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What? Wait, is it time already? How’s your day, my Trusty Toyboxers? That bad? LOL, well, as I start to frantically assemble this text, my 57 images are all set up, but I have no clue how to tie these random strings all together! Not yet, lol. Yeah, it’s been a freakishly busy week. A hectic week of head-scratchingly random albums, low-strung departmental coworker parties, scantily-clad figure-photoshoot possibilities, mouth-droppingly shocking otaku-blog battles, and mind-raging otaku-fan clubs! Hehe, yeah, 57 images, a pretty small mega-post, haha. But we’ll manage, won’t we? So enough of the eye-irritating introduction! Let’s grab some well-buttered popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this week’s spellbinding five-act show…

Part 1 of 5. Revisiting Random Album Covers. For our first act, let’s revisit and review all of the random albums I’ve seen since my last mega-post, one last time. So we can wrap it up and get it out of our systems, lol. Here was Lisa’s stylish cover from last week. I’m still jealous!

Random Album Cover
Feb 21 | Lisa’s Random Album Cover

Like a warm can of Coca-Cola that was left open too long, here’s my quickly-fizzled-out yet oddly-Bon-Jovian cover, also last week. Yup, Bon Jovi, ugh, lol.

Random Album Cover
Feb 21 | Jay’s Random Album Cover

Now we come to Mimi-chan‘s impressive black-and-white cover, posted on her blog. Too stylish!

Random Album Cover
Feb 25 | Mimi-chan’s Random Album Cover

Next is Miko-chan‘s slick alcoholic cover, posted on her Facebook. Fits her perfectly!

Random Album Cover
Feb 25 | Miko-chan’s Random Album Cover

Haha, luckily, mine may *not* be the worst album cover ever. Here’s Blowfish‘s odd-and-confusing cover. Sorry dude, lol.

Random Album Cover
Feb 25 | Blowfish’s Random Album Cover

Next comes Jenn-chan‘s Heavy-Metal cover, lol. Still surpasses mine!

Random Album Cover
Feb 27 | Jenn-chan’s Random Album Cover

Finally, here’s Coco-chan‘s romantic almost-dreamy cover. Though I might’ve used a *smaller* font size, hehe.

Random Album Cover
Feb 27 | Coco-chan’s Random Album Cover

So that’s it! Thanx for playing! And now we can finally kiss this random game goodbye, lol.

Part 2 of 5. Saturday Night Party. Ah yes, the party! What does it have to do with the random album covers? LOL, I have no clue. Although on the way there, I briefly got lost a couple times. Briefly, lol. But just as lost as the meaning behind the covers!

Hehe, in any case, last night, Saturday night, the executives of our Development Department held a party to celebrate the new formation of our department, composed of pieces from the Software Development team, the Customer Support team, and the Training team which included myself. At about 5pm, I picked up NaTasha and her brother. Yeah, lol, the same NaTasha involving her comedic driving-test incident! So after two wrong turns, and a half hour later, we finally reached the incredible house of one of the executives! Here’s Terrance, NaTasha and Cher looking down from the balcony of the guest house.

Wow, the backyard grill. May not be complete but still impressive.

The backyard pool and lounging area. Do you notice the missing red cushion?

Umm, do you notice the missing red cushion *now*?

A shot of the nearest casino on the Vegas Strip.

And now, the mind-blowing hors d’oeuvres! Unbelievably tasty!

Stuffed mushrooms in the foreground. Portobello mushrooms in the right-side aluminum tray. And some sort of meatballs in the back. Absolutely. Mind-blowing.

My newest favorite drink! Hornsby’s Hard Cider!

Cher and her friend Mark (I think, lol).

Co-workers, spouses and engaging conversations.

More conversations.

An excessively bright photo taken by Nathan’s wife, Yasuko, lol.

Another Yasuko masterpiece, lol.

“Haha, come on, Yasuko! Why so shaky?”

“Still shaky? Haha, are you drunk already?”

“Heyyy, why am I so tiny here? Yasuko, you’re too far away!” She was hilarious. Despite her pretty thick Japanese accent (Osakan?), we managed to orchestrate the photoshoot so I didn’t look like a fool too much, lol.

“Heyyy, not bad!” I suppose a dozen random shots were bound to yield at least *one* decent shot, lol.

