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The Adventures of Danny Clone

  • Warning: Massive 58-photo segment following the show.

  • Danny Clone: Hey Jay, are u sure about this?
  • xJAYMANx: Sure, let’s push the envelope a little bit, hehe.
  • DC: Okay, if you’re sure.
  • xJ: Yeah, let’s do it. Go ahead whenever you’re ready…

  • [Audience applause.]
  • DC: Okay!… Welcome ladies and gents to “The Adventures of Danny Clone”. I’m your host Danny Clone, a third-rate copy of the extraordinarily unique and original Danny Choo!
  • [Audience applause.]
  • DC: But first, a quick plug for Good Smile Company! And the beta launch of the English Good Smile website at! Where they go the extra mile for your good smile!
  • [Audience applause.]
  • DC: And your good cash… Just kidding, just kidding!
  • [Audience laughter.]
  • DC: Today, our guest is the beautiful Barbie from Las Vegas.
  • [Audience applause.]
  • Barbie: Thank you, DC. Would it be okay to call u DC?
  • DC: Why not? I’ve been called worse things!
  • [Audience laughter.]

  • DC: Besides, you’re Barbie, u can do anything!
  • B: Awww, thanks DC. But I’m just a doll, nothing more.
  • DC: Haha, and I’m nothing but a figure.
  • B: Hehehe.
  • DC: Ah, you’re not just ANY doll, you’re THE doll!
  • B: Thank you… Which is what I’d like to ask you.
  • DC: What’s that?
  • B: What’s the difference between a figure and a doll? Especially in the world of anime and otaku culture.
  • DC: Wow, I’m impressed. So u keep up with these things?
  • B: Hehe, I may be blonde, but I try not to be TOO dumb. Especially in an active toy market.
  • DC: Ah, understood, understood!
  • B: So DC, what do u think?
  • DC: Haha, I know I’m just a clone, but aren’t figures stuck in a fixed pose? For example, look at me. I can’t move an inch in this Stormtrooper armor!
  • [Audience laughter.]

  • B: Hehe, that’s so true! But there are also “action” figures. With joints. Action figures like the Figma Saber and Figma Lelouch. Those are poseable.
  • DC: Ah, that’s right, that’s right.
  • B: So wouldn’t that make me an action figure too? I have joints. I can pose. People pose and play with me just like any other Figma.
  • DC: Hmmm. Barbie the action figure?
  • B: Sure, why not?
  • DC: Hmmm, I’m not too sure. That is, I’m not too sure the otaku community would be too thrilled about that.
  • B: Really? Why not?
  • DC: First of all, you’re American, right? Figures aren’t usually American.
  • B: I thought you’re American too?
  • DC: Ah, no, not actually. My clone body was made in Japan. Kotobukiya to be precise.
  • B: But your Stormtrooper armor was designed by an American, wasn’t it?
  • DC: Ah, I see what u mean! That may be true, but it doesn’t matter who designed me, I was ultimately produced in Japan.
  • B: Ummm, DC, are u sure about that? Even though your label is Kotobukiya, I’m pretty sure your parts were made in China.
  • [Audience gasp.]
  • DC: What?!?
  • B: And did u know the first Barbies were made in Japan?
  • DC: What? Really?
  • [Audience gasp.]
  • B: So are u still a figure? Am I still a doll?
  • DC: I-I don’t know. I’m not sure.
  • B: Hehehe, don’t worry. I don’t think geographic boundaries determines whether you’re a doll or figure. That would be prejudice.
  • DC: Whew. Thank you, Barbie!
  • [Audience applause.]
  • B: So if the country in which I was designed or produced makes no difference, am I a figure or not?
  • DC: Hmmm. I don’t think my cloned brain can handle this!
  • [Audience laughter.]
  • B: DC, would you like to hear what my theory is?
  • DC: I’d love to. What is it?
  • B: Actually, I have two theories.
  • DC: Wow, I’m impressed again!
  • B: But I’ll start with the weaker one.
  • DC: Sure.
  • B: First, I used to think a doll belonged together with a “doll house”.
  • DC: Ahhh.
  • B: And I’ve never heard of a “figure house”. Have u?
  • DC: Not to my puny knowledge.
  • [Audience laughter.]
  • B: Hehehe, besides, I used to have a doll house in LA.
  • DC: Right.
  • B: But after Ken and I divorced, we sold our house. And u know how horrible the real estate values are in LA.
  • DC: Not really.
  • B: Anyway, I decided to leave LA and move to Las Vegas.
  • DC: I see.
  • B: Does that mean I used to be a doll with a house, who became a figure without a house, who became a doll again?
  • DC: That does seem quite complicated.
  • B: Exactly. So I came up with a second theory.
  • DC: Which is?
  • B: Our clothes!
  • DC: Our clothes?
  • B: Sure, our clothes. Dolls have fabric clothing. But figures have molded plastic clothing!
  • [Audience gasp.]
  • DC: Really?!?
  • B: That’s the best theory I have so far.
  • DC: So Barbie, if I understand u correctly, even anime figures with cast-off clothing are figures. Because their removable clothing is molded plastic.
  • B: Exactly.
  • DC: So even those 12-inch Death Note figures L and Yagami Light made by Medicom are actually dolls. Because their clothing is fabric.
  • B: That’s right.
  • DC: Even though their hair is molded plastic. Not soft.
  • B: Right.
  • DC: Hmmm.
  • [Audience chatter.]
  • B: But even if this second theory is true, doesn’t it seem ridiculous too?
  • DC: What do u mean?
  • B: I mean the difference between doll and figure is so tiny that it seems dumb to hate one and love the other. Another form of prejudice.
  • DC: Ah, I see. Yeah. Maybe you’re right.
  • B: I mean, if I threw my fabric shirt over your head, DC, you’d be a doll!
  • DC: Hahaha, I would, wouldn’t I!
  • B: And if I stripped off my fabric clothes, I’d be a figure.
  • DC: Wow, I’d sure love to see that!
  • [Audience laughter.]
  • B: Hehehe, no chance of that!
  • DC: Well, that’s all for today, ladies and gents! Once again, thanks to Good Smile Company! I’m Danny Clone and our guest was the beautiful AND brilliant Barbie!
  • [Audience applause.]
  • B: Bye bye!
  • DC: Goodbye folks!
  • [Audience applause.]

