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What’s up, y’all? Insane yet? For my latest Toybox installment, I’m going to switch it up with a mini-cast follow-up of my last mega-broadcast. We’re going to leap over “P90X”, dig under “Insanity”, and jump into my own hybrid hysteria of “J200X”, haha. Yup, it’s going to be short but sweet. So let’s turn it on, tune it in, and pump it up. Let’s go!

Part 1 of 5 > From Zero to P90X Graduation

If you remember my article “From Zero to P90X” from my last mega-cast, Blog 221 > Panties, Punches & Power90X, I wrote the following personal goal.

My next goal? To conquer this 90-day round of P90X in 25 more days. After that? Well, since fitness shouldn’t stop after 90 days, probably another round of P90X. Or maybe the “Insanity: Total Body Conditioning” 60-day program. Yeah, you heard me: Insanity.

Well, guess what? Despite a hurt back, I finally conquered and graduated “P90X” on 21 July 2010, just a few days ago. Nice! To celebrate this unreal achievement, here are a few photos to illustrate my physical transformation. First, here’s Day 07 of 90, when my 5′ 10″ frame weighed a slim but toneless 145 pounds.

Next, here’s Day 87 of 90, when I toned up yet trimmed down to 134 pounds. Autumn-chan quickly noticed the greater definition in my abs, shoulders and biceps!

Finally, here’s my third day of rest following my “P90X” graduation. Showing off a little, hehe.

While I completed the “Classic” (instead of the “Lean”) version of the program, I still kept a “lean” objective in mind. I wasn’t as intent on “bulking up” my muscle mass as much as gaining tone and endurance. And wow, it pretty much worked!


Part 2 of 5 > P90X Program, Calendar & Worksheet


Ah, “P90X”. In case you’re interested in the program, here’s an edited screenshot from Beachbody’s website. Muscle confusion!

Here are the various pieces of the program. Honestly, I didn’t really need the “P90X Nutrition Plan”. Just use common sense.

Next, here’s the PDF file for the “P90X Calendar”. The calendar covers 13 weeks or 91 days for the “Classic”, “Doubles” and “Lean” versions of the program. Feel free to peek inside.

Finally, here’s the PDF file for the “P90X Worksheet”. For the first few weeks, I didn’t bother to jot down my repetitions or weights. But I have to admit, once you keep track of what you did before, it really pushes you to beat your numbers for next session! Bring it! Then write it down!

That’s it! Just 90 days of muscle confusion and muscle definition, hehe. Oh man, that 15-minute “Ab Ripper X” session really burns and builds your abs!


Part 3 of 5 > P90X+ Plus Calendar & Worksheet

Ah, now here’s something for “P90X” graduates like myself: “P90X+” or “P90X Plus”. I haven’t seen all of the sessions yet, and I’m still not used to the different stage set or different presentation style. Maybe I just need to watch them more, hehe. In any case, here’s the PDF file for the “P90X+ Calendar”. While the calendar only covers 12 weeks or 84 days for the various versions, we can assume that the 13th week is another “Recovery” week like the others. Feel free to peek inside.

Next, here’s the PDF file for the “P90X+ Worksheet”. Once again, don’t forget to bring it, then write it down!

Yup, another 90 days of muscle confusion! Will I decide to endure this program? Or another?


Part 4 of 5 > Insanity Program, Fit Test & Calendar


Ah, “Insanity”! In case you’re interested in the program, here’s an edited screenshot from the website. Max interval training!

Here are the various pieces of the program. Like the “P90X Nutrition Plan”, I probably won’t need the “Insanity Nutrition Plan”. Just use common sense.

Here’s the PDF file for the slick “Insanity Welcome”. It’s going to push you beyond your utmost limits! To dig deeper than you ever have in your life! Feel free to peek inside.

Next, here’s the PDF file for the “Insanity Fit Test”. Like a minimalist version of the “P90X Worksheet”, this test will track your progress so you can beat your numbers for next time!

Finally, here’s the PDF file for the “Insanity Calendar”. The calendar covers 9 weeks or 63 days.

That’s it! Just 60 days of maximum interval training! Yup, maximum! Will I dig deeper into this program? Or yet another?