My second bottle of Hornsby’s Hard Cider! Oh yeah, another funny story… Since Cher was drinking the same thing and got confused which bottle was hers, she finally decided to get a marker and write her name on her bottle! LOL, yup! Meanwhile, that’s executive Kari in the background.

A close-up of my cool bottle, lol.

Haha, and here’s NaTasha with her brother Terrance. She’s too funny! Ever since our first fast-food lunches, she’s been strong-willed and opinionated, but also sophisticated and professional when she wants to be, lol. I just met Terrance for the first time, but in only a short while, I found he’s pretty cool too.

Hehe, one more time!

Hmm, did Yasuko take this pic? Yeah, I think so, lol.

Heyyy, we actually look respectable!

“Life is too short… to drink cheap wine.” Hahaha. Ehhh, I’ll stick with the hard cider, lol.

Ahh, the hotel-styled bathroom! I think this was one of 3 or 4 bathrooms in the property. Most impressive! Oh yeah, here’s an awesome story… Between the previous “Life is too short” photo and this last bathroom photo, there’s a space of about 1.5 hours. You know why there’s a huge gap? Because for more than an hour, maybe even the full 90 minutes, I was talking with Yasuko and her husband Nathan about anime, Japan, otaku culture, and everything in between!

Hehe, I don’t remember when or how our conversation made a sharp turn onto the anime highway, lol. Maybe discussing her little daughter watching “Ampan Man” or something? But from there, the three of us had this continuous and intense discussion touching “Dango”, “Death Note”, “L”, “Clannad”, “Sailor Moon”, “Bleach”, “Naruto”, “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Kare Kano”, “Nana”, “Hikaru no Go” (which I haven’t seen), and the differences between the anime which end after a season and the respective manga which are still being published, and on and on through “otaku culture” and “maid cafes” and “figures” and “eroge” and getting pushed like sardines into tube trains and how Akihabara in up-close reality is so different from its glorified image in anime. Intense! I knew Yasuko got into it when she and her gestures kept pushing forward, while my chair kept inching backward! For several feet! Thanx guys, I had a great time. Unfortunately, Yasuko avoided the camera intentionally, lol.

Part 3 of 5. Potential Figure Photoshoots. Whew, man, that took a while to write! But now, from being random and randomly lost, to being randomly uncertain! Which should be my next anime-figure photoshoot? Which of the following pairs of figures? Here’s our first photoshoot possibility. Choice A. Chii from “Chobits”. A pair of her, lol.

Another angle of the not-yet-opened boxes.

A close-up of Chii (Lilics/Art Storm) in her blue maid outfit.

Another close-up of Chii (Lilics/Art Storm) in her pink maid outfit, lol.

Here’s our second possibility. Choice B. The “Batwing Babes”, lol. Sana from “Pia Carrot” and Alice from “Queen’s Gate”.

Another angle of the not-yet-opened boxes.

A close-up of Sana (Kotobukiya) in her purple maid outfit. Why bat wings?

A close-up of Alice (Excellent Model) in her lack of outfit, hahaha. Even more bat wings?

Here’s our third possibility. Choice C. The “Little Buster Girls”, lol. The blonde Komari and raven-haired Yuiko from “Little Busters”.

Another angle of the not-yet-opened boxes.

A close-up of Yuiko (Solid Works) in her unfastened shirt and sword, hehe.

A close-up of Komari (Kotobukiya) in her ribbons and sweater. Awww.

At last, here’s our fourth and final possibility. Choice D. The “Range Murata Lolis”, lol. The Couch Girl and the Ribbon Girl. LOL, why no names, Murata-sensei?

Another angle of the not-yet-opened boxes.

A mesmerizing close-up of Ribbon Girl (Beagle) kneeling in her maid-like dress and boots.

A tantalizing close-up of Couch Girl (Beagle) lying in her scantily-black outfit.

Oops, not really a choice. But here are a couple of extra photos of my opened Figmas. Lelouch from “Code Geass”, along with red Rin and blue Saber from “Fate Stay Night”. Displayed along my iMac keyboard, hehe.

Another glorious angle, lol.

