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Greetings, my Tantalizing Toyboxers! Another mega-week, another mega-post, lol. This week, our blade-blazing broadcast slashes at action-packed Japanese Prime Ministers, alluring otaku bloggers, appealing anime dramas, attractive martial-arts fighters, and amusing birthday antics! Okay, maybe just one Prime Minister, haha. Did I mention the piles and piles of eye-grabbing wallpapers? I didn’t? Well, now I did. But wait, I’m not joking about the alluring bloggers and attractive fighters. Or was it attractive bloggers and alluring fighters? LOL, doesn’t matter. Just pull up a chair and let the sword-shattering show begin…

Part 1 of 5 > Pop Anime, Otaku Power & Taro Aso

Hehe, tired of the endless posts and episodic reviews of “K-On!” yet? Ahh, the continuing power of market-powered pop-anime trends! I mean, it’s only the second week of “K-On!”. Does it make sense to review the first ten minutes of a two-hour film? Then the next ten minutes too? Then the next? Does a preview-review make sense when *everyone* is watching it anyway? Haha, just teasing! But look no further, my Tipsy Toyboxers! We’ve got some trendy anti-trend outbursts right here, lol. Right, Jem-chan?

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso
Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso

First of all, who’s Taro Aso? Well, Taro Aso is the current Prime Minister of Japan, of course! Secondly, what’s an “otaku”? Well, according to Wikipedia: “Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games.” Precisely. In Japan, this term carries a darker more-derogatory connotation. But in essence, we’re describing a geek, lol. So what does Taro Aso have to do with otaku geeks? And why are we mentioning them? Well, my Trendy Toyboxers, do you remember my mega-post on Japanese “propaganda and pop anime” two weeks ago? Coincidentally within the last week, Prime Minister Aso presented a curious promise to build the Japanese economy via the otaku industry! No joke!

On 09 April, Anime New Network posted the following news item.

Prime Minister Asō: Anime, Manga Are Part of Japan’s Recovery
Japan’s head vows 500,000 new jobs through “soft power” in cultural exports

In a Thursday evening press conference, Japanese Prime Minister Tarō Asō promised to add 4 million jobs in his country by 2020, with 500,000 coming from the country’s so-called “soft power” in anime, manga, and similar areas of culture. He also vowed that the country’s real gross domestic product will increase by 120 trillion yen (US$1.2 trillion) by 2020. According to Asō, the market for Japan’s cultural exports could worth 20 to 30 trillion yen (US$200-300 billion) if business opportunities are exploited. Japan’s cultural exports is one of the three pillars upon which Asō is relying for economic growth; the other two are a ‘low-carbon revolution” and a “society of health and longevity.”

Asō has faced low approval poll numbers almost since his ascension to Japan’s highest post last September. He told the audience at October’s 21st Tokyo International Film Festival, only half-jokingly, that he is apparently more well known in Japan for being a manga geek than prime minister. As he did when he was foreign minister, Asō has used anime as an example of cultural exchange in South Korea and Russia. However, Studio Ghibli co-founder and director Hayao Miyazaki has criticized Asō’s public emphasis on his manga reading and downplayed the use of Japanese entertainment to promote the country and to raise its youth.

Source: AFP, China View,

The next day, on 10 April, Sankaku Complex (NSFW) posted a similar item.

Rozen Aso: Otaku Tourism Will Save Japan

Prime Minister “Rozen” Aso recently debuted his newest plan to shake Japan out of its economic doldrums: otaku tourism. With one notable exception, Aso’s new plan differed little from the tired promises made in past. Whilst his plan repeats oft mentioned commitments to an environmentally conscious economic strategy and promises to build a society friendly to the elderly, Aso also unveiled his determination to reinforce the country’s “soft power”.

Soft power is Aso’s euphemism for anime, manga and games, as well as Japanese fashion and similar.

By reinforcing the popularity of Japanese visual culture abroad, Aso hopes to bring foreign otaku by the millions to Japan to soak up the related culture and purchase anime-related goods directly at the source. Aso confidently predicted that the otaku tourist trade could burgeon to 20 to 30 trillion yen and generate 500,000 new jobs.

The Prime Minister set a target for drawing 20 million foreign visitors to Japan by 2020, more than doubling the current number of 8 million. Previous efforts to drastically increase tourism, such as the “Yokoso Japan” branding strategy, have met mixed results, but concentrated very strongly on traditional and very staid attractions such as onsen and ryokan, rather than the more modern appeal of Akiba maid sex parlors.

