Blog 152 > Afro Samurai Attack!

Finally! A little late, but who cares? Some 18-19 months after its original broadcast, I’ve finally finished my 25th anime title of the year: “Afro Samurai”. Stylishly violent and almost-romantically post-apocalyptic, this 5-episode gem paints quite a refreshingly retro-futuristic view of hell-on-earth, life-long revenge, and inexplicable survival. Haha, Samuel L. Jackson voices the titular lead as well as his babbling sidekick, and why not? A bad-ass playing a bad-ass. Nuff sed, lol. Despite the brevity of the miniseries, the revealing flashbacks cast a shadowy depth to a seemingly simplistic quest. Quite impressive. Four of five stars. Can’t wait for the second season!

Now that that’s outta the way, time for some red-eyed ranting, lol.

Even though my draining 5-6-week doc-editing project for the FBI is drawing to a close this Monday, another client is already starting up for Tuesday~~ a 3-4-week editing project for IBM. Arghhh, after hours upon hours of staring at my computer screens, I think my boiling eyes are gonna burn out of my skull soon! Which explains my desperate lack of blog time~~ visiting blogs, commenting on blogs, let alone writing my own blog posts.

Fortunately, despite this temporal lack, Danny‘s got some nice portal-design news, Puppy-Chun‘s got an endless reservoir of pencil-and-paint cuteness, and Orange-Mimi‘s got some eccentric often-sarcastic and amusingly-bashing commentary (not to mention her inevitable “Code Geass” spoilers). Should I mention Miko-chan‘s infinite cyber-chat-energy? So yeah, I think I’ll survive the office. For now.

4 thoughts on “Blog 152 > Afro Samurai Attack!

  1. lol thanks for the mention! Glad you caught my hints of sarcasm in like every single post xP
    I really need to check out Afro Samurai.. should i watch it dubbed? >.>

  2. @Mimi: Hehe, no problema! Wait~ those were mere *hints*? Actually, the copy I downloaded is only English, no subs, likely to preserve Samuel L. Jackson’s original vocals. Well, *more* than likely.

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