So what do you think? Which should be my next figure photoshoot? Choice A, B, C or D? Should it be “Chobits Chii”, “Batwing Babes”, “Little Buster Girls” or “Range Murata Lolis”? Let me know what you think. Because I can’t decide. My brain is too fried. Especially with a monster work week starting tomorrow. Yeah, Monday, bloody Monday. With bloody tigers, lol. Argh.

Part 4 of 5. Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles. A-ha! Wake up, Toyboxers! Here comes the most shocking act of our show! The ongoing otaku-blog battles! In fact, there are three shockingly-new developments since our last set of battles two week ago. First, my “xJAYMANx” and “xJAYMANx_toybox” sites have now exceeded an estimated theoretical value of $11000 USD! Less than $600 away from “How a Girl Figures” a.k.a. Dancing Queen!

Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles
Feb 28 | xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox

Here’s the estimated site value of “How a Girl Figures” a.k.a. Dancing Queen.

Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles
Feb 28 | How a Girl Figures a.k.a. Dancing Queen

Secondly, even more shocking, is that “Angry Loli” a.k.a. Mimi has now exceeded the value of “How a Girl Figures” a.k.a. Dancing Queen! So soon? So theoretically, Mimi could be considered the new otaku-blog queen of the moment, lol.

Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles
Feb 28 | Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi

Here’s the estimated site value of “Danny Choo“.

Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles
Feb 28 | Danny Choo

But thirdly, and the most shocking news of all, is that “Sankaku Complex” has blown away and blown past the value of “Danny Choo”! By more than $18000 USD! How did that happen? I’ve only rarely visited “Sankaku Complex”, but perhaps I should take a further peek?

Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles
Feb 28 | Sankaku Complex

Damn! Incredibly shocking three-piece set of news! But are we really and truly surprised? Or did some of you already notice the signs? I admit I’ve been a little too busy to notice any signs for the “Sankaku” development. But still, does this represent a shift in the otaku perspective? Or not? Again, I don’t know. I haven’t visited “Sankaku” much. But maybe I should.

Part 5 of 5. Mimi’s Rage on Facebook. Wow, our fifth and final act! With the inevitable demise of Mimi’s Rage on Blogger, it has now fallen on my shoulders to oversee the newly-reborn Mimi’s Rage on Facebook, lol. Ahh, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes! But why me? Ehh, I don’t know. No, wait, actually, I do know. Because I was the only club contributor available. Yeah. Yup. Argh. We’ll see, hehe. After all, it’s for a worthy cause, right?

Right? ^_^;

Whew! Finally made it to the end! So did I manage to tie all these random strings together? Okay, maybe not, lol. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this frantic five-act week of head-scratchingly random albums, low-strung departmental coworker parties, scantily-clad figure-photoshoot possibilities, mouth-droppingly shocking otaku-blog battles, and mind-raging otaku-fan clubs! Thank you, NaTasha, Terrance, Cher, Nathan and Yasuko. Thank you, Chii, Sana, Alice, Komari, Yuiko, Couch Girl, Ribbon Girl, Lelouch, Rin and Saber. Thank you, Mimi, Sankaku and my Trusty Toyboxers. So did this 57-images mega-post seem shorter than usual? Or not? Haha, no worries. All I can think of right now is food. Damn, I’m hungry… Where’s the whole-grain cinnamon cereal?


34 thoughts on “Blog 191 > Otaku Antics & Sankaku Kicks

  1. Can I get the first comment, can I?!

    It seems a bit like you have this neverending supply of figures to take lovely photo shoots of, Jay-san. XD I still think your album cover looked fine, though Lisa’s is definitely my favourite. And it was done in Word, too! Nice.

    That grill reminds me of teppanyaki. XD Also, how did the red cushion end up there?! -boggles-

    Seems (from your daily updates) like you’ve been steadily going through Gunslinger Girl – Il is it so far? :)

    If I can vote on the figures…definitely choice B! Sana looks awesome. :) Or just do whichever you feel like (or EVERYTHING! Aha.) — by the way, are your figmas all intentionally posed to be airborne? :)

    You can do it, bish the tigers!

    jenn´s last blog post > On Hopelessly Romantic Deaths..(not quite)

