remix 071 ~ there alone

images by “therealone_” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

there alone

a clear moonlit night
a cool breeze and a rustle
up the sharp jagged path
he climbed and wrestled

escaping a ragged past
in a torn t-shirt and jeans
to breathe and reflect
on dreams without meaning

as he leapt his way up
to his favorite childhood spot
he thought he saw movement
in the shadows and fog

quietly he rose
beneath the moon and the stars
along the trees and the lake
his heart beating so hard

kicking rock after rock
breaking branch after branch
he peered at the shadows
as they continued their dance

suddenly he froze
at the edge of the clearing
his eyes open wide
his mind spinning without reason

she caught him with a stare
from his favorite childhood spot
along the trees and the lake
her wings unfurled in the fog

nervously he grinned
without making a sound
without anything to say
his heart pounding so loud

finally she stood
her smile as soft as a feather
then sprung up and soared
into the infinite heavens

and left him reflecting
on dreams within miracles
and breathing and yearning
for clear moonlit angels

a cool breeze and a rustle
waiting there alone