Source: Japan Today

So what do you think? Should we worry? I mean, if United States President Barack Obama ever proclaimed the benefits of building American “soft power” ~~ cartoons like “Superman” and “Batman”, comics like “Iron Man” and “Watchmen”, and the successful live-action film and music industries which have thrived from them ~~ as a major force in stimulating not only domestic businesses, but also the global economy, would we worry? LOL, who knows? President Obama isn’t Japanese, is he? Nevertheless, whether or not the world takes Prime Minister Aso seriously or less-than-seriously, the multi-billion-yen economic might of the otaku industry is nothing to sneeze at either!


Part 2 of 5 > Mimi, Jem & More Otaku Trends

Ahh, surfing from international economies to interpersonal idiosyncrasies, we continue to witness the ebb and flow of the web. The indefinite yet inevitable rising and falling waves of friends, enemies, bloggers, readers, posts and comments. As illustrated by the “angry loli” Mimi-chan and her less-certain or less-frequent future in the bubbling otaku blogosphere, this undeniable fact is highlighted once more. Here’s our brief chat from last week, edited for focus.

Mimi: hey Jay
Mimi: i just wanted to let you know that I might quit blogging
Mimi: yeah ;_;
Mimi: i just feel like blogging is no longer one of the things that i enjoy a lot
Mimi: i feel like it’s more of a hassle

xJAYMANx: oh no, sorry to hear… but i can understand…
xJAYMANx: temporary or permanent?

Mimi: i really don’t know
Mimi: i’m so sorry
Mimi: i feel like i’m betraying you
Mimi: by stopping
Mimi: i feel really bad

xJAYMANx: no no no, why?

Mimi: i hope that it won’t impact you in any way

xJAYMANx: i’ll miss ya of course, but u gotta do what u gotta do for yourself
xJAYMANx: mimi’s rage will still be around for a bit ^_^

Mimi: aww
Mimi: alright
Mimi: thanks jay
Mimi: *hug*

Oddly enough, Mimi-chan returned Sunday night with several new posts, lol. While her reemergence is reassuring, the ebbing and flowing “nature of the net” is not unlike the rising and falling “nature of otaku trends”. Like I mentioned last week, the dual-edged delight and disappointment of “trends, slaves and shiny new things“, lol. Here’s my discussion with the “one and only” Jem-chan on that post.

Jem@Jay: I totally agree with what you said about trends. I try to be as current as possible in my hobbies because I just don’t want to have to deal with inflation later on. I will say that I am not susceptible to trends because people end up not being satisfied with commodities prompted by the trend at that time. It’s not that uncommon to have someone sell something because they realized they didn’t like it as much as they did or are prone to buying things because the general populace approves of said commodity. I can’t help but feel that people who are susceptible to trends are more often than not lacking in individuality and are weak-minded. There is probably a correlation with that and fanaticism,too. I have seen girls who don’t know crap about a series or form of media and they will instantaneously dive deep and don their expertise cap and mouth off a lot of nonsensical information. It’s good that you are intelligent, levelheaded and a logical person which doesn’t seem to be the criteria for most otaku, be it manga, video games, anime, etc.

Here’s my reply, hehe.

xJAYMANx@Jem-chan: True, the trouble with trends. Fortunately (or unfortunately), trivial things like mortgage payments and car insurance tend to outweigh urgent things like figure collections, lol. But even before then, I typically chose figures because I genuinely loved the character or anime, or loved the style and atmosphere of an outfit or pose, whether or not the anime existed. Not because I saw everyone else acquiring her, and didn’t want to be left out. That was rare. Yup, Figma Miku Hatsune, haha… But once I commit to buying a figure, I never think about selling or exchanging her again. Even the bootlegs. Live and learn. Stick to your guns. Commitment. Responsibility. Each figure represents a piece of you, your memory, your past. As if the figure chose you instead! Why erase that choice?

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being weak-minded or weak-willed, once in a while. But all the time? Without knowing why? Now that’s a sure recipe for irresponsibility, lol… Hey Jem-chan, I gotta admit, I love the compliments. Yeah, “intelligent”, “level-headed” and “logical” have crossed my path more than once, along with “patient” and “perceptive”. But to say that most otaku don’t exhibit these qualities? Hmm, maybe they don’t seem to exist, because they’re simply too busy to blog! >_<;

Here’s her amusing follow-up, hehe.