  2. @Jenn-chan: Haha, sure, no problem! First come, first serve, right? Yeah, pretty much neverending, if I can ever *choose* my next photoshoot, lol. I mean, it’s also ridiculous in a way, since I’m bound to shoot all of them eventually, right? But nothing stands out so far. I guess I need an extra *push* or *passion* in one direction or another… Hehe, not familiar with “teppanyaki” grills, but that red cushion? Supposedly the snowstorm from my Blog 180 and 181 was the same storm that blew that cushion across the street! LOL… Ah yes! Just a few minutes, finished “Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino” episode 9/13 with my breakfast, lol. Started out slow (maybe since I hadn’t watched the original season in years) but it’s picking up more nicely now. Still an understated yet heartfelt drama. Intriguing how a lot of the meaning is found in the silences… Hehe, Choice B ain’t bad! Then again, *none* of them are bad. That’s the problem! Well, so far, Sana and Alice are in the lead, lol… Of course, airborne! How else? Isn’t that the whole point of the posable arm attached to their backs? LOL, besides, airborne is more action-packed, powerful, dramatic, and above all, coooool… Aww, thanx again for the Tiger (or anti-Tiger) cheer. Nope, no beer, hehe. But now, gotta hit the shower and get ready for work. Yeah, Monday Schmonday.

    P.S. Hey, thanx for noticing my daily updates. Even though I don’t intentionally spotlight them, lol… Plus I like the Jay-san. ^_~

  3. That food is making me so hungry. T_T

    As for the the figures, I vote for D since I’ve never seen a photoshoot of those two before. (What year were they made?) And couch-girl looks interesting. :P

    Sankaku’s blogging philosophy is to post more of whatever is popular with visitors, so I suppose that’s a major factor. And it’s basically the otaku equivalent of a tabloid paper lol.

  4. @Coco-chan: Sorry for the delay. A looong Tiger Team day!

    Awww, sorry, food all gone, lol. But nice Choice D! There’s something to be said about Range Murata’s loli-esque style, isn’t there? I think Ribbon Girl was released mid-2007 while Couch Girl was mid-2008. If u do a search for “Range Murata PSE”, you should find the exact dates… Hmm, philosophy. But doesn’t DC do that too? Especially with the DC member news? Assuming quality and quantity are comparable, is there a difference in morality or respectability or something else I’m missing? I also assume you’re a regular or semi-regular visitor of Sankaku?

  5. “mouth-droppingly shocking otaku-blog battles”
    Haha, sounds interesting.

    I, too, had some anime discussions over the weekend! While waiting for our dungeon master to show up (he was 2 hours late) we discussed things like localization/Americanization. Specifically how back “in the day” Nausicaa was completely butchered, and all environmental elements were removed from the story…among other things. Also why Cowboy Bebop is a solid, perfect show. Also also why Vic Mignogna’s voice as Fay in Tsubasa Chronicle is perfect for that character but doesn’t translate over to Ouran’s Tamaki.

    PS – Murata figures plz! Not interested in the loli-ness, but I like Murata’s art and I’d like a better look at the figures.

    PPS – Galaxy Railways has an intolerable English dubbing; may not make it through this one.

    Kris´s last blog post > xxxHolic

  6. @Jay-san: Ahh, that snowstorm. Seemed like it was coming down pretty heavily. I’m surprised the sofa as a whole still looks pretty good! XD I mentioned teppanyaki since I can imagine people sitting there while someone grills up delish food in front of them. :) Didn’t know Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino was a drama. ._. Hrmm. Ah well, too much backlog already. XD

    For a moment I saw ‘portable’ instead of ‘posable’ arm, and went o.O Monday sigh. Gotta get ready for Wednesday already. :( Better sleep so I can wake up tomorrow. T_T

    And no problem. :) Daily updates remind me of Twitter, hehe. And yay, shall continue calling you Jay-san then. :)

    jenn´s last blog post > Maria Holic 9 – Otoko no ashi…(A guy’s foot…)

  7. @Kris-chan: Hehe, thanx. Ehh, “Cowboy Bebop” is definitely a classic, but perhaps not perfect. Near perfect. If any series was “perfect”, I’d probably rank “Clannad” and “Clannad – After Story” as a pair. For me to be left in tears for 5 straight episodes (16 thru 20) is truly amazing… As for English dubs, I’ve rarely listened to them since 2006, so I wouldn’t know about the “Tsubasa” or “Galaxy Railways” dub, hehe. Thooooough I do remember Vic’s vocal flexibility, good or bad. Then again, mostly any dub pales next to Crispin Freeman’s… Hey, that makes TWO for Choice D! Yeah, Murata is quite unique. So looks like they’re the frontrunner. ^_^