Part 5 of 5 > J200X Program Calendar

Haha, yup, you guessed right! Yet another program. My own “J200X Extreme Home Fitness” 200-day program, fusing together “P90X”, “P90X+” and “Insanity”, even the in-built programs of my “ProForm” treadmill! In fact, here’s the PDF file for my “J200X Calendar”. The calendar covers 29 weeks or 203 days, but feel free to stop at 200 days, hehe. Talk about insane!

Why fuse together “P90X”, “P90X+” and “Insanity”? Well, after watching the “Insanity” sessions for several weeks, I noticed the lack of weight training amidst all of the insane cardio. Instead of being integrated into a balanced calendar, the weight-training add-on seemed like a late after-thought. Too bad. Hence, I decided to spice it up with “Insanity” while retaining the classic weight-integrated “P90X” program. Cool, huh?

When will I start “J200X”? Hmm, maybe in a couple weeks, in early August? Hehe, we’ll see. I still need to recover from “P90X”! Otherwise, that’s it for now. Did you survive the insanity? The hysteria? I told you this Toybox mini-cast would be short and sweet! Nevertheless, thanks to Autumn-chan, Tony Horton, Shaun T, and of course, my Tumbling Toyboxers. Thanks for sticking around!

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Update 1 of 11 > Jillian Michaels

Updated on 28 July 2010: But wait, here’s an update! After watching Jillian Michaels’ workout videos over the last few days, I decided to fuse her programs with “J200X” too! Here’s the updated PDF file. Feel free to peek inside, hehe.


Update 2 of 11 > TurboFire Program & Calendar


Updated on 29 August 2010: Oops, here’s another update! Amidst my ongoing workout explorations, including Shaun T’s “Hip Hop Abs”, and Chalene Johnson’s “Turbo Jam”, I ultimately stumbled across Chalene’s “TurboFire” (released June 2010) just last weekend. Wow, after surviving the longest HIIT 30 class (replacing P90X’s Plyometrics for Day 23 of my J200X), and watching or testing all of the other classes, I’m impressed! Here’s an edited screenshot from the website. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)!

Here’s the PDF file for the “TurboFire Class Calendar”. The calendar covers 20 weeks or 140 days.

While Chalene’s “TurboFire” HIIT cardio is just as intense as Shaun T’s “Insanity” max-interval cardio, I must admit that “TurboFire” and its choreograph-intensive dance-kickboxing mixes make it 9x more fun! Probably 9x more likely to stick with over the months and years too. Makes you wonder why Shaun T didn’t take advantage of his “Hip Hop Abs” dance background to make “Insanity” more fun, doesn’t it? So, of course, I decided to fuse the best elements of Chalene’s 140-day program (HIIT, Fire and Stretch) with my 200-day “J200X” as well! Can’t wait to start Day 29 tomorrow, haha. Here’s my updated PDF file, Version 7. As always, feel free to peek inside. Enjoy!


Update 3 of 11 > Banished Jillian Michaels, Insanity & P90X+ Plus


Updated on 10 September 2010: Well, after taking another look at Chalene’s “Turbo Jam” workouts, I decided to “banish” Jillian Michaels and maintain a Beachbody-only hybrid program after all. Chalene’s “Cardio Party” and “Turbo Sculpt” are definitely more intense and fun than Jillian’s “Banish Fat” and “Trouble Zones”! Meanwhile, Chalene’s “TurboFire Stretch 40” serves as a much better yoga and stretch session than Jillian’s “Yoga Meltdown”. Sorry Jillian. Go Chalene! So I simply replaced the PDF file above with an alternative Version 7. Enjoy!

Updated on 17 September 2010: Haha, it was inevitable! Several nights ago, due to my “P90X” soreness, I began to wonder about my long recovery breaks. Maybe they’re too long? Maybe I should shorten the breaks between “P90X” weeks? Meanwhile, I’ve known that Shaun T’s “Insanity” totally lacks the long-term fun and enjoyment wielded by Chalene’s just-as-insane “TurboFire”. Lastly, Tony’s “P90X+ Plus” add-on seems to lack the presentation power of his original “P90X”.

