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Heyyy, Happy Twenty-Oh-Nine! And for those of you in the Eastern Orthodox world who celebrate Christmas on January 7th, especially Anna in Ukraine or Lena in Russia, I haven’t forgotten you, hehe. “Merry Christmas!” To help celebrate, here’s an eye-grabbing “Snow White” photo (above) by Russian photographer and long-time LiveJournal buddy, Lena Chernaya. Plus some more titillating chaos about random shirts, bloggy values, and the comedy of hate, lol.

Finger Slice Update. Ouch-ouch-ouch! If you saw my previous post, you’ll remember the bloody finger-slice I patched and sealed with the incredible Krazy Glue. To quell any further doubts of the power of Krazy Glue, here are the follow-up progress photos since December 24th. Just eight days. Amazing.


Random Shirts Update. Next, an update detailing both the victory and agony of T-shirts, lol. First, the *good* news. After this shirt sat in my Amazon Wish List for months, I finally ordered and received my “Rising Sun” T-shirt. While it’s not an American Apparel shirt, it looks and feels as awesome as my American Apparel shirts. The weathered-and-worn red-and-white design is over-sized and intense. Beautiful.


Now, the *bad* news. The brown “Mimi’s Rage” American Apparel T-shirt I ordered from Zazzle for fellow otaku blogger Shagh was printed pretty poorly. As poorly as my black long-sleeved shirt from a previous post.


So why did Zazzle print both my black “Mimi’s Rage” and green “Angsty Momo” American Apparel T-shirts in perfect clarity? Yet screw up the other two? Who knows? In any case, I returned to the site and replaced the text-over-camouflage design with a simpler text-only design. Simpler. With less chance for them to screw up. In theory. Thankfully, Shagh has been a great sport and even requested my signature. But where to sign it? ^_^;

Bloggy Values. Ah, and what will probably entertain Meronpan the most, I bring even more “WebsiteOutlook” stats, lol. If you remember from last time, the theoretical monetary value of 10 arbitrarily-selected blogs were presented as follows.

  • [1] Mimi’s Rage = $335.80.
  • [2] Gordonator = $2562.30.
  • [3] Clan Blue Panthers a.k.a. Panther = $2664.50.
  • [4] Meimi132 = $3372.60.
  • [5] xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox = $4066.10.
  • [6] Meronpan = $4277.80.
  • [7] Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi = $5139.20.
  • [8] Puppy52 a.k.a. Chun = $6402.10.
  • [9] How a Girl Figures a.k.a. Dancing Queen = $10446.30.
  • [10] Danny Choo = $244477.00.

Over a month later, there’s been a few fascinating developments. Well, maybe just fascinating to Meronpan. But I’m a numbers-type guy too. So why not? Here’s the updated list, taking the same 10 blogs from lowest to highest…

[1] Mimi’s Rage = $2211.90. First on my list is Mimi’s Rage, a small blog run by Mimi’s fan club. Wow, such a huge jump in such a short time!


[2] Meimi132 = $3577.00. Second is Meimi132’s blog. Still steady and solid.


[3] Meronpan = $4737.70. Third is Meronpan’s blog. Another solid blog performance.


[4] Puppy52 a.k.a. Chun = $5832.70. Fourth is Chun’s blog and website. This may be an unexpected theoretical dip, but hers is still a high-performer among otaku blogs.


[5] xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox = $5861.90. Next is my own website and blog. Hmmm, another unexpected jump. Especially considering my lazy once-a-week blog updates. I guess frequency isn’t a huge factor after all. Hmmm.


[6] Clan Blue Panthers a.k.a. Panther = $6504.30. Sixth is Panther’s blog. Whoa, massive panther-sized leap! Which finally makes more sense.


[7] Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi = $7876.70. Seventh on the list is Mimi’s blog. Another huge jump.


[8] Gordonator = $8234.40. Eighth is Gordon’s blog. Wow, the largest jump of the list! No doubt, a Trooper-inspired jump! And like Panther’s leap, this theoretical value finally makes more sense.


[9] How a Girl Figures a.k.a. Dancing Queen = $10928.10. Ninth is Dancing Queen’s blog. Once again, a consistent top-performer among otaku blogs.


[10] Danny Choo = $237870.50. Ah, finally, still the big daddy of otaku-oriented blogs, A slight drop, but a negligible one at that. Hmmm, one could almost say his blog is offering a bit of its theoretical power to its many offspring otaku blogs.