    @Jenn-chan: Yeah, that was a wicked wild storm! And pretty scary slipping and sliding on the jam-packed highway for over an hour! Ugh. Do. Not. Like… Ahh, so teppanyaki is food! Yeah, wouldn’t mind some outdoor-grilled grub like that, lol… But what did u think “Gunslinger Girl” was? Doesn’t sound like a comedy, does it? Hehe… Portable? Wait, I don’t get it. What’s weird about the word “portable”? Err, doesn’t seem shocking to me, lol… Awww, get some sleep for Wednesday. Don’t want u to be snoring at school or work… Yeah-yeah, u got my daily updates exactly! An uglier form of Twitter, but on my own secondary blog, hehe. Sure! I won’t stop u, Jenn-chan. ^_~

  8. Saikano had me crying for about as long. I started crying somewhere around episode 6, and cried through the entire rest of the 13-episode show.
    When we were talking about Bebop, it was mostly just what a solid show it is. And then we joked about the one episode I hadn’t liked when I first watched it, with the “alien” that was attacking the crew that turned out to be mutated left over lobster. Which translated over into our Warhammer game as we were trying to track down some slimy aliens in the air vents of a space ship.

    Vic isn’t a bad voice actor; I loved him in Full Metal Alchemist, and he’s good in Tsubasa. But the same voice he used for Fay just doesn’t work as Tamaki. It just sounded really off to me. I got used to it after a while, but it still kind of grated me.

    Murata’s character designs were about the only thing I liked about Last Exile. I sure wish I could afford the Robot books, but they’re so expensive. :(

    Il Teatrino is a sequel. The original Gunslinger Girl series ends kind of abruptly. The sequel picks up where it leaves off, but delves much more into the manga than the first anime did (which left out several story lines). The show is about adolescent girls who were ill in some way (paralyzed, traumatized) and were adopted by the Social Welfare Agency, which is a cover up for a government assassination program. The girls are modified into cyborgs, brainwashed, and trained to kill. But as a result of the conditioning their life spans are shortened. So…it’s a drama with some action.

    Kris´s last blog post > xxxHolic

  9. Working hard I see :D

    Couch girl was 2008? I wonder why I’ve never seen her before…

    Yeah, I’m a semi-reader at best. I only read maybe 1 out of every 8 things posted there. Danny’s member news and Sankaku’s news are quite a bit different in terms of content though. Sankaku’s admins are all proficient in Japanese, so they get info non-Japanese-speaking(or reading, since this is the internet :P) probably wouldn’t come across. And they rarely post things like figure collections unless they’re featuring a 2channer with 5000 Kagami nendoroids. Aaaaand there’s the sensational news stories and plenty of random boobs. No shortage of tits and panties at all. (In fact, I remember some people on the forum defining Sankaku as a porn site with anime news LOL) Not to mention the imageboard that seems quite popular(Though I rarely use it). But the stats for Sankaku does really surprise me, considering how well-known Danny is. O_o

  10. @Kris-chan & @Coco-chan: Sorry gals! But the Tiger Team work (mentioned in last week’s post) is pounding me like a tidal wave, argh. Just got home about 9:30pm. But I promise to write a better reply soon… Promise, lol. =_=;

    P.S. If you’d like, I can offer some “awww”s, “lol”s and “hehe”s for the time being… Satisfactory? ^o^;

  11. Nice pool! And the grill is mucho cool. Very cool back garden.
    Whoa… Sankaku’s beating Danny??? Doesn’t seem right…

    @xJaymanx: Hehehe CHI-eh-mi is how I was pronouncing it.
    Emichi is also a nice one. But can’t be tempted away from Chiemi now.

    I’m sorting her background now lol. I already have her favourite band, and game I think…. heheh.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > B&W Mascot art + the name…

  12. ***Steals a few minutes during a Tiger Team lunch break.***

    @Kris-chan: Ah, yeah, “Saikano”. That was sooo sad, despite being only 13 episodes. But it was hardly ever funny either, lol. If I had counted, I wonder how many episodes I teared up over?… Haha, exactly, I remember Vic from the same “FMP” series too! But haven’t even touched the “Tsubasa” dubs to even compare. I suppose it could’ve been worse. Maybe, lol… Ah, once again, I agree, loved the “Last Exile” character designs as well as the mechanical designs. As for the “Robot” books, if they compiled *only* Murata’s art, maybe I’d get it. Maybe, lol.

