Blog 078 > Will Figures Never End?

Ah, finally! My first figure-collection update in ages! Finally moved out the boring 8-year-old vases from the stepped wall in the living area, and replaced them with my collection of still-boxed anime (and Lara Croft) figures! Jeez, 17 figures still boxed! For those who don’t yet know, with the exception of some of my earliest figures, I don’t open boxes until I’m ready to do a full photoshoot. Then once I’ve finished the photoshoot, I display them in the ever-rising shelves above my laptop setup. Only 37 figures opened! And yesterday, I just bought and added a third tier of shelves to make room for new post-photoshoot figures. Argh, will it never end? But now, more pics…

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Blog 008 > Lara Croft in Wetsuit! Part 1 of 2

WOW! Amazing photoshoot from Tuesday, Dec 5th!!! This time, I present the 8 1/2-inch 1/7-to-1/6-scale “Lara Croft in Wetsuit” figure (from the Tomb Raider II videogame). I took a total of 70 saved shots for 2 different poses, and again, it was tough just to narrow it down to 40. The photoshoots just seem to get better and better. And so, without further ado, here are the photos…

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post 424 ~ tomb raider phase! again?

Lara Croft in Wetsuit
Lara Croft in Wetsuit (TR2) | Image from

post 424 ~ yup, before i knew it, i’m in my “tomb raider” phase again!

i remember finishing the classic TR1 and TR2 games (for PC) in the mid-to-late 90s, and even worked halfway into TR3 as late as 2000-2001… (before “The Matrix” saga consumed me)… last month, i added “TR: Legend” (XP) to my wish list, and this week, for my x-mas wish list, it re-ignited my interest once again… today, i even purchased a 1/6-scale 9-inch “Lara Croft in Wetsuit (TR2)” figure on ebay!

BUT yesterday, my ex told me she planned on getting (or telling someone to get) “TR: Legend” for x-mas, for her recently-purchased XBOX 360!… whoa, at first, i was jealous (well, maybe i still am, lol)… but then, hey– i could play it for free, and maybe the controls won’t be as familiar as a computer keyboard… who knows?… in any case, today i decided to flash back and install my old pre-XP TR3 once more, but some of the audio and video sequences skip and repeat like a broken record, gah!… fortunately, the XP-compatible TR2, TR3, and TR4 versions are less than $9 each (including shipping) on ebay, hehehe ;)))

p.s. other than the “jedi knight” and “enter the matrix” games, “tomb raider” is the only other title i’ve felt strongly enough to actually FINISH!… ah, the good old days ;)