So what will the following months of 2009 hold? Who knows? But I wouldn’t be surprised if Meronpan decides to grace us with his statistical analysis, lol. >_<

Comedy of Hate. Hey, spoons or forks? That’s the burning question of the age! Do you prefer spoons or forks? Both useful tools. But slightly different. For different situations. But if you had to choose one for all situations? Which one?… Hahaha, doesn’t this sound absurd? But that’s the same type of question as: Mac or PC? Both useful tools. But slightly different. For different situations. But which one? Yup, I think most of us has already seen the infamous video on or elsewhere. Here it is again one more time.

Haha, immensely entertaining! But that’s about it. No winner or loser. Obviously, the answer is “both”. A spoon and fork are each useful tools. One isn’t better than the other. But together, they are considerably more powerful. Likewise with the Mac and PC. And after a full month of using my dual-OS iMac (both Mac Leopard and Win XP) since Dec 4th, I can honestly say that “both together” is true. While apps and images may move more smoothly via the Mac OS, some apps or processes are simply cheaper, more available or more convenient via the Win OS. But together, they are profoundly flexible and powerful. No question.

So for those who stubbornly or blindly say that one spoon, one fork, or one tool is better for all situations, that’s fine. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. On my iMac, hehe. >_<

Russian Angels. Like I mentioned at the top of this post, I’ve known Lena for a while now. Since mid-2005. So when I asked her today for permission to use her “Snow White” and “Snow Maidens” photos, I was reminded of an old *photo-poem remix* I once composed of her years ago. So here’s Path of Seduction (Remix 062, Sept 2005) featuring the Russian photographer herself, lol.


original self-portrait by lena
remixed image & words by xjaymanx

path of seduction

strained by the stress
and drained by the storm,
i stopped at the pub
and hopped on the stool

a bearded bloke bumped me
without any pardon
and slapped on the smile
of a half-plastered fool

“she purrs like a kitten!”
he boasted to his comrades,
“the shriek of her wheels!
the roar of her engine!”

i heard myself laugh
and sipped from my draft
and slipped into a dream
of speed and abandon

fifty and sixty
and seventy and eighty
kilometers per hour
heartbeats per minute

ninety and one hundred
and one-ten and one-twenty
and one-thirty and one-forty
and one-fifty and faster!

the laughter awoke me
and spun me around,
i searched for my words
and cut through the chatter

“she sounds like a beauty!”
i burst loud and clear,
“what make and model?
a porsche or an audi?”

the bearded bloke chuckled
but offered his answer,
“you misunderstand fella,
why not ask her yourself?”

his girlfriend dazzled
in her half-zipped denim
while her wide eyes flashed
with the wild shade of “go!”

“what make and model?”
she purred like a kitten,
“my make is russian,
and my model is seduction”

Hey, still ain’t bad after all these years, lol. So how did this turn into a Russian-babe post? I have no idea. But here’s one final photo by Lena to celebrate the New Year and another Merry Christmas. “Merry Christmas!” Have you been naughty or nice? ^o^


21 thoughts on “Blog 183 > Colors of Rage, Peace & Flesh

  1. mmmm russian ladeez…

    but I have no use for the fork(or spoon, whichever one the mac is) :D, and what about the knife!(linux?)

  2. @Miko: Well, I’m not *always* like everyone else, lol. Btw, may not be your happiest comment ever, but it’s improving, lol. ^_^

    @Joe: Yup, Russian gals, lol… Hmm, I don’t sense a “Mac” or “PC” hater, do I? Haha. Well, if u believe the knife is best for all situations (e.g. soup, spaghetti, salad, etc.), then go for it! ^o^ P.S. Actually, my iMac still has room for another virtual machine. Maybe I might add Linux alongside my XP. That is, if I knew more about it…

    @Gordon: Haha, true! It ain’t easy. But I display an older finger slice as a reference on my screen, then take several shots until I get it right. The closer I get it right, the better I can see the healing progress. Makes sense?

    @Panther: LOL, so now u switched your target from Gordon to Mimi? Wait, what am I saying. Any ordinary guy would do that. Congrats on the leap! ^_^ P.S. Btw, I added “kosmos” along with “xecty”, “elwyn” and “zero” to my anti-spam captcha list. One out of 27 chance. Good luck!

  3. @jayman: I don’t HATE mac’s, i hate some snobby mac users but yeah I just don’t really need any of the features that macs are supposedly superior at, so I could never justify paying the price. plus i like to fiddle with my computer and as i understand macs are pretty locked down.

    If you decide to get linux i recommend ubuntu, best distro imo

  4. @Joe: Yeah, I know what u mean. Snobby users on both sides. Hence, the comedy of hate, lol. Thanx, I’m looking into Ubuntu now. In fact, it hardly uses any resources. I can devote 0.5 GB RAM and 10 GB HD to a separate VM easy, and the concept of a “Live CD” is pretty different! Though I’ll probably need the CD drive for other stuff.