Jem@Jay: Well, most blogs in general aren’t as intelligent sounding. I don’t mind randomness, but, doggone it, make it intelligent sounding in both diction and concept. People whose first language isn’t English are fine with me XD

For example, I’m into video game, too and used to do some game journalism for a small site. You have no idea the amount of people who are just unintelligent and can only articulate their thoughts of a game through biased, uninformed opinions coupled with the usual “geekgasm”. Ugh. Those people get shot first in the head if I ever encounter them on online death matches. For figures, I’ve seen a lot of really stupid, nonsensical information broadcasted in blogs that have you saying “Really?”

I do agree that being weak is a normal aspect for humankind, but all the time is just incessant, don’t you think?

Yeah, I only own Death Note nendoroid bootlegs because I was green at the earliest point of my collecting days last March. I have only replaced L. I think I will keep them and use them for experimentation. My little guinea pigs to test out color, shade and sculpt for when I want to get into resins and kits. I’m glad that you collect for you and nobody else. I am really into aestheticism and quality. I have bought figures before whose background I loathe, but I own them nonetheless. I am willing to separate my hatred for something if the quality is there to back it up. Same here. When I buy a figure or video game, it’s akin to a marriage for me and it’s for the long haul, baby! I make sure that my reasons for doing or buying something isn’t a byproduct of bandwagon influence. I think for us because we are so confident and sure of our decisions that our additions really are a reflection of our individualism, hence eliminating the need to get rid of something due to a fleeting whim. I take most “otaku” or collectors with a grain of salt as they are usually spouting off nonsense from their arse and are not genuine fans or collectors in any sense of the word.

Lol, well, I call it how I see it and you are not a dum-dum. XD Or how I usually phrase things of this nature in real life – “Jay is learn-ed”. I’ve been told those things as well. Great minds think alike ^^

Then here’s my final follow-up, hehe.

xJAYMANx@Jem-chan: {Nods} Ah, true, I get what you’re saying. But that’s the unalterable “nature of the net”, where folks and fans of random intelligence can voice their unique (or not-so-unique) perspectives without having some editor or professor or other authority approving (or disapproving) that voice… Of course, that’s where “we the readers” come in. To praise, pass by, or pound those nasty buggers, uh, I mean, bloggers into submission, hehe. And to welcome that same exact praise or pounding from other readers, right? But if their “nonsensical geekgasms” are weak, I’d simply pass them by… No harm done. But I wouldn’t mind seeing the harm done in your death matches!

{Raises eyebrows} Resin kits? Really? Wow, I’ve never really intended to explore that direction. So I’m impressed! {Nods} But that’s a great way to put it, “akin to a marriage”. And especially, “we are so confident and sure of our decisions”. Precisely. Even if my earliest choices were admittedly less certain or less confident, I’m still not gonna throw out a figure like she’s the metaphorical “persocom on the trash heap”. Yeah, whether or not she’s boxed away in the closet, she’s a piece of me, not a “fleeting whim”. Which is why I can’t understand so-called collectors who pre-order a full-dozen figures only to cancel half of them. Why? What’s in your head? Testing which way the otaku trend is blowing? LOL, kinda ridiculous.

So what does all of this mean? What does the unpredictable coming and going of otaku blogs have to do with the unforeseeable rising and falling of otaku trends? How do they relate to anything? Well, simply put, these are reflections of life, aren’t they? Having fun, of course. But not mindlessly falling for the mob mentality. Thinking and feeling for yourself. Trying to make wiser choices. Yet taking responsibility for the dumber choices too, lol. Not only with anime, manga, games and figures. But with bloggers and friends too. And when something or someone disappoints or disappears, keeping a level head as best as you can!


Part 3 of 5 > Gundam, Tsubasa, Kenshin & Coil

Okay, my Tyrannical Toyboxers, enough of the political and philosophical psycho-babble! Instead, let’s dive into 4 more anime titles-or-seasons I’ve managed to finish in the last few weeks! Since I’ve already praised Clannad After Story [11] recently, let’s splash ourselves with some “Mobile Suit Gundam” [10], “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle – S1” [12], “Rurouni Kenshin – S2” [13], and “Dennou Coil” [14]. Yup, a total of 14 completed anime series so far this year!

