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What the frak? Blizzard in Vegas? Bakana! Like I mentioned on Puppy-Chun’s blog, I believed it snowed in Vegas only *one day* in the last *three years*! Until today. At least six hours of non-stickable snow, followed by another six hours of stickable snow. Accumulation of up to eight inches deep. The worst Vegas snowstorm in years, if not decades! Damn, after slipping and sliding on the slow-ass highway drive home, I was lucky it took only an hour, lol. More pics coming soon…

By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask this. With all the different blog types, how do you prefer to get notifications? Some blogs feature a subscribe-able follow-up email notification with new comments, others don’t. Of course, there’s also the option to subscribe to a blog’s comments via an RSS reader. But RSS comments can get annoying if the blog gets too many daily comments to follow. Then there’s Meimi132‘s clever method of commenting back, not on her own blog, but on her commenter’s blog. Yet it can be tough to string together a discussion without duplicating them on one’s own blog, lol. Or do you just use the *brute force* approach of going through all of your favorite blogs on a regular basis? So what do you do? Which do you prefer?

Like I said, more pics coming soon…

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  1. I use a Feedreader. Of course, for comments, I have to remember if I commented on blogs that I want to go back to read for replies. I only subscribe to comments for my own blog and for Team Blue’s, but with the inception of the plugin for both blogs that allows me to check for unread comments, I think I no longer need to. 2.7 also has that built-in anyway.

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  2. @Panther: Yeah, if the blog I comment on doesn’t have its own follow-up email feature, then I use Google Reader to catch the rest. But it’s 50/50 whether I add that blog’s comment feed to my Reader or not, lol.

  3. @Shagh: Ahh, I assume the Central American regions? Funny, my roommate Lisa is planning to visit South America for 6 months. I don’t know how she’ll survive the heat, lol.

    Well, not so lucky when your car slips and slides! And nothing wrong with systematic *brute force*. If you’ve got infinite time, lol.

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  4. @xJAYMANx: haha yea, im from central america xD and trust me, your roommate will survive in South America. The heat is almost like in the U.S. The bad thing are the mosquitoes “Everyone hates them”.

    You are right hehe right now i have a lot of free time :D

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  5. Hey~ snow script looks cool~ ;3 though it comes down pretty fast =o
    The closest I’ve gotten to snow is hail >.<;; if you have any snow gear figures, might be an ideal chance to do some photography xD

    I try to visit blogs on a weekly basis and then I’ll check for replies if I remember commenting on an earlier post. This method only really works if you only have a few blogs you visit though ^^; And I leave the ‘follow-up via email’ box ticked if they offer it.

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  6. OMG!!!!! I was totally gonna post on this lol

    So like, we were gonna go on this HUGE cruise, me and like 50 other people. But while passing Vegas, the pathetic 2 inches of snow made us miss the boat. Oh, and my dad was going to Vegas by plane and it ended up back in Salt Lake. xDDDD

    Ah, it’s a small world. xD I was gonna ask if you were affected by it but obviously ^^

  7. well first time going to ur site jayman, got here from mimi’s site. i guess i got lazy to click on ur name to go to ur site. lol… well now i bookmarked it. i don’t have a blog since i don’t think i have time to do it because of work and school so i can’t help you out there. for me i just like to visit sites that i bookmark and go from there.

  8. @Shagh: Haha, definitely safe from snow. I’m not sure she’s gonna like to hear about mosquitos! But I’ll let her know. ^^;

    @Koshiko: Hey thanx, u gave me that link after all. Nahhh, it randomizes speeds and if u didn’t already notice, u can influence it with your cursor too, lol… LOL, that’s okay, I’ll save the figures for indoors. Though I just finished the “Shining Tears X Wind” anime. Not the best series by a long shot, but maybe I’ll try something with my Elwing and Xecty figures?… Yeah, your blog-visiting style is pretty similar to mine and probably everyone else’s. Plus I think CommentLuv helps with blog visibility. As long as I don’t feel too flooded, lol. ^_^;

    @Mimi-chan: LOL! I beat u for once! But when did u mention a cruise? Cabo? You weren’t even gonna pass by and wave? Glad your family is safe and sound. But I gotta repeat, don’t believe the 2-inch propaganda. We got 8-9 inches, no matter what the official recorders say, lol. Hehe, you’re right, a pretty damn small world. Though I hardly think such an interstately-annoying blizzard system can be considered, umm, *small*. >o<;

  9. @Sousuke: Hey, welcome aboard. I think I’ve seen your name on her blog a few times. But no worries. Between work and anime, I can get just as lazy as the next guy. Though I’ll try not to be as boring as Mimi, lol.

