Blog 232 > Bye Netflix, Hello SWTOR!

SWTOR rocks! Yup, my Tatooine Toyboxers, I’m back for my final broadcast of 2011. And guess what I’ll be talking about? The “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR) massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, of course! Well, just a little bit, hehe. After two amazing SWTOR beta weekends (11-13 and 25-28 November), I leapt back into SWTOR early access almost one full week (14 December) before the official launch date (20 December), and brought back my bad-ass female cyborg character, Punktrooper Motoko Mandara, based on the most-famous cyberpunk chick in anime history: Major Motoko Kusanagi, the elite anti-terrorist commander in “Ghost in the Shell”, “Stand Alone Complex”, and “Solid State Society”. Haha, very nice indeed!

After watching the 8th and final “Harry Potter” film on DVD, I finally cancelled my 7-year rental subscription to Netflix (19 December), so I can pay for my new gaming subscription to SWTOR, haha. Since there’s just too many quests and too many screenshots to include in this broadcast, I’ve included a couple of screenshots to provide a tiny taste: (1) Punktrooper Motoko at Bounty Hunter Level 05, and (2) Punktrooper Motoko at Bounty Hunter Powertech Level 27. Such an amazing evolution of her armor and firepower! For more details on her epic journey, here’s my Google+ alias as Punktrooper Jacob Mandara. Otherwise, take a peek at my “Possibly Random Links” below. Till next time. Peace. Out. Happy New Year! Gotta play some more SWTOR!