    @Coco-chan: Well, I could be wrong, but “2008” is what the sites seem to say. Maybe cuz every other figure grabbed more attention last year? And there were tons, lol… Semi-reader? From your response, your “Sankaku” assessment is *waaaaay* more in-depth than anything my very brief visits could put together, lol. LOL LOL @ “no shortage of tits and panties”! Wow. Now I’m wondering what the overlap between the readers of “Sankaku” and readers of “Danny Choo” are… 50%? 10%? Thanx for the website analysis, hehe. ^_~

    @M-chan: Hehe, yeah, definitely a nice pool! In fact, the whole freakin’ house is amazing! But yeah, “Sankaku” beating “Danny” seems pretty shocking, doesn’t it? Then again, this might only be temporary. We’ll see in a few weeks or so. If I ever find some free time to blog again!… Ahhh, CHI-eh-mi sounds pretty cool. And cute, lol. So no worries. I’m just glad u finally found something u can like… forever! Can I call her CHI-eh-mi-chan? LOL. Hey, can’t wait for her background bio! Haha, I can’t believe u added the “batwings”, lol. Just like the “Sana” figure above! How could u? Whyyy? Hehe, I’m just teasing. Maybe Chiemi was a blood-spilling little-demon-hunter girl when she was younger too? ^o^;

    ***Gets back to work, lol.***

  13. @M-chan: Hehehe, Chiemi-chan sounds a little like “chimichanga”, lol. Chiemi-chan the Chimichanga Girl? Suuure, why not? LOL… But you’re right, the batgirls are pretty eye-catching. A naughtier version of angel wings, eh?… Which would be great evidence for her being a hunter-magician, lol. Or a magician hunter?

    P.S. I’ll check out her bio as soon as I can! ^_~

  14. @xJaymanx: lol
    You realise I had to google what a chimichanga was? lol I knew I had heard of it…. probably due to the vast amounts of american tv I watch. I think it might have been mentioned in Scrubs… I recall JD saying ‘chimichanga’ in his funny voice lol.

    And cool cool lol. So many options of what her magical career could be… if she has one.. lol

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Chiemi’s Bio

  15. @M-chan: LOL, exactly, I heard of it too! So if it makes u feel any better, *I* had to look it up as well, hahaha. Yeah, I know, we’re sad. But I’m sure we can find a good burrito joke for Chiemi-chan *somewhere*, magical or not, spicy or not, lol.

  16. @xJaymanx: LOL I bet I could. She could ride a giant one… that cud be her magic power!! *Yeah Charlie! Yeah!!* (Just had a sudden urge to immitate those unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn. (You know, ne?)
    And lol Outo was taken from Tsubasa Chronicles. Tis one of the many places they visit on their travels. (It’s actually a virtual world where people/players take up whatever job they want, hunter, chef, barman, waistress etc etc, its in weird-ass theme park)
    lol. Secrets, maybe….(mwhahahaha!!) Not a complete follower though. She’s got a temper and is very stubborn. She just can’t stand to be involved in the conflict of others when its none of her beeswax. Not unlike me lol.(The temper and stubborn aint me tho lol tho i spose i can be stubborn if I want… but not usually) I avoid others problems like the plague, unless they involve me, in which case I have to get involved lol.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Chiemi’s Bio

  17. @M-chan: Hahaha, riding a giant chimichanga? For magical business or magical pleasure? LOL. Sadly, never heard of “Charlie the Unicorn”, lol… Ahh, I see, it’s from “Tsubasa Chronicles”, nice! But still haven’t finished the series yet! Still in the first season, 2nd or 3rd world! Spoiled! Nooooo! Hehe, kinda evil with her naughty secrets and temper and stubborn streak, isn’t she? Hmm, doesn’t like to be involved in conflicts… Seems like she also has a *wall* around her heart, like nothing is good enough for her attention, lol. Very-very interesting! So she seems kinda emotional too, flipping from bubbly to cranky, lol. Just like a super-spicy-sweet chimichanga, hehehe. ^_~

  18. Hey Jay!! Nice post once again! lol very long but good ehehe and sorry for replying late I remember you said something about this post a while ago. xD

    Anyway, uhh i be trying to respond properly lol I like Coco-chan’s thingamajig and Kotobukiya’s Sana is gorgeous! OMG you must get! And I must get too! >:D

    Oh and it’s not really surprising that Sankaku beat DC just because the Complex has porno stuffs and many, many debates, which I enjoy. ^^; Like getting in a squabble, arguing online naturally attracts a larger crowd.