Mobile Suit Gundam [10]. On 24-25 March, I completed my 10th anime title-or-season of the year. The original series, the last 19 of 43 (or 18 of 42) episodes. Now, to be clear, I decided to divide this classic into two parts because of the huge number of episodes, lol. I mean, these days, a typical full-season stretches 22-to-26 episodes, while a typical half-season sprints for 11-to-13 episodes. But once again, like the first half, the second half of the original “Gundam” manages to impress! Wow, the story still holds up after 30 years, earning 4 of 5 stars!

Having said that, I technically only watched 42 of the original 43 episodes. Why only 42? Well, according to Wikipedia, the English-dubbed release didn’t include the original 15th episode! So what I thought was the 15th was actually the 16th original episode. The 16th was actually the 17th. And so on. Until what I thought was the 42nd was actually the 43rd and final episode! But I’m too lazy to renumber everything in my previous posts, lol. In any case, a classic is a classic. And I finally completed it almost 3 decades after the original 07 April 1979 premiere broadcast date! To celebrate, here’s an amazing modern-day interpretation of the classic “RX-78 Gundam” design!


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle – S1 [12]. On 02 April, I completed my 12th anime title-or-season of the year. Season 1 (of 2) with 26 episodes. While the CLAMP-styled animation is gorgeous and the musical pieces are mesmerizing, the series seemed to lack pace. Dramatic scenes or stares or moments seemed to pause a few beats too long, lol. In that light, the drama felt somewhat lacking or stretched too thin. But beyond that, the characters are lovable and memorable. Still a decent 4 of 5 stars! So I don’t mind catching the next feather-filled season, hehe. Until then, here are 11 spectacular wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!












Rurouni Kenshin – S2 [13]. On 07 April, I completed my 13th anime title-or-season of the year. Season 2 (of 3) with 35 episodes. Double wow! Building upon the 27 episodes of Season 1 (4 of 5 stars), the continuing tale of a repentant samurai among hoodlums and bandits follows an even darker path through even more powerful enemies. This time, the sword-slashing saga earns 5 of 5 stars! Until I return for Season 3, here are 10 soul-searching wallpapers for your visual consumption. Itadakimasu!











Dennou Coil [14]. On 10-11 April, I completed my 14th anime title-or-season of the year. Original series with 26 episodes. Wow, thanx J85 for the recommendation! I mean, from the opening scenes of the opening episode, I was blown away! Double wow! From the brain-bending “augmented reality” (AR) concept to the vibrant multi-dimensional characters to the haunting musical compositions to the fluidly-and-realistically animated running sequences! Without doubt, one of the most-unexpected 5 of 5 stars of the year! For another celebration, here are 3 heart-warming wallpapers for your inter-dimensional memory cells, lol. Gotta love Densuke! He reminds me of my Guiness the Menace, hehe.




So there they are, my Tempted Toyboxers! Four more anime titles-or-seasons I’ve crossed off my “Infinite List”, lol. Assuming a steady rate of 14 anime every 4 months, that’s a decent pace of 42 titles-or-seasons completed by the end of the year. Not bad. But let’s try to hit 50, okay?


Part 4 of 5 > Flyers, Fighters & Christine Toledo [Part 4]

Next, from political-and-philosophical mayhem, to feather-and-sword-searching odysseys, we finally slash our way to another blade, Muay Thai (kickboxing) fighter Christine Toledo! It’s been too long, hasn’t it? Remember my anime-styled black-white art, full-color art, and experimental art last year? Here’s a sample to replenish your memory cells, hehe.

Here’s an intimidating photo of Christine enduring the desert heat, lol.

And here’s a less-intimidating photo of Christine and Melanie before the Muay Thai press conference at the Filipino “Cafe Moda” on Thursday, 24 July 2008.

Well, just a few days ago, on Friday, 10 April 2009, I finally finished the flyer for ALIAS Fight Wear featuring Christine and her fellow fighters! Nice, huh? I mean, am I lucky or what? Are all female martial-artists always so attractive? Not that I’m complaining or anything, hehe.

But more importantly, here’s the latest update on Christine and her #1 ranking! Go Christine! Yup, number-one, FTW!

