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Are you sick and tired of Imperial Stormtroopers who can’t aim or blast the side of a barn to save their lives? Are you sick and tired of Jedi Apprentices who can’t find peace without a Master? Well, enter the Stormtrooper drop-out, Jedi outcast, and bounty-hunter-in-black~~ “Punk Trooper”, lol.

Like I first explained in my second audio broadcast and teased again in my last post, I dressed up (or God-forbid “cosplayed”, lol) in my original character for the Halloween lunch at work. And as my video hopefully shows, it was a “blast”, pun intended, hehe.

Halloween | The Punk Trooper Video | Click to play

Not bad, eh? Okay, well, not too lame, lol. But I basically ran around in my costume for a couple hours, shooting video pics and scaring kids along the way, before it finally tired me out and forced me back to work. Luckily, mine seems to be one of the more amusing costumes and the email-your-photo contest for next week might actually win me something! Wish me luck, lol. Here are a couple of shots of my boring cubicle. The desktop is so outdated, I actually bring my own laptop to work, lol.

After coming home from work, Lisa told me that I was invited to her boyfriend Jason’s “Rock Band 2” Halloween mini-party. So I thought, “Why not?” In fact, she was dressing up as “Frankenhooker“, the title character from the 1990 cult-classic black-comedy film, haha. Here’s the trailer below, lol.

Frankenhooker (1990) Trailer | Click to play

When we were both finally ready to go, we took a few timer-set shots. Guiness the Menace did whatever he wanted, lol. But not bad!

So after I followed Lisa’s car to Jason’s apartment, the three of us, plus Rebecca (the Smurf) and Vu (the Pimp) played “Rock Band 2” for ten songs or about an hour. And guess what? Even though it was my first time, and the bass guitar was set to “Easy”, my average was still 95% after 10 songs! Damn! Even they were pretty impressed. I told them, “I was born to play bass!” Well, a fake version of bass, lol. Can’t wait to see the pics of us playing, hahaha.

After “Rock Band 2” ended and the second-hand pot smoke began to dissipate, Lisa helped Jason assemble his “Werewolf in Suit” costume, lol. It was hilarious seeing them struggle with the black eye paint! I managed to take a few photos with Jason’s camera, hehe. And when we were all ready, I followed their carpool to the next bigger party. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anybody there. Just what seemed to be grad students, teaching assistants and such. I talked with one guy who tried to dress as Sasuke from “Naruto”. But he was just another arrogant cigarette-smoking “Narutard, Bleachtard, Death-Notard” bastard who couldn’t stop boasting about his victory in a legal case against his internet-criminal ex-wife. Whatever, go ahead and sip your snotty wine. LOL.

But shortly afterwards, I told Jason to tell Lisa I was leaving. And Jason was kind enough to walk me back to my vehicle. Overall, it was a fun afternoon, fun evening, but a long day. Maybe I’ll join them for another night of “Rock Band 2” sometime soon. Well, that’s it for now. Thanx for reading. May the Punk be with you! ^_^

P.S. For those of you who don’t know what “CommentLuv” does (bottom of comment box), it’s a cool feature which reads your blog URL (if you have one) and auto-adds your last blog post to the end of your comment. Like I said, cool, eh?

11 thoughts on “Blog 173 > The Punk Trooper – Video

  1. NOW WAY !!!!

    you play bass in rock band? i did that on guitar hero lol
    and ya mine was set to easy too haha but i got around 95% too

    and lol u act like a lil kid in the costume =)

    thoigh i must say you have to work on your actor abilities or what u wanna call it hehe

    miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 19: Family in the zoo

  2. @Miko: Hehe, thanx! Nahhh, maybe not an actor, but maybe an over-reactor? LOL ^.^

    @Panther: Ah, Choo! LOL, how punk? Now that’s a good question. I mean, I was having fun in the video, but if I actually wrote a sci-fi or anime story, he’d definitely be darker yet funnier in a sinister way. Kinda like the anime “Desert Punk” (Sunabouzu)… Wait, I’m lost, what happened recently? ^_^

  3. Hey~ glad you got the plugins working :3 I didn’t know you could select which post to link though =o how did you manage that? lol~

    Nice outfits, Lisa looks a lil scary but still good! I like the rebel trooper idea, you had some sort of malfunction in your programming? Hehe~

    And demand an upgrade on your work computer >:3

    Koshiko´s last blog post > Sydney trip and a surprise~

  4. @Koshiko: It’s all thanx to your help! Hmm, but except for the styles, I simply installed the plugins as-is. Maybe a new version of CommentLuv?… LOL, thanx, I’ve had the Punk idea for a little while. Just something different, defiant (and cheaper!) than the standard white armor ($1000-1500 USD). But Lisa’s is just wacky!… Ah, the work desktop? Yeah, I know, but of course, budget issues. Then again, if I upgraded it, I’d no longer have an excuse to use my personal laptop, now would I? ^_^;

    xJAYMANx´s last blog post > Blog 173 > The Punk Trooper – Video

  5. lol at the Punk Trooper hehe.

    And you are most correct about RDowneyJr being in Ally McBeal. Currently watching the season he was in :grin: He’s very good in the role… damn Famke Janson….evil bitch….

    I have yet to see Weird Science, I’ve got it available to me when I want to though. He was 23 when he made that(in 1988). Watched Heart and Souls tonight. Me and my friends were squealing at the ‘Walk like a man’ dance scene in the street…. loving his dancing!!! It was a great movie

  6. DAMN! Submitted by slight of hand…. too early… I was gonna say, great early 90’s movie. He was 28. A good age for him. I must say he looks better older, too young is a bad thing. Like with Matthew Broderick(Watched Ferris Buellers Day Off before Heart and Souls lol).

  7. @M132: LOL, thanx. May the Punk be with you!

    Hmm, I thought “Weird Science” was mid-80s. Lemme check, IMDb says 1985, hehe. I haven’t seen much of his other films, at least I don’t remember (lol), but you’re right, he seems better older, more suited nowadays. I think it’s because of his crazy eyes, lol. He’s always had more cynical or more jaded eyes for his face. (Kinda like Johnny Depp?) Maybe from his past drug addiction, maybe not, but still that edgy hypnotic look. (Nahh, Broderick still looks too young for his age, lol.)

  8. @Jayman – My bad. For some reason I’ve got it in my head it was 88 lol. Must be thinking of another of his movies.
    Crazy eyes?? Nononono….. And I’ve never thought of Johnny Depp having crazy eyes either…. RDJ has great eyes… he can make ’em smolder!! lol

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Tsuruya-san = SHIPPED!

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