  • xJAYMANx: CUT! That was great guys. Thanks.
  • Danny Clone: You’re welcome! Piece of cake! If u didn’t know, I’m a clone of the brilliant Danny Choo.
  • xJ: Hahaha, we know.
  • DC: So what do u think? Controversial enough?
  • xJ: It’s fine. Not too shocking. But just enough to boggle our brains.
  • DC: Haha, or get ourselves killed.
  • xJ: Nahhh.
  • Barbie: Controversial? U mean whether or not “playing with dolls” is the same thing as “playing with figures”.
  • xJ: Damn, u are sharp, Barbie.
  • B: Actually, not many people know this, but I dated “L” a few times.
  • xJ: What? THE “L” from Death Note?
  • DC: Barbie, u are full of surprises.
  • B: So maybe he rubbed off on me. But… does he have a thing for dumb blondes?
  • xJ: I can’t even imagine.
  • B: Hehe, then don’t try.
  • DC: Hahaha.
  • B: Thank u, guys. That was fun! We should try this again some time.
  • xJ: I hope so! But hey, do u two mind if I took some candid shots?
  • DC: Don’t mind at all!
  • B: Sure, I don’t mind. Where should we stand?
  • [End.]
  • [12+12+22+2+10 Photos.]

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10 thoughts on “Blog 160 > Adventures of Danny Clone

  1. ok viewing this post make lotsa questions pop into my head lol
    first of all, YAY! for a new backyard shoot ^-^
    and now….

    1.) Why the heck do you have a barbie in your house?
    2.) Why the heck do you have even different colored shoes and hairbands for her? o_O”
    3.) Why is the trooper touching her boobs? (which makes me think if your reflecting of yourself into the trooper lol)
    4.) Why is she jumping his back/neck/shoulders?
    5.) And last but not even less important for me to know, why is she taking of her clothes during the shoot? (which makes me think about ~Jay might be reflecting his own wishes into the shoot~ ^^)

    Anyways, like it. Good you went out while it was sunny.
    Though I think a moonlight/midnight shoot would be nice ^-^
    How you wanna do that without light? DON´T ASK ME ! lol
    Just get some lamps or lights haha

  2. @Miko: Hahaha, silly girl! U sound like a non-otaku, lol. Have u ever visited Danny is an anime/otaku blogger who is internationally famous for dancing around Tokyo in his Stormtrooper armor. So this is sort of a parody of that, lol. Trying to find the most ridiculous yet believable poses. >_< But your questions bring up the point exactly. Many otaku seem to find it offensive to be considered *playing with dolls* when anime action figures aren't *really* so different from Barbies. It's a risk, but I've been known to take risks, lol. Maybe I'll answer your questions when u visit Vegas? ^_~

  3. wheeee i never read ur reply here gah, cuz like i said i dont get a notification …whatever… well i sound like a non-otaku…cuz i think i am NOT! lol? ever thought about it… haha

  4. Wow, this post was amazingly-cool. :) Innovative posts are always nice!

    Also, I seriously never knew there were posable Barbies. Back in my day, they were all…figures. :P Except for the clothes comment, haha. Soooo…you never answered Miyabiko-san. That’s your barbie, isn’t it? You secretly like playing with dolls~ ;)

    jenn´s last blog post > Immortal Regis Volume 1 – Zombies and a New Life

  5. @Jenn-chan: Awww, thaaaaanx! Oh really? I’m the opposite. Never knew there were un-posable “Barbie” figures! Yeah, don’t know how my brain (oops, I mean, Barbie’s brain) came up with that “clothes” theory, lol… Answered Miko-chan? {Cough-cough} Whatever do u mean? Are posable Figmas “dolls”? Then sure I “play with dolls”. Well, if u define “playing” as posing them once every 6-12 months while they gather dust, haha. But isn’t that the point of this entire post? Is there a difference between a “Barbie” and “Storm Trooper”?

  6. @Jenn-chan: Hehe, I know! The “clothes” thing is the closest idea that makes sense. Well, assuming that there’s *any* distinction that makes sense, lol. Yeah, just another product of my over-active and over-analytical imagination.

    Let’s see, when? That’s a tough one. Was I still married? Beforehand? Hmm, maybe when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend in Cleveland. Maybe when I still used to draw with pencil-and-paper? Around 1997? Ahh, one day, I think I was inspired to draw. To experiment with light and shadow. So instead of those faceless wooden puppet thingies, I chose a cheapie Barbie from the nearest toy store. But for some reason, I never pursued drawing after that. Maybe cuz in 1998, we got married, I got laid off, and we moved to Vegas? ^_^

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