  10. @xjaymanx: yeah, no problem. you’re not boring and your site is great. i can’t believe i didn’t find it earlier. lol. oh yeah forgot to comment on the snow, saw it on the news and was like las vegas is snowing! reminds me,i gotta take advantage of the snow in the Big Bear mountains in SoCal.if i have the time,i would go skiing this winter.

  11. @Sousuke: Trust me, sometimes I talk about junk nobody else cares for, lol. Plus I stopped collecting figures earlier this year. But no worries, I can occasionally take note of the otaku peer pressure… Hmm, I can’t ski, but does 4-wheeled sliding count? ^_^

  12. @xJAYMANxI thought I posted something similar a while back. Hadn’t done on my blog though, so it’s all goooood. No duplicates hehe.

    And.. *ahem*… WOOT! Another mention! Hehehehe.
    Loving the snow by the way! Wish I could have snow…. One day I might pay for my blog. has always been the dream…. lol

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Why do we love figures?

  13. Meep, I hope it’s not like that when I go to Vegas next month! ;_;

    As for keeping up with blogs, I use a feed reader (namely NetNewsWire) to keep up with everything that I read. It’s kind of odd being without it since my lappy’s in for repair right now =___=;; and I’m too lazy to configure the desktop with a feed reader hahaha.

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  14. @M132: Hehe, no duplicates? LOL, keep your blog around long enough, and pretty soon, everything will be a duplicate! Hence, I just linked to my old DC reply. Plus, extra mentions aren’t too shabby either, lol. Actually, I use for my domains. Pretty cheap~ about 7 quid/year. And u can redirect the URL to your blog. Then when u can afford the GoDaddy web hosting (maybe 5 quid/month for 150 GB space and 1500 GB transfer) behind that domain, it just takes a few clicks. Plus a few more clicks to auto-install the hosted WordPress.ORG too! Definitely a dream within reach. ^_^

    @Lene: Haha, Vegas snow is pretty rare, so I don’t think u don’t need to worry next month. Unless lightning strikes twice? ^o^; As for blogs, yeah, I use Google Reader to catch all of the new posts and comments. Just open a browser, and I can use it from any laptop or desktop… or iMac, lol. Laziness not required. >_<

  15. I do it the old fashioned way and go through all the blogs comment via hand.Its stupid but im somehow acustomated to it.
    I only started using a feedreader recently aswell.I checked Blogs every day for update untl then…^^

    Gahhh!! Im jealous of all the snow you people are getting.I only snowed here one day this winter and it stayed for about half and hour before it melted all away….

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  16. @xJAYMANx: Ooooooo only £7 a year… and right now it’s £6.48…….Oh I may just do it tonight… and have it redirected to my blog…

    And whats this about It’s hosted? Auto install? Myu?

    Meimi132´s last blog post > 132

  17. A little question in regards to registration of Do I need to make it private to hide my details from the Whois thing, and do I need business registration? I’m just a tad wary is all…

    Meimi132´s last blog post > 132

  18. Nuuu~ Meimi132, don’t get godaddy hosting D= domains are fine, but you have to be careful of all the add-ons, some can be very confusing. As for hosting, way too many issues from what I’ve seen around the net. Besides, any proper web-designer will tell you not to have your domain and hosting with the same company, too many risks.

    For hosting, have a look at since you’ll be installing the new 2.7 version of WP. I also offer hosting, no problems on my end, I’m hosting Optic as well []. I just haven’t had a chance to set up the info page for it ^^;;

    @Jay: Yay, snow is slow~ I had no idea about the extra features though, lol~
    And I <3 CommentLuv, it has ‘nofollow’ added automatically, but who cares? If your blog is good enough, you’ll get linked eventually anyways, it’s just a foot in the door really xD

    Koshiko´s last blog post > Season’s Greetings~! December 2008

  19. @All: Gomen mina! I’m kinda in the middle of composing my next huge post, lol. I’ll reply properly soon, but as for hosting, it’s definitely your choice. I don’t know about other hosts, but I’ve used GoDaddy web hosting since Sept 2004 with hardly any problems. But I also stay away from the extra crap they try to sell u. >_< @M132: P.S. My Privacy is set to "On" and Business Registration is set to "Off". But that's just my preference.

  20. @Blowfish: Sorry about the delay… Ah, old-fashioned or new-fangled, whatever works, right? Though I like to finish reading daily blog comments in my lifetime, lol… Want more snow? Well, I just finished my full post. Hope u enjoy it!

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