Blog 078 > Will Figures Never End?

Ah, finally! My first figure-collection update in ages! Finally moved out the boring 8-year-old vases from the stepped wall in the living area, and replaced them with my collection of still-boxed anime (and Lara Croft) figures! Jeez, 17 figures still boxed! For those who don’t yet know, with the exception of some of my earliest figures, I don’t open boxes until I’m ready to do a full photoshoot. Then once I’ve finished the photoshoot, I display them in the ever-rising shelves above my laptop setup. Only 37 figures opened! And yesterday, I just bought and added a third tier of shelves to make room for new post-photoshoot figures. Argh, will it never end? But now, more pics…

Photos 001 to 005. Yep, I admit it. The Haruhi Suzumiya gang, Shana, and Himekuri Girl.

Photos 006 to 007. Got Tachikoma? Plus two Motokos, a Saber (again), and Rin Tohsaka (again)?

Photos 008 to 009. Not to mention, Hazuki (from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase) on top of Chii, Ryofu on top of Revy, and Ritsuko Kübel Kettenkrad (obscured) on top of Lara Croft. Hmmm, Revy or Lara?

Photo 010. Ummm, rear view.

Photos 011 to 014. The ever-rising shelves of external mnemonic devices! Right, Motoko?

As a comparison, take a look at my figure collection back in September 2006! Whoa, ancient history! Well, that’s it for now! Till next time!

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