Blog 151 > Christine the Blade – Part 3

Well, yesterday (Saturday), spent a few hours experimenting with a new “Blade” design; integrated (1) previously drawn art, (2) recently downloaded Photoshop brushes, and (3) new geometric elements. And I’m definitely pleased with the results! But pleasing Melanie and Christine is an entirely different matter, lol.

On a more puzzling note…

Danny Choo’s recent post “Ecchi Akihabara” (warning: NSFW) did something that his other similar posts had never done before: It actually began to turn me *off*. (What the heck? How?) While I’m not entirely sure, for the first time, scantily-clad and fully-exposed anime babes began to feel like a silly *joke*. For a moment, a part of me thought: What the heck is this cartoon crap? So it was quite a shocking anti-otaku reaction. But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll recover…

I wonder. Perhaps the “real world” feels more attractive than before; less reason to escape it. My lively lunches with Tammy, NaTasha, Melanie, engaging chats with Miko, and dog-playing dialogues with Lisa, have achieved a more fascinating appeal and impact on my life (than searching, watching or blogging about anime). Especially when these one-on-one discussions span such a wide range of topics ~ from money and careers, to food and nutrition, to sex and relationships ~ and offer such complex intellectual, emotional, and psychological puzzles to solve. Definitely the puzzles, haha.

LOL, I wonder if that’s it! While female anime characters tend to be stereotypical, formulaic and foreseeable, real-life women are such unpredictably complicated creatures. Duh, obvious, lol. ^_^;

P.S. On a related note, Danny’s newest post “Kanu Unchou“, including his discussion of *strong points* and my own comment. ^.~