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Yup, Angsty Momo. If you’ve visited Mimi’s blog last week, you’ll recognize her pink-haired teen mascot, lol. In a nutshell, her name is Momo. An angsty 17-year-old only-child with some curious tastes. And an interstellar genius in the year 2409 EYE (Earth Year Equivalent), lol. Here are the 750×750 square and 1680×1050 wallpaper versions. ^_^

But listen to this… Her most bewildering fact is being the daughter of Punk Trooper! Yup, the Punk Trooper. A (Stormtrooper) military-cadet drop-out and a (Jedi) wizard-apprentice outcast. Now surviving as an interplanetary bounty-hunter-in-black, infamous for wielding his magneto-reinforced obsidian katana. While secretly hiding as a Knight of the Mirage whose family was murdered and whose hometown was destroyed by Neo-Britannian Imperial forces. His fave Old-Earth films are Star Wars and The Matrix. While has fave Old-Earth anime are Ghost in the Shell (all), Code Geass, Blood+, Hellsing, and of course, Desert Punk.

In fact, here’s a summary of Momo’s and Punk’s historic meeting… Punk Trooper limps in the twin sunset back to his smuggling ship after another annoying bar brawl. But this time, he sees a pink-haired girl yawning on the entrance ramp. Punk groans, “Hey, get off my ship. Who the heck do ya think ya are?” ~”Umm, your daughter.” ~”Hahaha, is that right?” ~”Hey, I’m not too thrilled either, Punky.” ~”What did you say, Pinko?” Which leads into their brief verbal battle of prove it or lose it, an awkward compromise with possible reward, and of course, the start of an awkward and angsty father-daughter search for Momo’s long-lost mother… Awww. Sounds like a fine anime series, lol. Though I wonder if he’s got any other lost daughters out there? >_<;

Mirai & Kako. Hey, wait! Do you recognize the high-school hallway background behind Momo? If you do, then you get a gold star, haha. I first used it in my first Mirai Suenaga fanart for back in May-June 2007, 18-months ago. Here’s the original DC article (before Member News was introduced in mid-2008). Cool, eh? Of course, I’m proud to say 20-30 comments on DC was pretty high back then (probably equivalent to 50-60 nowadays), lol. But maybe his poll helped more. >_<;

Arima & Yukino. But really, where did I steal the idea for that hallway background? Easy, from the amazing and classic Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances) image of Yukino and Arima dancing in the high-school hallway. Here’s my original explanation. Yup, “Inspiration smacked me… with Danny’s post on fan art of his mascot Mirai Suenaga.” Still inspiring, hehe.

One More Time. And now, one last look at Angsty Momo, because she turned out amazing. Awww, lol… Hey wait, Mimi, can you smell that? Is that Zazzle in the air? >_<


Four Months Later. Then in March 2009, I finally upgraded Momo’s lacking “angst” to full-fledged “anger”, hahaha! Click for more.


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  1. I capitalised the email address, thats all. I didnt realise it could make the gravatar not work lol.
    And lol at the ‘wink wink nudge nudge’, coincidently me and my friends have been using that alot recently. I thought the word ‘rod’ might spark some peverted thoughts somewhere…yet I didn’t change the title… lol…

    And no, I wasn’t poking fun at yours, I was poking fun at mine….because its 2 years newer than yours and yet it has the same specs…. It’s depressing is what it is…

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Sailor Moon – Moon Rod

  2. @M132: Ahh, caps-sensitivity, gotta hate that, lol. And give praise to Monty Python for their nudge-nudge genius, lol. Umm, not necessarily depressing; my guess is I paid *twice* as much for my laptop specs back then. So don’t fret. T_T;

    P.S. Yeah, did some CommentLuv checking on Google and my ancient account. Looks like it’s only available for, not So far. Why? Pretty nice, eh? Hehe, got the idea from Koshiko@Furudango… Ahh, and if you’ve noticed, I’ve also installed follow-up email notifications so I don’t have to check my RSS-comments-feeds on Google Reader (or in your special case, to comment on respective blogs). Niiiiice. >_<

  3. @JennK: Aww, thanx, lol. You’re right, not-so-angsty at the moment, so I’m planning a more-angsty mood eventually… Ah yes, Kako. That was before Danny finalized Mirai’s little sister. A first possibility~ fun try but failed, lol.

    P.S. Btw, welcome to the Toybox! Mind if I ask how u stumbled in? Via DC? Or Mimi? ^_^

  4. Your colouring skills are really something! ^^
    Ive recently joined word press to show off my own art and figure photography too, your page is something to really try and aspire too!

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