post 332 ~ a sixth!!! wait– a seventh!!!

post 332 ~ goddamn!… while having dinner, i’m watching yet another episode of “dark angel” season 2… this time, the episode is “hello, goodbye”; one of the best episodes of the season… and i find another actress from “battlestar galactica” season 1!!!

  • Kandyse McClure, who plays Anastasia Dualla (petty officer), played a “dark angel” blind woman friend of “joshua”!
  • in my last post, i got her mixed up with Nicki Clyne, who plays Cally (crewman specialist), and played a “dark angel” transgenic x6 youth named “Fixit”… but i fixed the post ;)))
  • so, in addition to Callum Keith Rennie (cylon), Aaron Douglas (chief), Nicki Clyne (crewman), Sam Witwer (pilot), and Grace Park (pilot), that makes SIX actors in “DA” who went on to appear in “BG”…

2/26 edit ~ double DAMN!! couple nights ago, in the episode “she ain’t heavy”, noticed YET ANOTHER “BG” actor:

  • Alessandro Juliani, who plays Lt. Felix Gaeta, played “Druid” since the beginning of “dark angel” season 1!… SEVEN actors!!!

6 thoughts on “post 332 ~ a sixth!!! wait– a seventh!!!

  1. no problem!… back then, this was one of the few sci-fi shows on network tv (when i still watched tv)… and being a sci-fi aficionado, i gave it a shot…

  2. Wow… really obsessing over these cross-overs eh… well, perhaps there’s something to it… for example – have you checked if they use the same director(s), producers, yada yada yada. What with actors getting jobs via recommendations based on previous work, I wouldn’t think it’s out of the question.

  3. actually, i did a minimal check… “BSG” developer/producer ronald moore is also known for his writing for “carnivale” and the “star trek” franchise, but nothing with “dark angel”… i suppose i could check the casting directors, etc… i’ll keep ya posted ;)))

  4. jackpot!… ALL five “BSG” casting directors…

    Heike Brandstatter
    Eric Dawson
    Carol Kritzer
    Coreen Mayrs
    Robert J. Ulrich

    were involved in the casting (either full or partial seasons) for “DA”…

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