    K that’s a really nice house.. It looks like a paradise. :’] Just noticed you sure posted a lot of pictures, kinda like Danny! It’s like a picture documentary of your week!

    Mimi´s last blog post > Yes, I’m Fucking Americanized, WHO CARES?

  19. Part of me never really cared much my blog was worth because I know that I will never sell blog. However, it is nice to see how one is doing compared to others

    @Mimi: I did not know that a young lady like yourself likes that kind of stuff, lol. ;)

    Otaku Dan´s last blog post > Ryu Meifen Photo Shoot

  20. @Mimi-chan: Awww, thanx again. Long? Really? Actually, I think this was one of my *shorter* mega-posts!… Oh yeah-yeah, that’s right, a few days ago, I mentioned that your blog exceeded your so-called rival’s blog worth (above). So now, you’re the new #1 female otaku on my blog-tracking list. Nice!… Ahh, the porno! I’m not familiar with Sankaku, but that would definitely be an understandable reason. But I’m surprised you aren’t surprised by this result. I half-figured you’d shift into “shock-and-rant” mode, lol… Yeah, I agree Coco-chan’s album cover and Sana-chan’s batwings are definitely better than most! Wanna buy my Sana? Just $10. Oops, tricked ya!… And you’re right again, amazing house! Plus guest house! Not nearly as ginormous as yours, but I think I have a better idea of the paradise-level you’re used to, lol… A-ha! You finally noticed my weekly mega-post pattern. But only 57 pics? This is nothing compared to my usual 70-90 pics. I blame it on my freakishly busy “Tiger Team” month at work, lol. And it’s still only the first week, gahhh.

    P.S. Hehe, don’t worry, I don’t judge readers that way. Whether or not u enjoy porno, at least you’re not too afraid to say the word, lol. But is that why u avoided my previous posts? Hmmm. ^_~

    @O-Dan: Hey, man! Yeah, I know what u mean. But it’s still fun and funny. Especially if your blog is unexpectedly higher than others. Like Mimi-chan’s. Or mine. Or yours! ^o^

  21. @Otaku Dan: A lot of girls like that kind of stuff but few admit it =3 hehe…

    @Jay: Oh pish I’ll buy Sana-chan when I save up the money! 70-90 pics?!?!? ^o^ I’m lucky if I get 7-9 in a week. xD Dude I only wish my blog was really worth that much! Speaking of which, I reached 100,000 views finally after 4 months lol need to post about that soon. :P But seriously, if our blogs really made that much revenue we’d all be filthy rich from ad clicks!

    Oh wow you’re good at guessing. I try not to respond to too many ecchi posts (especially on Sankaku) to prevent others from thinking I’m a horny hentai lolicon. Which I’m not! Aha aha..

    Mimi´s last blog post > Very Good Cosplayer :3

  22. @Mimi-chan: Heyyy, well, how about that! My anti-spam captcha was “Mimi”, lol.

    So wait, are u publicly *admitting* u like porno stuffs? Speak now or forever hold your peace? No pressure, lol. Hey congrats on 100K views! Last time I checked I think I was responsible for 30% of those views. Ahhh, joking-joking. But you’re right, I wouldn’t mind earning a potential $15 per day! Or $450 per month! Enough to cover my Murano payments, lol. Sadly, it’s all theoretical and hypothetical.

    P.S. Awww… Yeah, when I know someone well enough, I tend to tune into their thought wavelengths more. Hentai wavelengths or not, lol. And sometimes, vice-versa, them tuning into me. But I can understand trying not to give a certain impression to stalkers, umm, I mean, strangers. Unless you’re trying to bump up your blog worth, of course. Hehehe, dohhh!

