post 388 ~ decisions, decisions…

post 388 ~ decisions, decisions… which one should i get?

  • note ~ i’ve already pre-ordered a 1/6 scale of a differently clothed “Ryofu” weeks ago, already own a 1/8 Intron Depot of “Galhound”, but nothing of “Motoko” yet… so this may influence my decision…
  • other news ~ according to , the second “NANA” movie will premiere December 9 in Japan… a trailer for the movie is online at the official site, .

post 387 ~ bitten by the bug

post 387 ~ sorry about the silence, i think i finally succeeded!… bitten by the writer’s bug! lol…

  • in years past, i’d get inspired time and again to write fanfics for the “matrix” and “firefly”… but eventually, as series or movies ended, inspiration would wane and discouragement would grow… and moreso by the fact that these weren’t my own original universes, but someone else’s… so why finish writing?
  • well, this time in 2006, i promised to construct an entirely original universe… one day at a time, adding bits to settings, to technology, to characters, to back stories, and so on… then on saturday, when i stayed till 3am, assembling various pasts to my characters’ relationships, it finally hit me… or rather, bit me… tumultuous pasts, dimensional rotors, ferry crews, meteor catastrophes, dune buggies, and hotshot pilots… all surrounding the enigmatic name of “Rosetta”… and without the shadow of someone’s else creation!
  • haha, feeling the bug while eating, sleeping, commuting, even while working at the office (like this morning)… using all of my experience watching anime to create something new… this is how it should be, right?

post 383 ~ august anime screening

post 383 ~ 3rd saturday, back to the whitney library in vegas!… so after dropping off a package for , i somehow took an absent-minded turn down I-215 west (maybe b/c it’s my routine route to work)… so at 80 mph, i whipped back the opposite way on I-215 east, took the overpass curve to I-95 north, then tropicana and finally whitney… and this month, the anime screening had a pretty decent mix!

  • 11:00 AM Paradise Kiss #1 ~ same great style as “NANA”
  • 11:30 AM Paradise Kiss #2
  • 12:00 PM Elfen Lied #5
  • 12:30 PM Densha Otoko #2 (live-action) ~ still funny
  • 1:30 PM Kamen Rider Kabuto #2 (live-action)
  • 2:00 PM Honey & Clover #2 ~ growing on me
  • 2:30 PM Monster #1 ~ tense medical drama
  • 3:00 PM Cutey Honey (live-action movie) ~ cute and sexy
  • 4:30 PM Elfen Lied #6


post 382 ~ bling-blingo!

post 382 ~ bling-blingo!

  • gahhh, i couldn’t help it… b/c i’m in that general “web-curiousity and update-my-website” phase, such as researching RSS feeds, and trying out (nahhh) and (yeahhh)… and i already use the search engine to earn discounts…
  • but i just had to steal this from since she’s already won free stuff just by using the “blingo” search engine (based on google, of course)…
  • click here to be my “blingo friend”, lol…


  • plus, you can check how i added it to my website … cool, huh?

post 380 ~ realizations…

post 380 ~ realizations…

  • personal dream? ~ like i recently told , as a result of the past few months, i finally remembered (or reaffirmed) an old adolescent dream to “write a book”… i’ve done little sci-fi fanfics over the last several years (original characters and stories within universes already created by others), but in the effort to build my own ORIGINAL sci-fi universe, i created to collect my notes and sketches (protected) as well as pieces of my story…

    note to inspire myself: “Start small! Don’t worry about how well others have written in the past. Just do it, whether expertly or pathetically, just write for yourself and for the love of your characters! If you worry too much, you’ll never get anything done!”

  • pseudo-sister? ~ just a day or two ago, another idea hit me… it’s been weird living with my ex-wife , nothing wrong, just still a bit weird… but in thinking of her family as pretty-much my family, what if i thought of her as a “sister”?… and it clicked… oddly, her little habits around the house, or chats with another guy, are no longer so irritating or weird; just as if a real sister lived around the house… kinda makes sense, right? she thought so too ;)

post 379 ~ awesome anime news…

post 379 ~ awesome anime news…

  • Solid State Society Trailer ~ Production I.G’s clappa! website now hosts a 2:48 second trailer for the upcoming Stand Alone Complex movie, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society.

    wow, this looks and sounds as awesome as the GitS: SAC series 1 and 2… not like the first 2 movies… can’t wait!

