. Ah, so this is Fumie that you were talking about! I see, she looks gorgeous, man! Well worth the wait. And you waited 14 months for it? Geez, that’s awfully long for one.

    I noticed the lens flare on most of the pics. Was that intentional?

    I’m planning to go to the KLCC park tomorrow, since it’s my day off from college. My first outdoor shoot! Hope I can get some good shots over there! ^^

  5. @David: Thanx! It’s so fascinating how everyone has different faves with just the slightest differences, lol. But I like nearly *all* of them, which is why it’s so hard for me to cut pics from the set! Ah, if u mean the front-on-and-level 3354 thru 3358, guess what? I think u’r right, I might’ve missed *that* specific angle-and-level. I don’t know why, lol. Luckily, the best eye-contact (yet angled) is 3508, which is why it’s my fave for the post. Yeah, she’s a gem without an anime series, but u should thank Meimi132, she’s the one who made the wall request, lol. ^_^

    @J85: LOL, nahhh, when u forget about a figure, the *wait* flashes by in an instant, haha… But yeah, that *flare* is definitely intentional, tough to pinpoint it’s location, but I’ve loved its random effect ever since my “Tomb Raider” photoshoot a couple years ago. Now it’s part of my own personal signature style, lol… Hey, good luck! Hope the weather doesn’t play tricks with ya, lol. ^_^

  6. Wow she is really, really gorgeous in such a unique way, i can’t stop looking at your photos of her! The detail looks fantastic and i can’t even describe that priceless expression.

  7. Asa-chan?? Another Asa-chan!! I liked the other Asa figure that was mentioned a while back on DannyChoo. I want her…. but I dont usually get more than one of the same chara unless they’re posable or nendo or something…

    And Himekuri Girl!!! The black version!! Very cool. Tis tempting to get her too…. since they’re so cheap.

  8. @M132: Haha, yeah, I remember Asa-chan’s slightly-chubby legs that DC liked. Ahh, I see, I used to have *figure restrictions* too, to avoid spending my entire paycheck. Too bad, which means u can’t get the black-version Himekuri either, can u? >_< [Crosslinked]

  9. @xJaymanx – I loved her legs, they were awesome!!!
    And with Himekuri girl black ver, she’d be quite cheap, only £8-10 in the UK($16-20) so it wouldn’t be like buying two £30($60) figures lol.

  10. Oooo, you make a good point… but somehow I’m not motivated to buy alot of figmas… Altho Tsuruya-san… I want… so very much… and now theres a Emiri head I want her even more! And possible two!!!

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