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Whew! Yup, this is gonna be a massive post, ranging from rockin’ anime to wacky roommates, so rest your feet and take a seat. First, let’s whip past a few anime series I’ve completed since my last post…

Strait Jacket. Whoa, ultra-violent supernatural steampunk, 4 of 5 stars. An alternate end-of-the-19th-century reality where magic has polluted the world like any other natural (or supernatural) resource, this 3-episode OVA twists Akira-level violence, Vampire-Hunter-D-type moods, and Claymore-style psychologies into a familiar yet impressively different odyssey. Prepare to “exist”!

School Rumble – S3. Awww, brief but wonderful and satisfying conclusion to the saga, 4 of 5 stars. After two full seasons of ridiculously funny and unexpectedly emotional high-school antics, this 2-episode “season” pretty much ties up the final loose threads of requited and unrequited love. LOL, or does it? So many eye-popping, gut-busting, heart-stopping and breath-taking memories, it’s sad to see them go.

Beck – Mongolian Chop Squad. Wow, rockin’ music, inspiring yet saddening yet back to hopeful final episodes, 5 of 5 stars. Told in a subtle-yet-effective irregular-yet-real style, this story follows the day-to-day life of a normal teenager who matures from an insecure student to an aspiring rock musician. Intriguing bilingual use of both Japanese and English. Incredible music.

Now back to my roommate… Last week, Lisa bewildered me with the oddest purchase I’ve ever seen. Apparently, she and her friend Nicole visited the Adult Superstore (yup, only in Vegas, lol) and bought a rubber fist! And comparing it to Lisa’s fist, it’s definitely a female fist! On top of that, she stuck it in a pot, decorated it, and added some plastic flowers to create her “Fist of Love Bouquet”. For her boyfriend! Hahaha, it’s gotta be the most WTF joke gifts I’ve ever seen put together, haha. >_<

That was last week… So this week, last night, Lisa shocked the fuck outta me when she came home. Still wearing the hair extensions and corset from her photoshoot! Holy crap, she looked like a totally different human! So of course, I had to capture another bewildering moment before she changed back to her normal self, lol. Damn, what kind of photoshoot was it? Lingerie? Again? LOL >_<

P.S. Zero, zero, zero! Here’s a new anime-related question: Has anyone else realized the near-overuse of the name “Zero” in the past couple years? Not only in anime, but in other animation and in film? For example, not just the film “Crows ZERO”, but also the anime “Zero no Tsukaima”, the masked Zero in “Code Geass”, the male character Zero in “Vampire Knight”, even Jabba’s uncle, Zero the Hutt in the animated film “Star Wars – The Clone Wars”. Huh? What’s the deal? ^_^

P.P.S. Hey, congrats again, Danny! Like I noted in Mimi’s blog, I had no idea my simple Sept-15 addition about your Sept-14 CNN feature made such an impact! Thanx again to DOSGuy and his tireless efforts, I hope the Wikipedia article sticks this time, lol. >_<

P.P.P.S. Whoops, just checked today, Oct 19. Sorry, Danny, looks like the article was once again deleted and saved under DOSGuy’s Deletapedia. Damn. >.<

5 thoughts on “Blog 170 > Anime Rocks & Lisa Returns

  1. Wow she looks soooo different but gorgeous both ways ^^
    It’s amazing how much make-up can transform someone. Hmm the Zero phenomenon is strange… i wonder if it has anything to do with Lelouch >.> (that’s my anti-spam word)

  2. OMG just barely checked my email in weeks @__@;; I’m soo sorry for not replying ehehe >.>;; btw Hatsune is actually my ebil sister’s account but she doesn’t go on DC anymore xD
    btw i’ve noticed you don’t comment much either?

  3. @Mimi: LOL, yup, exactly, I’ll tell her. ^_^

    Hmmm, or maybe the “zero” phenomenon has been around for decades (since the Japanese WWII “Zero” fighter jets) but we’ve only just noticed it via anime? Anti-spam word? On whose blog? Since your blog’s word is random, u mean mine? >_< P.S. No prob, better late than never! Though it would be funnier indeed, if u actually chatted with yourself via multiple DC accounts, lol.

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