post 316 ~ relaxing monday!

“dark angel: s2” (2001)
post 316 ~ ah, very relaxing monday after christmas! ;)))… after saturday and sunday nights with jen-shaka and the in-laws, nice to have a free day by myself while they spend a night on the vegas strip… nice before i return to work tomorrow…

  • christmas ~ received tons of DVDs!… “the last samurai” (full-screen, but oh well, it’s a gift, right?), “dark angel” season 2 boxset (unexpected!), and “ghost in the shell: sac 2nd GIG” disc 2! nice!!! :)… already watched the 2nd “dark angel” episode tonight :)))
  • ordering ~ used my $50 “robert’s anime” certificate from my brothers in new york to acquire the “mezzo” 3-DVD boxset and “shinkai” 2-DVD collection… plus used another $25 amazon certificate towards the “chrono crusade” 7-DVD thinpak collection!… oh yeah! tons of anime and no time to watch them of course, hehehe ;)))
  • free time ~ meanwhile, spent some decent time updating my website… and later tonight, also updated… two of the best sites i’ve either designed or co-designed ;D
  • damn! ~ already 11:30pm?!?!?… crap, gotta get ready for bed… and a new work week…

post 313 ~ the elite…

“battlestar galactica: s1” (2004)
post 313 ~ damn, already FIVE WEEKS have flown by, as the new technical writer/editor at TRIRIGA, #335 in the “Software 500” list!

  • finished SEVEN training documents for GE, with one week before the Christmas deadline, and guess what?… GE decides to change its mind and totally change the training focus from multiple “role-based” docs to a single “process-based” doc… oh happy happy! ;)
  • meanwhile, following GE, i have another project due January 6th… teaming with a colleague to totally revise a 150-page document from TRIRIGA version 8.4 to 9.0… totally new screenshots, terminology, and procedures!… oh joy joy! ;)))
  • on top of that, there are two more colleagues with two more similar documents in mid-January and again in February… so the bigger responsibility given to me as document “editor” and “gatekeeper” is to make sure all these documents maintain consistent styles and voices… regardless of the project manager or solution builder or application architect or software trainer making the revisions…
  • yet despite the flowing workload, it was definitely the BEST DECISION to join this company!… the “USS Enterprise” of software companies… “the elite of the elite”… i don’t feel boringly under-challenged at all… in fact, this is probably the most suitably (yet not crazily) challenging and satisfying position i’ve held in years… ;)))
  • battlestar galactica! ~ lastly, just watched episode 2 of season 1!… awesome! damn, this is good!… FIVE STARS so far ;)))… reminds me of the other great sci-fi i miss: “firefly” and “dark angel” even “voyager” and “DS9″…

post 313 ~ the elite

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica | Image from Google Search

battlestar galactica!… just watched episode 2 of season 1!… awesome! damn, this is good!… FIVE STARS so far ;)))… reminds me of the other great sci-fi i miss: “firefly” and “dark angel” even “voyager” and “DS9″…

post 312 ~ fire & electra

post 312 ~ man, the work week is speeding by!… mailed my christmas package to my family in new york… ordered my jen-shaka’s new DELL laptop… trying not to get burned in the fire between two LJ friends… meanwhile, last night, after several nights, finished my first “matrix” illustration in almost TWO YEARS! ;)))

  • here’s “electra” a.k.a. … also posted on her website… enjoy! :)))

post 308 ~ catch up

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic | Image from Google Search

i’ve been watching my “full metal panic” anime (again!) with dinner, reading my “anime insider” mags (still!), and catching up with a few DVD rentals… so far, watched the first half of “the last samurai” (with tom cruise before he turned crazy)… and it’s pretty good!!!… maybe i’ll finish the rest of it tonight or tomorrow… we’ll see ;)))