Blog 111 > Toying with the Treadmill?

Hmmm, why am I posting about my treadmill? Well, I guess it was to better explain my routine to my kewl California friend Megan (and to myself as well), but it seemed to fit my blog better than my website. For a quick background: Despite owning the treadmill since 2000, at the end of July 2007, I finally started to bump up my simple walking to a partial-running treadmill workout. Then on August 4th, I finally got a real set of running shoes — NIKE Air Max TL3’s — which without question fired up my workout. So comfortable yet light!

Now, after two months, at the end of September, I’ve hit the treadmill — with an action-packed DVD to keep me entertained — for a very consistent distance of 3.0 miles in 45 minutes (averaging 4.0 mph, while ranging from a walking 3.5 mph to a sprinting 6.0 mph, depending on the pace I prefer at various points in a film). And on a near-nightly basis! Not bad at all! So today, in anticipation of somehow taking this up another notch, I bought myself a second pair of the same running shoes! Who knows? I might even be brave enough to try some of the treadmill’s CRAZY training programs below! =)

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Blog 110 > Urban Vinyl Toy Survival!

Urban Vinyl
Photo 0671 by Megan | Click to enlarge

Those funky rabbit-shaped “dunny” designs!

When my kewl new friend Megan mentioned her “Urban Vinyl” toys for the first time (Sept 12th), I had no idea what she was talking about, lol. Were they made out of vinyl? Japanese toys? American? But after a bit of Google research — such as finding and — I gotta say: Whoa! That UV style is literally wild! If I’d have to compare it to a cartoon I’ve seen, I’d say “Ren & Stimpy”, very exaggerated, very brightly colored, like “comics on crack” (she liked that metaphor, lol)! But apparently, this toy style has gotten so wild that some designs can sell for hundreds of dollars! Is that possible? Well…

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Blog 109 > Meez, Myself & I

Avatar by Lena | Click to see her post

My awesome MEEZ avatar, hahaha! Thanx, Lena!

Guess what? After waking up this morning, I checked my email to find that Lena (my kewl photographer friend in Russia) had designed a perfect MEEZ avatar of ME! HAHAHA, I told her it was awesome! I mean, the avatar had my shaved head, my glasses and goatee, my T-shirt and laptop, even the wood shelves, movie posters, widescreen monitor and high ceiling! Not only that, I ALWAYS squat on the floor when I use my computers! Definitely much better that those Yahoo avatars! Thanx, Lena! Next, click below to see how close she came!!!

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Blog 108 > Figures of Air, Snow & Death

Anime Figures
Photo 2292 by xJAYMANx | Click to enlarge

Can’t wait for her photoshoot, lol.

Wow, more than two months since my last collection update! Unfortunately, my 17 boxed figures have grown to 23. Argh, too busy for photoshoots! Nevertheless, here are my latest 7 of those 23 still-boxed figures, including Morte the Death Bringer (Noir et Blanc), Misa (Death Note), and the genuine-not-fake Gothloli Asuka (Evangelion), as well as characters from the breathtaking Kanon and Air series. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

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Blog 107 > New York City!

Hey folks, I’m back! Sorry for the 2-3 week absence, but I’ve had tons of New York City photos to resize and organize for my website. While the wedding photos are protected behind a login (I’ve given some of you the login info), here are two of the photo sets I can show you, haha! These photos were taken in the morning and afternoon, mere hours before my brother’s wedding, at the Apple store, Nike store, and a Japanese bookstore. So enjoy the NYC sunshine!