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Sometimes it’s enough just to wonder

And blunder
And fumble

Without guilt
Without regret

To stumble
Beneath the stars
Like the glorious rumble of thunder




The above text was my impromptu reply to this introspective post by famed photographer Zhang Jingna. Her text is included below. The accompanying images are based on this self-portrait by Digital_Sushi.


Sometimes I want to rant, and wonder if it’d be alright to do so.

Sometimes there is so much I wanna say, yet so much of which I can’t.

Sometimes I like lazing around, and just watch the daylight fade into dark.

Sometimes I feel so tired, I want to know how I managed this far.

Sometimes, the night makes me remember,
the loneliness so beautiful it inspires;
all that which once were
so brief
so fleeting,
all that which still cloud my
memories like mists of morn.


8 thoughts on “Blog 188.1 > Stumble Like Thunder

  1. I like your response to Zhangs post a tad more…
    I prefer this kind of poem(?) with a relatively small amount of words over one that has several parts.It leaves so much more room for interpretation and thoughts

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Melon?Pan!

  2. @FlyingBlow: Hey thanx! Unfortunately, the danger with such shorter poems or prose is that there may not be enough text to contain enough meaning, intended or not… Which explains why I included Jingna’s initial post. So readers won’t be too lost or too far off from my mind’s path, lol.

    P.S. Maybe I’ll return with catchier more-sing-songy attempts next time. ^_^

  3. @Luckie-chan: Ahh, sorry about the IE situation. Sux. But IE should work with my shorter posts, right? Or is it any page? Heyyy, someone finally noticed her sparkly shoes! But if you’re fine with me doing it, I can resize your banner myself, based on your blog’s header? Acceptable? ^_^

  4. @Luckie-chan: Sorry about the delay! Just finished my new mega-post, lol… Hey, glad it’s acceptable! It took me such a long 10-seconds to engineer it! LOL, kidding.

    Which Clayz Saber? Mine? Wow, a reliable $60 is pretty nice! Hmm, what eBay was doing with her? What do u mean?

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