Blog 201 > Red Cliffs, Redheads & Ragers

What’s up, my Traveling Toyboxers? Nothing? Bored? Excited? In any case, here’s another week-swept mega-cast to fuel your anime and otaku flames! We’ll blast through internationally bursting bubbles, dig into personally detonated distractions, escape under exploding red-cliffed enemies, battle between buxom red-headed babes, and scale over red-raging blog-shifting transitions! Lots of red indeed! No, not red Mother’s Day roses, haha. But pretty much everything else! Now enough of this procrastinating prattle. Get ready. Get set. Go! Now let’s start this scarlet-tinged show…

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Blog 036 > Gateway to Chaos! Part 1 of 4

Remember when I first received her back on November 30th? Well, I finally took my photoshoot on Jan 7th and 8th! And they keep getting bigger and bigger! Even larger than my previous “Cosplaying Genshiken” or “Bloody Hell” sets, here’s my largest photoshoot thus far, taken of 1/7-scale “Igunis” from the Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo hentai/erotic videogame. With just over 150 shots, I surprisingly managed to narrow it down to the best 100 shots (hopefully, my maximum limit from now on, lol), which also keeps it down to four posts (of 25 shots each). So enjoy the photos!

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Blog 032 > Hmmm, Under Where?

Kaze from Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo | Image from Hobby Search

Whoa, hahaha!… Since this 1/10-scale “Kaze” figure (coming in April 2007) is too small (maybe 6 inches tall) for my usual 1/8-scale minimum, she’s not a likely candidate for my “Wish List”… Actually, her full name is Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono (The Thing That Walks Behind the Wind)… But I thought her playfully ecchi/erotic style deserved some mention… After all, like my 1/7-scale “Ignis” figure, she’s from the same hentai/erotic videogame Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo… So we shouldn’t be surprised by her pose, right?

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