Update on Christine Toledo
10 April 2009

[1] World Ranking. The latest WIKBA rankings have been posted as of March 2009. Christine Toledo is currently ranked #1 in the world in the Super Flyweight (52 kg / 114 lbs) division. See rankings at

[2] Featured Article. Christine Toledo is featured in the Muay Thaimes Magazine, Spring 2009 Issue. View the PDF article at If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, order at

[3] Fight Schedule. Christine Toledo is scheduled to fight on May 30 in San Francisco, CA. An opponent is yet to be announced. For the latest updates, fight details, and ticket info, please check back at

[4] For more info on Christine Toledo, visit

[5] For inquiries, please email

But that’s not all! Next, we’ll see Christine at a Saturday birthday party for Melanie’s son. Why was I invited? I have no clue! Just kidding, lol.


Part 5 of 5 > Birthday Food, Fun & More Fighters

Huh? Part 5 already? Yup, food, fun and fighters! Yeah, over the weekend, on Saturday, 11 April 2009, I was fortunate enough to experience a full-fledged Filipino party, haha. Which is always rare for me! You see that, Jem-chan? I’m celebrating my lost Filipino heritage! Okay? Satisfied?

Here’s Melanie (meh-LAH-nee) who treated me to a Vietnamese lunch a couple weeks ago, lol.

Ah, the bright Vegas skies!

Damn, I should’ve brought my sunglasses from home!

Yup, couldn’t resist my first leap into the air-powered tent!

Wow, you really need some good balance on those air cushions, lol.

A wider shot. Haha, don’t you want one?

Pile on top of him!

Is that Crazy Sora?

Yup, there she is, haha!

After I hopped into the tent, she started following me around!

If I remember her mother Aiko correctly, Sora is only 2 years and 10 months old!

She was definitely crazy with energy!

Never stayed still for a moment, lol.

Ah, Melanie’s son getting ready to blow out the 9 candles!

Almost ready…

Just a few more seconds…

Hehe, top-ranked Muay Thai fighter Christine enjoys a moment with her phone, lol.

Melanie tries to get rid~~ oops, I mean, give away some more “Spider Man” cake!

A-ha! The birthday boy!

Say “Cheese!”

LOL, is that another gift he doesn’t want?

Huh? I’ve never heard of a “Bakugan” anime. Have you? Is that like “Pokemon”?

Ah, the golden-eyed feline!

Another pro fighter! Mixed-martial-artist Lynn! I don’t think she solved the puzzle, did she?

I think Lynn gave up, haha.

Ahh, can’t go wrong with a Nerf Blaster!

Well, unless you have to build it yourself, lol.

Hmm, how many boys does it take to build a Nerf Blaster?

Don’t blasters look great in blindingly-bright yellow? Yeah, right.

Well, not as great as a silver six-shooter! LOL, wait, Sora knows how to grip firearms already?

Christine and Lynn discussing fighters, I believe.

Waiting for the women’s mixed-martial-arts match between Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and Hitomi Akano. Damn, it was pretty badly lop-sided. Couldn’t even call it a real match.

Ah, yes, the mind-bending puzzle Lynn tried to assemble!

First, you set the blue piece.

Then you position the yellow and orange pieces on either side.

Next, you align the purple and red pieces around those.

Finally, you slide and lock the green piece into the final slot!

Voila! Puzzle solved! The new cover of “Discover” magazine, hahaha.

Well, my Turquoise Toyboxers, that’s it! Like I said, another mega-week, another mega-post, lol. I hope you enjoyed the action-packed Japanese Prime Minister, alluring otaku bloggers, appealing anime dramas, attractive martial-arts fighters, and amusing birthday antics! They weren’t too entertaining, were they? Hehe, at least the plethora of wicked wallpapers caught your eye. Or maybe the attractive bloggers and alluring fighters? Haha, let’s thank Mimi-chan, Jem-chan, Sakura, Yasako, Aiko, Sora, Christine, Melanie and the rest of the female fighters for their graceful appearances. Dammit, you didn’t shatter your sword, did you?

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Kurogane: “Got blood?”


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  1. @A20: Haha, thanx! My bad, I didn’t specify!

