post 345 ~ more canadian and russian tastes…

“Tripping the Rift: Season 1” (2004)

“T.A.T.U.: Screaming for More” (2004)
post 345 ~ this week… more canadian and russian tastes…

  • this week ~ it’s a calm week so far… working, reviewing, editing the latest tech manual on my plate… tedious but i get to do it from home ;)))… chatting with and … watching episodes of “fate stay night” during the day… and episodes of “damo” during my nightly workout…
  • tripping the rift ~ lol, about this dvd… i stumbled upon this canadian series by chance last week, while visiting “best buy” to get some new CD/DVD sleeves… so after getting it via netflix yesterday, i must admit, definitely eye-poppingly “R” rated… just think of “southpark” and “futurama” smashed together into a 3D/CGI universe… even funnier is that the sexy cyborg character “six” is voiced by gina gershon! cool, huh? LOL ;)… i’m giving 4 of 5 stars b/c some of the blood-and-guts violence is a bit too much, but still something to check out! ;)))
  • t.A.T.u. ~ now, thanx to and her posted collection of musical tastes, i was reminded of the russian duo “tatu” ;)… yeah-yeah, i know i’m a few years late, but then again, i didn’t have limewire until this february… so i finally downloaded 15 of their tracks, haha!… and guess what?… as trance artists, i’m surprised i like ’em better than “kirsty hawkshaw” and “conjure one” and “sia”… yup, they’re actually good!… hence, i’ve added their dvd to my netflix queue, why not? ;)))
  • okay, back to work…

remix 071 ~ there alone

images by “therealone_” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

there alone

a clear moonlit night
a cool breeze and a rustle
up the sharp jagged path
he climbed and wrestled

escaping a ragged past
in a torn t-shirt and jeans
to breathe and reflect
on dreams without meaning

as he leapt his way up
to his favorite childhood spot
he thought he saw movement
in the shadows and fog

quietly he rose
beneath the moon and the stars
along the trees and the lake
his heart beating so hard

kicking rock after rock
breaking branch after branch
he peered at the shadows
as they continued their dance

suddenly he froze
at the edge of the clearing
his eyes open wide
his mind spinning without reason

she caught him with a stare
from his favorite childhood spot
along the trees and the lake
her wings unfurled in the fog

nervously he grinned
without making a sound
without anything to say
his heart pounding so loud

finally she stood
her smile as soft as a feather
then sprung up and soared
into the infinite heavens

and left him reflecting
on dreams within miracles
and breathing and yearning
for clear moonlit angels

a cool breeze and a rustle
waiting there alone

remix 070 ~ little by little

images by “french__kissed” :: no original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

little by little

in solitude she wanders
trapped by the silence

caged by the trees
in her forest of sapphire

she glows like the sun
from silver to gold

yet chooses the darkness
to blanket her shoulders

she hugs the pain within
and the emptiness throughout

like her longtime friends
the rain and the clouds

in moments of weakness
she cries to be free

to let go of the guilt
and the regret and the fear

but all she can do
is break off pieces of her soul

and little by little
let them carry her hopes

to fly high and laugh
like leaves in the sunshine

to drift far and rejoice
like butterflies in the moonlight

post 341 ~ fate in numbers…

post 341 ~ fate in numbers… congrats to the fastest friends to be safe from the “passover” cut-off, lol… (see “safe list” on previous post 340)… as for other news…

  • 5 days ~ returned to the office after 5 days either sick at home or working from home… while our first-floor “dungeon” is like a prison cell where all u can focus is on work, it’s like a prison cell in its spartan and claustrophobic nature… STILL don’t understand the original need to move the 3 of us downstairs away from the 3rd floor… but i guess i’m lucky to work at home at all ;)))
  • 24 hours ~ finally finished “24” season 2 over the weekend… it rocked! better than season 1!… and while it’s a show definitely designed “for the ride”, i doubt i’ll ever buy the DVDs… that’s what “battlestar galactica” is for! LOL ;)
  • 50 weeks ~ funny, finally returned to watching the hit korean show “damo” again (ordered the DVD set last month!)… and according to my gmail, it’s been almost a YEAR (50 weeks) since i last saw it as a rental… never finished the series, which is why i bought it when it finally hit amazon!… and FEELS like it’s only been a month, not a year!
  • 3 “fate” figures ~ lastly, yup! i caved!… after ordering the first “black saber” figurine from … yesterday, ordered TWO more “saber” figurines from … averaging only $50 per 7.5-inch figurine! nice ;)

    #1 ~ Fate Stay Night 1:8 Saber

    #2 ~ Fate Hollow Ataraxia : 1:8 Saber (Casual Wear Ver.)

    #3 ~ Fate Hollow Ataraxia : 1:8 Black Saber Dress

  • 14 “fate” episodes ~ meanwhile, i’ve downloaded the first 3 available chapters of the english-version “fate stay night” manga… and in the process of downloading the 14 available episodes (jap with eng subtitles) of the “fate stay night” anime so far, now playing in japan… completed 9 downloads so far!!!

post 339 ~ anime, sci-fi, and fantasy!

post 339 ~ okay-okay, it’s been 11 days ;)))

  • dark saber ~ first of all, gotta get this!… “saber” from the adult “fate/hollow” games/manga… about 7.5 inches (19 cm) high!… i think i’m in love, hehehe ;)))… click to enlarge.

    $42 at | $60 at

  • dvds and more dvds ~ meanwhile, here are the dvds i’ve seen over the past month… anime and sci-fi and fantasy, what else?… lol ;)))

    + Scrapped Princess: Vol. 1 ~ getting good!
    + Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU: Vol. 1 and 2 ~ hilarious must-have!
    + Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo: Chapter 3 ~ spectacular must-have!
    + Ah! My Goddess: Vol. 2: Love Plus One ~ wholesome/romantic must-have!
    + Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0: Disc 1, 2, and 3 ~ dramatic must-have!
    + 24 Season 2: Disc 5
    + Constantine
    + House of Flying Daggers ~ already have it; watched it again!