Consequently, with Day 45, I switched gears to my revised “J200X V8”, banishing both “Insanity” and “P90X+ Plus” as well as shortening the recovery breaks between “P90X” weeks. In essence, I focussed on my two favorite programs, sprinkling “TurboFire” days into “P90X” weeks, and sprinkling “P90X” days into “TurboFire” weeks. Nice! Here’s my updated PDF file, Version 8. As always, feel free to peek inside. Enjoy!


Update 4 of 11 > J200X Version 8 Rocks!

Updated on 15 October 2010: Ahh, this morning, conquered Day 75 of “J200X-V8” with a full Fire-45 “TurboFire” workout! In fact, by completing a full 30-day period with Version-8, I’ve confirmed that this “P90X-TurboFire” Version-8 hybrid is indeed the perfect mix, that to add fire to “P90X” — the best strength-training program — “TurboFire” is the best cardio-kick-boxing counterpart. For me. Finally.


Now, I haven’t overlooked the occasional customer reviews that “TurboFire” is too hard to follow, too fast, too dancy, or only for trainers and experts. Even for “P90X” graduates. I mean, come on, unless you have a legitimate medical issue, that’s pure pessimism. Starting in 1999, I weighed an obese 210 pounds, and stuck with the treadmill over the next 11 years till I dropped to 145 pounds (Blog 221). But I still lacked overall tone and endurance. So I graduated from my first round of “P90X” just three months ago at 135 pounds, and tested my first “TurboFire” (HIIT) session two months ago. Even now, in October 2010, I still love “TurboFire”! But am I an expert? Haha, I wouldn’t call myself that, let alone a trainer. I’m just a regular guy who challenged his own comfort zone, wanted to push his own limits, and didn’t give up.


After “P90X”, I was skeptical of “TurboFire” too. Too dancy? Too girly? But guess what? There are several tips and tricks to get into it. First, I ignored my manly insecurities. If I can get into “P90X – Yoga X”, then I can give choreography a try, right? Second, along with my regular workouts, I took a week to familiarize myself with “Turbo Jam”. This “starter” or “prequel” program prepared me for Chalene’s trademark moves. Third, I gave myself another couple weeks to watch a few “TurboFire” classes every day during breakfast or dinner. To steadily get a feel for the pace, rhythm and expectations before integrating them into a regular hybrid schedule. Finally, when I felt ready, I dove into it! Over time, I began to realize that the so-called “dancy” kick-boxing choreography is exactly the psychological distraction to help you forget the clock!


When you look at the clock, it usually means you can’t wait for something to end. This is the downfall of Shaun T’s “Insanity”, which is why its uninspiring repetition is utterly devoid of fun. Meanwhile, trying to remember Chalene’s brilliantly mixed “TurboFire” punches, kicks and leaps keeps you guessing, but guessing better and better, as you get swept up in the energy, like a concert fan in the crowd trying to learn the lyrics of his favorite song but is having fun anyway! Before you know it, the session is already over. And you’re dripping with sweat!


So far, so good. Day 75 of “J200X-V8”. Just 125 more days to go. Feel free to check out my daily progress on my Exercise page. Yup, my “P90X-TurboFire” Version-8 hybrid rocks! That is, until Tony Horton releases his sequel P90X:MC2 in 2011, haha.


Update 5 of 11 > TurboFire Review!

Updated on 06 November 2010: Heyyy, guess what? Just a few days ago, on Day 94 of “J200X-V8”, my TurboFire review finally appeared on the website. Unedited. Nice! Just look for the title “A guy’s review” by xJAYMANx from Las Vegas, dated October 27, hehe. Otherwise, feel free to enlarge my screen capture below. I gave 5 of 5 stars, of course.


Update 6 of 11 > J200XC Rocks Harder!


Updated on 24 March 2011: Yup, I did it! After starting way back in July-August 2010, I finally completed my first “J200X” 200-Day Hybrid Program last month on 17 February 2010. Nice!