  • Negima 2 will be All-New ~ Negima series 2 begins Ocober 4 in Japan. The series will reportedly have a new story, rather than an further adaptation of Ken Akamatsu’s manga.

    woo-hoo!… less depression, and more negima! LOL ;)

post 378 ~ better to have loved and lost…

“negima!” (2005)
post 378 ~ better to have loved and lost…

  • damn, as a result of watching the heart-wrenching finale (episodes 23-26) to the anime “negima!”, classmates dealing with the death and love of a classmate, as well as sadly finishing another lovable anime… along with lisa’s wedding reception… i naturally yet still unexpectedly began to feel a little depressed…

    and it ALWAYS feels like mental molasses or an energy-draining fog trying to pull myself out of it… forcing a grocery-buying smile or allowing myself to sing along with the radio’s tune…

    but this time, i’m trying to channel myself into writing some sci-fi, based on my original characters from my “matrix” and “firefly” fanfics… into creating my own anime-style universe, finally… still hammering out the back stories and ship design… so yeah, it’s gonna take months to write and develop and write some more, perhaps longer… for even a short story…

    but here’s my initial passage from last month…

  • “Yeee-hawww!”

    With her characteristic battle cry, the 26-year-old “Lucky” Yoshikawa floored her aluminum-framed sand buggy and soared through the air over the sunlit sand dunes. KER-THUNK! The big-wheeled buggy landed bouncily as the wind swept more sand across her dusty mirrored goggles and whipped her black red-streaked pigtails. Through the exhilaration, she grunted in her unheard British accent, “Ouch.”

    Rumbling right behind her, another buggy roared through the air. And landed. KER-CLANK!

    “Ergh!” grunted the 19-year-old “Pegasus” Mandara, as he fought to regain control of his just-as-big-wheeled vehicle, fought to readjust the baseball cap that barely clung to his pale close-cropped scalp, and fought to keep his blue-goggled blue eyes focused ahead on the target’s flapping red flag.

    “Come on! Whattaya doing?” barked the big black 6-foot-6-inch “Hitchhiker” Osbourne above the rushing wind and their own flapping blue flag. “Yer gonna lose her!”

    Pegasus barked back to his orange-capped passenger. “No freakin’ way!”


    [and my addition to today, aug 12th:]

    Like a silver-ribbed demon, the red-flagged buggy zigged and zagged and leapt and bounced across dune after dune, spewing a cloudy wall of sand and dust behind her.

    “Damn,” spat Hitch. “I hate it when she gets this way!”

    “Hahaha! When ain’t she this way?”

post 376 ~ newest figures!

“saber” (blue) & “rin” from “fate/stay night”



“asuka” (red) & “rei” from the classic “evangelion”

“asuka” & “rei”

“asuka” & “rei”
post 376 ~ newest figures!

  • saber ~ the newest crown jewel of my collection!… 1/6-scale in her full dress (without armor) and her excalibur… yeah-yeah, my 3rd and best “saber” ;)
  • asuka & rei ~ the female leads from the widely regarded “best anime of all time”, “evangelion”… 1/8-scale in their plug suits (sleeveless) and bandages…

post 375 ~ laziness, assurance, and resistance

post 375 ~ laziness, assurance, and resistance…

  • laziness ~ sorry guys, been a little lazy in my LJ replies… but at least i’ve updated the background and music on my MySpace … now i’m wondering whether or not to update my flash header on, or just wait till 2007…
  • assurance ~ but rest assured, i’ve been catching up on as much anime as i can…
    • ah! my goddess: s2 ~ episode 12
    • blood+ ~ episode 31
    • ergo proxy ~ episode 9
    • mai otome ~ episode 20
    • NANA ~ episode 16
    • negima! ~ episode 15
    • tenjho tenge ~ episode 10
  • resistance ~ meanwhile, drove to work at 3pm to attend the company-wide meeting from 5pm-630pm… i thought about skipping it, but resistance was futile…