Blog 186.1 > Kamikaze Frozen


The crash
The waves
The storm and the haze

I gaze for a moment

Stolen from time
Frozen for eternity
A thought burns

The crash of a thousand waves can be calmed in a single frame


23 thoughts on “Blog 186.1 > Kamikaze Frozen

  1. @Miko: Hehe, thanx!

    I’m experimenting with these random mini-posts (186.1, 186.2, 186.3, etc) to accompany my weekly mega-posts (186, 187, 188, etc). Reminiscent of the remix poems I used to write back in 2005-2006. I’ll probably explain in my next mega-post, hehe. Glad u like it! ^o^

  2. @O-Dan: Hey thanx. After throwing together so many loud-and-shiny mega-posts, sometimes I need to step back with a quiet mini-post. ^_^

    @Shagh: Thanx! Like I told O-Dan, sometimes I need to pause, breathe and reflect. Even *without* anime content, lol. So I’ll try a bunch. But don’t worry, I’m still doing my weekly mega-posts!

  3. @Coco-chan: Haha, glad I could mess u up, lol. I figured it would be a nice quiet change between the weekly mega-posts. And seems to be working! Thanx!

    P.S. Plus I’m sure everyone’s thinking this~ When are u getting a proper blog? At Blogger? Or better yet, >o<

  4. I’ve actually been contemplating opening up a wordpress blog. :3 I’m thinking of making it a doodle/work-in-progress centric blog so it’ll help motivate me to draw more.

  5. @Coco-chan: Hmm, interesting. Well, u could do what I did. Try it out for a while, while keeping DeviantArt. You could cross-advertise between the two. And if that doesn’t work out, then u know. At least, u could build up an audience earlier than later. Makes sense? I may even throw in a good word or two. Of course, besides the driving *motivation* issue… there’s that annoyingly omnipresent *time* issue, lol.

    @Miko-chan: Aww, thanx again. Well, it’s only as deep as u need or want it to be. Like beauty, depth is “in the eye of the beholder”, lol. But just imagine a film of a world war or an earthquake or hurricane. Once u hit “Pause”, the deafening noise just disappears… into quiet calm…

  6. Poetry. I haven’t done this since I was in high school. I could have won money too, but at least I got to express myself. I wonder if I still got the creative touch. Maybe, but now these days, I use my creative touch for my site. (I promise that I’ll bring out a big update soon.)

  7. @Coco-chan: Hey, no problem. Glad I could give a *push* in the *right* direction, lol. Let me know when it’s ready!

    @Miko-chan: Hehe, yeah, I forgot how deep I was. Actually, I’m planning to dig up my ancient photo+poem remixes and experiment with some new ones. Sound good? ^o^

    @TT-kun: Hahaha, thanx. In the world, I probably write the longest weekly posts. So in resurrecting my long-lost photo+poem remixes, how else to generate the hugest impact than with a super-short mini-post?

    @Seija: Yeah, I haven’t written stuff like this since 2006. So why not try them out again? Hehe, no worries, no hurries. Update whenever u can, lol.

    @Lene-chan: Hehehe, like I told TT-kun, after writing all my long-ass posts, a mini-short one would definitely confuse people! Thanx! Yup-yup, already planning to write more. You know, a regular decimal thing (Blog 187.1, 187.2, etc.), lol. P.S. LOL, do u have a banner preference? Though I must say, “great minds think alike”. >_< @J85: Hey thanx! But even as my shortest post, it might still be longer than Gordonator's longest post, hahaha. Just playing. ^_^

  8. @Miko-chan: Hehe, I’ll do what I can… I’m still catching up on 70 items (entries plus comments) across two dozen blogs! >o<; @TT-kun: I hope so! If it isn't brilliant, it isn't really a good idea, now is it? ^_^ @Coco-chan: Hehe, no pressure. ^_~

  9. @Ryobase: Yeah, short to confuse people, lol. Hey, that’s okay, man. Not all poems are meant to be understood instantly. Then again, some poets are never understood completely, lol. But in my next post, I explain why I got back into it. Digital Sushi. ^_^

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