    @Jem-chan: Ahh, fear not! The King’s Blade has returned, lol… Hmmmmm, so r u comparing yourself to a medium-rare sauce-slathered steak after all? Hehe, then I better be careful about ordering dessert! Hahahaha, Sora was “learning to be female”? Hahahaha, in more ways than one! Not only “holding onto my wallet” but “yanking my chain” as well! But I gotcha, “jumpers”, “bouncers”, “castles”, we all know what the heck they are. I guess I’m curious at the various colloquialisms like “soda”, “pop”, “coke”, and so on, ad infinitum, lol… Awww, don’t pity Blowfish. He’s a guy, right? He’ll get over it. If a cool otaku chick spoke German to me, I’d probably feel the same way. For about a minute. Or hour, lol… Heyyy, really? One would never know English wasn’t your primary language. Impressive! But probably not as impressive as the “softcore porn” you enjoy. Wait a sec! Did u write “softcorn”? “Corn”? Hahaha! Then “softcorn” it is! I wonder what “hardcorn” would be? {Tries to imagine buttery…} Oops, on second thought, forget I asked. Yeah, slick! Slick and sloppy! But indeed, seems to be another girl-on-girl clone of “Ikki Tousen”. Nonetheless, I’ll likely finish “Queen’s Blade” just to see how “they unfold”… True, I just finished the first “Director’s Cut” of the “Kenshin” OVAs. Dark. Tragic. I just hope the second one isn’t too depressing. No spoilers please, lol… Ahhh, cool Isako! But whoa, that’s just too damn expensive for such a small-and-simple unelaborate figure… P.S. Hmm, blue? I thought tentacles were violent~~ umm, I mean, violet. Violet! Oops! ^_~

    @Kris-chan: Nahhh, not silly at all. Haha, “music”, “musical”, “potato”, “tomato”, “satanic”, “satanical”, etc… As long as u don’t beat yourself up too much, hehe. Living and learning. Following your own path. The satisfaction and fun in the journey and not simply the destination. And all that uplifting good stuff, right? When I get depressed like that, and it’s more often than I’d like, I always imagine that others exist in even worse predicaments. So I can’t complain. Or shouldn’t… Damn, I still haven’t checked out your “Afro Samurai” post yet! Still have to catch the “Resurrection” sequel too. Gahhh!

  2. Oh, frakk! I did write out “corn” instead of “core” and you totally caught me red-handed, too. LOL. I was reading your comment and bursted out laughing, thinking to myself: “Oh, silly you are, Jay, for making up such things!” Then, I scrolled back to my post to reread what I had written and “corn” is definitely there. Oh noes!!! Don’t bother to edit it because the lawl is so much better like this. My stomach hurts because it was so funny. Coincidentally, I was eating some caramel popcorn at the time, hahaha.

    Tell me about it! Ep.3 was definitely slick and slippery. I had no idea that Echidna would take raunchy to a whole new level. And Please! It’s not necessary to insert your tongue in Reina’s mouth to feed her the serum when you could have easily just poured the contents of the bottle into her mouth. I laughed so hard at that part. My interest has less to do with the sex factor then it has to do with the humorous shock factor.

    haha, I was hoping you picked up about my comment about Sora. Seems kids are growing up much faster these days, haha. Don’t worry. I won’t spoil anything for you. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it and I am not currently in the mood to start bawling in front of my laptop screen. Isako is a resin statue hence the expensive price tag. She’s very appealing, though. Well, I guess it doesn’t really count, since I was *ahem* put into a compulsory side class to learn the English language. I came here at 3.

    HAHAH…”tentacles…” Did you see Blowfish’s interweb interrelationship diagram? Sex friend?!?!?! I’ve decided that every tentacled being I see shall be dubbed Tentaclor. Nyx’s Tentaclor is violet and violent, methinks.

    Ahhhhh. I just did 200 crunches as punishment for having 20 pcs. of caramel popcorn. 10 crunch/1 caramel popcorn. :{ Then, I laugh my innards in response to the “corn” reference. I’m gonna have to lie down and rest now. haha. Too much fun.

