post 332 ~ a sixth!!! wait– a seventh!!!

post 332 ~ goddamn!… while having dinner, i’m watching yet another episode of “dark angel” season 2… this time, the episode is “hello, goodbye”; one of the best episodes of the season… and i find another actress from “battlestar galactica” season 1!!!

  • Kandyse McClure, who plays Anastasia Dualla (petty officer), played a “dark angel” blind woman friend of “joshua”!
  • in my last post, i got her mixed up with Nicki Clyne, who plays Cally (crewman specialist), and played a “dark angel” transgenic x6 youth named “Fixit”… but i fixed the post ;)))
  • so, in addition to Callum Keith Rennie (cylon), Aaron Douglas (chief), Nicki Clyne (crewman), Sam Witwer (pilot), and Grace Park (pilot), that makes SIX actors in “DA” who went on to appear in “BG”…

2/26 edit ~ double DAMN!! couple nights ago, in the episode “she ain’t heavy”, noticed YET ANOTHER “BG” actor:

  • Alessandro Juliani, who plays Lt. Felix Gaeta, played “Druid” since the beginning of “dark angel” season 1!… SEVEN actors!!!

post 331 ~ four actors…

“Dark Angel: Season 2 (2001)

“battlestar galactica: season 1” (2004)
post 331 ~ okay, so i’m watching another episode of “dark angel” season 2… this episode is “exposure”… and i immediately recognize TWO actors from “battlestar galactica” season 1!!!

  • Callum Keith Rennie, who plays Leoben Conoy (cylon), played a “dark angel” sheriff
  • Aaron Douglas, who plays Galen Tyrol (chief petty officer), played a “dark angel” hotel clerk

and this is on TOP of TWO OTHER “dark angel + battlestar galactica” actors i recognized earlier in season two…

  • Nicki Clyne, who plays Cally (crewman specialist), played a “dark angel” transgenic x6 youth named “Fixit”
  • Sam Witwer, who plays Crashdown (co-pilot), played a “dark angel” evil transgenic named “Marrow”

so that makes FOUR actors in “DA” who went on to appear in “BG”… WAIT– just did some digging… a FIFTH actor!

  • Grace Park, who plays Boomer (pilot), played a “dark angel” X5 breeding partner early in the season…

yet more reason to like “battlestar galactica”… very intriguing ;)))

p.s. yep, i’m a geek, haha!… and proud of it!

post 330 ~ DVD post…

“battlestar galactica: season 1” (2004)

“Friend” (2001; Korean)

“Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig” (2005)
post 330 ~ hey, it’s been a while since my last DVD post, so here it is…

  • battlestar galactica: season 1 ~ no question, FIVE STARS!… best sci-fi series i’ve seen since “dark angel” or “firefly” or “star trek: DS9 or voyager”, and even better (and darker) than those!… the season close was mind-blowing!… and now i gotta buy the season 2.0 which is actually the FIRST HALF of season two… argh ;)
  • friend ~ not bad at all… childhood friendships, adolescent differences, and adult betrayals… FOUR STARS… tho i’d recommend “oldboy” before this one, hehe ;)
  • ghost in the shell: 2nd GIG ~ began disc #3… still maintaining the high level of socio-political and cyber-cultural complexities!!!… still FIVE STARS!!!
  • oh my goddess! ~ this is the 1993 original 5-episode series… a wholesome and innocent and teenaged anime that reaches its best in the concluding episode, FOUR STARS!!!… the 2000 movie which comes later in the story timeline was FIVE STARS!… can’t wait to see the new 2005 anime series which expands upon the earlier works! ;)))
  • thanx for the gigunda fortune cookie!!! love you! ;)))

  • and lastly, a plug for jen-shaka’s band:… and yup, that’s me in the fine print: “max mancoon”, hahaha ;)))

post 326 ~ keeping an eye…

post 326 ~ well, for those who don’t know, my left eye has recovered back to normal… but still wearing my dark glasses at work, still wearing “my sunglasses at night”…

  • still watching tons of dvds… star wars episode III extras, “battlestar galactica” series, “dark angel” series, “gankutsuou: count of monte cristo” (5 stars), “in the realm of the senses” (3 stars), “all about lily chou-chou” (3 stars), “oh, my goddess!” (not seen enough to rate yet), etc…
  • yet it seems my LJ activity has become more and more infrequent… as a consequence of work of course, but not necessarily a bad thing… more and more colleagues are relying on my efforts, which is satisfying albeit draining… half my time planned for GE documentation, the other half planned for application user guides, and the THIRD half spent on urgent editing projects that drop into my lap… yup! ;)))
  • and all while keeping an eye on my eyes… not overworking them… on the screen, on the TV, on the highway… so i think i’ll take a little nap ;)