    Interesting! Playing with a third OS perspective on one machine. Hmm, so maybe all 3 OS’s operating and exchanging data at the same time might justify the price? >_<

  5. @jayman: yeah i used to use live cd’s a lot, tho for some reason i can’t remember why >_>

    anyway yeah definitely give linux a try, if not just because tux is so damn cool!

  6. Ahhh…Numbers…Those make my head spin around.
    Ive had through the 11 up to the 13th grade Es and F+s.
    Yet i somehow got a B in Biomechanic… CrazyWorld^^

    That estimated worth thing is purely gimmicky i think?I think ill check it out for fun tough.
    Fork Or Spoon?Ill take the spoon!
    I can eat massive food with my hands but liquid food like soup is quite annoying :D

    Theres sometimes a huge leap in the quality of on demand products.Back when Superats released his first HappySoda doujin there were people with perfectly printed books and people where whole pages were messed up.

    I just noticed that you have my E2046 banner up there.Thanks Dude!^^

  7. @Joe: Hmm, I don’t think a lazy image of Tux will speed up my hardware or help me edit my photos, lol. ^_^;

    @Blowfish: Haha, well, anything with “bio” usually has less numbers, lol. And I don’t know if the site is pure gimmickry or half-scientific, but it’s mathematically entertaining. True, I never really took it seriously, but it can’t be 100% fiction either, right?… Yeah, spoon is great till u get to spaghetti. Then good luck, lol… Ahh, I see, that random quality sucks. Oh well, at least my black T-shirt escaped destruction!… Yeah, no problem! Easier to find a few banners from E2046 than make them myself. Haven’t even joined E2046 yet! Not that it helps any more than “estimated worth”, lol.

    @RyoBase: Hahaha, after all that, she’s the only thing u can react to? Not that I don’t understand… >_<

  8. I’m glad your finger looks a lot better! Again, will keep that Krazy Glue in mind XD

    I’ve actually been a long-time Windows user far before I switched over to Mac. I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but the reason why I switched over to Mac was because I had to use Macs a lot for my classes and my then-desktop PC was a definite POS ;( so I made the switch. I actually use both interchangeably since I main on my laptop, but my parents’ desktop is a PC (since they just use it for the usual word documentation, email, and Internet browsing). It’s funny because my boyfriend works for Apple but has a pimped out gaming PC running at his house hahaha XD

    Lene´s last blog post > Devil Hunter Yohko

  9. @Lene-chan: Hehe, thanx, I appreciate it!

    Good! So u use a spoon (Mac) and fork (PC) just like any normal person would, lol. Yeah, while I use my iMac at home, I always bring my Dell laptop to work because my office desktop is also a POS, lol. If I can afford to, I’d love to get a MacBook to replace my 3-yr-old laptop, ahhh. ^o^

  10. I like Forks “Windows” :D but maybe this year i’ll buy a spoon hehe. I’ve been using forks for 8 years! so yeah, Change is good.

    To eat, i always use fork and knife. Sometimes spoon, but fork is the most usefull ^^

    Shagh´s last blog post > The best TV show of all time

  11. Such a shame about the Zazzle shirt >..>;; I think I’ll stick to vector for future reference [I assume the camouflage was raster?]. Or maybe it depends on the colour of the shirt and the graphic =/
    On the other hand, the raising sun shirt amazon looks great~

    Also, very glad your hand’s a lot better :3

    Oh and, I didn’t reply to your last comment on the last post as I’ll be posting about my new camera hopefully soon ^^;

    Koshiko´s last blog post > Gashapons discovery~!

  12. @Koshiko: Yeah, seems kinda random. Identical image. But while my black American Apparel came out great (the one I wore a few posts ago, Blog 178), Shagh’s brown American Apparel didn’t. Is black and brown really that different? Gah. Could be.

    Thanx, can’t wait to wear the “Rising Sun”. And thanx, can hardly tell I ever had a glass wound, lol. No worries about commenting. So should I expect being mentioned in your next post? Haha. >_<

  13. @Koshiko: Exactly. Unfortunately, even if I ordered the same color and brand of black T-shirt, I’m afraid the print result might be different anyway! Crazy… Hehe, I was half-joking, but thanx for the credit (if u remember), lol.

  14. @Coco: Haha, no offense taken at all. ^_^

    Let’s see. With my VMware, I can drag-and-drop files from my “Win XP” view to my “Mac” view within a single iMac desktop. So a “spoon” and “fork” are still separate identities…. But wouldn’t a “spork” imply a mashing-together of the two OS’s into a single “Winmac” or “Macdows” OS? >_< Unless u weren't being metaphorical about "sporks", lol.

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