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  3. @Jem-chan: Hahaha, frakk who? But wait, “frak” should be a four-letter word, dammit, lol. Hahaha, yup, caught you slick-handed~~ umm, I mean, red-handed with your hand in the corn jar~~ umm, I mean, cookie jar! Mmmm, “soft-corn caramel pop-porn”. Nicely done! Yeah, right, coincidence, my Filipino ass~~ assinator, haha!… But wait-wait-wait, I’ve only seen the first episode, u tentacloric spoiler! You won’t spoil “Kenshin” but u spoil this? LOL! {Averts eyes from the slippery sloppery slush!}… Ah, yes, I definitely agree. Maturing so much faster these days. A side-effect of high-speed technological evolution, wouldn’t u say?… Yeah, I figured Isako was resin, but still! (Get it? Figured? Haha!) Okay, maybe if she was a Range Murata figure, I might’ve swayed. Umm, okay, maybe not… Ahh, gotcha. But multilingual is still impressive. Although I dare not twist “I came here at 3” with a “She came at midnight”. Dammit, too late… Ah yes, Blowfish’s inter-tentacloric diagrams, hahaha. Just saw them tonight. Yeah, “sex friend”. Another term for “f*ck buddy”, lol. But I’m shocked we escaped those! Relieved yet somehow curious in a twisted way. Almost. Yeah, almost as twisted as 200 crunches! Wow, I only manage 30-50 per morning or night. Are u sure u didn’t mean 200 “Captain Crunches”, mmmm. Haven’t had them in ages! But I don’t think 200 would fit a bowl. Damn. Or as Tentaclor would say, “Grrr!” Oh crap, 1am! Time for bed… >_<

  4. I’m so glad you featured Tsubasa! I think the art is absolutely gorgeous and I love Syaoran/Sakura…but I like xxxHolic more. After buying two volumes of manga of each series I chose to pursue xxxHolic and told myself I’d get to Tsubasa some other time! I still haven’t picked the series back up yet but I intend to. I watched a bit of the anime and I think the manga has a better pace so I’m going to wait until I feel like going after more volumes. It’s nice to see you also have such diverse tastes in anime!

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > Emma of a Victorian Romance…Pierced?!

  5. Holy frak?!?! To keep with the style…By the gods, this is frakin’ hilarious. Yes, it is a four-letter word. I have never seen “frak” on other people’s blogs, so I wasn’t sure. “soft-corn caramel pop-porn”. ?!?!?! Holy crap, that is so freakin’ hilarious. Damn. I’m sorry I totally spoiled that to you. If it’s any consolation, the way I worded it doesn’t take away from the tantalizing (see overtly sexual) way it was done in the anime. For some reason, I thought you watched Ep. 3 because I never got “slick” from the other episodes. Only “bounce”, “urine”, “wimp”, “ass”, “melon” and word of that nature come to mind. “Slick” is definitely I’d reserve for Ep. 3. I’m still sorry, lol. Yeah, I get it *makes drum SFX* LOL, you are so wrong. The diagram is so epic. I looked at it again and couldn’t help laughing all over again. Yes, we were definitely saved from the pictures, but I am now somehow curious as well. Dare I saw it’s a cover-up and Blowfish has us locked up somewhere else. Who knows? LOL, for all you know, Jay, you could potentially have a sex friend, too?! I don’t like Captain Crunches; I prefer Life cereal and prefer meat above that. Yes, my crunch session was penance for eating some caramel popcorn. No lie.

    ““soft-corn caramel pop-porn”” LMAO?!?!?!

    Jem´s last blog post > Lei Fang at the beach

  6. @Duckie-chan: Hehe, thanx! True, CLAMP’s style is pretty appealing, but I get the feeling that the anime tones down the detail from the manga, right? Plus, you’re the second Toyboxer to mention “xxxHolic”. Damn, yet another title I might have to add to my *Infinite List*, hahaha… Awww, thanx again. Yup, I’ve always noticed that my anime tastes are broader than most, lol. Transcending all dimensions! ^_^

    @Jem-chan: LOL, haven’t seen “frak”? Not even on “BSG” blogs? Though I admit, why would I ever visit a “BSG” blog? Kidding! Just kidding! Hahaha, yeah, try to say that three times fast. “Soft-corn caramel pop-porn! Soft-corn caramel pop-porn! Soft-corn caramel pop-porn!” Oh frak me, that’s impossible! LOL!… But no worries, I don’t think being “spoiled” can really apply to a series like this. I mean, would I feel spoiled if I knew the climactic conclusion of a porno? Probably not, lol. Damn, that’s quite a collection of words! Did u mean “whip” instead of “wimp”? Or is that another “soft-corn metaphor”, hahaha. Ehh, don’t worry about it, no harm done, yet… Still kinda funny that we both logged off at 1am, haha… Hey-hey! Didn’t Blowfish include a link to those weird-ass chart thingies? If we’re gonna dare, I’ll dare ya to check it out. Who knows? Sure, potential frak buddies eating Cap’n Crunch, eating some juicy meat, or even eating some caramel popcorn! Umm, sure, lol. And while we’re at it, let’s conquer a mountain to the thunderous echo of a thousand drums, and shout it out one more time: “Soft-corn caramel pop-porn!” >o<;

