post 387 ~ bitten by the bug

post 387 ~ sorry about the silence, i think i finally succeeded!… bitten by the writer’s bug! lol…

  • in years past, i’d get inspired time and again to write fanfics for the “matrix” and “firefly”… but eventually, as series or movies ended, inspiration would wane and discouragement would grow… and moreso by the fact that these weren’t my own original universes, but someone else’s… so why finish writing?
  • well, this time in 2006, i promised to construct an entirely original universe… one day at a time, adding bits to settings, to technology, to characters, to back stories, and so on… then on saturday, when i stayed till 3am, assembling various pasts to my characters’ relationships, it finally hit me… or rather, bit me… tumultuous pasts, dimensional rotors, ferry crews, meteor catastrophes, dune buggies, and hotshot pilots… all surrounding the enigmatic name of “Rosetta”… and without the shadow of someone’s else creation!
  • haha, feeling the bug while eating, sleeping, commuting, even while working at the office (like this morning)… using all of my experience watching anime to create something new… this is how it should be, right?