Blog 036 > Gateway to Chaos! Part 1 of 4

Remember when I first received her back on November 30th? Well, I finally took my photoshoot on Jan 7th and 8th! And they keep getting bigger and bigger! Even larger than my previous “Cosplaying Genshiken” or “Bloody Hell” sets, here’s my largest photoshoot thus far, taken of 1/7-scale “Igunis” from the Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo hentai/erotic videogame. With just over 150 shots, I surprisingly managed to narrow it down to the best 100 shots (hopefully, my maximum limit from now on, lol), which also keeps it down to four posts (of 25 shots each). So enjoy the photos!

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Blog 035 > Sailor Eclipse!

I guess I finally “caved”, lol… In the course of about 6 months, three different people have mentioned the classic Sailor Moon anime. But I hadn’t really seen much of it, just a few episodes years and years ago, probably before moving to Vegas in ’98! But thanx to “cov3rgirl” (Annie) first, “neue_welle” next, and finally “night_huntress” (Emily), I finally decided to download the first Sailor Moon series (46 episodes!)… In fact, I did some Wikipedia research, and there are a freakin’ 200 total episodes in all, from Sailor Moon to Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS, and then Sailor Moon Sailor Stars!!! Damn, impossible to watch all of that, hahaha!… It’ll take a full couple weeks to download just the original season, but at least I’ll watch that one. Haha, I can’t really turn down a chance to watch some classic anime… And I can’t really turn down three pretty girls, can I?

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Blog 033 > Rose-Colored Consequences!

Rozen Maiden
Rozen Maiden | Image from Google Search

My speed review: “WOW! Still a miniature yet captivating package!”

Ah, my first anime review of 2007!… Late last night, finished the 12-episode Rozen Maiden – Traumend, continuing from where the first season left off… Once again, it introduces the junior high school boy Jun-kun, and his come-to-life mystical dolls, the red-adorned Shinku, pink-bowed Hina Ichigo, and twin red-and-green-eyed sisters Suiseiseki and Souseiseki… While the episodes are smilingly sprinkled with new and endearing slice-of-home-life slapstick antics, the deeper drama is taken to a new level when a new doll appears, a defeated nemesis returns, and the “Alice Game” pursuit-of-perfection begins… with both tragic and hopeful consequences… Once again, this title deserves my maximum “half season” rating… 4 of 5 stars!

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Blog 032 > Hmmm, Under Where?

Kaze from Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo | Image from Hobby Search

Whoa, hahaha!… Since this 1/10-scale “Kaze” figure (coming in April 2007) is too small (maybe 6 inches tall) for my usual 1/8-scale minimum, she’s not a likely candidate for my “Wish List”… Actually, her full name is Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono (The Thing That Walks Behind the Wind)… But I thought her playfully ecchi/erotic style deserved some mention… After all, like my 1/7-scale “Ignis” figure, she’s from the same hentai/erotic videogame Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo… So we shouldn’t be surprised by her pose, right?

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Blog 030 > Half-Naked Death Can Be So Expensive!

Hmmm, there’s a “Wish List”, then there’s an “Impossible Wish List”… Coming in late January 2007, between $100 and $150 USD (not including shipping) on two different figure sites — and — this tauntingly demonic girl, half-dressed in feather and leather and metal, this 1/7-scale “Morte the Death Bringer” resin figure is undeniably breathtaking! Yet expensively out-of-reach… Like I said, quite nearly impossible, hehe…

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Blog 028 > From the Black Lagoon!

Revy from Black Lagoon
Revy from Black Lagoon | Image from Hobby Search

Oh yeah, yet another figure from the Japanese Hobby Search site to add to my Wish List 2007, hehehe… This time, having loved the pirate-for-hire action series Black Lagoon (gonna find time to watch Season 2 soon), this 1/8-scale “Revy” figure definitely caught my eye!… We’ll see if it appears on the American Twin Moons site any time soon…

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Blog 027 > Bloody Hell! Part 1 of 4

That’s right, BLOODY HELL, mwah-hahaha!!! Even larger than my previous “Genshiken” set, here is my most-complex most-ambitious photoshoot to date, taken Dec 31st and Jan 1st! Once again, improving upon my original HP-digicam photoshoots in Sept 2006, I’ve combined my 3 favorite anime vampires — 1/8-scale “Saya & Hagi” (from Blood+) and 1/7-scale “Seras Victoria” (from Hellsing) — into a single scene before a nighttime London intersection (both anime series have scenes in London). With this first set of 2007, I stopped myself at a total of 100 Canon shots, and could only trim it down to the best 90 shots. Damn, with each photo session, it keeps rising from 50% to 70% and now at 90% showability, I’ll need FOUR posts! But to make the fun last, I’ll spread them out every other post, hehe! And now, without further ado, here are the photos!

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