  7. @Jay-san: Waha, sorry, forgot to check back. XD On the topic of that air thing, Wikipedia suggests the extremely-sterile “inflatable structure”. XD I.e. “Moon Bounce, Astrojump, Moonwalk, Bounce house, SpaceWalk, in the US, bouncy castle or inflatable castle” — and it means bounce/bouncy castle wins in google. Not sure where I came up with air castle, actually. ._. Quite interesting, eh.

    Lol those expensive Haruhi tissues! XD Haha…yeah..groceries. We need them, they’re cheap. XD Black and white goth loli is pretty saturated too..and the dress was disappointing. :S My figure isn’t good enough to carry it off, so sigh.

    And yeah, I like my maid costume. :) If I ever chat to you somewhere realtime and I have better pictures by then (hopefully from this Sunday, when I’m wearin’ it!) I could show you! ^^ Speaking of colours…have seen some really stunning gothic lolita maroon dresses, in particular.

    Aww, that’s so cute. =) Wallet chain, eh?! Like Jem says, smart girl?! XD

    I’m sick at the moment so no go for exercise….meh even when I’m not sick I feel like a weakling. T_T Must self-motivate..:S

    jenn´s last blog post > Hetalia 5-6: Beach interlude stranded on a long piano

  8. @Jenn-chan: No worries, why not just add my comments feed to your RSS reader? Hehe, then u don’t have to remember or forget… Haha, that’s funny! I didn’t even think of checking Wiki or Google. Then “bouncy castle” it is! Case closed, lol… Aww, too bad about the gothloli dress, but sounds like the maid costume is doing fine! Hey, sure! Since u have Gmail, we can chat there. Unless u prefer Yahoo IM? Yahoo is also compatible with MSN. Recently, seems like I’m chatting more and more anyway, lol. But yeah, gothloli maroon sounds kinda intense… Aww, hope u feel better soon! Worry about motivation and exercise *after* Sunday. No pressure… Gahhh, you’re bad too! Just like Jem-chan. Sora may know guns, but she doesn’t know about wallets… yet. >_<;

  9. @Jay
    I meant after I scrolled down a few screens i saw that you exactly did what i would have done in that situation
    Go German Flag Go! I doubt ill be able the US of A though ^^;
    All the Lolita Searches? More the Busy Babes Searches :D

    Hehe nah Im no GothKid that desperately tries to write depressing poems ^^

    There was no offense taken!
    Its sometimes just depressing to notbe able to articulate your thoughts as you wish^^ I just love the way how you two wrie

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Flame Sorceress Nyx + The Shocking Truth

  10. @FlyingBlow: Ahhh, I get it now! I mean, really, who *wouldn’t* dive into the “bouncy castle”? Hahaha, Germany just fell to third place (133) behind Indonesia (139) and USA (1159). What’s wrong? Should I add more lolitas and babes?… LOL, heyyy, the correlation diagram! I gotta add this to my next post too! But to tell the truth, I think Jem-chan can’t get enough S&M-cosplaying! ^o^

  11. I can’t get enough S&M-cosplaying just as much as Jay can’t get enough punishment.^^ Nipple clamps, darling?

    Well, I don’t think girls are supposed to kiss and tell, y’know, but I’ll make an exception for you, Blow.

    Jays a creative soul, so he always leaves you guessing as to what he’s gonna do. One day we have bunny outfits, the next day there’s handcuffs and the day after that involves a secret rendezvous over at the dive in the wall. “Come here often?”

    Jem´s last blog post > Lei Fang at the beach

  12. @Jem-chan: Awww, how sweet, lol. Like they say: “Punishment is in the eyes of the receiver.” But nipple clamps? No way, those are too frakking cold! Besides, I think they’ve been missing your warmth lately. Don’t u think, honey?… {Whispers} Pssst, u don’t have to tell FlyingBlow *everything*, do u? Haha, but u tell can him my secret rendezvous reply: “Come twice often?” ^_^

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