Blog 085 > Does Faking It Matter?

So this morning, I come into work at my cubicle and check my emails. And oddly enough, just for the heck of it, instead of auto-deleting, I checked my home spams to find an “Anime Figure” email from another collector: “H-Gurl”. Definitely not your typical spam! And guess what? Her email was simply a friendly message complimenting my collection and noting some “red flags” concerning possible bootlegs or fakes in my collection. With my Tessa Testarossa (Full Metal Panic!), I agreed with her assessment, not to mention the scratches, deformities and poor finish. But for such a scarce version at the time, paying $1 or $2 (plus shipping) on ebay was better than nothing…

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post 308 ~ catch up

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic | Image from Google Search

i’ve been watching my “full metal panic” anime (again!) with dinner, reading my “anime insider” mags (still!), and catching up with a few DVD rentals… so far, watched the first half of “the last samurai” (with tom cruise before he turned crazy)… and it’s pretty good!!!… maybe i’ll finish the rest of it tonight or tomorrow… we’ll see ;)))