But wait! Shortly thereafter in late February 2011, I started my new “J200XC” 200-Day Hybrid Program, based heavily on Chalene’s programs. Yup, after 2 rounds, I got tired of Tony’s “P90X”, and replaced it with Chalene’s “ChaLEAN Extreme”. But interestingly, I decided to bring back Tony’s 90-minute “Yoga X” on a weekly basis as the most intense-yet-invigorating stretching session from any fitness program, hehe.

Consequently, here’s the PDF file for “J200XC”, Version 1. As always, feel free to peek inside. Enjoy! I already finished Day 25 this morning, haha.


Update 7 of 11 > J200XC Version 2 Kicks Ass!


Updated on 02 May 2011: Ah, too bad, “Zumba”. After Day 62 of J200XC, I decided that despite its good sweat, Beto’s Latin-based “Zumba” dancing didn’t really push or engage me as fully as I’d like.

So on Sunday, Day 63 of J200XC, I replaced “Zumba” as follows: (1) “Zumba Cardio Party 50” with Tony’s “P90X Kenpo X 60”, (2) “Zumba Sculpt & Tone 45W” with Tony’s “P90X+ Kenpo Cardio Plus 40”, and (3) “Zumba Flat Abs 20” with Chalene’s “TurboFire Stretch 10”. In fact, on Day 63, I specifically crushed “P90X+ Kenpo Cardio Plus 40 + TurboFire Stretch 10”. Ah, yes, I think Kenpo more functionally and physically kicks ass! Consequently, here’s the PDF file for “J200XC”, Version 2. As always, feel free to peek inside. Cheers! Till next time!


Update 8 of 11 > J200XC, P90X2 & Body Rock

Updated on 17 Jul 2011: Welcome, my Tweeting Toyboxers! Now that I’ve regrouped and reintegrated my abandoned Twitter and posts into the Toybox, I can now relax with a shiny new entry. This time, we’ll curl, crunch and focus on extreme workouts! From my hybrid “J200XC” to the web-based “BodyRock.Tv” to the highly-anticipated sequel “P90X2”. So, without further ado, let’s rock the show…

More @ Blog 229 >>


Update 9 of 11 > From J200XC to J200X3

Updated on 06 Nov 2011: Yup, on Thursday, 29 Sep 2011, Day 200 arrived! I completed my “J200XC” hybrid workout program with a morning of “TurboFire’s Core 20 + Stretch 40”. Woo-hoo! Then on the following Monday, 03 Oct 2011, I began my third 200-day hybrid: “J200X3”. Today, on 06 Nov 2011, I already reached Day 35 of 200, hehe.

Scheduled to be completed May 2012, my next “J200X3” 200-Day Hybrid Program brings back Tony’s “P90X” on an equal footing with Chalene’s “ChaLEAN Extreme”. Furthermore, I realized that the deliberately slow-paced weight-training in “ChaLEAN Extreme” was actually less effective than the faster-paced weight-training in “P90X”. By doubling or tripling my pace and reps in “ChaLEAN Extreme”, I was able to achieve the same gratifying muscle “soreness” that I rediscovered in “P90X”. Yup, I know, I changed my mind. After 3 rounds, “P90X” rocks after all! Consequently, here’s the PDF file for “J200X3”, Version 1. As always, feel free to peek inside. Rock on! Till next time!


Update 10 of 11 > Adding P90X2 to J200X3 Version 2!

Updated on 28 Dec 2011: Although I’m almost halfway through my “J200X3” 200-Day Hybrid Program (scheduled to be completed May 2012), I decided to revise Version 1 by adding some of Tony’s new “P90X2”. Yup, after watching most of the “P90X2” sessions, I was admittedly impressed!

Here’s the PDF file for the “P90X2 Calendar”.

Plus, here’s the PDF file for the “P90X Worksheet”.

In fact, I was impressed enough to finally replace Chalene’s “ChaLEAN Extreme” with “P90X2”, hehe. Sorry Chalene! So according to my new Version 2 calendar, the “P90X2” sessions don’t replace “ChaLEAN Extreme” until Day 78. But since I’m already at Day 87 (28 Dec 2011), I’ll catch the next “P90X2” session on Day 92 (02 Jan 2012), hehe. Can’t wait to try out the foam rumble roller and medicine balls! Happy New Year!


