Blog 161 > Lisa’s Operation Dustball

Argh, the dustballs!… So what do u do when your roommate hears somewhere that dust is mostly comprised of dead human-skin cells, and is so disgusted that she wants to dust off the entire house? Answer: Nothing, since u can’t change her mind anyway. Haha, believe me, I tried. Which explains why a couple nights ago, on Thursday, September 11, 2008, Lisa wanted me to bring out the ladder, so she could dust off the “pot shelves” along the highest parts of my house! Fortunately, it was amusing enough to pull out my Canon DSLR, lol. Plus a photogenic girl doesn’t hurt either, lol. ^_^

LOL, it was extra amusing as the TV-news played, since we would make fun of her favorite weatherman Peck, or argue about McCain-Obama presidential politics, in-between her carefree dust-swiping and my offbeat photo-shooting. Actually, she’s pretty fun to argue with, haha. Some people take politics way too seriously, and begin to rant or yell so badly that they’re no fun at all. Loosen up. Smile. They become too defensive or bitter. Or even worse, silent. I should know, since I used to be that way for about twelve years. Not pretty.

But ever since I gave up politics and political affiliations a couple years ago, I’m no longer so politically tense or combative. I’m not so easily dragged or yanked into picking a side. Will I skip the vote this time? Will I trust Las Vegas and Nevada to do their best? Who knows? But life has been so much more fun and funny. I’m sure my blood pressure thanks me for that, hehe. Enjoy the rest of this 18-shot photoshoot! >_<

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