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Ahh, time for yet another non-anime post, lol… This time, it’s about the increasingly popular and addictive Rock Band 2. While I’ve only played it at 2 different parties this year, it’s pretty damn amazing. For those unfamiliar, it’s hard to describe with mere words. It’s as if video gaming, playing instruments and karaoke are all magically fused with the power of rock-and-roll into an awesome team-playing experience. Nope, not something a lone otaku can duplicate in front of the computer screen, lol. But first things first, I’ll start at the beginning…

Halloween Friday. Continuing from my Blog 173 Halloween-Trooping post, I mentioned playing Rock Band 2 with Lisa (the Frankenhooker), Jason (the Werewolf), Rebecca (the Smurf) and Vu (the Pimp), lol. But we only rocked for 10 songs, or about an hour. While it was my first time on the bass guitar, set to “Easy”, my average was still 95% for the night! Damn, pretty impressive. So I wouldn’t have minded playing a bit more. Here are a few pics from that session…



Saturday, November 22. Fast-forwarding 3 weeks later, Lisa and her boyfriend Coley planned a Rock Band Party for Saturday, 6pm to 2am, lol. And since the first time was so cool, I said, “Sure.” Definitely, lol… But wouldn’t you know, the party planning ran over a few potholes, haha. A few hours earlier, Coley called Lisa at home to ask me if I had any audio cable extensions lying around, maybe 20-feet long. So I scoured my garage, found a bag of audio cables and speaker cables, and then endured another 10 minutes of cell-talking with him, deciphering whether we meant audio cables or headphone-size wires or whatever. Sigh, lol. But we managed to agree on the terminology and I left a coiled pair of audio cables on Lisa’s bed.

After a brief 15- or 30-minute nap, I began to get ready since Lisa and I aimed to drive over by 5pm to make party preparations. Ahh, the hurry-hurry! Lisa didn’t know if we needed to pick up some ice or if she needed to order some drive-thru fast food. Gahhh. But in our respective vehicles, we ended up driving straight to Coley’s apartment by 5pm. Meanwhile, Coley was cleaning up the place, calling friends to pick up ice, instructing Lisa to tape up a sign on the door or whatever, and whatever else, haha. Minutes later, I was finally able to remind Coley, grab his transferred photos from the last Rock Band party, and Gmail them to myself. Whew. But of course, shortly after connecting the audio cables, he wanted me to check out the speaker system on his receiver. He couldn’t get all 4 speakers to play well. But crap, what a mess of wires! So after looking at his problematic surround setup, I transferred the surround wires to the B-speaker connections. And finally, both the A-speakers and B-speakers blasted at full volume. Yup, that’s all he wanted for the Rock Band setup. Whew!

Inevitably, the Rock Band Party began around 6pm. Soon, people began filing in. After finishing up my Gmail on Coley’s laptop, I left the bedroom and began to meet the gang of Coley’s and Lisa’s literary post-graduate world, lol. Met the smiling Bliss for the first time. It was a pleasure to see Kate and Rebecca again. Hahaha, Kate told me how Lisa told her about the little incident with Coley and Lisa at my house that morning~ You see, he dumped his laptop in his car trunk, slammed down the trunk door, then thought he “broke his car”! So after he ran up and banged on my freaking door like a madman, I yelled for Lisa to get the door! She came out to help him do God-knows-what, and as they dashed back to his car, I just stared out the window and shook my head in dumbfounded awe. After they fixed the trunk and Lisa finally returned, I laughed out loud, “What Ben Stiller movie is this?!?” Hahaha~ So when Kate brought it up at the party, I asked her if Lisa told her what I said, and we screamed at the same exact time, “What Ben Stiller movie is this?!?!” Hahaha, hilarious!

Wow, the party rocked on for almost 7 hours till 12:45am! That’s probably at least 50-60 rock songs! Of which, I probably played bass for at least 20-30 of them, lol. Damn! But I can honestly say, my best score was 100% on Medium, yeah! Of course, a night like this couldn’t escape a few random technical glitches. Such as someone breaking the drum pedal! Gahhh. Fortunately, we were lucky to have Doctor Vu on the scene with his drum-pedal-repair experience, hahaha. After he and Coley picked up some clear duct tape and a few paint-mixing sticks, they proceeded to operate. Finally, after supergluing the break, and taping it over a few times, Vu creatively taped an incense-holder as a splint along the length of the pedal! Niiiiice! Thereafter that night, drummers couldn’t restrain their joy at how solid the pedal now felt! Double niiiiice! A second technical glitch, replacing the batteries in the wireless guitar, drew less attention, but was very quickly executed.

Other than that, some chips, some drinks, and some chats. Having some pumpkin pie and refrigerator-magnet wordplay with Rebecca, haha. Watching in awe at Bliss’ and Jessica’s virtuoso guitar and drums and song-faking skills, lol. Cheering at Coley’s and Vu’s and others’ vocal interpretations. Witnessing two songs “Eye of the Tiger” and “Black Hole Sun” being played incredibly!!! And nearly killing ourselves after beating an impossible song on the third nearly-dead attempt! Which track was that? That freaking song didn’t give us any star power to use! Need I go on? I think you get the idea. My throat is getting scratchy all over again just thinking about it! On that note, here are a few more photos of that Saturday night…

That’s not all! For the entire Halloween and November 22 photoset, click for my 2008 > Rock Band Facebook album, lol. Okay, there, that’s about it for now. In fact, as Coley suggested, we may play Rock Band again pretty soon too. Maybe even as soon as Thanksgiving next week! See ya then! ^_^

5 thoughts on “Blog 176 > All-Night Rock Band Party!

  1. Erm.. Feel free to delete this if desired.. Don’t know if it’s a taboo to post here or something. :p

    But Yay! for Rockband2! Wish we could get the amount of players you have in your pics.

    Our first week of consequtive RB sesions brought about 9 guys. After the first week, 5 guys. After another 2 weeks, 3 guys. As the pictures will clearly show at
    And now, we only talk about it. -.-”

    Sigh.. I’d still love to play and actually try to organize every now and then. And we still do (about 3 or 4 of us). Problem is, everyone seem to get bored after 2 gig. When I’m just getting started. Lol!

    Sigh.. Gone are my RB days. Thankfully, we managed to clear the 84 song set before everyone started pulling out.
    .-= blur´s last blog > Incest and the what not’s =-.

  2. @Blur-man: Haha, why would it be taboo? Yeah, Coley probably holds these parties once a month or so, depending on how busy he is. But since he broke up with my roommate, it’s even more unpredicable, lol. But yeah, I think a good number of people is about 3 times the number the instruments-plus-mic. Or at least 12 or so. Plus I think it helps to have some girls in the mix too.

    Just 2 gigs? You mean just 2 songs? A real party should last 3 to 5, even 7 hours, haha. So that’s about 30-50 or even 70 songs! Ah, too bad, man. I think you’ll just have to start searching for some new “Rock Band” friends, eh?

  3. @Blur-man: I see, but I wrote that comment 3 months ago! How I am supposed to remember the “0 comments” thing? Nahhh, I don’t mind. If any impact or effect remains, I think future readers will still get the idea.

    Ahh, okay, 2 sets makes more sense. But that’s no more than a dozen songs, right? Bored after only an hour? Need more girls!

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