  23. @Mimi- eh? You liked my album cover? ^o^

    @Jay – I’ve been visiting Sankaku since uh.. I think it was July? Right before Strike Witches started. So I’ve had a while to digest the info lol. Hmm… I wouldn’t know the cross readership. I see some DC members but there could also be lurkers and anonymous users.

  24. @Coco-chan: Ahh, no problem… True, anonymous users and lurkers would be a pain to calculate… But based on what I’ve seen and read by others, there has to be *some* cross-readership. So I’m guessing 10-15%, maybe 20%? But eventually, I may have to check it out more regularly with my *own* eyes… >_<; P.S. Hehe, see? I told u your cover was worth posting, lol.

  25. @Jay-san: Sorry about delayed reply! I’d saved it in some text file and forgot to put it up. XD Also, yay at work laptop! Not so yay at Clannad. :( I’ve a foreboding feeling from what I’ve heard about ep 21..

    On that snowstorm..I feel worried about driving on wet slippery highways, but then I would have to learn to drive to be able to do that in the first place..XD Ahhh, damned procrastination!

    Well, since I didn’t know anything about Gunslinger Girl, it could well be a comedy. :) If you’d like me to guess, though, I’d probably say…harem with bunch of girls…and some mecha…completely random guess. XD

    Oh, and @Kris! Thanks for the great summary for Gunslinger Girl ~Il Teatrino~ :) Hmm it sounds pretty interesting…must resist temptation to watch, heh. Since I’m just about to watch Last Exile again, on top of everything else I’m watching…because major impression I got last time was ‘Oo nice characters (possibly due to Murata-sensei? XD) but wait…what was the plot again?’ Then again it -has- been a few years, memory rusty.

    jenn´s last blog post > Spring 09 Anime…List and Countdown

  26. @Jenn-chan: Ahh, no worries, better late than never, lol. Thanx for the Tiger laptop cheer, hehe. But oh man, I couldn’t escape it, couldn’t avoid it. “Clannad”. Episode 21. Even more watery eyes. The tears. That’s all I’ll say for now…

    {Blinks} Okay, enough about that, lol. Procrastination in learning to drive? Are u sure it’s not fear or worry? My first time learning was pretty scary. Like going to an evil dentist, lol. But now, u don’t have to worry about “Gunslinger Girl” since I’ve included a few pics in my new post, lol. Might give u a better taste, whether u see it or not. LOL, funny that u mentioned mecha. Cuz once u add mecha, it’s basically like “Sky Girls”. But more bloody, lol. In fact, I’d just stick with the first season. Only watch the “Il Teatrino” sequel if u like the characters.

    As for “Last Exile”, don’t u remember that big huge-ass whale-like thing in the sky that killed the kids’ parents? I think that basically governed the entire story. It was kinda vague or confusing. But I think that was the idea. Searching or controlling its power, etc. The rebels and children fighting for peace, etc. Then again, I could be wrong. My memory’s rusty too, lol.

  27. Last Exile:
    It’s like, a really old, ancient battle ship. It has huge combat capabilities, so essentially if you can control the ship, you have all the power. Because it can destroy anything.

    Kris´s last blog post > Suzuka

  28. @Jem-chan: LOL, two? Awww, that means you’ve been asleep for two weeks, hehe. Feeling any better?… Ah, really? I’m just starting out on Sankaku, so I haven’t collapsed from laughter yet. But I wonder why I’m *not* surprised u love the site? >_<;

  29. I love cider! I couldn’t drink beer for a long time so I had cider instead! I love the Art Storm Chii of her on the ground, I never thought I’d be able to find a nice Chii figure so I was very happy to find her.

    By the way…OPEN UP YOUR FIGURES! :P

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > Mikuru and Arcueid in Red

  30. @Luckie-chan: Hehe, yeah, cider rocks! Can’t believe I’d never seen or tried it before! Yeah, these Chii’s (not Cheese, lol) are pretty nice… Ahh, Art Storm! Just edited the “Lilics” to say “Lilics/Art Storm”, thanx, lol. So what exactly is “Lilics”? A division of the company? A line of figures?

    P.S. Hehe, I know, I know. Actually, I used to display tons of the them last year. But since my house-move change-of-mind, I guess I’m paranoid of the irritating dust and inevitable cleaning, lol. But I’ll open them… *eventually*!

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