Update 11 of 11 > J200X3 Version 3 Kicks Ass!

Updated on 18 Mar 2012: Last month, in late February, around Day 146-147 of 200, I decided to replace my pattern of alternating P90X and P90X2 weeks with a new more-integrated pattern. Somehow I couldn’t get accustomized to the new strength-cardio-yoga structure in P90X2. So with this third version, I integrated the P90X and P90X2 workouts so that the weekly structure is consistent with my personal schedule: the strength+ab days are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; the cardio+roller days are on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; and the run+yoga days are on Sunday. Ahh, much better! The last several weeks have been awesome! In fact, I like this more-integrated structure so much that I’m keeping it for my fourth J200X: J200X4 starts in May 2012!



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    @All: FYI. Just added a second paragraph to my conclusion: The reason why I fused multiple programs. Just so you know. ^_~
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  2. Thats really is insane lol
    Ive always been a bit skeptical about such programs and things, i see them all ove t he internet as well but the proof is clearly there from your pictures, congratulations to you!
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  3. @TT-man: Heyyy, thanx mate! Yeah, I was just as skeptical as the next guy. Back in 2007 or so, I was actually making fun of P90X: “Who wants to see a bunch of guys sweating?” But over time, I changed my attitude, and P90X seemed to be the most realistic program out there. So there it is. Been there, done that. Good luck!
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  4. Awesome before and after pictures. My friend was saying she was attempting something like this with her bf. It actually may have been the same program, I’m not sure. I promise to cheer you on from the comforts of my reclining couch!
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  5. @Duckie-chan: Heyyy, thanx! Ah, cool plan, but I wonder if it might be harder to coordinate a consistent daily schedule with two people? For me, it’s best between 4am-6am. Haha, reclining couch? Well, does it automatically recline for you? Or do you need to actually work your own biceps? ^o^
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  6. SO ima chick and im just starting insanity… tomorrow =) lol, i hope it goes well cuz i have p90x but thats for my boyfriend. i dont want to build muscle i just want to lose weight

  7. btw i forgot to write this! Awesome results. I love seeing people who these programs actually work for. It makes me wanna work harder @ it. Thankyou!

  8. @Jessyy: Hey, you’re welcome, and thanx for the kind words! After my first round of P90X, I’ve been exploring other programs too. Just to see what’s out there, you know? I tried “Insanity” for a few weeks, but when I discovered “TurboFire”, I was hooked. Even created my own “P90X-TurboFire” hybrid, haha. Then again, everyone’s different. Good luck! I hope you find the program or hybrid that works for you!

    P.S. Oh, and after a week or two, if “Insanity” doesn’t fit your idea of “fun”, I’d recommend “Turbo Jam” as another cardio alternative. My two cents.
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  9. @All: Yup, yet again, still more news for Blog 221.1, still another update since July 2010, haha. Introduced my new “J200XC” program, which keeps TurboFire, but replaces P90X with ChaLEAN Extreme. Indeed.

  10. I wonder if it might be harder to coordinate a consistent daily schedule with two people?

  11. @P90X-R: I guess it depends on the people, right? Some individuals have enough discipline to follow their routine with or without partners. While others might need the support of a partner or group to keep them on schedule. It depends.

    In my opinion, saying “harder to coordinate” might be interpreted as an excuse to avoid doing it on your own. ^_^

  12. @All: Heyyy, everyone! Yup, added another update #8. Don’t miss it.

    As a side note: In May 2011, this post Blog 221.1 became the #1 most popular Toybox post with over 38,000 hits! In July 2011, it now has over 54,000 hits! Unreal.

  13. @All: Heyyy, everyone! Yup, added yet another update #9. Don’t miss it. As a side note: In Nov 2011, this post Blog 221.1 now has over 58,000 hits! Still unreal.

  14. @All: Heyyy, everyone! Yup, added yet another update #10. By revising my “J200X3” hybrid with some new bits of “P90X2”. Don’t miss it. Happy New Year!

  15. @All: Hello all, I’m back again with another update #11. By revising my “J200X3″ weekly structure and previewing “J200X4”, hehe. Don’t miss it!

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